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Invoke Saint Clare for the defense of Christians! August 13, 2014

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As good Father Peter Carota notes, on two separate occasions St. Clare of Assisi, foundress of the feminine branch of the Franciscans, stopped download (4)armies through her intervention.  What Fr. Carota does not note, is that in the first case, the army of Frederick II seeking to sack Assisi was made up largely of muslim, or saracen, mercenaries.  Such a great affront against Christendom, to use the infidel dogs against his religious brethren. But then again, Frederick II was always a haughty atheist apostate (a prototype of the modern sexular pagan left, which is why he is so beloved by them) and was excommunicate at the time:

One of the greatest miracles know about St. Clare was when the army of Frederick II, in 1234, began to invade Assisi and even had ladders up to the windows of the sisters convent.  The whole community was in great fear.   But St. Clare, calmly rose from her sick bed, took the ciborium from the chapel, and proceeded to face the invaders through an open window.  As she raised up the Blessed Sacrament, the soldiers, who were about to enter their monastery, became confused like and left the sisters and Assisi alone.

Again, later on, General Vitale di Aversa began another offensive against Assisi.  St.Clare gathered her community around her and they knelt in prayer that Assisi might be spared. Instantly, a powerful storm arose that tore up and scattered all the soldiers tents.  They began to panic and quickly departed in great fear.  The people of Assisi knew that it was St. Clare, and her sisters prayers, that had saved them again.

As St. Francis had the joy of seeing his order spread all over Europe, St. Clare also was able to see many Poor Clare convents open up all over Europe in her own lifetime…..

Father Carota also notes some similarities between Saint Clare and traditional Catholics:

St. Clare had two very important goals in her life.  It “was to bring about a restoration of discipline in the Church, and of morals and civilization in the peoples of Western Europe”  These two goals are also what we traditional Catholics have in common with her.  We want to see:

1) The restoring of the Catholic Church back to Jesus’ Biblical teachings.

2)  Return to the 2000 year old Catholic Traditions.

3) Return of the sacred Catholic Rites, like the Latin Mass and all other Latin Sacraments.

4) The use of the traditional blessings of Holy Water and other sacred objects.

5) Society subjected to Jesus’ Rule and Laws.

6) The restitution of the indissolubility of the Sacrament of Marriage, (only between a man and a woman).

But I’d really like to see some Iraqi daughter of Clare stop the islamic hordes with a brave display of the Blessed Sacrament!  And Clare was deathly483px-HeiligenkreuzStClare ill at the time!

Yesterday was of course that great Saint’s Feast day. Speaking of lost ars traditionis, check out how Bishop Hugolin of Ostia addressed her in a letter:

To his very dear Sister in Jesus Christ , to his mother the Lady Clare, handmaid of Christ, Hugolin of Ostia, unworthy bishop and sinner.  Ever since the hour when I had to deprive myself of your holy conversation, to snatch myself from that heavenly joy, such bitterness of heart causes my tears to flow, that if I did not find at the feet of Jesus the consolation which His love never refuses, my mind would fail and my soul would melt away.  Where is the glorious joy of that Easter spent in your company and that of the other handmaids of Christ?  I knoew that i was a sinner; but at the remembrance of your supereminent virtue, my misery overpowers me, and I believe myself unworthy ever to enjoy again that converation of the Saints, unless your tears and prayers obtain pardon for my sins.  I put my souls, then, into your hands; to you I entrust my mind, that you may answer for me on the day of judgment……..

————End Quote————

Would that we had frequent witness to such holy and edifying correspondence from our bishops today!  What complete focus on Christ, what acknowledgement of our unworthiness, what great example of humility and piety!  Oh Lord, give us such men as Hugolin of Ostia again!  And we pray raise up great Saints like Clare of Assisi to give us great example of purity, holiness, piety, strength, and succor in these times of trial!  May Saint Clare intercede for persecuted Catholics everywhere, but especially in the Mideast, and use her great intercessory power to stop the terrible sufferings, and make those sufferings endured thus efficacious of great Grace!

May all the souls lost in this horrible persecution be saved through their martyrdom and Saint Clare’s intercession!



1. D.O.T.C.O.M. (@DOTCOM_MOM) - August 13, 2014

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2. TG - August 13, 2014

Thanks for the post. I didn’t know too much about St. Clare.

3. Observer - August 14, 2014

Very relevant article! I had forgotten about Frederick II and his Muslim army. The ‘history’ books always praise his tolerance and vision!!

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