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Father Carota’s ten things priests and lay people can do to serve God and help Holy Mother Church August 5, 2014

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That’s ten things each – ten for priests, ten for lay people. Father Carota’s list below, I add some emphasis and comments as per my usual blabbermouth ways.

First up, for our good priests:

1) Offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Latin Mass with great faith and devotion. [That is, the TLM.  I have strongly considered just calling the TLM “the Mass,” while calling Paul VI’s creation either “the new Mass” or the “Novus Ordo.”  But I have wondered if people would not get confused when I meant the TLM, but just called it “the Mass.”  As it is, even some traditional Catholics are confused on the difference between the TLM and that rarest of birds, the Novus Ordo in Latin.  So I don’t know.]

2) Preach the truth in our homilies even when we will be persecuted for it. [Thank you Father Carota, for being willing to say that]

3) Always be available for Holy Confession.  And when we hear confession, spend the time to help people see the gravity of their sins, (especially their sexual sins), how immodest dress offends God and the need of the Sacraments, prayer and putting God first in their lives. [Bravo again.  There is no excuse not to have Confession every day in every parish. I would really like to see multiple hours a day. I know priests are busy, but isn’t this whole Faith of ours about saving souls?  And with so many lost in grievous sin, how will that occur without abundant Confession?  I know most traditional priests are solid in this regard, Novus Ordo, not as much.  But Fr. Richard Heilman is really good about this, he has Confession all the time.  God bless him.]

4) Pray the Latin Breviary. [That be the 1962 Breviary available from Baronius Press (yes it is expensive, but totally worth it). However, some traddies prefer the Breviary from before Saint Pius X’s reforms]

5) Pray the Holy Rosary, (All 15 decades). [Something to fill the few slow moments in the Confessional.  No, it’s much more than that]

6) Write a blog. [I have gotten the impression from some Fraternity priests that they really look down on blogs. I think that is partly because some of them tend to spend too much time and energy in the most extreme internet sites.  Why that is, I am not certain.  But I like this recommendation, and instead of just pooh-pooing blogs in general if you think they’re a problem, why not start your own and show everyone what a great Catholic blog should look like.  And I say that knowing that there aren’t many priests busier than Fr. Carota.]

7) Show love and concern for everyone we come in contact with all day long.

8) Live what we believe in and preach.

9) Let God be the focus of our priesthood, (get ourselves out of the way) so that He can do the greatest part of the work.

10) With humility do our part and then leave the other part to God and others.

Each one of us, we have to do ONLY what God is asking of us.  For some of us it could be an enormous task.  For others, it may be just praying in a convalescent bed for the Church and conversion of sinners.

Now, the the laity:

1) Go out of your way, make the sacrifice to go to the Holy Latin Mass. [Look, everyone has a personal or family decision to make in this regard, but I know many souls who travel an hour or more each way to assist at the TLM every Sunday – or a lot more frequently than that.]

2) Be sure you are living a life of holiness, far away from mortal sin.  (There is no excuse to sin.) [Even when we’re really mad]

3) Deeply caring about your own eternal soul and trying to save others souls from hell.

4) Pray before the Blessed Sacrament every week.  (Better if you can everyday.)

5) Pray the 15 Mysteries of the Holy Rosary everyday asking Mary to conquer the devil and all other evil people that are destroying the Catholic Church.  For the conversion of sinners. [Father Carota is asking me to step it up!  I pray the Rosary, but not all 15 Mysteries]

6) Take time, in a disciplined way, to really learn your traditional Catholic faith.

7) Teach people the traditional Catholic Catechism.  We have a fantastic traditional lay man who teaches youth and adult catechism.  He has an incredible effect on each of his students.

8) Speak the Catholic truth with love but also without fear, even when others will look down on you and persecute you. [Sometimes I mess up the “love” part.]

9) Dress modestly and formally, showing true traditional Catholic class.  You will be surprised at the respect you will get by dressing sophisticatedly. [This is very true.  People do respect you more when you dress nice consistently.  I guess this means I’ll have to throw away my 5″ stilettos. Size 12 (M).  Anyone need a pair?]

10) Use the media, blogs, [yay!] magazines, anything you can to share your traditional Catholic faith.  Even if your blog only saves one soul, it was more than well worth all your sacrifices and time you put into it.  One eternal soul is worth more than all of creation. [I might have played a role in saving a soul.  That is my greatest achievement. And this little bloggie has led a few score people to the TLM, which I think helps a lot.  I pray this blog is much more light than heat!  Overall, anyway]

————–End Quote————–

Father Carota, like Unam Sanctam Catholicam, always bringing the gold.

Speaking of Catholic media apostolates, I’m thinking of getting the band back together. I think I might try some Catholic internet radio again.

Stay tuned……ummm……..



1. John from Austin - August 5, 2014

Great post from the good father, as usual! He is actually set as my homepage on my phone, even if his posts aren’t applicable to me, the art work from the history of our church is worth it! The fact that Karl Keating had been taking jabs at fr. Carota makes me go there even more. Much like Dr. Sungenis getting ripped regularly by Mark Shea and friends,, the truth threatens the establishment.
Incidentally, I too come across confusion with people saying things like… “oh… you go to the LATIN MASS..) .
My rebuttal is… well, since you are also Catholic and don’t go to an eastern rite mass, you go to the LATIN rite also. You have just lost the Latin, which is the history of our church,”

It appears, thanks to professional Catholics like Patrick Coffin and Dr. Scott Hahn, when a person that attends the NO(rightfully) calls the mass of Paul VI- a “novus ordo” it’s now a pejorative I guess.
To not give the professional Catholic, with all of the buildings and the right ear of the bishop, my spiritual director recommends I call it the “extraordinary form”. I said, “but father, your missions website calls it the “mass” while the TLM is advertised as the “traditional Latin mass?”

Tantumblogo - August 6, 2014

I did not know Keating had been going after Father Carota. Over what? Then again, I really don’t want to know.

If you’re taking fire, you’re probably over the target, comes to mind.

2. Steve - August 6, 2014

As to 3), priests and Confession:

Among parishes with which I am familiar, St. Mark The Evangelist, St. Joseph, St. Paul The Apostle and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Saint Mark’s Confession schedule is tops on the list.

Saint Joseph and Saint Paul The Apostle parishes lag far behind Saint Mark’s commitment to the Holy Sacrament of Penance.

During a homily at one of the “laggard” parishes in question, the homilist (a priest) said that the Holy Sacrament of Penance at his parish was all but dead.

He said that Faithful of his parish exhibited little desire to participate in the Holy Sacrament of Penance.

Conversely, based upon my experiences at Saint Mark’s parish, many confessions are heard throughout the week.

I have always observed a good amount of young Catholics (teens, 20s, 30s) and 20-something families.

Thanks and many blessings to Father Smith for his promotion of Penance.

Tantumblogo - August 6, 2014

I would say that if a priest puts such a low emphasis on Confession that he only has one hour a week or so, then the lay people will pick up on that and infer that Confession simply must not be very important. How much does the priest stress the Sacrament in sermons? Some other parishes added times and found a lot more people coming – after the times were added. If a priest demonstrates by deed and word that Confession is very important, people will pick up on it and respond. At least, that has been my experience. Confession was “all but dead” in a few other parishes, then priests instituted a lot more times and made plain in the bulletin, in sermons, etc., how critical Confession is, and voila, the number of souls availing themselves of this Sacrament greatly increased.

Yes there will often be decades of lethargy and diminution of this Sacrament to overcome, but overall, and I’ve seen this in several parishes, if priests stress Confession by making more time available, the people will come.

3. Jim - August 6, 2014

Thank you for your blog, it is one (of the few) I check every day. Thanks to Father Carota also!

Re the comment on the Roman Breviary – I do prefer the pre-Pius X one because the lessons for the Matins are longer and more closely linked to the Sunday readings. This, along with the St Andrews Missal explanations really gives depth to the readings. I just wish I could find a book form copy (currently I use the Divinium Officium site).

Tantumblogo - August 6, 2014

Those copies are rarer than hen’s teeth! A priest I know who uses the old-type Breviary had his copy given him by a very ancient priest who had received his from another very old priest who had been around when that Breviary was in use. There are very few copies around. There surely must have been many at one time, but I guess they were virtually all trashed. Such a shame!

4. skeinster - August 6, 2014

I love his suggestions! Like you, I need to step up my Rosary. But I’m not going to fault priests who don’t blog- when, given everything else they have to do, would they find time?
And, not everyone’s a writer. As long as those good sermons are going up on Video Sanctum, I’ll be happy.

One thought on confession- when there is only one hour, one feels guilty for taking up time with your collection of venial sins,when there might be a mortal sin or two in the line behind you.’Cause you never know… But I never feel that way at MD.

Tantumblogo - August 6, 2014

I don’t really fault them for not blogging. I do think a few have gotten a bit negative towards blogs, generally.

And I really love blogging priests. Even if I’m not on board with all the priest says, it’s a great witness.

5. TG - August 7, 2014

Great list. I can’t comply with the first one – no way I’m driving Interstate 35 every Sunday. (I’m a country driver and it’s too stressful for me.) As long as I can find a reverent NO Mass with no clowns, I will assist it. I don’t have to put up with hidous hymns but I’ve learned to tune them out.

6. TG - August 7, 2014

Also, I like Father’s list better than Pope Francis 10 things to make you happy. (I”m surprised you didn’t post on that. Did I miss it?)

Tantumblogo - August 7, 2014

It’s not his list. It’s one Fr. Blake compiled, based on Pope Francis’ statements.

I did not post on it. It’s a very worldly list. Hopefully, that’s really not Pope Francis’ belief, even if the list was based on quotes from Pope Francis. I’m trying to lay low on the Holy See as much as I possibly can.

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