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Our Blessed Lord’s Lament on the coldness of souls to Saint Gemma Galgani August 5, 2014

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From the biography of Saint Gemma Galgani by Venerable Father Germanus, CP, her spiritual director, a lamentation from Our Lord Jesus Christ from one of Saint Gemma’s many ecstasies/apparitions on the coldness of so many souls, especially those who call themselves Catholic.  As I read the below, I thought how much Our Lord’s laments could apply to me. This is not a bad basis for some examination of conscience:download (3)

Some days ago I had scarcely received Jesus in Holy Communion when He asked me this question: “Tell Me, My child, dost thou love Me greatly?”  What could I answer?  But my heart answered Him by its throbbing.  “If thou lovest Me,” He rejoined, “thou wilt do whatever I want of thee.”  And then sighing, He exclaimed: “What ingratitude and malice there is in the world!  Sinners continue pertinaciously to live in crime. Weak and heartless souls will not do themselves violence to overcome the flesh.  Those in tribulation lose courage and despair.  Indifference keeps increasing daily, and no one amends. [And this was over a century ago, in Italy!  What must Our Blessed Lord think of us now, in this country, where we murder thousands of babies daily and permit the greatest perversion to be called “marriage!”]  I cease not to dispense heavenly graces and favors to all My creatures: life and light to My Church, virtue and strength to him who rules it, wisdom to those who direct souls that are in darkness, constancy and fortitude to whose who have to follow Me, graces of Saint_Gemma_Galgani_Praying_3every kind to all the just. I send My light into the dark dens of sinners and even there soften their hearts, doing all I can to convert them. But notwithstanding all that, what do I ever gain?  What correspondence do I ever find in My creatures whom I have loved so much?  No one any longer cares for My Heart and for My Love. I am forgotten as though I had never loved them, and as though I had never suffered for them.  My Heart is always in sadness. I am left almost alone in My churches. If many assemble there, it is for other motives than worship, and I have to suffer the pain of seeing My House become a theater of amusement. [How often do totally inappropriate acts take place in actual churches, not in the hall, but in the nave and sanctuary!  While this may be a “private” revelation, dare we ignore it?  Should this not cause some reconsideration for what kinds of activities are allowed to go on inside churches, like pagan dances as we see below?] Many, through hypocrisy, betray Me by sacrilegious Communions.  I can bear no more!

————End Quote———–

And I am afraid I must ask, not to excuse myself in any way, but for those who have not had the benefit of more solid formation, what does all the irreverence, indifference, and sacrilege that goes on in so many parishes every during Mass do to the beliefs, the faith (such as it may be), to those exposed to things like this:

And I can tell you this priest has been corrected and yet persists in his worldly desacralization of what should be the most solemn, sacred act of his priesthood.

Oh but the people like it, don’t you see!  Yes, and the “people” might one day enjoy seeing priests turned into flaming torches or the sacrifice of virgins on the altar.  Shall we go along with that, too?

Forgive us, Lord. I shall try to do better. I shall try to join Bishop Slattery’s Novena of abstinence in reparation for ALL the sacrilege and evil that goes on all the time in our nation, and also to atone for the insult to Your Great Name in the planned “black mess.”  Have mercy on us!  Have mercy on me!  Help us to please You through prayer and penance, to make up, at least to some small degree, for the great heaving black cauldron that is the world today and all the affronts to Your Infinite Majesty.


Father Carota’s ten things priests and lay people can do to serve God and help Holy Mother Church August 5, 2014

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That’s ten things each – ten for priests, ten for lay people. Father Carota’s list below, I add some emphasis and comments as per my usual blabbermouth ways.

First up, for our good priests:

1) Offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Latin Mass with great faith and devotion. [That is, the TLM.  I have strongly considered just calling the TLM “the Mass,” while calling Paul VI’s creation either “the new Mass” or the “Novus Ordo.”  But I have wondered if people would not get confused when I meant the TLM, but just called it “the Mass.”  As it is, even some traditional Catholics are confused on the difference between the TLM and that rarest of birds, the Novus Ordo in Latin.  So I don’t know.]

2) Preach the truth in our homilies even when we will be persecuted for it. [Thank you Father Carota, for being willing to say that]

3) Always be available for Holy Confession.  And when we hear confession, spend the time to help people see the gravity of their sins, (especially their sexual sins), how immodest dress offends God and the need of the Sacraments, prayer and putting God first in their lives. [Bravo again.  There is no excuse not to have Confession every day in every parish. I would really like to see multiple hours a day. I know priests are busy, but isn’t this whole Faith of ours about saving souls?  And with so many lost in grievous sin, how will that occur without abundant Confession?  I know most traditional priests are solid in this regard, Novus Ordo, not as much.  But Fr. Richard Heilman is really good about this, he has Confession all the time.  God bless him.]

4) Pray the Latin Breviary. [That be the 1962 Breviary available from Baronius Press (yes it is expensive, but totally worth it). However, some traddies prefer the Breviary from before Saint Pius X’s reforms]

5) Pray the Holy Rosary, (All 15 decades). [Something to fill the few slow moments in the Confessional.  No, it’s much more than that]

6) Write a blog. [I have gotten the impression from some Fraternity priests that they really look down on blogs. I think that is partly because some of them tend to spend too much time and energy in the most extreme internet sites.  Why that is, I am not certain.  But I like this recommendation, and instead of just pooh-pooing blogs in general if you think they’re a problem, why not start your own and show everyone what a great Catholic blog should look like.  And I say that knowing that there aren’t many priests busier than Fr. Carota.]

7) Show love and concern for everyone we come in contact with all day long.

8) Live what we believe in and preach.

9) Let God be the focus of our priesthood, (get ourselves out of the way) so that He can do the greatest part of the work.

10) With humility do our part and then leave the other part to God and others.

Each one of us, we have to do ONLY what God is asking of us.  For some of us it could be an enormous task.  For others, it may be just praying in a convalescent bed for the Church and conversion of sinners.

Now, the the laity:

1) Go out of your way, make the sacrifice to go to the Holy Latin Mass. [Look, everyone has a personal or family decision to make in this regard, but I know many souls who travel an hour or more each way to assist at the TLM every Sunday – or a lot more frequently than that.]

2) Be sure you are living a life of holiness, far away from mortal sin.  (There is no excuse to sin.) [Even when we’re really mad]

3) Deeply caring about your own eternal soul and trying to save others souls from hell.

4) Pray before the Blessed Sacrament every week.  (Better if you can everyday.)

5) Pray the 15 Mysteries of the Holy Rosary everyday asking Mary to conquer the devil and all other evil people that are destroying the Catholic Church.  For the conversion of sinners. [Father Carota is asking me to step it up!  I pray the Rosary, but not all 15 Mysteries]

6) Take time, in a disciplined way, to really learn your traditional Catholic faith.

7) Teach people the traditional Catholic Catechism.  We have a fantastic traditional lay man who teaches youth and adult catechism.  He has an incredible effect on each of his students.

8) Speak the Catholic truth with love but also without fear, even when others will look down on you and persecute you. [Sometimes I mess up the “love” part.]

9) Dress modestly and formally, showing true traditional Catholic class.  You will be surprised at the respect you will get by dressing sophisticatedly. [This is very true.  People do respect you more when you dress nice consistently.  I guess this means I’ll have to throw away my 5″ stilettos. Size 12 (M).  Anyone need a pair?]

10) Use the media, blogs, [yay!] magazines, anything you can to share your traditional Catholic faith.  Even if your blog only saves one soul, it was more than well worth all your sacrifices and time you put into it.  One eternal soul is worth more than all of creation. [I might have played a role in saving a soul.  That is my greatest achievement. And this little bloggie has led a few score people to the TLM, which I think helps a lot.  I pray this blog is much more light than heat!  Overall, anyway]

————–End Quote————–

Father Carota, like Unam Sanctam Catholicam, always bringing the gold.

Speaking of Catholic media apostolates, I’m thinking of getting the band back together. I think I might try some Catholic internet radio again.

Stay tuned……ummm……..


Cardinal Kasper needs to read the Second Council of Constantinople…… August 5, 2014

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……viz a viz the crisis in the Faith. Via Eliot Bougis, who got this off of papalencylicals:

“As we said earlier, I repeat once more: If anyone preaches to you a gospel contrary to what you have received, let him be accursed. Since the Lord declares that the person is judged already, and the Apostle curses even the angels if they instruct in anything different from what we have preached, how is it possible even for the most presumptuous to assert that these condemnations apply only to those who are still alive? Are they unaware, or rather pretending to be unaware, thatto be judged anathematized is just the same as to be separated from God? [Maybe they just don’t care?]

The heretic, even though he has not been condemned formally by any individual, in reality brings anathema on himself, having cut himself off from the way of truth by his heresy. What reply can such people make to the Apostle when he writes: ‘As for someone who is factious, after admonishing him once or twice, have nothing more to do with him, knowing that such a person is perverted and sinful; he is self-condemned.’  [Paging Cardinal Kasper, Cardinal Walter Kasper…….]

“It was in the spirit of this text that Cyril of holy memory, in the books which he wrote against Theodore, declared as follows: ‘Whether or not they are alive, we ought to keep clear of those who are in the grip of such dreadful errors. It is necessary always to avoid what is harmful, and not to be worried about public opinion but rather to consider what is pleasing to God’.”

Goodness, it’s like those old Church Fathers just knew human nature cold!  Everything old is new again, indeed!

But but but……..they didn’t know how haaaard it would be to say no to the 20th-21st century media pressure and “conventional wisdom!”  They didn’t have TV back then!  Or the intrawebs!  Surely St. Vincent of Lerins or John Chrysostom would have simply crumbled before such pressure!

Wouldn’t they?  It’s not possible they could simply have been better, more faithful men than some of our modern prelates, is it?

I’m afraid at some point we simply have to take the architects of the conciliar revolution at their word. I used to think the term “new pentecost” was just an amazing conceit, a massive ego trip, a bloated catchphrase used by self-serving men for the post-conciliar sales campaign.  Then I got it.  They really meant it.  What they mean is that Vatican II ushered in a “new church,” one very different from the old.  And since the “bad old” Church started on Pentecost 1981 years ago, the “new church” had to have a “new pentecost.”

But since openly declaring and acting on this new creation would cause too massive a disconnect for even most secularists within the Church themselves to countenance, the implementation has been made in fits and starts. There have been periods of quick and destructive implementation of the post-conciliar paradigm, periods of consolidation, and even some retrenchment.  The forces of revolution seem to think they are in another period of implementation, perhaps their last, both because that generation is dying (being replaced at much lesser rates, and by lesser figures), but also because, perhaps, this period of advance for the revolution will be the last one needed.  That’s a sobering thought.

I have seen some commentary here and there indicating that some well informed souls are discerning that the Kasperite gambit to invite bigamists to receive the Blessed Sacrament is really intended as an all-out assault on one of the last bastions still standing – the badly damaged, but still somewhat extant, edifice of the Church’s moral Doctrine.  Destroying the beliefs surrounding the sanctity of the Blessed Sacrament, the impermissibility of Its profanation, the sanctity of marriage, Christ’s clear command, the constant belief of the Church, etc., etc., ad infinitum – if this doctrine can be gravely undermined through some “pastoral” approach, it will be open season on all moral Doctrine. Even more, since the Blessed Sacrament and the Church’s prohibition on divorce are so uniquely tied to the entire “wedding Feast of the Lamb” which is central to so much Catholic theology, pulling this “thread” in the tapestry of Catholic belief will cause the poor, frayed remnants of that once glorious work to fall to the ground in a tangled heap.

That is to say, it is rather important not to mess about with such things.  Which the good Fathers of the 2nd Constantinopolitan Council understood quite clearly.



Some Catholic PSAs for you August 5, 2014

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PSA One: Corpus Christi Watershed, which has produced a number of helpful works like the St. Edmund Campion Missal, beautiful Mass settings, and in general striven for years to dramatically improve the beauty of the Liturgy both Novus Ordo and TLM, is apparently in some financial difficulty.  They are pleading for support.  While I know there are literally an endless number of good causes, religious orders, priests, charities, etc, to promote, I felt duty bound to mention their need.  I have been edified by much of CCW’s material.  If you feel moved in charity to help them out, you can be assured of supporting a worthy cause.

PSA Two: Catholic E books presents legal online copies of Catholic books for your enjoyment and edification. I know I posted an online book site last week (only to find it had one glaring problem), but more is always better, and a reader informs me there is a great deal of really good content.  I’m not constitutionally inclined to be able to read whole books online, but for those of you who are, enjoy.  There is a post today on a Visit to a Catholic Church by Fr. P. Ryan from 1958.  Certainly makes an interesting if depressing juxtaposition with what we see in our parishes today.

So there you go.   Do consider helping Corpus Christi Watershed, they have done a tremendous amount of very good work.


Educational industrial complex silliness, vol. 99899 August 5, 2014

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I saw the bumper sticker in the photo below while driving around Irving on Saturday.  Lamar Middle School is a school in Irving.   Is it just me, or is this just lame?


“Every child is an honored student at Lamar Middle School.”  I get they’re not saying every child is an honor student, but this seems like one of those facile sentiments that try to show “caring” but in a cheap and shoddy way.  I have seen these before.  They seem to be riffing on the “My child is an honor student at XXXXX XXXXX school stickers.”  But I’ve noted they tend to be from schools and districts that don’t produce a tremendous excess of honor students.  They used to be pretty common for DISD schools, for instance, before someone got wise that maybe they weren’t conveying quite the right message.

I am a rabid partisan of home schooling, but I do recognize that there are better districts, better schools, and good teachers and administrators.  While I have numerous problems with the educational industrial complex especially at the federal/national levels, that is not to denigrate the efforts of those schools and teachers that do try hard.  Some of whom even read this blog, so they’ve got to be at least somewhat awesome.

Just some random dystopia for the day.