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USCCB blames Christians for hard feelings over worldwide muslim atrocities September 5, 2014

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Dangit you people, when are you going to get it that DIALOGUE is sole answer to marauding bands of islamists conquering huge chunks of the Mideast and the North African Littoral!  In fact, insofar as you are not on board with the sainted “dialogue,” you are to blame for the crisis in the Mideast!

Think this infection’s gone to my head?  Not mine…….the USCCB’s, as reported by Pat Archbold at OnePeterFive (Pat in italics, USCCB text in block quote):

It is a curious conceit of an obtuse generation that it believes itself to be committed to modernity, embodied by devotion to science and reason, and yet is so irrevocably immutable to evidence.

The spiritual (but not religious) Mecca of modernity in the Catholic Church is the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, the headquarters of which would likely be a smoking ruin if we had a God quick to anger rather than slow.

The absurdity of this very modern institution is embodied perfectly in their recent USCCB statement on their “Commitment To Dialogue With Muslims.”

What is the bottom line? They are so committed to dialogue with Muslims, it seems, that they will persevere in useless dialogue until every last one of us Christians is dead……[As I’ve said of late, liberalism/leftism is a competing religion to Catholicism.  Many in the hierarchy are fervent adherents to this competing religion – and the bureaucracy the hierarchy has created is utterly eat up with these types.  They are as ideologically committed to this inimically hostile religion as the best Catholics are to the Faith.  “Dialogue” is a sacred shibboleth of the religion of leftism, and it must be engaged in in spite of all contradiction, scandal, or pointing up of error.  Dialogue is an end to itself – especially when it occurs in posh resorts over several weeks, after first class flights]

………In the face of a terrifying juggernaut of death and destruction that 50 years of dialogue have done absolutely nothing to stop and arguably encouraged, the USCCB is committed to more of the same. Everyone knows that dialogue with Islam is impossible since there is no monolithic Islam with which to dialogue, so we have endeavored to dialogue merely with its adherents. I think the most humble and unambitious goal of such interreligious dialogue would have been some sort of consensus that, in general, they shouldn’t try to kill us or anyone else. Even with the bar set so low, by any measurement, 50 years of dialogue has been a miserable failure.

So what do we need? More dialogue!!  [Just as Catholics turn to the Blessed Sacrament or Our Lady for solace and support, religious leftists have their own sources of such…..and endless, pointless dialogue is one of their favorites]

You know why? You know what the real problem has been? You and I—we are the problem.

The bishops expressed sadness over “deliberate rejection” of the call to engage in dialogue with Muslims by some Christians, Catholic and not. They noted that the call to respect and dialogue comes from the Second Vatican Council’s Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions (Nostra Aetate) and has been reaffirmed by subsequent popes. They also noted that, for nearly 20 years, their committee has dialogued with several national Muslim organizations, producing documents on education, marriage and revelation.”

All of which are utterly pointless and have absolutely nothing to do with the present crisis.  Not only that, how many of those “national Muslim organizations” have stridently and unreservedly condemned the ongoing atrocities perpetrated by the “radicals?” What concrete steps are they taking to insure supposedly “moderate” islam triumphs over exceedingly well funded Saudi wahhabist extremism?  Or are they the type that happily join the strong horse once it manifests itself, and would just as soon butcher those bishops they have such presently cordial relationships with, as continue wining and dining with them?

In a sense, the bishops are blaming scandalized Catholics for the failure of their grand (if not just useless, but positively destructive) ecumenical interreligious project.

No matter what criticisms we lay, however, they won’t listen.  We are two religions talking past each other. They have their wrong, evil, disordered, destructive viewpoint, and we have ours, which is something radically different (and, I pray and believe, in accord with timeless and constant Catholic Dogma).  Saying such is not to sit in judgment of nominal ecclesiastical superiors, nor is it to engage in pointless tribalism. I saw a post the other day by our local bishop in which he decried what he saw as tribalism in the Church, seemingly equating error with Truth and wishing we could all just go along to get along.  But as Raymond Cardinal Burke notes below (@32:00), saying such is just mindless feel-good indifferentism, since Catholics are constantly called to make judgments of situations, people, and all aspects of life, weighing whether this action is virtuous or not, if this person might be a grave source of temptation, etc:

As such, in spite of claiming the support of Vatican II and the entirely prudential actions of some recent popes, Catholics are perfectly free to examine the conduct of muslims, the history of islam as a predatory and terminally destructive religion, and the rank indifferentism and failures of the ecumenical and interreligious dialogue efforts and make their own assessments.  It is an absolute falsehood to try to make the ecumenical/interreligious “movements” into some kind of Doctrine – there isn’t any to support it.  The ecumenical movement is entirely novel, and represents a massive departure towards how the Church traditionally approached both fallen sects and infidel religions.

Nostra Aetate did not define beliefs Catholics must hold with respect to other religions, nor have subsequent popes.  Once again, this was the Council that deliberately avoided defining Doctrine!  So appealing to its authority is pretty weak tea, but that has been one of the revolutionaries most effective trump cards in arguments, since so few Catholics have suffered through the stultifying prose of the conciliar documents and have any idea what they really say.  But even given the general ignorance, I think most even semi-involved Catholics are scandalized by the tendency towards indifferentism, erroneous dogmatism, and plain lack of common sense that has been manifest in this “dialogue” from the beginning.  The “documents” of which the USCCB is so proud are read by no one but their own apparatchiks, and have no influence outside Catholic schools, where that influence is baleful, indeed. I will never forget the young Catholic girl from Oregon who couldn’t be bothered to fast or give up anything of substance for Lent, but thought it a great idea to join the “ramadan” fast of some of her classmates at Catholic school (yes, in many places, Catholics are in the minority in their own schools).  That was several years ago, and more likely than not, that girl is no longer Catholic.

And that is the real fruit of the ecumenical/interreligious dialogue movement: a glorification of outside religions, an almost unavoidable diminution of the Faith, and massive, institutionalized indifference.  Ecumenism is one of the prime drivers in the collapse in Catholic education.  And as Mr. Archbold cogently observes, it appears the religious progressives in the Church will not be swayed from one of their holiest “sacraments” until the last one of us is dead.  Lord help us all.

One final note: saying that ecumenism (as a blanket term for competing religions Christian or not) as presently practiced in the Church is out of control, tended towards indifferentism of the worst kind and positively destructive of Faith, is not to say that we should not have charity towards all, nor that we should begin pogroms against muslims in our midst forthwith.  But I believe prudence dictates we have a reasonable understanding of islam and other religions, any threats they pose to ourselves or other Catholics, and deal with them appropriately based on that.  Islam has not been tamed or even toned down in nearly 1400 years.  It is the height of arrogance to think that endless dialogue and pointless documents are going to effect any change in this most irredeemably hostile of religions.

Dolan once again proves himself a huge disappointment September 5, 2014

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How did Cardinal Dolan ever acquire a reputation for seeming orthodoxy?  He’s about as orthodox a Catholic as Katherine Jefferts Schori.  And it seems if there is any crowd to be played to, any group to be appeased (save, of course, for faithful Catholics), Dolan is ever ready to surrender to the demands of the world, no matter how craven he appears, no matter how great the scandal he gives, in so doing.  Of course,  his short little Archie Bunker clone attack dog will always be there yipping at his heels a chorus of unwavering if incoherent support. Pathetic:

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City has finally thrown in the towel and agreed to let gay Irish groups march. The announcement was made yesterday……

……. NY Cardinal Timothy Dolan has agreed to be the Grand Marshal for the 2015 parade.

In recent months, Catholic officials have tried to emphasize the church’s acceptance of gays and lesbians as individuals, while defending the church’s opposition to same-sex marriage. That rhetorical shift has been embraced by Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, who will serve as grand marshal for the parade next year.

“I have no trouble with the decision at all,” Cardinal Dolan said at an evening news conference announcing his appointment as grand marshal. “I think the decision is a wise one.” [Inviting sodomites to desecrate the Feast of Saint Patrick is “wise,” but defending the rights of those who love the TLM gets one sent out of the country and possibly even out of the priesthood.  We see where this lout stands]

Rorate had a particularly cutting final comment on this disaster:

The current archbishop of New York’s eagerness to please must be the reason why he is constantly the object in Rome, even at the highest possible circles, of the strongest mockery and disdain.

So he can forget about ever being Pope.

Really, the lede’s a misnomer, while many held out hope that Dolan’s (apparently completely fabricated) reputation for orthodoxy would translate into some kind of worthwhile leadership in probably the most visible Archdiocese in the country, those hopes were dashed within months of his taking office.  Not only has he confirmed Governor Andrew Cuomo in his sacrilege and concubinage, not only has he endorsed the radically perverse St. Francis Xavier parish, not only did he give political aid and cover to the most pro-abort US President in history, but he’s also at least threatened, if not outright persecuted, some of the most orthodox priests in the Archdiocese.

Michael Voris has more on this atrocious scandal, if you’re interested:

Update on Apostolic Visitation of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate September 5, 2014

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I’d love to see the direct quotes that led to some of the below – there is a great deal that could be unsaid, mis-said, or just plain messed up in these kinds of reports – but Rorate has a steaming post on the recently concluded apostolic visitation of the very holy Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate.  Unfortunately, I doubt either I, nor readers, will have much difficulty imagining a modern progressive religious saying some of the things related below.  Perhaps the most amazing revelation is that this visitation was an attempt to do an end-run on destroying the Order’s leadership, but when the leadership appealed to the Apostolic Signatura, it was agreed that the visitators would not, and could not, have power to make any sweeping changes.  So, it remains to be seen whether a Kommissar commissioner will be appointed to do to the FSIs what happened to the FFIs:

Rorate has received the following information from our trustworthy sources:
1) The Visitation lasted just a little under three months between May and July 2014.
2) The Franciscan Sisters made an appeal to the Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura against an arbitrary attribution of power and the Signatura admitted they were right by limiting the Apostolic Visitator’s power “ad inquirendum et referendum“.  [This is very significant. It shows an ill intent, and not some unbiased concern, behind the visitation.]
3) Sister Barbiero visited the active Italian Nuns and asked the Congregation to send two other “Visitators” to visit the Contemplative Nuns: 2 Abbesses from the Poor Clares: Damiana Tiberio and Cristiana Mondonico, from the Protomonastery in Assisi and the Monastery of the Trinity in Gubbio, respectively.
4) The two Visitators spent about a week in the two monasteries of Alassio and Città di Castello, meticulously questioning all of the sisters; the Visitators were openly disdainful about the Traditional Mass, among other things.  [And how long until the visitator’s orders die?]
5) The Visitators told the nuns that they prayed too much, that they did too much penance, and that the contemplatives were “too cloistered,” whatever that may mean for contemplative nuns; they told them that they urgently needed a “re-education” program according to the criteria of Vatican II. [This last bit almost seems too perfectly pat to be true.  I mean, wouldn’t really saying such be a bit on the nose?  But maybe these Visitators really that ideological and that obtuse.  If true, WOW!  You could not say anything more revealing of the intent of this whole “intervention,” male and female]

Rorate adds a bit more of import:

Now, will there be a comissioning of the Sisters, as it happened with the Friars? The scandal of the Intervention of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate is so preposterous and has caused so much distress and genuine horror throughout the Catholic world that, as seen above, the first attempt of the Congregation for Religious was to promote an intervention in all but name by granting illegal powers to the Visitator, which were reduced to regular visitation powers by the Segnatura Apostolica on appeal.  [Yes. In spite of all the rhetoric coming from the American mouthpiece for the new order in the FFIs, even many far from traditional Catholics have been aghast at the intervention, the seeming destruction of the order, and the huge double standard being applied to the Franciscans of the Immaculate in comparison to so many other truly damaging, disobedient, and heretical orders.  It is that double standard that eviscerates the credibility of the entire intervention]

The most important part:

Let us pray to the Lord and Our Immaculate Lady to touch the heart of Pope Francis so that the Sisters are not met with the same fate as the Friars.

Well, as someone who seemed very familiar with the situation told me, the Franciscan Sisters have been the main target all along.  So I am certain they could use all the prayers we weak limited souls can muster.

Help fund an FSSP seminarian! September 5, 2014

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Reader MFG alerted me to fourth year FSSP seminarian Michael Cunningham, and his need for financial support to complete his seminary education.  His father passed away and his mother is on  a fixed income.  He is apparently entirely dependent on donations from others to stay in seminary.

He has a gofundme site that tells more about his situation, and where you can support him directly, if you feel called to do so:

Michael Cunningham is a fourth year seminarian at the FSSP seminary in Denton, Nebraska. I am seeking assistance to help pay Mike’s past due tuition of $6,000.00 and the $7,000.00 currently due. FSSP seminarians are required to pay a large part of their tuition. I first met Mike in the summer of 2013 when he came to assist at our FSSP parish in Littleton, Colorado. After a few conversations with Mike, it became obvious to me and many fellow parishoners that Mike was a sincere servant of God , dedicated to saving souls. I’ve since met Mike’s siblings, and I’ve learned that their father, a US Navy corpsman, passed away from the effects of Agent Orange in 2007. Mike’s mother Donna, who is on a fixed income is his primary benefactor. Would you please consider contributing to Mike’s tuition?

“The Fraternity of St. Peter depends entirely on your gifts”

*if you would rather give directly to Michael Cunningham’s tuition at the FSSP seminary:

Make checks payable to OLG Seminary and put a note on it that it is to go towards Mike Cunningham’s tuition

Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary

7880 W Denton Rd

Denton, Nebraska 68339-0147


I know there are so many worthy causes out there to support, but helping holy, pious young men through seminary and to ordination and service in Christ’s Holy Church is surely among the most important, especially at this point in time, after decades of deliberate deformation of the priesthood by radical progressives in the Church.  I think those who have experience of FSSP priests know of their thorough formation, great willingness to spend themselves in service, and their solid (and, at times, much more than that) orthodoxy.

At the very least, this man can certainly use many prayers!  God bless you!

Non Sequitur – 2015 Silverado Longhorn Edition September 5, 2014

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Oh, me wants one, me wants one very much:

2015 Chevrolet Silverado University of Texas Edition


My truck, which I spent a lot of time and money making just so, is getting pretty old.  I have planned to hang onto it more or less forever.  And, I have been rather unmoved by all the full size pickups released in the past 10 years or so.  As far as I’m concerned, pickup truck design and execution reached a zenith in the early oughts and has not returned to that level, since.  And then there was the whole bailout deal with GM, which pretty well soured me on them.

But I don’t know, an officially licensed UT edition with university-approved burnt orange color, that’s pretty tempting.  And only a $795 adder on a normal Texas Edition.  Hmmmm…….

Still, it’s a half ton.  And not a 4×4.  And doesn’t have a 6″ lift.  And no Ranch Hand.  All of which took me years and many $$$$ to acquire for my current truck.  And it just would not be the same without them, glorious burnt orange or no.

Speaking of, I cannot recommend Ranch Hand products enough.  I have had both a massive grill guard and a rear bumper from Ranch Hand on my truck for 10 years.  That truck has never seen a garage, or any kind of covered parking.  There have also been some collisions.  In spite of all that, both front and rear have not lost their paint, shown any rust, or really degraded in any appreciable way. The boys in Shiner build some good products.

Overall, I’m afraid I’d probably have to say no to this one, too.  I like my trucks to have a certain understated quality, in an over the top way……..this is probably too showy for me.

Something to think about, though.  If my leg doesn’t fall off.