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Educational industrial complex silliness, vol. 99899 August 5, 2014

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I saw the bumper sticker in the photo below while driving around Irving on Saturday.  Lamar Middle School is a school in Irving.   Is it just me, or is this just lame?


“Every child is an honored student at Lamar Middle School.”  I get they’re not saying every child is an honor student, but this seems like one of those facile sentiments that try to show “caring” but in a cheap and shoddy way.  I have seen these before.  They seem to be riffing on the “My child is an honor student at XXXXX XXXXX school stickers.”  But I’ve noted they tend to be from schools and districts that don’t produce a tremendous excess of honor students.  They used to be pretty common for DISD schools, for instance, before someone got wise that maybe they weren’t conveying quite the right message.

I am a rabid partisan of home schooling, but I do recognize that there are better districts, better schools, and good teachers and administrators.  While I have numerous problems with the educational industrial complex especially at the federal/national levels, that is not to denigrate the efforts of those schools and teachers that do try hard.  Some of whom even read this blog, so they’ve got to be at least somewhat awesome.

Just some random dystopia for the day.


1. Baseballmom - August 5, 2014

Yeah, and every baseball player gets a trophy… It really is sad… No winners, no losers, everyone is the same… Why work to achieve anything, when what ever we do will be rewarded.

2. Kim - August 5, 2014

Maybe it’s a “special” school?

3. David - August 5, 2014

I recall WFAA running a news report a few years ago citing the low high school graduation rate in Fort Worth ISD. My memory tells me it was around 40 percent at a certain high school. One administrator was quoted saying, “well, the good kids in the neighborhood get accepted to the magnet schools.”

I would venture to say at the magnet schools there are less distractions and less discipline problems. The kids there want to learn.

4. Molly - August 6, 2014

This is pretty ridiculous. If everyone is special, then no one is special.

Hey Tantum guess what? I’m quitting my job to homeschool! Inspired by your family’s example and many others. I’ve connected with some of your family in San Antonio to gather info, and am joining the local Catholic homschooling group. The kids are excited (and nervous), I’m excited (and nervous). Thank you for being a rabid supporter of homeschool and traditional Catholicism – it’s provided a wonderful example for me!

discipleofthedumbox - August 6, 2014

That is fantastic news! Welcome to the club of us ‘outside-the-mainstream wierdos’! San Antonio can only be further blessed by this choice of yours. Would that more San Antonians chose the same. We might have better Tejanos!

Tantumblogo - August 6, 2014

Oh Molly that is wonderful! God bless you! I am completely confident you and your children will be so enriched and blessed by this brave step! It is a big change and there will be times – especially the first year – when you will be frustrated, worried, and maybe wonder why you’re doing this. But it will all pass! And as time goes by, I know you will find that the rewards will far, far exceed the difficulties. You will draw closer to your children and they to you.

Oh I am so excited! This is wonderful! I am so glad Angela’s family could help! They helped us, too!

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