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Anti-Catholic bias evident in OKC black mess August 6, 2014

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Just a note, I won’t use the term “mass” anymore in referring to this event.  It will be the black mess.

Reader MJD sent in an article that discusses the ongoing scandal in OKC regarding this upcoming diabolical debacle.  There is evidence the approvals for this mess were given due to latent anti-Catholic bias in overwhelmingly evangelical/baptist Oklahoma.  The satanist even implies some of these types think Catholic angst over this upcoming event is “funny.”  I extirpate some evil demonic words from the text below because I don’t need that garbage on my sweet clean blog (I add emphasis and comments):

The head of the Oklahoma City satanic church that is planning a black mass in a public venue next month says the Eucharistic Host he plans to use in the ritual was mailed to him by a friend.

” I’m sick of hearing about this ‘Consecrated Host,'” Adam Daniels, of the organization, the  [demonic reference deleted] ,  wrote in an emailed response to questions from Aleteia. “As my understudy has told other Catholic Inquisitors, [this guy is not dumb, he knows how to feed on anti-Catholic bias in the culture, including among our protestant “brethren.”]  the Eucharist was mailed to us by [a] friend. That is all I’m going to say about how it was attained [sic]. My question is, why is a piece of bread that some man said some words over so sacred?”  [Grrrr……..I pray you convert before your particular judgment. I pray for your happiness in this world and in the next]

Daniels, who uses the title [demonic reference deleted]  —the term for Zoroastrian high priest—confirmed that the black mass that is generating controversy in Oklahoma City and beyond, will go forward as planned on Sept. 21. 

“The abridged Black Mass (from the Satanic Rituals by [Anton] LaVey) will take place,” he said. “Then The Choke [a local band] will perform. After that, Matthew Garman will have a Satanic Exorcism done [which purports to remove the Holy Spirit from him]. Kelsey [Daniels] and I will be presiding over this rite. Before each ritual I will lecture on the purpose and point of each ritual as it pertains to the  [Satanic] Faith.”

He added: “I’m renting a small space one time a year to educate the public about my religion. This is protected by my First Amendment Right as a citizen of the United States, not a brainwashed sheep of the Catholic Empire.”  [If it’s so bad, please move, far, far away.  And if you are so brazen and bold, why not offend some muslims while you are at it?]

The event is to take place in a 92-seat theatre in the civic center. Daniels said no city official has asked him to reconsider the event, in light of protests by local Catholics, led by Archbishop Paul S. Coakley of Oklahoma City. “Their [sic] are some who are quite tickled at all of  this.” [I’m sure they are. This is, after all, the state that gave us Oral “God is gonna call me home” Roberts]…….

……Making “black masses” open to the public exposes people to serious evil, an exorcist warned in an interview with Aleteia after news of the Oklahoma City event was first known. “You cannot attend such an event—even if one does so merely out of curiosity, and not with any firm desire to worship Satan—without being adversely affected. The mere fact that this black mass in Oklahoma City will be public lends it a certain legitimacy, and I suspect that some people will go simply to be entertained. What they may not realize immediately is that simply by going, they will open themselves to the power of the demonic.” [And the civic leadership of OKC is telling all the world that they don’t give a d@#$ about Catholics or their concerns.  As the Archbishop himself noted, they wouldn’t dare let something perceived as anti-muslim or anti-semitic go on.  But anti-Catholic sentiment certainly exists among many protestants in Oklahoma. I have personally experienced this.  So much for five decades of ecumenism]

In his letter, Archbishop Coakley called on Catholics of the archdiocese to intensify prayer in the weeks leading up to the event, scheduled for the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall. Beginning Aug. 6, the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord, and continuing through the Feast of the Archangels, Sept. 29, the conclusion of each Mass in the archdiocese will include the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, which, prior to the liturgical reforms of the late 1960s, was recited after every Mass[Boy the response from +Coakley continues to be pretty weak tea.  How about reinstituting the prayer forever?, to prevent nightmares like this from occurring again?  This poor sod of a satanist says he plans on doing this annually.  We cannot allow Our LORD IN THE FLESH to be crucified again!]

“I invite all Catholics to pray daily for divine protection through the intercession of this heavenly patron who once defeated Lucifer in his rebellion against the Almighty and who stands ready to assist us in this hour of need,” he wrote. [No, because this event took place outside of time, Saint Michael always and forever crushes satan under his spear, just as Our Blessed Mother does]

Archbishop Coakley also asked each parish to conduct a Eucharistic Holy Hour with Benediction at least once between the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Aug 15, and Sept. 21, the date of the planned black mass. On that day, he plans to conduct a holy hour and outdoor Eucharistic procession and benediction at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Oklahoma City at 3pm, four hours prior to the performance[Well I would hope it would conclude at the Civic Center, and be followed by a solemn exorcism]

The archbishop also asked Catholics in the archdiocese to contact Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett to express “outrage over this offensive and blasphemous sacrilege and this misuse of a tax-supported public space.”

————-End Quote————-

Well folks I know we are to forgive our enemies but this is going to be coming at us more and more and more. And the Novus Ordo with Communion in the hand makes obtaining a Consecrated Host child’s play.  Are we going to let this event go on?  Will there be thousands of Catholics outside the Civic Center on September 21?  That is a Sunday, mind – these satanists aren’t fooling around.  And some of Oklahoma’s protestants think all of this is funny.

But there are, we are told, 1.4 million Catholics in the Dioceses of Dallas and Fort Worth.  If even 1% of us drove up to OKC to oppose this nightmarish sacrilege that would be 14,000 souls to prevent this from happening.  We could actually turn this into a blessed, prayerful event, thousands of pious souls outnumbering the poor pathetic attention-seeking satanists 100-1.  If this thing doesn’t go away, I’m going to strongly consider it.  There is an FSSP parish in Edmond.

Let us see a strong and vigorous Catholic response on all levels – prayer, fasting, Processions, Masses, everything!  And if that twerp of a satanist wants to see Inquisitors, let him see them!

Will Ad Orientem ever become the standard mode of offering Novus Ordo Mass? August 6, 2014

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I will preface the below by saying that I have not assisted at a Novus Ordo in the past 9 months. I have only assisted at one since we moved to Irving.  I feel very strongly that the ultimate liturgical future for the Church is an entire return to its past, that is the universal re-adoption of the TLM, but one that is made almost entirely by choice, not by edict.

But I still care deeply about the great Liturgy of the Church in all its forms.  While I have many many concerns or problems with the Novus Ordo as it is offered in most parishes, I do recognize that it is possible to offer the Novus Ordo in a reverent and much more edifying manner than the “product” offered in the vast majority of parishes.  I drew much edification from Novus Ordo Latin Masses before finding the ultimate in the Traditional Mass.  And a mass (heh) improvement in the reverence, devotion, and sacrificial focus in the Novus Ordo would be of immense benefit to the billion plus souls who only know that form of the Mass.

With that in mind, a recent post at Rorate attracted my attention. It was made by Joseph Shaw, “head” of Una Voce International, the international group devoted to spreading love and support for the Traditional Latin Mass.  In that post Mr. Shaw examines opposition to Mass offered Ad Orientem.  He also posted the accompanying video from Una Voce, which explodes many of the myths regarding “versus poplum” as the way Mass was offered in the early Church.  That is, as is so much modernists claim, false:

Mr. Shaw noted the following in the Rorate post (I add emphasis):

It remains one of the most explosive issues in the liturgical debate. Increasing numbers of priests wish to celebrate Mass facing liturgical East, even in the context of the Novus Ordo, under the influence of the very trenchant positions taken on the subject by a number of scholars, including Pope Benedict . Pope Benedict’s pre-pontifical book ‘The Spirit of the Liturgy‘ compared Mass ‘facing the people’ to a ‘closed circle’, whereas it should ‘open out’ towards the Lord.

Such priests face increasingly desperate resistance from superiors and radical liberal members of the laity, who no longer have any real arguments but have come to see the issue as one of symbolic importance. As indeed it is. Will we turn the clock back? Will we make what happens in Catholic churches look like an act of worship, with the priest offering a sacrifice to God on behalf of the people, and not like a cosy chat over a coffee table?

Because of this resistance, worship ad orientem continues to be largely limited to the Traditional Mass, and it falls to those attached to the Traditional Mass to demonstrate and to defend this manner of celebrating Mass.

That commentary has gotten me thinking over the past few days since I read it.  While I am quite aware that opposition to Latin in the Mass in all its forms (TLM, Novus Ordo, even mixing in a few Latin prayers in a predominately vernacular Mass) is intense, there is nearly so great an opposition – and in some ways even greater – towards offering Mass Ad Orientem.

As Mr. Shaw notes above, this matter has taken on enormous symbolic significance.  While all arguments from logic, history, and Tradition are on the side of those who promote Ad Orientem, those opposed to Mass offered in this manner, who happen to control most all the levers of power in the Church, are not moved by such arguments and retain their attachment to versus poplum on a strictly, and often violently, emotional level. I have personal experience of priests who got in more trouble with ecclesiastical superiors over offering Novus Ordo Mass Ad Orientem than they did from mixing in “too much” Latin!  It is now a sacred shibboleth among many progressive elements in the Church that the priest “turning his back on the people” simply cannot be done.  How can one have a cozy chat and a nice family meal with one’s back turned towards one’s “guests?!”

Obviously the matter of which direction the priest faces has enormous impact on not just the individual experience of the Mass, but the entire focus of the Mass and all manner of subtle and not-so-subtle theological reverberations.  A priest who faces the tabernacle with the people leads the people in offering Sacrifice and rendering adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, and supplication to God.  A priest who faces the people around a table presides over a community meal where the sacrificial element is heavily muted, at best.  Yes there are ways to ameliorate that impact a bit with the “Benedictine  arrangement” of candles and cross on the altar, etc., but that is not the case in the vast majority of parishes.  The altar is nearly bare, just the Missal and the paten and chalice, often of improper materials.  Here the jocular “presider” tends to further diminish any sense of the sacred, which becomes even worse when wireless mikes allow the priest to shift the focus even more to himself as “entertainer” (some entertainment).  All of this has a profound impact on laity, reducing their understanding of the Mass as Sacrifice (its most exalted role), reducing or eliminating the sense of the sacred, encouraging excessive focus on comfort and immodesty……I could go on for some time.

And while we all hope and pray the “biological solution” will result in great change in the Church and the elimination of the type of opposition outlined above, I’m not so certain we can rely on that.  Even if progressives only replace themselves at a greatly reduced rate from one generation the next, there will still be enough around to staff chanceries and sit in cathedras for decades to come.  And at the rate the TLM is growing, it is possible that by the time there are enough orthodox bishops and curial officials in place to effect this “radical change” towards Ad Orientem in the Novus Ordo, the TLM will already be the Mass of a large minority of the Church.  Who knows what might occur at that point, and we have certainly seen in recent months how quickly perceived progress towards orthodoxy can be completely upset by a change in leadership at the top.

Perhaps the question I should ask is this:  can the Novus Ordo be the Novus Ordo without versus poplum?  Would not Ad Orientem in the Novus Ordo, adopted widely, tend rapidly towards adopting more and more elements from the TLM, and thus effect that natural return?  And if that is the case, will Ad Orientem only return on a wide scale through the TLM, as Mr. Shaw alludes. Of course, there is nothing officially or technically to prevent the Novus Ordo being offered Ad Orientem right now in every parish, but practically, would such occur, with the Novus Ordo remaining as it is now?

Which is more edifying of souls, Novus Ordo Latin facing the people, or Novus Ordo vernacular Ad Orientem?  I have been to both, and I have to say, overall, I tend towards the latter.  But I think the priest facing the people also tends, almost inexorably, towards more inclusion of Latin in the Liturgy.  No wonder progressives hate Ad Orientem so much.  And what a coup in very stealthily inserting first the option, and then the virtual “command” (even though it has never been codified in any official Church document) for versus poplum.

These men were not fools. Bugnini, Bouyer, et. al., they knew what they were doing.   And Lord, did they ever do it.  Have mercy on us!  Please bring the light of reverent, holy, orthodox Mass to all the souls in Your Church now, Lord!

Archbishop Nienstedt responds, not resigning August 6, 2014

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“Embattled” Saint Paul-Minneapolis Archbishop Nienstedt has issued a statement declaring in spite of all the accusations directed against him, he will not resign.  While there may have been some failures of prudential judgment – or maybe not – I have not seen any real evidence of a concerted effort to keep abusive priests in circulation or to expose minors to dangerous predators. Archbishop seems to admit to some minor failures of oversight, but completely rejects all the false allegations directed at himself, and also notes that he has been faced with such allegations every since he arrived in St. Paul-Minneapolis 7 years ago.  He is a (relatively, by today’s standards) orthodox prelate who was sent to help clean up a radically heterodox diocese bereft of real leadership for decades and rapidly spinning out of control. He has had many enemies since the get-go and I have been just about fully convinced that the allegations about any personal moral failings on his part have been completely false.

Having said that, I do sense a bit of surrender in this statement and that is unfortunate.

From a statement released in the diocesan newspaper and website, some of the key points from Archbishop Nienstedt’s self-defense (thanks to reader DM):

Here in the archdiocese, Catholics have witnessed many troubling media reports, and many of us have had difficult conversations with friends and family about what it means to be Catholic and why we still profess the faith. I, myself, have been the subject of two investigations, which have brought with them more public scrutiny. I have received messages calling me a hypocrite, a domineering boss and a liar. Others have written that I am a courageous moral leader and a true shepherd. I have read them all. I am grateful for everyone who has taken the time to write, regardless of how they feel, as most believe they are acting in the best interests of the Church.  [A very charitable interpretation.  I am much less inclined to interpret good motives to some of the loudest and most persistent critics of Archbishop Nienstedt, most of whom happen to be entrenched leftist/modernist types]

In the end, it comes down to this: 18 years ago, Pope John Paul II chose me to serve the Church as a bishop, an authentic successor of the apostles. A bishop’s role is more like that of a father of a family than that of a CEO. [Far too many in the Church, including many bishops themselves, have a very disordered understanding of just what the bishop’s role is.  It is not to be a CEO.  It is to be a shepherd of souls, set apart by God for a divinely ordained apostolate of the most vital importance] I am bound to continue in my office as long as the Holy Father has appointed me here. I have acknowledged my responsibility in the current crisis we face, and I also take responsibility for leading our archdiocese to a new and better day……

……I have heard calls for my resignation since I arrived in this wonderful archdiocese seven years ago. [I think that really says it all.  +Nienstedt was never given a chance by many, he was opposed for who he was, not anything he did.  And his opponents are those who are responsible for the implosion of the Faith in that Archdiocese and many others around the world, directly or indirectly]I will continue to listen to those who express concerns about my leadership, but I will also continue serving as I have been called to do. I am devoted to serving this local Church, and I will continue to do so and to apply these hard lessons that I have learned over the past months. While it may be difficult to believe, the suffering we have endured is bearing much fruit in reform of practices and correction of decisions that were made in the past, either by me or my predecessors…….

+Nienstedt then goes on to list several “reforms” he is implementing to try to respond to some of the criticisms.  I am a little leery of giving these sons of female dogs even an inch, but I’m a combative type.  Nienstedt does close with some comments that I hope do not indicate he is caving in to at least some of the pressure:

I have been a priest for more than 40 years. I have served as a pastor, a teacher, and a seminary rector. I have no doubt that my administrative and personal style, with its strong point of view, may have offended some. I apologize to those I have hurt. The last year has helped me realize I need to change my administrative style, soften my words, and get out from behind the desk to spend more time with the faithful. 

That could certainly be interpreted as a surrender.  His “strong point of view” is simply that of a relatively orthodox Catholic shepherd.  He has “hurt” primarily the heterodox in the Archdiocese.  Softening words……I think you get the picture.  This almost seems an offer of a truce – you stop trying to destroy my episcopate, and I won’t oppose your heterodoxy nearly as much.

That is not the most charitable interpretation, of course, but years of experience and perhaps my tendency towards realpolitik drive me towards that conclusion.  I pray I am wrong.  +Nienstedt’s enemies have pretty clearly concluded they have a really effective club with which to beat him in this constant airing of allegations, no matter how weak or ill-founded, in the press.  The very liberal press up there would love to see him gone.  So perhaps Nienstedt sees some move towards conciliation as vital.  I pray that is not the case.

The thing is, any move towards conciliation could be perceived as weakness and backfire in the form of his opponents now stepping up their efforts.  I think the last 50 years have proven conclusively that progressives/modernists are not interested in getting along with orthodox/conservative elements, they want us gone, crushed, annihilated.

Or maybe that verbiage was just conciliatory feel-good boilerplate. But I think we have to take the man at his word.

I guess we shall see what develops.

Non Sequitur fun – Tank crushes Prius August 6, 2014

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This is just too much fun to resist.  Not only am I familiar with the Roadkill series from Hot Rod Magazine, not only do I regard Priuses with a fulminating hatred, but this video features my favorite tank of all time, the British Chieftain.  A 55 tonne heavily armoured beast with a 120 mm rifled gun (some weighed more and incorporated Chobham armor), I should do a Fullbore Friday on the Chieftain someday:

Man!  That tank said hoof to that Prius!

Chieftains are becoming increasingly popular in the US as collector’s items since they are not American (and not subject to some controls on US military equipment), quite modern, readily available, and not as crushingly expensive as one might think. They are about the most modern and capable tank a civilian can legally acquire (I’m not sure about M-60A3 TTS, for sure, the sophisticated electronics would be removed before a civilian could get one, and without those, the Chieftain is better) The Chieftain was designed in the late 50s but was very advanced (if a bit underpowered) for its day.  It was probably the best protected and most well armed tank NATO had until the Leopard II came along.   Here is another video of a Chieftain crushing cars – these American mini-vans held up much better than I would have thought!

I don’t know if I have any readers who are Prius drivers/lovers (they tend to be the same), but if so……I do not retract my distaste. I got in trouble with a co-worker over my hatred for Priuseseses……..she’s the kind of gal who can’t stand having people not thinking her decisions are the very best, unquestionable, etc.

That is also the one who ended an 8 year marriage to run off with a woman.  Uff da…….