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AWESOME – Polish movie about the Siege of Vienna August 8, 2014

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Day of the Siege was a 2012 Polish vehicle describing the fateful battle between Catholic and islamic forces at Vienna in 1683.  I have written about this Second Siege of Vienna before.  There are a couple of trailers on Youtube – one for the original Polish vehicle and another for an updated English version.  The film actually stars the American F. Murray Abraham.  It looks really cool!  Production values, especially the special effects, may be a bit uneven, but we’ll get to see the winged hussars ride!  Woot!  Can’t wait to check that out!  This looks pretty cool!

Thanks very much to reader JP for alerting me to this:


This is a little bit different version of the trailer. Whoever put this video together added a bit at the end about CGI horses. Well, duh.  Not too unusual to use special effects for such things.  I like this version of the trailer better because it has more footage of the winged hussars!

I guess the movie was just released on DVD for the US market very recently.  You can buy it here.

Que dices?


1. Heather - August 8, 2014

Did you mean to include a link about where to buy the movie? I don’t see one.

2. Heather - August 9, 2014

Nevermind, we found it. We’re going to watch it tonight. =D

3. twoheartswa - August 9, 2014

It’s not Hollywood movie, but it shows the truth as it happened not some politically correct version of powers to be. My mother send me the DVD two years ago (I’m Polish). It was a great history lesson for my boys.

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