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Pope Francis’ very own 10 step program August 11, 2014

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So when I first saw the below at Fr. Ray Blake’s site last week, I took it Fr. Blake had developed his own “10 step” program of life according to Pope Francis, based on Fr. Blake’s interpretation of some of Pope Francis’ statements.  So, he posted this:


So, like I said, I thought this was just Fr. Blake riffing on some of Pope Francis’ more, ummm…..worldly statements.  That is to say, I did not think this was a real list from Pope Francis himself, nor a shorthand compendium of some ideas he expressed in an interview, but just someone extrapolating from some of Pope Francis less edifying moments.  Coupled with the fact I am extremely busy and have nary a chance to cover much of any news,I sort of let the matter go.

But then I saw some other coverage just today, and realized……ay caramba, these are for realz?!!?  And it seems save for a little bit of squabbling over some of the translations, they are.

This is really how the Great Fisherman, Sweet Christ on earth, the occupant of the most exalted office in the history of mankind, and the spiritual leader of at least a billion souls, thinks?   When did Dale Carnegie get promoted to the See of Peter.

And as a member of a 12 step program, I can say Pope Francis missed step 3 rather badly, which is the foundation of all the rest: acknowledge the Higher Power.  He also excluded step 8, make amends for one’s sins.

And it’s having more than just a slight effect.  This very worldly, in some cases nearly new age, conception of “happiness,” with nary a mention of Jesus Christ, is having an immediate and strong impact.

Aside from a mention of Sunday being a holy day holiday day off from work, the entire list is completely secular.  That’s not right, even the mention of Sunday is completely secular, and there is no mention of reserving a day to honor God, which 90+% of the people in the world would accept at least as a sort of nice intention.  What is all this bending over backwards to please atheists?  There is even a denouncement, at least in the Catholic News Service article, of proselytizing, something I think many early Church fathers and great Saints might take a bit of exception to:

9. Don’t proselytize; respect others’ beliefs. “We can inspire others through witness so that one grows together in communicating. But the worst thing of all is religious proselytism, which paralyzes: ‘I am talking with you in order to persuade you,’ No. Each person dialogues, starting with his and her own identity. The church grows by attraction, not proselytizing,” the pope said.

Poor Saint Francis de Sales, poor Saint Francis Xavier, and thousands of other Saints……they did it all wrong!  Saint Paul, too, apparently, and the entire early Church, which existed in a perpetual state of condemnation of the dominant pagan culture.  That living rebuke of paganism drove the non-Christians nuts, and provided much fire for the ongoing persecutions.  But now we are told to be a proselytizer is the very worst thing one can be.

What can one say?  Ten steps to happiness, and Jesus Christ not even in the mix.

I really wish I could meet the Pope, and ask him (in Spanish, since he doesn’t speak English), whether I made a horrible mistake in converting to the Faith.

I know the answer……I have absolutely no doubt……but I have to openly wonder what his answer would be.

Is it either unfair or inappropriate to state that the viewpoint expressed above is unequivocally one of secular humanism?  A belief system that says all religions are basically the same, we should throw away any ideology that “divides,” and come together with a mushy, totally ineffectual spirit of nebulous good will (that denies sacrifice and rarely produces any good works), without a thought for the afterlife?



1. steve - August 11, 2014

As I have stated here, imagine just one interview from His Holiness during which he promoted the reception of Holy Communion on the tongue (for Latin Catholics), Latin, Gregorian Chant, meatless Fridays, Summorum Pontificum…just one time…just one interview.

Such an interview would benefit Holy Mother Church greatly.

2. Tradical - August 12, 2014
3. jvati - August 12, 2014

They recently published this list in my diocesan newspaper.

4. Woody - August 12, 2014

Did you see the pictures of Cardinal Burke and others at the priestly ordinations in St. Louis? Wow. There’s a prelate.

5. Christopher - August 12, 2014

Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for us. St. Leo XIII — hoping you’re up there — Pray for us.

Christopher - August 12, 2014

I meant Pope Leo XIII. Wishing St. Leo XIII…

6. LaGallina - August 12, 2014

What. Are you more Catholic than the pope?

Ha ha ha ha ha

I think even that Tony Palmer fella may have been more Catholic than this Pope.

Lorra - August 12, 2014

The one that got the Requiem because Francis completely undermined the Catholic bishop who said no and then told him to hell with the rules? I thought I remember Anglican orders being declared invalid. But that belonged to another time and era. We are where it is at now – the church of cool.

7. Molly Alley - August 12, 2014

How is the “witness” of a catholic more inspiring to a non-catholic than the “witness” of various secular and protestant figures? Is Right really innately more appealing to people than Wrong? Or are people blinded by concupiscence?

8. D.O.T.C.O.M. (@DOTCOM_MOM) - August 12, 2014

The only way to deal with this Pope without losing our faith (or our sanity for that matter) is to do exactly what we’ve been doing with Obama: flat out ignore him & wait him out (difficult as these may be…) while prayerfully realizing that:
“This, too, shall pass…”

TG - August 12, 2014

Great point. That’s what I’m trying to do. I can’t listen or watch either one on TV or on the radio. I turn it off.

Fr Anselm Marie - August 12, 2014

Time Immemorial is the sieve by which the wheat produced the operation of the Holy Ghost is winnowed from the chaff of the whims of men.

Lorra - August 12, 2014

More and more most are doing that. Ignore him and everything he says, does or writes. It is either that or lose your mind. I am well aware though that this is hardly a Catholic attitude to have toward someone who is supposed to be Christ’s vicar on earth.

9. Branch - August 12, 2014

Sheep without a shepherd…

10. The great Carmelite practice of charity…… | A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics - August 12, 2014

[…] Intimacy is very deep and very clear.  I thought it might make an interesting point of comparison to the “ten steps to happiness” we’ve heard much about of […]

11. Lorra - August 12, 2014

Tomorrow is the first annual Be Kind To Ants Day. Remember not to step on one tomorrow or disturb any of their hills. And, if you really want to go all out, don’t swat that fly and let the yellow jacket sting you.

Don’t walk on the grass either.

Respect nature.

12. Lorra - August 12, 2014

“I really wish I could meet the Pope, and ask him (in Spanish, since he doesn’t speak English), whether I made a horrible mistake in converting to the Faith.

I know the answer……I have absolutely no doubt……but I have to openly wonder what his answer would be.”

Right. He would have told you to stay where you are and be a bridge-builder.

13. Baseballmom - August 13, 2014

Ignore… Ignore…. Ignore. And PRAY LIKE MAD. Really, that is all we have.

14. Maggie - August 13, 2014

2 Thes 2:15: Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle.

I think the best advice is to cling to the truths and the rites of Holy Mother Church as taught to us and brought to us throughout the centuries….not this new ‘post conciliar’ church on shifting sand. The truths will win out one day. But today is not that day. This pope is evidently what people have deserved and we do not know what he will do or say next and actually we rather dread what he might do or say next.

Here is a good article about holding fast:

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