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Father George Curtsinger, RIP August 18, 2014

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Good reader Father Anselm Marie sent me this notification over the weekend. I did not know this priest but he apparently was dear to many souls, especially those associated with the now departed College of Saint Thomas More.  Father Curtsinger went to his eternal reward last Thursday.

The following comes from the Star Telegram obituary:

Father George Curtsinger, oldest priest of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth, died peacefully Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014. Service: Mass of Christian Burial at 10 a.m. Monday at St. Patrick Cathedral, Bishop Michael F. Olson celebrant. Interment: Mount Olivet Cemetery. Vigil service: 6 p.m. Sunday at Thompson’s Harveson & Cole Funeral Home. Memorials: Gifts in his memory may be made to The Priests Care Fund of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth, 800 W. Loop 820 S., Fort Worth, Texas 76108. The second of eight children, George Curtsinger was born Jan. 24, 1915, in Dallas to Eugene C. and Josephine Bomba Curtsinger. Father Curtsinger was ordained to the priesthood as a Discalced Carmelite on Oct. 11, 1952, and incardinated into the Diocese of then Dallas/Fort Worth on Dec. 22, 1959. He served in numerous parishes in Wichita Falls, Longview, Dallas and McKinney before being named chaplain at St. Joseph Hospital in 1967. The beloved priest lived across from the hospital and Catholics flocked from all over the diocese to join him daily in celebrating the Eucharist. During that time, he helped originate St. Joseph’s Hospice, now known as Community Hospice. He believed that these were the most wonderful years of his life. After the hospital closed in 1994, Father Curtsinger served as chaplain at St. Thomas More College until 2010. A veritable renaissance man, Father Curtsinger was a gourmet cook, pianist and, most notably, a photographer, poet and writer. One such publication was a volume of poetry by St. John of the Cross, The Spiritual Catholic, illustrated with his own photographs taken in Spain, Portugal, Greece, California and Fort Worth.

Father Curtsinger was apparently beloved by many affiliated with the College of Saint Thomas More as well as a number of traditional Catholics in the area. I really have no familiarity with him at all but the fact that Father Anselm Marie speaks highly of him is enough testament for me.

May God have mercy on the soul of his servant, Father George Curtsinger.  Requiescat in Pace.



The sicker it gets……women in NYC now having “egg freezing” parties August 18, 2014

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While we Catholics argue over how to get a local priest to offer a sermon against contraception, the cultural calamity of fifty years ago, the culture keeps moving on and on and on.  It is difficult to imagine that women willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars to have some eggs frozen (so they can continue contracepting a few more years, until they finally desire that child on demand) are going to be very open to many of our arguments regarding contraception.  Of course, miracles do happen, but there generally has to be openness to Grace.  It’s now such a “thing” there are even egg freezing parties in New York and other elite coastal cities, I guess to make the process a little more swinging and a bit less Frankensteinian:

Egg freezing has become such a popular procedure that according to a recent New York Post report, parties are now being thrown for it.

A startup known as EggBanxx recently invited young professional women in NYC to an informational party at New York City’s NoMad hotel to discuss egg-freezing.

During the $45-a-ticket event called “Let’s Chill,” over 70 female attendees socialized and learned about the egg-freezing process from fertility professionals, The Post reported.

The party was thrown to drum up business for EggBanxx, which says it’s trying to make the once-rare and pricey practice cheaper. EggBanxx prices for freezing and storing eggs for the first year range between $6,500 and $7,500 — about half the price it claims its competitors offer.

And it does seem to be a growing market for maternal women of a certain age. [How is a woman “maternal” if she is committed to several more years of “consequence-free” sex using contraception while hedging her bets on being able to conceive once she finally settles down?] More women over 30 are choosing to have children outside of marriage, according to The Daily Beast, which also said that the birth rate for unmarried women aged 30-34 “substantially surpassed” those of a younger age for the first time in 2012. [That is a moral catastrophe, a nation of bastards.  Oh, but Uncle Sugar will always be there to play daddy, and then incarcerate the poor youth for life after their third felony]

No wonder that the response has been “overwhelming,” Gina Bartasi, CEO of FertilityAuthority, the parent company of EggBanxx, told Business Insider. “Phones have been ringing off the hook. We know the interest is high.”

Bartasi told us that EggBanxx will throw another party in New York in September, eventually rolling out across the country in cities like Boston, San Fransisco, and Los Angeles in the near future. She said the company is aiming to target women 25 to 38 years old, and would discourage women over the age of 38, as “fertility is very low” at that point. [Is the term “boutique baby” too harsh?]

Bartasi looks at egg freezing as a positive step for the modern, professional woman. “Before, you had your career and you might have ended up with infertility treatments and years of heartache and lots and lots of expense and IVF cycles,” she told us. Now, egg freezing is “an insurance policy. It’s about having no regrets.” [No, it’s about being willing to stoop to an endless level of depravity in order to have your cake and eat it, too, insisting in spite of nature and reason that a woman should be able to have a child on demand after years of chemically or otherwise frustrating her fecundity.]  

A bit of an aside to the above, but what is the divorce rate for women who have had 10 or more lifetime partners?  Is not a big part of what is sold to women today as the “ideal lifestyle” the concept of uninhibited gratification with a large number of (frequently nearly random or anonymous) partners at night while being a careerist lioness during the day?

These “parties” are just the latest development in an ongoing and accelerating trend towards female self-abasement.  Men do it too, don’t get me wrong, but women have traditionally been the societal guardians of virtue and when women begin, en masse, to shuck both their feminine instincts (given them by God) and virtues, cultures tend to go very downhill, very fast.  We appear to be heading in this world towards two opposite and hellish ends regarding female behavior (the readers of this blog obvious, I would pray, exceptions) – either severe islamic repression and treatment of women as absolute chattel, or severe progressive repression and treatment of women as nothing but objects of lust, the latter both in how they view themselves and in how they are treated by men (but all dressed up in fake language of “empowerment”).  The diabolical nature of feminism is revealed as a movement founded on allowing women to overcome being treated as mere sex objects now encourages women to behave as mere sex objects.  The worst characteristics of men are trumpeted as liberating and the greatest virtues of women are rejected as stultifying and inhibiting.

Amazing.  It is the literal antithesis of God’s intent for women (and men), and yet people are simply utterly blind to that fact, and to the destruction the collapse in moral virtue is having on the entire culture, economy, and structure of western society.  We are headed towards a fast and hard collapse that could well make the Fall of Rome look like a picnic.  And there will be marauding, extremist muslim hordes to prey on the decaying corpse of Christendom, as well, just as happened back in the post-Roman days of the “dark ages.”

But, God willing, through the suffering,  the Church will be renewed, and “we” will build again.

Pope Francis supports intervention to stop ISIS….. August 18, 2014

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…….but believes any such intervention should proceed through the UN, which……..Ah pbmit mah ton owff

I would just say the United Nations, as a venue for achieving conflict resolution, has, over its 7 decade history, shown itself to be amazingly ineffective and generally ordered to just accepting whatever the new status quo is after some people gets devastated by another.  They are then happy to sit down with the victors and perhaps admit them to the Security Council within a few years.

I exaggerate, but not much.

So make what you will of that, but in spite of some in the press saying Pope Francis strongly endorsed military intervention, and others saying he “punted,” here is what he actually said:


The first paragraph is good, helpful Catholic just war theory.  It’s wonderful to stop an unjust aggression without using force, but often that is simply not possible. The kinds of groups/nations/whatever that would resort to an unjust aggression are not the kind that tend to listen to verbal reason. They only know one language, force.  The United States could fit into that category in many minds.

Second paragraph, perhaps, but I don’t think there have been too many colonial wars of conquest in the past century or so, at least with first world powers as the aggressors.  I think appealing to the US invasion of Iraq in 20033 as a war of conquest would be a pretty far reach, but I have no clear idea if that is what is being referred to.

Para 3 is a bit muddled and seems more like personal opinion – one could even interpret from the language that the nation or group suffering  unjust attack must wait a judgment from the UN that such attack is indeed unjust before responding!  There is nothing in Catholic just war doctrine that a nation under attack must achieve some kind of balance of world opinion or a majority vote declaring the depredations being committed against it unjust.  In the time it can take to achieve such a consensus many nations have been wiped out, so I find this more than just slightly strange.  But it is very consistent with a progressive world view.  I would agree the arguments seem directed against the US acting alone, but, once again, history has shown that by the time one can get the bloated, almost inevitably corrupt UN to act, it is very often far too late to do anything but evacuate the few survivors and pick up bodies from the rubble.

This is another transcript of a famous airplane interview, so who knows.  I think it important to note this is not a doctrinal document.  I’ll admit to being torn on this matter of US intervention, I am scandalized and sorrowful by the ongoing atrocities in the Mideast against Christians (and others) and want it to end now, and I know there is not really another nation that can do any intervening with the level of effect the US can achieve, even alone, but I am pretty reticent to see another Mideast conflict involving the US, especially with the current leadership.  I do not have much confidence any real long term results can be achieved; at most, I can see perhaps a temporary reduction if not elimination of the suffering.

I do get the sense from the statement above, with the usual caveats for “translation errors” and all that, that Pope Francis is torn himself.  There is reality, and then there is the great ecumenical/interreligious project, and the two don’t always align very nicely.

Nevertheless, I pray these words hearten the suffering Iraqi and Syrian Catholics and encourage them to resist this horrific onslaught with whatever means they can find, and with whatever help is given them.  I pray this ISIS nightmare be utterly crushed and returned to the pit from whence it came.



For newchurch, Lutherans, Baptists, Islam (anything?) better than the SSPX August 18, 2014

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I wrote a rather strongly worded post last week in which I stated my rather firm belief that the postconciliar Church is a radical new construct implacably hostile to the “bad, old church.”   Another data point in that direction emerged recently from Pittsburgh, where, via CMR, the diocese appears ready to sell a parish it can no longer afford to anyone so long as they are not those damnable schismatics in the SSPX:

By fall of 2013, as the diocese was laying off employees due to a $2.3M deficit in their budget, the price of St. Michael’s had dropped down to $150,000 despite the readiness of our checkbook. At that time a local reporter contacted the diocese about the sale of St. Michael’s and asked why the diocese had previously sold churches to the Lutherans and Baptists while they would not sell to the SSPX. The response that was posted in the newspaper was, “those groups [Lutherans and Baptists] are not schismatic in the eyes of the Church.” What a losing battle this was! There was no use trying to reason with the diocese. It became clear that they might sell this church for Protestant “worship” or to a developer for making apartments, but not to a group that would use it according the purpose for which it was built—the Mass of All Time and the perennial teaching and sacraments of the Church.

Patrick Archbold notes that the SSPX agrees with far more of the sainted Council than does any lutheran or baptist.  That may or may not be true, as there are heretic baptists and lutherans as much as their are Catholics, the lutherans in particular having gone pretty heavy into sexular pagan indifferentism, but I get the point.  There is a special enmity reserved for the Society, as they are the living embodiment of what newchurch absolutely cannot countenance, which is the way things were.  It is interesting to note how much tolerance there is in the postconciliar Church for every kind of error, novelty, destructive trend, etc., imaginable, save for that most hated of enemies, the pre-conciliar religion.

None of the above is to say that there are not legitimate concerns over the SSPX and their conduct in given locales at times, but the same could be said of any organ within the Church.  Jesuits used to be known as heavy-handed and possessed of a superiority complex, too.  It might seem difficult for diocesan administration to consider allowing such a transfer of Church property, but the willingness to sell to destructive heretics over alleged schismatics (the schism being far from clear, especially officially, and even more especially since 2007) is, I think, more than just a bit revealing.

So is the willingness to turn down good money when it comes from just one particular organization, but should an even more problematic organization from within the Church, like some group of heretic female religious offer to buy the place, I would imagine the diocese would find a way to make it happen.  And what if the Orthodox desired to buy the parish?  Are they not schismatic “in the eyes of the Church?”  But do you think a very public row would be allowed to play out against our “ecumenical partners?”

So we see, once again, that there is an unfathomable animosity against the terrible old pre-conciliar Church and its supporters, once again.  Yes there are legitimate problems with the SSPX, but the above smacks more than just a little bit of a huge double standard.