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Anti-Catholic bias evident in OKC black mess August 6, 2014

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Just a note, I won’t use the term “mass” anymore in referring to this event.  It will be the black mess.

Reader MJD sent in an article that discusses the ongoing scandal in OKC regarding this upcoming diabolical debacle.  There is evidence the approvals for this mess were given due to latent anti-Catholic bias in overwhelmingly evangelical/baptist Oklahoma.  The satanist even implies some of these types think Catholic angst over this upcoming event is “funny.”  I extirpate some evil demonic words from the text below because I don’t need that garbage on my sweet clean blog (I add emphasis and comments):

The head of the Oklahoma City satanic church that is planning a black mass in a public venue next month says the Eucharistic Host he plans to use in the ritual was mailed to him by a friend.

” I’m sick of hearing about this ‘Consecrated Host,'” Adam Daniels, of the organization, the  [demonic reference deleted] ,  wrote in an emailed response to questions from Aleteia. “As my understudy has told other Catholic Inquisitors, [this guy is not dumb, he knows how to feed on anti-Catholic bias in the culture, including among our protestant “brethren.”]  the Eucharist was mailed to us by [a] friend. That is all I’m going to say about how it was attained [sic]. My question is, why is a piece of bread that some man said some words over so sacred?”  [Grrrr……..I pray you convert before your particular judgment. I pray for your happiness in this world and in the next]

Daniels, who uses the title [demonic reference deleted]  —the term for Zoroastrian high priest—confirmed that the black mass that is generating controversy in Oklahoma City and beyond, will go forward as planned on Sept. 21. 

“The abridged Black Mass (from the Satanic Rituals by [Anton] LaVey) will take place,” he said. “Then The Choke [a local band] will perform. After that, Matthew Garman will have a Satanic Exorcism done [which purports to remove the Holy Spirit from him]. Kelsey [Daniels] and I will be presiding over this rite. Before each ritual I will lecture on the purpose and point of each ritual as it pertains to the  [Satanic] Faith.”

He added: “I’m renting a small space one time a year to educate the public about my religion. This is protected by my First Amendment Right as a citizen of the United States, not a brainwashed sheep of the Catholic Empire.”  [If it’s so bad, please move, far, far away.  And if you are so brazen and bold, why not offend some muslims while you are at it?]

The event is to take place in a 92-seat theatre in the civic center. Daniels said no city official has asked him to reconsider the event, in light of protests by local Catholics, led by Archbishop Paul S. Coakley of Oklahoma City. “Their [sic] are some who are quite tickled at all of  this.” [I’m sure they are. This is, after all, the state that gave us Oral “God is gonna call me home” Roberts]…….

……Making “black masses” open to the public exposes people to serious evil, an exorcist warned in an interview with Aleteia after news of the Oklahoma City event was first known. “You cannot attend such an event—even if one does so merely out of curiosity, and not with any firm desire to worship Satan—without being adversely affected. The mere fact that this black mass in Oklahoma City will be public lends it a certain legitimacy, and I suspect that some people will go simply to be entertained. What they may not realize immediately is that simply by going, they will open themselves to the power of the demonic.” [And the civic leadership of OKC is telling all the world that they don’t give a d@#$ about Catholics or their concerns.  As the Archbishop himself noted, they wouldn’t dare let something perceived as anti-muslim or anti-semitic go on.  But anti-Catholic sentiment certainly exists among many protestants in Oklahoma. I have personally experienced this.  So much for five decades of ecumenism]

In his letter, Archbishop Coakley called on Catholics of the archdiocese to intensify prayer in the weeks leading up to the event, scheduled for the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall. Beginning Aug. 6, the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord, and continuing through the Feast of the Archangels, Sept. 29, the conclusion of each Mass in the archdiocese will include the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, which, prior to the liturgical reforms of the late 1960s, was recited after every Mass[Boy the response from +Coakley continues to be pretty weak tea.  How about reinstituting the prayer forever?, to prevent nightmares like this from occurring again?  This poor sod of a satanist says he plans on doing this annually.  We cannot allow Our LORD IN THE FLESH to be crucified again!]

“I invite all Catholics to pray daily for divine protection through the intercession of this heavenly patron who once defeated Lucifer in his rebellion against the Almighty and who stands ready to assist us in this hour of need,” he wrote. [No, because this event took place outside of time, Saint Michael always and forever crushes satan under his spear, just as Our Blessed Mother does]

Archbishop Coakley also asked each parish to conduct a Eucharistic Holy Hour with Benediction at least once between the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Aug 15, and Sept. 21, the date of the planned black mass. On that day, he plans to conduct a holy hour and outdoor Eucharistic procession and benediction at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Oklahoma City at 3pm, four hours prior to the performance[Well I would hope it would conclude at the Civic Center, and be followed by a solemn exorcism]

The archbishop also asked Catholics in the archdiocese to contact Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett to express “outrage over this offensive and blasphemous sacrilege and this misuse of a tax-supported public space.”

————-End Quote————-

Well folks I know we are to forgive our enemies but this is going to be coming at us more and more and more. And the Novus Ordo with Communion in the hand makes obtaining a Consecrated Host child’s play.  Are we going to let this event go on?  Will there be thousands of Catholics outside the Civic Center on September 21?  That is a Sunday, mind – these satanists aren’t fooling around.  And some of Oklahoma’s protestants think all of this is funny.

But there are, we are told, 1.4 million Catholics in the Dioceses of Dallas and Fort Worth.  If even 1% of us drove up to OKC to oppose this nightmarish sacrilege that would be 14,000 souls to prevent this from happening.  We could actually turn this into a blessed, prayerful event, thousands of pious souls outnumbering the poor pathetic attention-seeking satanists 100-1.  If this thing doesn’t go away, I’m going to strongly consider it.  There is an FSSP parish in Edmond.

Let us see a strong and vigorous Catholic response on all levels – prayer, fasting, Processions, Masses, everything!  And if that twerp of a satanist wants to see Inquisitors, let him see them!


1. Woody - August 6, 2014

Any Christian denomination that does not look upon this open, public satanic ritual as an attack against God is in bed with satan. To look at this satanic ritual as only an affront to the Catholic Church speaks volumes as to the demonic nature of the reformation. Yes, you heard me right. To be silent, or even worse, happy, that this satanic ritual is occurring puts one on the side of satan. I think this demonstrates that indeed, there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. If there was, why would these followers of satan only attack the one, holy, apostolic Church?

2. Kurt - August 6, 2014

A Satanic ritual and your problem is that it is anti-Catholics? Jeepers! That’s like saying a world wide atomic war is kinda anti-environment. Get your priorities rights.

Christopher - August 6, 2014

Tantum has addressed these black messes repeatedly, but in this post he is emphasizing that the anti-Catholic sentiment is being demonstrated not just in the Satanic followers, but in the Protestants of the area, and that, therefore, the event is not likely to be cancelled. So, we fight (in appropriate spiritual ways, of course, at least for now).

Tantumblogo - August 7, 2014

Yeah, really……it’s not like I didn’t link to the previous posts excoriating the satanists, nor did I give them much of a pass in this post, either. I have to wonder if it was even read?

3. Christopher - August 6, 2014

This would certainly be a worthy Crusade for DFW Catholics. Take Monday off work and show up en Masse to defend Our Lord!

4. maggycast - August 6, 2014

So if the Satanist just thinks this is a “piece of bread” then why is he bothering with it at all? Why the whole ritual and need for the Eucharist if it isn’t even real? He is either a moron or thinks we are. And yes…b/c of the horrid Novus Ordo this can happen. Our Lord is going to be sacrificed yet again…if I were in the area I would go and do my best to get Him out of there. God bless~

5. greatpretender51 - August 7, 2014

“My question is, why is a piece of bread that some man said some words over so sacred?” He knows perfectly well why it is sacred, and that is why he is using it in a BM. Satanists make excellent liars…

6. Kathleen - August 7, 2014

There MUST be a UNITED, CONTINUOUS push to eliminate Communion in Hand that continually cites this ABOMINATION.

Please excuse my shouting. It’s that or cry.

The focus MUST be on the fact that black masses DELIBERATELY TORTURE Our Sweet Savior in the Blessed Sacrament.

Catholics must be brought to understand that the proper response to even the thought of what they will do to OUR SAVIOR is to be filled with horror.

And the least we can do in response to this is to push with everything we have to eliminate Communion in Hand which undoubtedly is at the root of this.

We owe it to Our Lord and Savior. It would be something concrete to make amends for this.

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