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Sign Petition to cancel upcoming Extraordinary Synod on the Family August 26, 2014

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Over at The Remnant Newspaper’s website, Christopher Ferrara has a loooooong article about the upcoming Synod and all the many, many reasons faithful/traditional Catholics might want to oppose it.  Some of the reasons are mere annoyances or doubts caused by TFG’s behavior, while many others are quite detailed and deserve serious consideration.  Because the post is so long and detailed, it’s a bit difficult to excerpt, but here’s a couple of extracts (my emphasis and comments):

First they came for the Roman Rite, which they destroyed. Then they came for the Church Militant, which they disarmed and surrendered to the spirit of the age. Now, at the Synod, which threatens to become Vatican II rebooted, progressivist bishops and their apparatchiks will be coming for the moral law itself under the guise of a search for “pastoral solutions” to “challenges facing the family” [This is a point Christopher Ferrara and Michael Matt have argued extensively in other settings.  Suffice it to say, the argument, I believe, proves beyond a doubt there is certainly a large segment of the hierarchy that does seem set on that last bit, which is the unwinding of the Church’s entire moral law, or whatever remains after 50 years of concerted assault.  I will say that Cardinal Kasper and his greatest ally have been almost diabolically wise in their choice of point of attack, because if one undoes the current belief surrounding marriage as one time union of man and wife resulting in a radically new and different union that simply can’t be undone, while simultaneously turning the Blessed Sacrament, the reception of God in the Flesh Himself, into something to which every person has a positive right, irrespective of their sinfulness……if you do these two things, the entire moral Doctrine of the Faith can be completely unwound and destroyed, along with much of the remaining positive theology in other areas.  The Church would be left a totally prostate liberal protestant sect, about on the par with the episcopalians.  And look at how well they’re doing, with their average congregation size of, I kid not, 67 souls]

But the proposal to find “solutions for remarried divorcees” is only part of the looming threat posed by the Synod—a Synod for which there is no more actual need than there was for the disastrous Second Vatican Council itself. The entire Synod project smacks of an effort to determine Church practice on the basis of what people who reject Church teaching would like to see. In that regard, the Synod’s Instrumentum Laboris(working document) refers to the earlier “Preparatory Document” containing a survey filled with loaded questions which give the impression that Church teaching is a matter for debate and discussion at the “pastoral” level. While the questionnaire was directed solely to the bishops, many bishops promptly distributed it widely or posted it on diocesan websites to obtain “input” from any priests and members of the laity who wished to speak for “the People of God.” The result, quite predictably, was that a questionnaire intended for the bishops became an opinion poll generating what the Instrumentum Laboris calls “significant reflection among the People of God” regarding “new demands of the People of God.” Demands! [So, after 50 years of catering to the absolute lowest common denominator in the Church, from aggrieved liberals to apostate priests, how has that worked out?  Has the Church, through this debasing of Herself, at least attracted scads of liberal converts and reverts into the fold?  Absolutely not.  In fact, it is the liberals who have left, or stayed gone, in the greatest numbers.  Because liberalism/leftism is a competing religion in its own right, one our secular friends much prefer to any worldly version leftists in the Church can trot out]

It seems, however, that “the People of God” have a problem with the Law of God. Half a century after the imaginary “renewal of Vatican II” supposedly began, the Instrumentum admits: “[t]he People of God’s knowledge of conciliar and post-conciliar documents on the Magisterium of the family seems to be rather wanting,” that “many Christians, for various reasons, are found to be unaware of the very existence of this teaching,” and that “even when the Church’s teaching about marriage and the family is known, many Christians have difficulty accepting it in its entirety.”[Ha!  That’s a mild understatement!  How about stating the Truth, which is that a whole great swath of people are deeply mired in sin, and don’t want to be reminded of that fact, so they demand the Church change Her beliefs in order to assuage their own consciences.  It still won’t work, because God is God and sin will remain sin – all that will happen is the continued destruction of the Church and condemnation of millions of souls]  It is of course inconceivable to the ideologues of Vatican II that what the Instrumentum describes is a catastrophic failure of the attempt to “update” Church teaching by restating it in more accessible language. Yet the very title of the document, “The Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the Context of Evangelization,” is an implied admission that fifty years after the Council it islapsed Catholics who must be evangelized because they are more or less apostates, producing the “silent apostasy” John Paul II lamented. Instead of admitting the Council’s utter failure to “renew” the Faith, however, the drafters of the Instrumentum—one can only laugh at the suggestion—call for yet another “updating” of Church teaching…..[Well, of course. As I’ve said recently, the post-conciliar Church represents a competing religion, the religion of secular leftism, trying to exist within the Church.  That is impossible, which is why these “spirit of…..” types are irrepressibly hostile to the traditional practice of the Faith.  And as Ferrara notes, they are dogmatic ideologues, so they are completely closed to any contradictory evidence – they are literally blind to the destruction their project to redefine the Church has caused.  Or, they secretly see it as a feature, and not a bug.  Either way, they press ahead with one “new evangelization” and “new catechesis” project after another, only to see Church attendance, donation, vocation, and other indicators slip, yet again.  And then we’ll have another “new” program, more slip, etc., ad infinitum, until……..?  But I will say this Synod represents one of the gravest threats to any possibility of true restoration in the Church in the past few decades.  And it won’t take a formal “change” to Doctrine, Doctrine can be obliterated in practical terms by secular pastoral approaches

So I almost put a question mark at the end of the lede, because while I fear this upcoming Synod (while retaining confident hope of a miracle), I don’t think a petition is going to accomplish very much – especially one with only 1000 signatures.  It would take 1000 times that many to attract any serious attention.  But, in conscience, I thought I would go on the record as putting forth my wish that it be stopped.  I am very concerned that even some subtle “pastoral” changes that seem innocuous at first could have enormous repercussions that are impossible to discern in advance.  Certainly we’ve seen that with regard to many pastoral “advances” made in the past 50 years.

You can sign the petition at the bottom of the Remnant link.  Whether you sign or not, prayer is an even better response.


1. Dismas - August 27, 2014

Sorry. Not with this program. I’m all for letting them show the world who they are. I am not going to impede these people in doing what their religion tells them should be done.

Lorra - August 28, 2014

Dismas, I agree with you. However, I think they will do the same as they have been doing all these decades and which has been a splendid success thus far. They will leave everything looking honky-dory on paper, but in practice they will do the opposite.

2. Kim - August 27, 2014

For me personally, the results of this upcoming synod will determine whether I switch to an SSPX parish or not.

Maybe this just all has to happen.

3. miket3461 - August 27, 2014

What do you suppose all this fretting and fear is connected to? A loss of control? A challenge to those self righteous and judgmental attitudes? Sounds like a great opportunity for an examination of conscience (which is a very traditional Catholic act and should be welcomed by all readers of this blog). I believe Jesus spoke directly to you when he chastised the Pharisees and Saduccees of his day for their inability to see the light (or the Christ) that was in front of them…

With Peace and Hope in the Synod and All That Follows,
Your Fellow Catholic.

4. Dismas - August 27, 2014

Well, Mike, I find your comment interesting. It is always dangerous to make assumptions based on blog postings so I will admit that I may be misreading you, but at first blush you seem to find some similarity between those Catholics who are of a “traditional” bent and the Pharisees and Sadducees. Perhaps you also consider “traditional” Catholics to be self-righteous and judgmental.

Now I will make clear that I am not in the business of changing people’s minds, and I have no expectation of doing that. In my experience, some people tend to sense that things are awry and then to begin to look around and try to find pieces of the puzzle that explain why things “just don’t seem right.” Therefore, if we are dealing with someone who thinks all is hunky-dory and perceive nothing but springtime and good things in our Church, it is not likely that my words will avail. But they will avail to that person who thinks the emperor might be lacking just a few articles of clothing, and it is to those people I speak.

I find your comment interesting because in your first sentence you and I would agree. You ask, “why all the buzz?” From that point on, we lose each other.

But I also ask, “Why all the buzz?”

You see, Mike, Catholicism is not something we are allowed to make up as we go along. It is not the munus of a pope to do that, although no person is immune from unfaithfulness to duty. We have things like dogma, and infallible doctrines, and those things are just above any member or members of the human element of the Church. It is not for the human element to look for ways to change those things or muddle the meaning such that all meaning is lost. It is for the human element to protect and promote those things which Catholics, thinking properly, simply regard as Eternal Truth.

These days speaking in absolute terms is fingernails on a chalkboard for some, but it is what it is. Don’t shoot the messenger.

A synod is perfectly capable of promoting ideas contrary to the Catholic Faith. In fact, we might just be on the verge of that. And we will not have to use our own opinions to draw the conclusion, we have millenia of doctrine to rely on. This is not a pleasant or an easy situation, but here we are.

I do wish you the very best, Mike. Like you, I simply want the Synod to fully play out its own predilections. Difficult though that might be, and truly sad, it is really nothing more than one more step along this path and what’s more, it will really make things much more clear (in a perverse sort of way) if the sense of the preparatory documents is reflected in the final outcome.

For all the others out there who understand why the words “traditional” and “Catholic” are redundant when combined I simply say “take heart.” It is easy to understand why some would resort to comparison with Pharisees or see you as “judgmental” and “self-righteous.” No one said this was going to be easy.

5. anonymous - August 27, 2014

Prayer is our first priority. All the signs point that the fix is already in for the Synod of the Families. A silver lining is a rumor that some Cardinals in the middle are nervous due to the Pope’s family accident. Apparently they see the hand of God and now have bailed out from undermining Catholic Doctrine with this Synod. Keep praying.

Dismas - August 28, 2014

Well, Anonymous, I would regard a situation like you describe as something positive. Just to think that there may actually be more than a few Cardinals who actually believe in God would be reassuring, were it true. Moreover, imagine if they actually believed in a God Who was interested in and actually would intervene in the affairs of the Catholic Church. Interesting supposition.

At any rate, it remains my prayer that this Synod not confuse things and that it go clearly and directly to the true positions of the current hierarchy. I want them to expose themselves clearly. Even after they do so – if they do so – you will see many media Catholics scrambling to try to patch up the holes. But at the same time, many who today are unconvinced as to the revolutionary nature of these men will be moved to accept the hard reality.

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