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Some Catholic PSAs for you August 5, 2014

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PSA One: Corpus Christi Watershed, which has produced a number of helpful works like the St. Edmund Campion Missal, beautiful Mass settings, and in general striven for years to dramatically improve the beauty of the Liturgy both Novus Ordo and TLM, is apparently in some financial difficulty.  They are pleading for support.  While I know there are literally an endless number of good causes, religious orders, priests, charities, etc, to promote, I felt duty bound to mention their need.  I have been edified by much of CCW’s material.  If you feel moved in charity to help them out, you can be assured of supporting a worthy cause.

PSA Two: Catholic E books presents legal online copies of Catholic books for your enjoyment and edification. I know I posted an online book site last week (only to find it had one glaring problem), but more is always better, and a reader informs me there is a great deal of really good content.  I’m not constitutionally inclined to be able to read whole books online, but for those of you who are, enjoy.  There is a post today on a Visit to a Catholic Church by Fr. P. Ryan from 1958.  Certainly makes an interesting if depressing juxtaposition with what we see in our parishes today.

So there you go.   Do consider helping Corpus Christi Watershed, they have done a tremendous amount of very good work.



1. discipleofthedumbox - August 5, 2014

Another PSA for all. Today is the anniversary of St. Padre Pio receiving the gift of transverberation of the heart in 1918.

2. Kim - August 5, 2014

My Novus Ordo parish was looking at possibly buying Watershed’s newest hymnal—St Isaac Jogues Hymnal. Adam Bartlett is supplying us with free online antiphons for download until we make a purchase. We’ve been with OCP or what I call it– OPC ( Oregon Politically Correct). They also produced a Pope Francis hymnal but sadly there are no tango dances in it. It was produced very early in his pontificate—before he started spewing crap.

3. Maggie - August 5, 2014


Amazing number of Catholic books available on Kindle for nominal fee! (I can get on my computer and then sync to my ipad)

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