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God be praised! Consecrated Host to be used in OKC black mass ostensibly returned! – UPDATED August 21, 2014

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If this is true, and it seems it is, God be praised to the skies!  He overcomes all His foes!  And the many prayers offered up probably played a critical role in this very unexpected development!  I have to leave, perhaps more tomorrow, but here is the report from a CatholicVote mailing:

The Consecrated Host is back in the hands of Archbishop Coakley and the Catholic Church.

Deo Gratias!

Additionally, the Satanists have agreed to sign a statement saying that they will not use a Consecrated Host in a black mass – if it happens.

Talk about a great victory!

I work in politics. There are many important battles on Capitol Hill, in our federal courts, and at the ballot box.

But I’ll be totally honest: This victory is perhaps the most important one of them all!

The Satanists thought they had us against the ropes. It’s a public forum and we couldn’t stop them from performing their “ceremony.” They even went so far as to brag about having a Consecrated Host!

But that’s where they crossed the line.

Our friend, attorney Michael Caspino, sprung into action. Lifted by the prayers of Catholics all across the country – and with the support of Archbishop Coakley — Caspino fought back against the Satanists in court.

And we won. We won for Jesus.

The Satanists might still hold a black mass, but promised that they won’t do so with a Consecrated Host. So let’s continue praying to Saint Michael, in thanksgiving for his powerful intercession.

Yes let us continue praying, for the cancellation of this perverse mass and the conversion of those so lost as to desire to put it on.

UPDATE:  I see a number of commenters are skeptical that the consecrated Host will be returned.  Indeed, it would be impossible to prove, absent a great miracle, whether the Host in question is consecrated or not.  And satanists, being a group that is almost proud of its immorality, are dubious sources at best.  But, I understand there is some backstory and some investigation that has gone on into the history of this Host, how it was obtained, and whether there are more.  I agree that a black mass cannot be held without the violation of a Host – that is its entire aim and intent.  So pressure should remain very heavy to get this black mass cancelled, and the request below to contact the authorities in OKC remains, I think, very necessary.

Even more necessary is continued prayer and fasting.  If the the sole Host these satanists possess has indeed been turned over, then that would be a great proof of God’s pleasure at the prayers and sacrifices offered up heretofore, and would be a positive indication that further spiritual warfare would turn the entire matter around.


Updates on the Oklahoma City black mass debacle August 21, 2014

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So in spite of many souls who abstained from meat in the Diocese of Tulsa (at the behest of Bishop Edward Slattery) and elsewhere, it appears the diabolical black mass is still planned for the OKC civic center next month.  At this point, organizers are asking poeple to call the OKC mayor and city council.  There is also some more background from someone who has already called and spoken with Oklahoma City officials:

Debbie Martin, from the OK mayor’s office, returned my call this morning.  She was very sympathetic and said that although the mayor and council all opposed the black mass, the city attorney had informed them that they couldn’t deny the rental of the space because of freedom of speech.  I thanked her for her opposition (I’m sure all those opposed haven’t heard “thank you” enough), and pointed out three possible ideas, which she said she would pass along to the attorney.

  1. The Eucharist is stolen property (already under investigation)
  2. OK State law prohibits blasphemy
  3. This group already states that their services is a perversion of the Catholic mass (which implies that it is anti-religion, not religion, which would have been constitutionally protected).

Debbie also stated that police officers would be attending the “event” to make sure laws are not violated, and to make arrests, if needed.

I also heard from a board member that this event had occurred last year, [this is different from what I thought. I read somewhere they had attempted it but switched to a private venue last year] but apparently only one person attended in the audience.  I wasn’t aware of that.  May all the prayers and good efforts this year overwhelm all the evil from these events and put a stop to them, at least on public property.

Please keep up the calls, especially to Heaven

Yes, especially the last part.  Here is a list of numbers to call. Would you strongly consider, in your charity, calling at least one of the below?  From what I have gathered, calls to the Mayor and/or city council members are most likely to be effective.  They are listening, apparently, even if they feel – maybe conveniently, maybe not – bullied by their attorney into having to allow this blasphemous travesty.  I am skeptical the OKC city council would allow something particularly offensive to pentecostals or baptists, but who knows? Even if true, that would not necessarily prove prejudice, but could simply reveal lack of understanding of the actual Christian Faith, which is of course the Catholic Faith – and the utterly central role the Mass plays in that Faith.

Mayor Oklahoma City, Mike Cornett, 405-297-2424

City Councilmen:

James Greiner 405-297-2404

Dr. Ed Shadid 405-297-2402

Larry McAtee 405-297-2404

Pete White 405-297-2402

David Greenwell 405-297-2569

Meg Salyer 405-297-2402

John A. Pettis Jr. 405-297-2569

Patrick J. Ryan 405-297-2404


The following are some of the members of the Board of Directors of the OKC Civic Center:

Elizabeth Gray (she is a Catholic, I am told)

Walters Power International

2915 N. Classen Blvd. #400

Oklahoma City, OK 73106


Mark Funke

Bank SN

6301 Waterford Blvd. #101

Oklahoma City, OK  73113


Carl Edwards

Price Edwards & Company

210 Park Avenue #1000

OKC, OK  73102


You know what leftists, and especially sodomites do, right?  They would picket and threaten the places these commissioners work for, asking them how they could allow such a raging anti-sodomite “bigot” (i.e., someone who understands marriage to mean what it has always meant) to work for them?  Such tactics are immoral and unfair, but have been startlingly effective.  It is through such pressure tactics that many folks have been “converted” to the embrace of rank immorality, as it is much easier to just go along to get along.

The following is Bishop Slattery’s announcement from August 4, 2014 of his Diocese’s response to this black mass, which included the aforementioned period of fasting/abstinence, in which many good souls participated (I know some local priests did).  The video below, when I watched it two weeks ago, really impressed me, as I felt that Bishop Slattery conveyed true pain and umbrage at this most despicably evil of acts, conducted in broad daylight in full public view.  We are headed for most dark times, that such a thing would be permitted.  And if we ever needed conclusive evidence that this nation, founded on the false principle of “religious freedom” (or, officially endorsed agnosticism if not atheism), has a highly disordered system of political organization, I can’t think of a better example than this current one to give that proof. As we have seen over and over again of late, when it comes to made up rights like “freedom of expression” or even freedom of speech, they inevitably trump the purported “freedom of religion” and, even more, the rights of Jesus Christ our True and Sovereign King.  Thus, it certainly appears that very soon, sodomites will be able to petition the government to try to force churches to change their teachings and commit depraved acts of immorality in order to suit them.  And furthermore, it appears the government is growing more and more amenable to doing so every day.  Which only proves that any nation not founded with Jesus Christ as its visible head is profoundly disordered and doomed to eventual failure, and by failure I mean cruel repression of religion.  Anyway, the video, and watch closely from 1:15-1:30 for Bishop Slattery’s obvious pain at the idea of profanation of the Blessed Sacrament:

Late breaking, critical announcement from Medj “visionaries!” – UPDATED August 21, 2014

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This is a topic I have always avoided touching with a ten foot pole, because it always turns into a big furball with no end in sight.  If the comments degrade, I’ll cut’em off.  Against my better angels of my judgment, I’m going ahead with this short post.

So a member of my wife’s blessedly large, Catholic family is pretty into Medj.  Apparently, one of the, ahem, visionaries, has claimed to have received a “critically important” message from our Blessed Mother regarding the world, stating that the ongoing wars in the Mideast will spread around the world and that people must pray to stop this from happening. As such, the visionary says Our Lady is asking everyone to stop at 6:30 pm every day to pray three Ave’s.

So here is my question……..don’t we already do that, and isn’t it called the Angelus?  Yes, I know, it is typically at 6, and not 6:30, but does Our Lady want both?  Or stop the Angelus and do just the three Hail Mary’s at 6:30, or?  And don’t Catholics normally pray for peace, and end to awful persecutions and suffering, etc?

It is amazing how topical the Medj visionaries ceaselessly tend to be. That’s certainly conducive to keeping people’s interest up.  It is also amazing how much evidence they give of being quite unfamiliar with the great Tradition of the Church.

UPDATE: So I guess it’s a hoax, in the sense that the seer in question claims not to have made this particular revelation.  But the interesting thing is, it has been picked up and reported as valid by many pro-Medj sites.  Why might that be?  Could it be due to the many similar such prophetic announcements made in the past?  And as far as the main message of the post goes, pray the Angelus!  Hopefully we don’t need a Slavic seer to get us to do that!

Speaking of furballs, this is more to my liking:

speer (2)

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Saint Peter Julian Eymard on hell, and the danger of falling therein August 21, 2014

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Some quite salutary words from the Apostle of the Blessed Sacrament, Saint Peter Julian Eymard.  From The Eymard Library, Vol. 7, The Eucharist and Christian Perfection II:

Here is a scene which has remained profoundly etched in my memory and which will give you an idea of the sufferings of despair.  In 1852, a man possessed by the devil was brought to me.  He was an excellent man and, in his well moments, an exemplary Christian.  The devil spoke through his mouth; he blasphemed against the duration of his ceaseless punishment.  A priest who was present said to him, “What conditions would you consent to put up with to obtain a gleam of hope in a million years?”  At this point, the demon, who said that he had been a seraph in Heaven by the name of Astaroth, illumined the face of the possessed with a sinister gleam and said to us in a voice hissing with rage, “IF from hell to Heaven there were a column all bristling with scythes, with sabres, and other sharp instruments, and it were necessary to climb up on it every day for a million years, we would all do it just to have one minute of hope; but it is useless!”  And blaspheming with rage and anger, he hurled imprecations agaisnt God. “oh,” he said to us, “how unjust God is!  You men sinned a thousand times more often than we.  We sinned only once, and you renew your crimes every day.  Nevertheless, He pardons you.  All His love is for you; for us there is only the revenge of justice!”  And he tore out his hair in despair; he would have killed himself if we had not prevented him. [Twothings.  1, I pray the priest in question was a trained exorcist, since demons are such skilled and inveterate liars, possessing an intellect that towers in comparison to the most brilliant men, it is advised never to discourse with a demon.  It can be done by highly trained exorcists for certain purposes, but most priests and certainly lay people should never do so, unless under the specific direction of an exorcist.  2. St. Thomas describes angelic nature as very different from human.  Because they are pure spirit, and equipped with an intellect that is so massive, once they make a decision to sin, or to be virtuous, that decision was made for all time.  Of course, they also exist outside of time, so this comparison to the “one” (but ongoing, for all time) sin of demons, to the “many” disparate sins of men in time, is really a false comparison.  The demons made their choice to reject God once they found out God was going to save disgusting creatures made out of mud by dying for them, and that choice was permanent, for the reasons given above.  Angelic nature cannot really change, in the human sense, once they make a moral decision of this type, they are really locked into it forever. That is my gleaning from the Summa, anyway, I am no expert on St. Thomas]

Observe, moreover, in the Scriptures, the unfortunate rich man in hell.  He supplicates father Abraham to give him a drop, a single drop of water, to moisten his parched lips.  “But Abraham said, ‘My son, remember that thou didst receive thy good fortune in thy life-time……there is a great gulf fixed between us and you, so that ther eis no passing from our side of it to you, no crossing over to us from yours.” (Lk XVI:25-26)  Do you hear that?  This man had committed none of those great crimes which human justice punishes; he had simply enjoyed the good things of the world too much.  He is condemned without hope, without consolation, forever and ever!

…..But above all, what must be the sufferings of those who acted well during the greater part of their lives, like the priest Saprise, spoken of in the History of the Church. [I do not know work St. Eymard is referencing]  He had ever suffered the first torments of martyrdom, but was not able to preserve to the end!  These are the real despairing ones, the damned who suffer the most.  They had loved God; they had a foretaste of eternal happiness while serving God, and now they see themselves cast out forever!  Forever; for there are, says the Sage, three chasms that have no bottom: avarice, death, and hell!

The conclusion for us is to live in wholesome fear, to work out our salvation in awe and trembling.  There are certainly in hell many who have sinned less than I!  How good God has been not to strike me down at once after my sin!  And yet I deserved it.  If He had condemned me, I would have had nothing to say.  The murderer has no answer to give when he is condemned to death: that is the law of retaliation.  Yet any one of my mortal sins has put Jesus Christ to death; I am his executioner and His murderer!  

There are some in hell who were regarded as saints during their lifetime.  There are surely priests and religious there.  That could happen to me, for they were more saintly than I.

Therefore, how good God is not to have abandoned me!  ON the other hand, who knows whether I will persevere to the end; that is the great question.  I certainly want to; but will I always say that?

————–End Quote—————

That is certainly the purpose of this post. Will I always say that?  Will I always receive the Grace of repentance, and will I cooperate with that Grace?  We must bear in mind, as unpopular as such is today, even in the Church, Our Blessed Lord Himself said “narrow is the way that leads to salvation, and few there are that enter therein.”   He was not joking, nor exaggerating. All the evidence from Sacred Scripture, Tradition, and the testimony of many Saints and visionaries is that most souls – MOST SOULS – are lost.  Beg God that you be not one of them.