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US begins airstrikes against ISIS devils, most of Assyrian Christian lands already lost August 8, 2014

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I do not know if most readers have been following Rorate Caeli’s excellent coverage of the ongoing nightmare in northern Iraq.  The devilish new caliphate, well armed and well financed, has managed to roll up almost the entire Nineveh Plain, ancient home to almost entirely Assyrian Catholic Christians for nearly 2000 years.  Hundreds of thousands have been displaced. Lord knows how many thousands have died.  Cities like Qaraqosh, home to predominately Christian populations since the 1st or 2nd century, are now ghost towns patrolled by these islamist tools of satan.  There are also reportedly tens of thousands of members of another non-muslim religion dying on a mountaintop in the same vicinity, chased there by ISIS and left to die.  Some airdrops of supplies have now been made, perhaps some may be saved.

While the Western world gnashes its teeth and strikes its breast over the death of one child in Gaza, it has basically turned a great big yawn towards these far more disastrous developments in Iraq and Syria.  Christians, increasingly, do not count, especially among the post-Christian power elites in Europe and North America.

One would think the Pope would be doing something, something very dramatic!  He hates suffering, he loves everyone!  But he has only thus far released one rather weak press release and made no public speech on this topic himself.  Perhaps the subject is a bit too inconvenient for the “far more important” work of interreligious dialogue to bear.

Last night, the US did begin air strikes against ISIS.  CVN-77 is in the Persian Gulf. I’m sure the Air Force will be hustling to get involved, too – they always have to (can’t let the Navy claim the spotlight).  I’m not really excited about this, Our Blessed Lord said those who lived by the sword would die by the sword (and I know I am the last person who should ever use that quote) so while I am hopeful that the bombings will stop ISIS, how long will we stay around?  Can this really be a long term solution? But then again, this is a crisis that is most definitely one of America’s making.  Or Obama’s making.  His precipitous abandonment of Iraq, leaving not even a token force behind, when that fake nation made up by two colonial civil servants was still embroiled in ethnic hatreds and ready to come apart at the seams.  Well, come apart it has, and the Christians of Iraq, as usual, have been caught in the middle.  So we appear to owe them quite a bit of effort for the state we left them in, as this Iraqi Christian notes below:

Here in the US, the reply of the USCCB and individual bishops seems also quite far from robust.  Our own Bishop Kevin Farrell addressed the topic of Christian suffering in the Mideast in a general way back on June 27, but has been pretty preoccupied, at least on his blog, with the Hispanic immigration “crisis” since then.  I haven’t seen too many statements from other bishops or the USCCB that just blew me away for their clarity, forcefulness, and concern.  And the beat roles on.  Hopefully JDAMs and LGBs can stop the ISIS guys, because it seems little else is being done (well, the Kurds are being armed, they apparently ran out of ammunition a few days ago).

How about our bishops call – with the same or even greater intensity as they do for the Central Americans – for an open immigration policy for these suffering Catholics of Iraq?  That would at least be ethically and intellectually consistent.  As I pointed out above, this nation “owes” the Chaldean/Assyrian Catholics a heckuva a lot, certainly more than those who are just busting over the southern border because they think they’l get an amnesty out of the deal. We left the Chaldean’s homeland a shambles, then walked away.  Doesn’t this nation bear some moral culpability to set that situation right.

Anyone know of good relief funds, preferably not USCCB administered, that go to directly aid these people?  I have not seen much mention of such.  Many aid agencies may be afraid to go into such a violently unstable situation.

Pray for these folks!  They are our brethren and are truly abandoned and suffering.

Such a disaster.  Satan has such a free hand right now…….I just don’t understand. There must be so few praying, pious souls, for that to be the case. It’s really scary.

And how about ending this nation’s cozy relationship with Saudi Arabia?  SA is becoming a sick, twisted wahabbist culture. Most of the 911 hijackers were Saudi.  They fund terror around the world, just like Iran, but we treat Iran like a pariah.  We don’t need their oil very much. We import almost nothing from SA.  We have better sources closer to home.  I think it’s time to tell Saudi Arabia we’re not going to put up with their “covert” attempts to build a new caliphate.  And we should also shut off any Saudi funding coming into the US to put in more radical mosques.


1. Steve - August 8, 2014

It is interesting to me that the plight of the Yazidi has received by far the greatest media attention in regard to Iraq’s non-Moslems who have been overrun in recent days and weeks.

Without question, the tens of thousands of Yazidi trapped on Mount Sinjar deserve tremendous media attention and, most of all, prayers and material aid and comfort.

But why has the horrific destruction and barbarity inflicted during the past 10 or so years, particularly in recent days and weeks, on hundreds of thousands of Iraq’s Catholics received less intense media coverage as compared to the Yazidi?


For that matter, the plight of Gaza’s Moslems has received endless media coverage.

But for Iraqi Catholics, five seconds of media coverage…”The Catholic Church in Iraq has been all but destroyed. Now, to sports. Some baseball scores tonight…”

2. Steve - August 8, 2014

On September 7, 2013 A.D., Pope Francis held a special day (he’d asked for universal participation among all people of goodwill) of prayer and fasting for peace in Syria.

Is it not time for Pope Francis to convoke a special day of prayer and fasting for Iraq’s Catholics? (The sufferings of Iraq’s non-Catholics would, of course, be recognized on such a day.)

Is the reason for non-dramatic Church action on behalf of Iraqi Catholics the result of our Churchmen adhering to their destructive “Interfaith” Movement?

That is, a special day of prayer and fasting in recognition of the all-but-destroyed Catholic Church in Iraq would necessarily call attention to the following undeniable reality:

It has been Moslems (certainly not all) who have persecuted Catholics in Iraq.

Such a day could certainly call attention to the fact that many Iraqi Moslems have attempted to aid Iraqi Catholics.

But a day of prayer and fasting to recognize the persecution of Iraqi Catholics would call attention necessarily to the fact that…


…many Moslems insist that Islam gives them every right and reason to torture and murder Catholics.

Such a day would call attention to the fact that many Moslems laugh and scoff at the notion advanced by recent Popes, Cardinals and bishops:

Namely, that so-called “authentic” Islam is 100 percent peaceful.

Such a day would call attention to the fact that as Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Sako made clear recently, worldwide Moslem condemnation of Islamic persecution of Iraq’s Catholics has been non-existent.

Where are the demonstrations among Moslems against Islamic persecutions of Catholics in Iraq and elsewhere?

The unfortunate and frightening reality is that tacit approval for Islamic persecution of Christians is rampant within Islam.

Do our Churchmen fear that they must not call attention to that?

3. LaGallina - August 8, 2014

“Such a disaster. Satan has such a free hand right now…….I just don’t understand. There must be so few praying, pious souls, for that to be the case. It’s really scary.”

What’s not to understand? Pope Leo XIII, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Good Success, Akita etc.

We seem to be living in the midst of the fulfillment of some of the darkest prophecies of all time. Conditions in the world certainly seem to be setting up for the ultimate perfect storm. Between wars, drug cartels, dangerous technological advancements, and the almost complete rejection of the True Faith things don’t look too sunny.

The book “Trial, Tribulation, and Triumph; Before, During and After Antichrist” by Desmond A. Birch is a very interesting study on Church-approved prophecy. He cites such venerable names as St. Teresa do Avila, St. John Chrysostom, St. John Vianney, St. Hildegard Von Bingen and more.

4. Steve - August 8, 2014

June 8, 2014 A.D. Vatican Gardens.

An imam, at Pope Francis’ invitation, prayed for peace.

Yeah. Right.

Well, on second thought and to his credit, the imam in question prayed for peace in “authentic” Islamic fashion…Allah, please conquer non-Moslems.

At any rate, where has said imam been during the past few days and weeks?

I imagine that he has been busy in his efforts to lead peaceful and prayerful major public Islamic demonstrations in favor of Iraq’s persecuted Christians.

I imagine that he has been very busy in having called for Moslems worldwide to follow suit.

I imagine that I have simply missed reports of his peace initiatives on behalf of Christians who have suffered at the hands of various Moslems.

5. Steve - August 8, 2014

Attention: Christian West.

The horrific persecutions against Catholics that has exploded of late via Islam had better serve to you as a spiritual wake-up call.

Connect to Holy Mother Church in ever greater degrees.

For those who have ceased to practice the True Religion, please return now to Holy Mother Church.

The time has arrived for the Western Church Catholics to cooperate with God via the creation of large families. Populate the West with Catholics.

To His Holiness. Dear Pope Francis, the primary way to strengthen spiritually the Christian West is, of course, through the Mass.

Holy Father, to accomplish that reality, please unleash throughout the Western Church the Traditional Roman Mass…the Mass of your youth.

As I am certain that you are aware, when offered, particularly as part as normal parish life, teenagers and young Catholic families have flocked to and fueled the tremendous growth of Traditional Roman Mass.

Please, Holy Father, strengthen Holy Mother Church, particularly Her youthful Faithful, via the Traditional Roman Mass.

Should he not adhere to the above, then it’s up to Western Church Cardinals, bishops and priests to take the lead in promoting to the hilt the Traditional Roman Mass.

Perhaps His Holiness will follow. If not, then perhaps a future Pontiff will see the light in regard to the necessary restoration of the Traditional Roman Mass.

The Christian West must return to God now or face massive ruin.

Each of us must talk up and promote the Traditional Roman Mass every second, minute, hour, day, week…etc.

You understand.

6. discipleofthedumbox - August 8, 2014

” So we appear to owe them quite a bit of effort for the state we left them in,…”

Sure, just so long it does not again translate into an effort to bomb them into peace. Oh, wait…

7. camper - August 9, 2014

I would love to be able to restore Catholicism to the Middle East, but the fact of the matter is that the US is way past broke. We are going to have an economic calamity unrivaled in history caused by NATO and Japan defaulting on their gigantic deficits. We cannot afford one more bomb spent on anything other than a critical national security interest. If a bunch of US Catholics want to start a 100,000 strong militia to beat up ISIS, I will pray for you every day. But if you consider all the things we could pray for – oppressed Catholics all over the world, things get a little… more specific, I am going to say. Besides, the Iraqis can, however sad, move to parts of the country actually controlled by their government.

Not saying this is a good thing, but bombing ISIS right now is (probably) totally irresponsible given the dire state of our finances.

8. Does the situation in Iraq call for US military intervention? | A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics - August 12, 2014

[…] I’ve sort of brought up the subject before on my blog, but I thought I would address the topic directly – is this ongoing genocide in Iraq, largely the result of previous, disastrous US policy decisions, rise to the level of demanding some significant response from the United States and other Western nations?   That the ongoing crisis is a direct result of US actions is, I think, unarguable.  From the initial and badly mistaken decision to invade in 2003, to the public revocation of support for most of the ante bellum political leadership of the Mideast giving rise to the “Arab Spring,” (which spring has in reality been a cold winter of islamic hate and radicalism from Tunisia to Iran), to this administration siding with the rebels in Syria and even arming them, no matter how radical they were, and then the precipitous and completely self-serving decision by Obama to pull all troops out of Iraq, which left that false, cobbled together “nation” tottering on the brink of calamity…..the stage was set pretty well by the US, Britain, and the West generally for this unspeakable agony. […]

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