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Stark comparison between the reaction to Robin Williams death and the Mideast persecutions…….. August 13, 2014

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, Christendom, disaster, error, foolishness, Four Last Things, General Catholic, persecution, sadness, scandals, secularism, sickness, Society.

……truly reveals the banality of our times.  Given that many of those who are now so lamenting the death of this Hollywood star Williams, and who could not be bothered in the least to spare a concern for the suffering of millions of Christians in the Mideast, call themselves Christian, we see the emptiness that pervades so many souls.  From commenter Steve, who in a later comment bent over backwards to insure that he does not bear Robin Williams any ill will and prays for the repose of his soul, some very insightful thoughts (I add some comments of my own):

May a certain Hollywood celebrity rest in peace.

I referenced that to call attention to the following:

If you are an Iraqi Catholic persecuted to the hilt and on the run from maniacs who at least rival (and may even surpass) the viciousness of the Nazis and Imperial Japanese, do not expect many people to cry for you. [And if you are an Iraqi Catholic who worked with the US presence in Iraq for a number of years, and now seek asylum as someone on the run in fear of his life, don’t expect the US to hustle to help you out. Expect to be ignored, just as we left the many South Vietnamese who worked with the US during our intervention there, only to be left in the lurch when we got tired of that conflict.  Many of those Vietnamese “only” had to serve time in reeducation camps and many were later able to emigrate to the United States (and what immigrants they have been!), but Iraqi Christians can expect their entire family to be beheaded, or perhaps see their daughters passed into sexual slavery for these amoral cretins.  The lesson is, never trust the US government, I guess.  We tend to coddle our enemies and betray our friends.]

Conversely, America’s news media and countless Americans will not only cry for but grind their lives to a halt to focus their attention upon a suicidal Hollywood celebrity (I wish him peace) who trafficked in dirty comedy and attacked the Holy Catholic Church as “Christians” in his audiences roared with laughter.  [He certainly did do that.  He had a penchant for attacking the Church.  I pray he received some amazing conversion in the last milliseconds of his life, even as he took it himself.  As for the Christians who laughed at his jokes, mocking Holy Mother Church, I pray for their conversion]

Countless folks will parade about in public to express their appreciation for said person’s raunchy, dirty antics.

They will leave teddy bears and tie balloons to objects to pay tribute to said celebrity. [This has always driven me a little nuts.  I remember when Princess Diana died and just the orgiastic outpouring of grief.  It is a strange culture that grieves for those who knew nothing but the ultimate in comfort and wealth, and ignore those among them who suffer so much]

The news media will devote around-the-clock coverage to said person.

In light of the above unsettling reality and in absence of a miracle, what realistic human hope exists for Iraqi Catholics? [Not much.  Maybe the best argument against US involvement is that we’ll somehow manage to make things worse, as we did when we invaded Iraq in the first place.  I do understand Europe is moving to act, which means we should see a massive commitment of at least an unarmed platoon of Dutch military police, or somesuch.]

The message is clear: The life and demise of a person (requiescat in pace) who did not hesitate to deliver raunchy, filthy “entertainment” to America and the world is of greater interest to countless folks than the genocide of Iraqi Catholics.

Dang straight. But they’re so very far away, don’t you see!  They’re foreigners with strange names and a funny language!  They’re not quite human.  Not like good left wing Hollywood stars.  Those are “real” human beings.

Is that last bit not part of it?  Because of TV and films, do not many people put media stars on some kind of higher plane of existence than the rest of us?  And is that not a big reason why we have such a sick culture of celebrity seeking, with people willing to abandon any moral restraint and have themselves objectified, even as idiots, in order to garner a few minutes fame?

Meanwhile, more and more souls continue to suffer and are all but ignored.  Our own president has made clear he is almost completely unmoved by their plight.  And so the wheel turns.  Shoot your TV, if you haven’t already.  The sooner this cult of celebrity ends, the better.



1. Baseballmom - August 13, 2014

The cult of celebrity is so very strange and unique to our times…. Really never known before the age of film and television…. But now EVERYONE can be a star…. On Facebook… YouTube… Instagram… Twitter…. Maybe social media will mean the end of celebrity…. Because if everyone is a star, then no one is.

Tantumblogo - August 13, 2014

That’s the prediction. Hopefully it will come to pass.

Already, there are few true movie stars anymore, people whose movies always make money. And the film industry is hurting because of that.

2. Maggie - August 14, 2014

Yes, the murdering minions of satan seem far away but will they remain so? What is planned for the good old U S of A?

discipleofthedumbox - August 14, 2014

Hopefully a rethinking of the American Union…

3. Observer - August 14, 2014

Great article! I must admit that this practice of tying teddy bears to gates and railings is nuts.
That aside, the unfolding horrors in the mid-east show what is in store for Christians in Europe. The EU continues to import millions of muslims into Europe despite the fact there is no work or housing for them. This is lunacy on stilts. It is hard for most well-disposed people to grasp, but the intention of our ‘overlords’ appears to be the destruction of Christianity.

4. Frank - August 14, 2014

The loss of lanyone”s life is tragic, especially one who might be lost for eternity. Would you rather destroy yourself from despair and despondency and risk Hell or merit Heaven for dying as a martyr for your faith?

5. Frank - August 14, 2014

One last thing to consider. One always laments a tragedy that occurs closer to home than farther away. R. Williams was part of his Hollywood Family and is rightfully lamented by them. Yes, absolutely, they also should speak up for Christians being persecuted in the MIddle East. But you have to realize these souls in Hollywood are lost themselves and are living in darkness. It seems to me they are in as much need of prayers as those being persecuted for their faith. Maybe more so.

After all, Jesus left the 99 for the one lost sheep. Let’s keep this in mind.

discipleofthedumbox - August 14, 2014

That’s a pretty good point, Frank, however, I would insist that the loss of a martyr’s life is not tragic but rather a triumphant event, the most incredible expression of faith at the end of one’s life. A suicide, on the other hand, is tragic and is deserving of much sorrow and pity.

St. Joseph, pray for us.

Tantumblogo - August 14, 2014

These are fine points. I have no problem with them. The post just offered a viewpoint that is not much considered these days. That there are other considerations is fine and it’s good to point those out, but these are blog posts, not books or dissertations, they will almost as a matter of course be incomplete of all the ways we can consider such things. But I think both your comments are appropriate, charitable, and well taken.

6. TG - August 14, 2014

Great post. The movie critic for National Catholic Register really chastises a reader for making similar comments like Steve did. He said something like “how dare you”. I’m sick of this celebrity culture too.

discipleofthedumbox - August 14, 2014

I saw that as well. It was all I could do to resist the urge to attempt a chastisement of the critic who obviously finds it difficult to provide an editorial on the actor from a Catholic perspective. Is not that why folks read the Register, to provide a view for the world from a Catholic, that is from an eternal, perspective?

TG - August 14, 2014

I unsubscribed to the Register because they are an occasion of sin for me (anger, etc.) but now and then I read the headlines to see what they are reporting on.

7. steve - August 14, 2014

In many ways, I don’t blame Mr. Williams for offering to the public dirty comedy, vulgar gestures and vicious anti-Catholic attacks.

He was what he was.

Sentient teenagers and adults knew that he trafficked in vile, anti-Christian “entertainment” and thought.

Regardless, “Christian” America flocked to his performances.

“Christian” America has, during the past few days, “canonized” Mr. Williams.

Hollywood pumps out filth for the following reasons:

1. That is who they are. They are who they are. They enjoy producing dirty “entertainment”.

2. Millions of Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Protestants and Jews in America and throughout the world — people who claim to love God — support the filth factory known as “Hollywood”.

Once upon a time, prior to the collapse of Catholicism, Catholics, via such groups as the Legion of Decency, kept Hollywood in check.

During our time of the “New Orientation”, it is almost unfathomable to realize that once a year during Mass, Catholics pledged to flee from filthy entertainment.

Hollywood types loved their massive wealth. They knew that to upset Catholic sensibilities meant disaster at the box office.

Today, around-the-clock and without the least bit of worry, “entertainers” and their behind-the-scenes corporate masters mock, berate, attack, and unleash deep-seated anti-Catholic hatred.

Incredibly, the audiences who laugh, howl, and pay willingly to digest said hatred are filled with Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Protestants and Jews — folks who claim to love God.

Nope. I don’t blame Mr. Williams, “entertainers” and their corporate masters for Hollywood’s filthy entertainment…we are to blame.

That is, those who claim to “love” God are to blame.

8. steve - August 14, 2014

Frank, there may be souls in Hollywood who live in darkness.

But it is Christian “America” (as well as Christians throughout the world) who pump money into Hollywood’s coffers.

Observer - August 14, 2014

Indeed, part of the solution is within our meager powers. Don’t feed the beast. I haven’t been to the flicks in 20 years, and haven’t missed out on anything of worth.

Tantumblogo - August 14, 2014

I went to see For Greater Glory. Really enjoyed it. Not the same at home. I’ll go if, by some miracle, anything similar gets made.

Aside from that, starve the beast, that’s exactly right.

discipleofthedumbox - August 14, 2014

If more citizens of these United States took that approach with our federal leviathan, how much better we would be.

discipleofthedumbox - August 14, 2014

And there are legal methods for doing so. If working mothers were to reject the atheistic Communist idea of participating in production right alongside men in the workplace and instead returned to the home, that is much less money for the federal leviathan to collect upon and do evil with. (source: Divini Redemptoris)

If more Catholics had more than 2.5 children (or whatever the average is) and claimed more on their W-2s, again less money to hand over to the federal government.

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