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Bishops treat Traditional Mass worse than child rape August 14, 2014

Posted by Tantumblogo in abdication of duty, Basics, catachesis, disaster, episcopate, error, foolishness, General Catholic, horror, Latin Mass, persecution, sadness, scandals, secularism, sickness, Society, the return, Tradition.

Wowzer, that’s a pretty clear and evocative way to put things.  But for the most part, I don’t think it’s false.  Prior to Summorum Pontificum, and even to some degree since, priests who raped boys (and abused a few girls) were given far, far more gentle treatment than those who had the temerity to offer the Traditional Latin Mass.  So says Michael Brendan Dougherty (I wonder if he is related to the family I know), via Rod Dreher, via Pertinacious Papist:

Summorum came too late to save that community in Poughkeepsie. In the New York Archdiocese as then ruled by Cardinal Edward Egan, the offense of saying this Mass and publishing tracts in its favor was treated as a far more serious crime and scandal than clerical pederasty. Cardinal Egan suspended my Poughkeepsie priest, and effectively exiled him from the life of the church. Priests who knew about the situation observed darkly that if he had raped children instead of saying this Mass, his career would have been better off.

The modus operandi then was that these Latin Mass people — “the crazies,” as they were called in the archbishop’s office [and often still are]  — should be contained in Saint Agnes in midtown Manhattan or in a few obscure parishes along the Hudson River. Egan was all too happy to see that Poughkeepsie parish closed and the building sold. He smudged us out like a penciled mistake. [And that was certainly the dominant treatment most priests and laity could expect prior to SP, and even since then.  It is generally better today, the hostility is less open, the closures less frequent – but it remains.  El Paso and New York have both experienced this heavy hand of official opprobrium towards the TLM in recent years.  And “containment,” or “ghettoizing,” is likely operative even where the TLM is tolerated relatively……relatively…..well.]

Dreher goes on to add:

This is a provocatively stated point, but nevertheless a sound one. The current cardinal archbishop of New York, Timothy Dolan, had a South African priest sent packing after he had the temerity to defend the Latin mass community in a homily (partial transcript here), and now threatens to shut down Holy Innocents, the parish where NYC has its only daily Latin mass. Meanwhile, Cardinal Dolan tolerates things like the “Pre-Pride mass”.

Why does Cardinal Dolan consider the Latin mass a greater threat than a mass said as part of a Gay Pride festival? It’s mind-boggling. As you know, I’m no longer Catholic, and never was a Traditionalist Catholic, but for the entire time I was a Catholic communicant, I never understood the fear and loathing so many within the Catholic institution had for the Latin mass.  [Dreher’s falling away was precipitated by knowing a little too much about too many bishops and priests in the boy rape scandal.  It shattered his faith, whatever it was]

By the way, under the plan Cardinal Dolan is considering, Holy Innocents parish will be merged with nearby St. Francis of Assisi parish — which hosts the Pre-Pride Mass. Priorities, I suppose. [If that comes to pass, it would seem a particularly nasty, thuggish way of flipping the bird at traditional Catholics]

That the disparity in treatment is true is simply indisputable….under a former bishop, a priest was almost cashiered in this Diocese for having the temerity to offer even the Novus Ordo in Latin.  That same bishop was deeply implicated in a number of sex abuse cases, but had the good fortune to have the cases in Dallas break early in the scandal, before public outrage had really grown to stratospheric heights.

Dreher tries to contemplate why this disparity exists.  He thinks it has something to do with the fact that the Mass is a rebuke to the excessive “optimism” of the post-conciliar religion.  I think it’s a little more substantive than that: there are many priests, prelates, chancery staff, religious, etc., who recognize the plain difference between the pre- and post-conciliar Church – these two things are not the same.  They reject the former as something strange, alien, and incompatible with the new religion.  They also view the Mass as the greatest single threat to the coup that was executed against the Church from within and which installed the new, much more worldly, accommodating, and indifferent religion stood up in place of the old.

Yes yes, hermeneutics and all that.  Balderdash. I mean, that was a nice, rather desperate attempt by one of the early architects of the revolution, who later recoiled from it, to mute its effects and reconcile the irreconcilable.  Sorry.  Mirus and all the neo-cats aside, you can’t paper over these differences.  It’s like Evel Knievel trying to jump the Grand Canyon – nice try, not gonna happen.  Old is old, and new is new, and ne’er the twain shall meet.

I think it simply something that has to be acknowledged, kept in mind, and then moved on from.  The TLM is punished by bishops and others because they are members of an inveterately hostile, competing religion.  And that new religion doesn’t have “hang ups” about child rape and all the rest that the old does.  So you get what we got.  We should probably be thankful it wasn’t worse.

And yes I realize that much abuse occurred before the Council, but that was hardly accomplished by the defenders of orthodoxy.  Vatican II did not materialize out of nowhere, there was a large underground movement in the Church that sought a revolution, and executed it when it had a chance (I have described it before as a seething cauldron of heresy).  It was members of that movement, by and large, especially in wayward religious orders, that performed most of that early (and later) abuse.


1. Baseballmom - August 14, 2014

I sure know how hard it is to remain Catholic in the face of all the scandals and abuse…. But I still hear Peter’s words to Our Lord… “To Whom shall we go? You have the Words of Everlasting Life…” I will pray this man returns to the Faith, there are still faithful good priests and laity slugging along trying to make it day by day… We need all the Faithful companions we can get….

2. LaGallina - August 14, 2014

“The TLM is punished by bishops and others because they are members of an inveterately hostile, competing religion.”

Wow, I think you nailed it. The more I experience the two forms of the Mass side by side, the more I agree with that statement. Just the little things like my first grader being taught about evolution and Tielhard de Chardin at CCD. The children in the New Church are not being taught the same thing as the children in the Old Church.

Tantumblogo - August 14, 2014

It’s a harsh statement. A shocking one. Even, sin of sins, a divisive one. But it has the merit of being clear, and, I think, truthful. Which is why such statements are despised in the Church today, which thrives in muddled middles, shades of grey, obfuscation, and the like.

My analysis was not all one of despair. It was simply meant to be very clear and forthright. There is a reason why the TLM is treated like a cancer, and abuse of children like a minor problem to be swept under the rug (until the civil authorities got involved, then a show of concern had to be made). There may have even been some genuine concern and revulsion at these atrocities, but not enough to alter the status quo in any serious way.

And thus the problem continues to be swept under the rug. Priests are thrown under the bus, even with demonstrably false allegations, while bishops continue to skate away scot free. The problem, as they say, has been dealt with. Except that there are still highly disordered priests around, and the hierarchy knows who they are, but so long as they are discreet and don’t get caught no one says or does anything. This problem exists even, if reports are to be believed, in the Diocese of Rome. Or maybe especially there. But the Franciscans of the Immaculate are, apparently, the greatest threat the Church has faced in decades. Them, and the SSPX.

I think the time is well past to know what we are dealing with. Pretending otherwise won’t do anyone any good.

Christopher - August 14, 2014

de Chardin in CCD?? Oh boy…

Has anyone read Malachi Martin’s book Hostage to the Devil? One of the “true stories” is about a traditional priest who gets heavily involved in de Chardin’s ideas about nature and the Omega Point and becomes possessed. I don’t know that much about the man, but now I cringe when I see that name, and I still just can’t believe they’re teaching that kind of stuff in CCD.

LaGallina - August 15, 2014

I didn’t even know who de Chardin was until my daughter brought home this “Catholic Treasures” handout highlighting him. But I didn’t like what I read so I called my priest and he said, “Wow, we didn’t even learn about him until seminary.” He really didn’t see what I was worried about.

From there de Chardin’s name kept popping up in the most random places. Then I found this blog on which our friendly host had some helpful information.

Just yesterday I was listening to a YouTube video of trad priests discussing the New Age movement. They mentioned that weird Omega Point idea of his, and referred to him as the Grandfather of the New Age movement. That really made a light go on in my mind. If New Church is promoting these New Age (satanic) ideas, then I had better hold on like mad to Old Church.

3. c matt - August 14, 2014

The FFI and the SSPX (and the TLM) are the greatest threat…to NewChurch. And they know it. Hence, the hostility.

M.P. - August 14, 2014

Yes, but the FFI–relishing today the Solemnity of St. Maximilian Kolbe (for them) and tomorrow Our Lady’s Assumption –the true FFI I mean–KNOW that their suffering is not wasted. We hear that the founders are at peace and totally put their trust in the Immaculate; they are the same as ever with no bad words coming from them. On the other hand, one dissenting friar is taking a lay blogger to court for calling him a traitor (check the definition) and another with a blog has used many many bad names against the founders and others. It becomes obvious with those with eyes to see where the holiness lies. And, yes, this holiness is not wanted by many of the powers that be.

By the way, whatever happened to that 300 page expose on the homosexuals in the high clergy??? Nothing. No clean up but business as usual with impunity. Except–God sees all.

4. Lorra - August 14, 2014

“They reject the former as something strange, alien, and incompatible with the new religion. They also view the Mass as the greatest single threat to the coup that was executed against the Church….”.

They do, and it is. The two religions are not compatible and cannot co-exist. One or the other has to go.

5. Fr Anselm Marie - August 14, 2014

It is in times of greatest peril that clarity and truth are most needed, however harsh or shocking. Thank you, Tantum, and the other commenters, for your fortitude in being forthright.

If the truth is divisive, it is because it is a light shining in a darkness that does not comprehend it, on a world made by God but that knows Him not, on His own who receive Him not. The inveterately hostile, competing religion cannot co-exist with the one born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

6. Steve - August 15, 2014

The Novus Ordo Mass in Latin is treated with similar hatred.

I used to get a kick out of conservative Catholics when the strong movement to restore the Traditional Roman Mass had taken root.

Conservatives argued that the restoration of the Traditional Roman Mass was unnecessary. All that was required supposedly was to offer Novus Ordo replete with the bells and smells.

Yeah. Right. The bishops offered fierce to Novus Ordo Latin Masses.

That remains the case today.

Priests were/are just as fierce as bishops in their opposition to Novus Ordo Latin Masses.

On the local level, simply consider the controversy and opposition related to the Novus Ordo Latin Mass “experiment” at Saint Mark The Evangelist parish.

Good luck in the Dallas Diocese when attempting to offer even the Novus Ordo Mass in Latin.

So much for the implementation of Vatican II in Dallas.

“Steps must be taken to ensure that the Faithful are able to sing or say in Latin those parts of the Ordinary of the Mass that pertain to them. Gregorian Chant is to be given pride of place…”

Tantumblogo - August 15, 2014

It is, which is why I brought up that one priest’s experience. Anything that points back to the “bad old days” is treated with derision.

7. Kurt - August 16, 2014

The parish merger in NYC is worrysome. I have a long standing fear on the bastardization of the TLM. Remember the permission is to use the 1962 MISSAL. The other “reforms” remain in place. I don’t like but I tolerate the pre-councilar liberal reform of replacing fiddleback vestments with gothic. But remember the priest in UK who used altar girls at TLM?

There really is nothing to prevent a TLM said facing the people with a bunch of pre-Pride crossdressers prancing on the altar with jungle bunny hymns sprinkled here and there. That is my nightmare of this parish merger.

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