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In spite of all the problems, it is still the Church full of greatness and glory September 9, 2014

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The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Still River, MA shared a blessed event yesterday in the form of one of their novices making her first profession of vows.  Sister Mary Imelda traded in the white veil of a novice for the black one of a professed sister.

I asked a while back why it seems this order gets disrespect at times from some traditional Catholics, and never really got an answer.  I think it has to do with an assumption that because there was a problem, once, there must still be one.  That’s a really unfair appreciation, to my mind.  In my experience, and from all available evidence, this order (both male and female) is solidly orthodox, committed to Tradition, and doing great work.  They have never offered anything other than the TLM, even in the darkest days of the 70s and 80s.  That’s a testament right there.

Anyways, some photos of the blessed event. I was also so pleased to read that the Slaves received a new novice on Aug 22 of this year.  I pray this order continues to grow, because they do such good work!  Maybe we’ll get to have a camp with them again locally this year, God willing!

slaves of imm heart vow 3



slaves of imm heart vow

slaves of imm heart vow 2

Look at them grow.  God be praised!  There are so few traditional women’s religious orders, each new professed soul represents a tremendous gift to the Church.

I really like this order on several levels.  As much as I greatly appreciate and value cloistered contemplative orders like the Carmelites in Valparaiso and the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles, their very cloistered nature puts a limit on their presence in the lives of others.  The Slaves run a school, a camp, and have traveled around the country giving other camps for children.  That is a glorious experience for children to receive, especially in this age when habited religious are so rare many may go their entire childhood without ever meeting a discernible religious.  The Church needs both Martha and Mary, and the Slaves practice much of the lives of both.

God bless Sister Mary Imelda and Sister Gabriel Marie, along with new brother postulant  Michael Duffy.  The Duffy family now has three children among the Slaves.  What. A. Blessing!

Oh, while I’m at it singing the praises of the Slaves and the Saint Benedict Center, I should mention their gift shop, which has a whole lot of very cool Catholic items.  I really like the many bumper stickers and decals for your car I really haven’t seen anywhere else!  You can really Catholic your car up!  My man TE has this one:


There are a wide variety of other items at the gift shop, from books to crucifixes to artwork and even tapestries, which I remember correctly the nuns make themselves!  There is quite a bit of great stuff, it’s worthwhile checking out.

Cardinal Burke: Be Ready to Defend the Truth of Marriage even to the point of martyrdom September 9, 2014

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Some in the Church still have eyes to see.  I do not doubt in the least that in the foreseeable future, adhering to the millenia-old understanding of marriage will cost faithful souls dearly.  Cardinal Burke intimates as much in a recent sermon he gave on a tour of Australia, where he hit the topic of marriage, the family, Truth, and the Blessed Sacrament consistently:480511_10151436109968705_1551975927_n

Saint John was called to announce the word of God about the sanctity of marriage as God created man and woman from the beginning, in the face of the opposition of the hateful Herodias who was living in an adulterous relationship with King Herod. Saint John the Baptist was indeed “an iron pillar” in announcing the truth, trusting that the Lord would never abandon him but would make the truth prevail, even at the cost of martyrdom. [Great point.  This is another support for the Church’s clear Dogma on marriage]

Christ Himself, toward the conclusion of His public ministry, announced the same truth, when the Pharisees questioned him about the practice of divorce. He made it clear that His response to their question was nothing other than the articulation of the truth about marriage, in accord with the plan of the Father from the Creation. He declared:

Have you not read that he who made them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife: and the two shall become one? So they are no longer two, but one. What therefore God has joined together, let no man put asunder. When the Pharisees questioned Him further, reminding Him that even Moses had permitted divorce, he replied firmly[Saint Matthew XIX:4-6]

For your hardness of heart Moses allowed you to divorce your wives, but from the beginning it was not so. And I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for unchastity, and marries another, commits adultery; and he who marries a divorced woman, commits adultery[Saint Matthew XIX:8-9]

cb4When his own disciples remarked about the difficulty in living the truth about marriage, Our Lord reassured them that divine grace is given to live, even heroically, this truth which lies at the foundation of the life of the Church and of society, in general: “Not all men can receive this precept, but only those to whom it is given.”

…..Even shackled by chains in prison, Saint John the Baptist did not lose the freedom to speak the truth. So, too, there is no one of us who loses the same freedom, even if we must give up our life for the sake of the truth……..[Exactly!  It is ALWAYS a choice!  No one can force you to do anything, say anything against your will.  They can take your job, your house, even your family and your life, but you always have the choice to refuse to be silent, to refuse to go along with the corruption of this culture.  That is why this notion that the government can somehow “force” various dioceses, Catholic hospitals, charities, the USCCB, etc., to provide contraception and/or abortion to their employees is utterly false.  They can always refuse to comply, even if many of those entities actually already cooperate with moral evil and DO provide contraception or pay for abortion in their health insurance plans.  That refusal may have a cost, even a very painful cost, but how would it look if the government locked up 100 bishops for refusing to pay for abortifacients?  Unfortunately, I doubt many believe it would actually ever come to that.  When push comes to ultimate shove, we know what will happen.  The services will be provided.]

Let us pray, especially today, through the intercession of Saint John the Baptist, that we, in imitation of Saint John, may be uncompromising heralds of the truth about marriage: the lifelong, faithful, and procreative union of one man and one woman. The love of God and of our neighbor demands such a faithful witness on our part. If our witness must be given against hostile opposition, as indeed is frequently the case in our time, let us be confident that God’s grace will never be lacking for us. It guarantees the victory of the truth.

—————-End Quote—————

The end of the quote is a beautiful exhortation.  Yes, Saint John the Baptist, pray for us that we may have your zeal, your adherence to Truth, and your willingness to always speak that Truth no matter the cost!

It is important to note that the discourse above is repeated in all the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke).  There are some other highly important doctrines revealed by Our Blessed Lord which are not present in all three of the Synoptic Gospels.  That this one is so present indicates its great import, and also the temptation Our Lord knew would fill the hearts of men to reject this “hard” teaching.  Attempts have been made to “get around” this “difficulty” since the early Church, but the clarity of Our Lord’s command in the Gospels always resulted in those attempts being defeated.

Are we in a different time, an unprecedented time, now?  If you are inclined to say no, don’t read this.

I will repeat what I have said in the past – this very cleverly (you might even say diabolically) chosen point of debate is a departure point from which the entire moral theology, and much of the systematic theology, of the Church can be completely  unwound.  If you directly counter the clear instruction of the Second Person of the Holy Trinity by admitting those persisting publicly in manifest mortal sin to the Blessed Sacrament, you are attacking not only all moral theology, but the nature and understanding of the Blessed Sacrament Itself and all aspects of the Faith which spin out from there, which is basically all of them.  If the Church’s understanding and practice of marriage, the Blessed Sacrament, adultery, divorce, sin, etc., is attacked or undermined by some “pastoral” solution, it is a direct path from there to the fallen liberal worldly protestant sect the leftists want the Church to be.  It won’t be 10 years from some “official change” on the  Sacrament of marriage – even one that ostensibly “leaves doctrine alone” – to utter doctrinal collapse and chaos, basically Anglicanism 2.0 and the realization of that diabolical spirit that has been tempting so many in the Church for the past 5 decades.

I pray that never comes to pass.  I know some folks feel such a development would be ultimately clarifying, but I think the destruction that would result (is resulting) from it would be a much too high price to pay for clarity, which we already really have, anyway.  It’s like the parable of Lazarus and the rich man – we already have the Gospels and the Dogmas of the Church, we already know the state of the Church, if people cannot see the crisis from all that then they’ll never see it. An unthinkable development on the Dogmas surrounding marriage wouldn’t suddenly bring light to the blind, and the constant apologists for the status quo would only find new excuses for whatever disaster envelops them next.




Awesome early Flightline Friday September 9, 2014

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Readers will know of this blogger’s strange fascination with aviation in general and military aircraft in particular.  But I have an even more freakish subsidiary interest, and that is in cockpit/instrument panel design.  I especially love photos of cockpits at night with all the instruments lit up.  Back in the day, the backlighting would all be red, but now it is green for night vision compatibility.  Courtesy the United States Air Force Air Combat Command 134th Air Refueling Wing and 71st Rescue Squadron, two photos of a (very new) HC-130J Combat King II tanking at night from a (fifty year old) KC-135R:


I did not know tankers were lit up so much at night.  That sure ain’t combat conditions.  This was shot over Tennessee.  Beautiful shot, though.


Even better detail of the instrument panels.  I am in Hercules heaven.  You can see the very advanced instrumentation of the J model Hercules to good effect, including the flat panel color LCD displays and HUDs for both pilots.  Too bad the pics are not even higher resolution, I’d love to see even more detail.

BTW, if anyone has a shot of the interior of Apollo Command and Lunar Modules with the ambient lighting off and just the instrument backlighting on, please let me know!  I have one of the lunar module with most ambient lights off, but it’s not the best photo.

This was a case of a tanker refueling a tanker.  HC-130J are used to refuel rotary and tilt-wing aircraft during long rescue missions.  This capability was developed during Vietnam, and has been retained ever since.


I think that’s a P model Herc, not a J. Tanker to tanker refueling happens all the time:



One day I’ve got to do a post on the “son of F-8” A-7 Corsair II, also pictured above.  That’s a KC-135E refueling a KC-10A, with a couple of A-7Ds waiting in the wings. Always remember:


The more you bow and scrape, the less respect the world will give you September 9, 2014

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Sure, there might be momentary applause, but that will quickly fade, and be followed by demands for more, and and more, and “what have you done for me lately?”  So while you scandalize your true friends and tell them, to their face, that they are really enemies, the world will just mock you for being the nothing you are:

pink bishop

It is elementary human nature – when someone professes to hold strong beliefs, and then violates those beliefs for the sake of the world, that person rarely gets treated with much respect.  There are only two ways on that path – continuing on and on to total apostasy and constant criticism a la Thomas Reese and the National Heretic Reporter, or finally jumping off the bandwagon and then being ignored by the world as a useful idiot whose time has past.

It is ludicrous to say these folks will ever be satisfied with anything less than the abomination of desolation in the very Sanctuary of God.  As in the case of islam, with sexular paganism there can be no accommodation, no “tolerance,” no meeting halfway – it is either submit completely and totally, fight back, or get crushed.  It is a fool’s errand to ever believe these folks can be placated with scandalous words and scheming indifference.  They will take, and take, and take, until there is nothing else left to take. Those within the Church who encourage people in their sins are no friends of Christ’s.

Michael Voris adds more below.  It’s pretty strong stuff, but, of course, only goes so far.  We must bear in mind that, if the will were present, the means exists and has always existed for all of this madness to be brought to heel in very short order.  Such authority has been exercised in the past, and far bigger apostates than a Cardinal Dolan brought to heel under the yoke of strong leadership from the Vicar of Christ.  The great Hildebrand, Pope Saint Gregory VII, utterly turned the Church around in a dozen years.  But he had the will to do so.