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Carmelite Greatness – the Hermits of Christoval continue to grow! August 19, 2014

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The Carmelite Hermits of Christoval, TX are not traditional, per se’, but they are very orthodox and are leaning more and more traditional. A conversation I had with the Father Prior last summer revealed to me that they were working then to offer the TLM at least on special occasions, and head towards being a fully bi-ritual order.  You know how that tends to go, though, once the awesome sublimity of the TLM starts working its Grace in souls, they often wind up becoming much more TLM-centric than not.  But we’ll see.  A very good order, irrespective.

For now,one man started his postulancy this summer and two more their aspirancy, so this good order of Hill Country Carmelites continues to grow.  In fact, Brother Alan Le formally started his aspirancy on the Feast of the Assumption this past Friday.  Some photos from the Hermitage website:

Br. Alan 014


Br_Isaac_Post 060

Br. Alan 121crop


Br. Alan 091


Remember, you can support this very good group of Carmelites by perusing their online gift shop!  They make and sell many breads, jams, and similar items.  Also, their incense is awesome!  It is a cut way above the chemical melange  you get on most commercial sites.  It’s very good, very real myrrh, frankincense, sage, rose, etc.


1. M.P. - August 19, 2014

They will have to keep under the radar or what happened to the FFI will happen to them. Of course the FFI expanded to 5 continents and was very noticeable and Carmelites are generally cloistered. May Our Lady protect them and prosper them.

2. Fr Anselm Marie - August 19, 2014

This is wonderful news! Let us pray that the grace that attracts them towards Tradition grows and flourishes in their house and in their hearts, and that their aspirations to Tradition are met with support and approval of the hierarchy and of the Faithful. Deo gratias!

Tantumblogo - August 19, 2014

Thank you Father for your always edifying comments!

3. Louis C. Gasper - August 19, 2014

Their poppy seed loaf is to die for.

Tantumblogo - August 19, 2014

Thanks! God bless!

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