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Sources Confirm – Burke gone from Rota, given debasing position September 17, 2014

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I’m sure it means something to the Knights of Malta, an invitation only charitable organization composed almost entirely of blue bloods, but this is a truly stunning development.  The mask is off, and it’s straight up war.  LifeSiteNews has confirmed that Burke will be gone from the Rota and may even be demoted before the Synod so that he cannot take part. This is huge, because I think Cardinal Burke was leading much of the opposition to the Kasperite gambit to destroy marriage and the perceptions of sanctity of the Blessed Sacrament:

Sources in Rome have confirmed to LifeSiteNews that Cardinal Raymond Burke, the head of the Vatican’s highest court, known as the Apostolic Signatura, is to be removed from his post as head of the Vatican dicastery and given a non-curial assignment as patron of the Order of Malta.

The timing of the move is key since Cardinal Burke is currently on the list to attend October’s Extraordinary Synod on the Family. He is attending in his capacity as head of one of the dicasteries of the Roman Curia, so if he is removed prior to the Synod it could mean he would not be able to attend. [I bet money the goal is to remove him before the Synod, but that may depend on the reaction.  We need to get louder, folks.  The only thing the new order seems to care about is public perception, so let’s give them a very, very bad one]

Burke has been one of the key defenders in the lead-up to the Synod of the Church’s traditional practice of withholding Communion from Catholics who are divorced and civilly remarried.

Most of the Catholic world first learned of the shocking development through Vatican reporter Sandro Magister, whose post ‘Exile to Malta for Cardinal Burke’went out late last night.

Things are happening fast, no?  It’s almost like they’re building to a thundering crescendo?





That last one reminds me of:



Birds of a feather.


1. Dismas - September 17, 2014

Notice that they do not make him an Ordinary. That would be risky because he might be that bishop who would draw authentic Catholic priests to his diocese and begin some sort of actual renewal.

Once again…I love this stuff…

2. Cristero - September 17, 2014

Do you think they care about public perception? They may care about public perception when that perception might have to do with being too “judgmental” or “out of step with the times.” But when it comes to how they are perceived by those few Catholics who have determined to be faithful to what the Church truly stands for against all odds, I’m not sure these people give a whit.

Give it a test. Write your letters. Lets see how much they care about authentic Catholic perception.

What I do think is remarkable is the extent to which they now feel emboldened to so brazenly carry all of this off – not just these actions of the Pope, but so many things that we cannot keep up. You are quite correct – the rate of this thing begins to astound.

Bring it on.

Tantumblogo - September 17, 2014

Letters aren’t public. I’m talking loud public demonstrations. It hasn’t been tried a whole lot by the faithful. We are too nice, generally. Or too respectful.

I really do think these guys are doing much of what they do because they are convinced this is what most people, and especially the influential thought leaders, want. But what if they got an earful of a countervailing view? I’d say it’s worth a shot. But I don’t know who or what could make it happen.

I’m coming around to your viewpoint in a hurry. Yes, these things are happening very, very fast.

Leah Chapman - September 17, 2014

Yes, a public demonstration, a delegation of those who signed a petition to stop the protestantization of our God-given faith.

3. TG - September 17, 2014

Father Z also wrote about it on his blog. Just finished reading it.

4. Baseballmom - September 17, 2014

Wow. I certainly will push hard for Cdl. Burke’s cause for canonization when the time comes…. And how, pray tell, will Mr. Voris deal with this one?????????

Dismas - September 17, 2014

Mr. Voris has come a long way, and we hold out great hope for him. We have to have some respect for his tenacity in sticking to his guns at what he perceives is at all costs. Thing is, he may not have quite yet imagined what “all costs” is going to eventually entail. Sooner or later that mysterious “something” will likely occur that makes his current positions untenable even to him. He has demonstrated his ability to grasp and promote hard truth when he simply has to.

But this same thing applies to any number of high-profile media Catholics of the “conservative” stripe.

It is stuff like this that is just going to force a lot of people out of their comfortable fence-sitting. This revolution goes clean to the top and it has for over a half-century.

Tantumblogo - September 17, 2014

Hmmm…..yes indeed. I imagine a great rubber band trembling near the breaking point?

5. John Madison - September 17, 2014

Perhaps Cardinal Burke can use his new contacts in the Knights of Malta to help shut off the financial flow to Rome. Rome refuses to listen to the truth, perhaps they’ll listen to the cash register.

6. Leah Chapman - September 17, 2014

“We need to get louder, folks”. Where can I do this? I want to sign a petition for law and order, or something, that will be put into the Pope’s hands.

Dismas - September 17, 2014

I encourage petitions. They are a great learning tool.

7. Terri - September 17, 2014

I’m on board…….Bishop Schneider doesn’t at this point seem to be too far off in his prediction of ‘a split coming in the Church’ does he?

Dismas - September 18, 2014

Is the split not already well-established, despite no formal declaration of the same? Might we not be misled by expecting the leaders to come out and formally declare such a thing?

8. Mike - September 17, 2014

It is becomming more apparent that the world groans and is waking up Modernist. O where o where is our modern day St. Athanasius?

Dismas - September 18, 2014

There are those who say that a type of St. Athanasius has already appeared and passed on, leaving us a legacy. If we understand him as a “type” I would tend to agree. All of this will look very different in retrospect from the way it looks in the middle of it.

And perhaps there are a number of types of St. Athanasius. Will we be among those who recognize them, ignore them or reject them? I’m sure all three categories existed in Athanasius time. He was not popular to all.

Finally, what if the very subject of this blog posting turns out to be another type of the great saint? We do live in interesting times.

TG - September 18, 2014

Was Bishop Marcil Lefebre an Athansius?

Dismas - September 18, 2014

As previously mentioned, and as Tantum mentioned under a different heading, all of this is going to look very different when it is reported as history than it does now. I’m no expert on St. Athanasius, but I know some who are, and I have read a bit about him. I think we know that he was very unpopular in most circles – especially among those in “full communion.”

There are those who would argue that Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was a “type” of Athanasius – and the word “type” here is intended to mean “type” as the term is used in Biblical study.

So, was he actually another Athanasius? It seems to me that we are all too close to the events to say at this time. Certainly he shared some of the traits.

I count myself among those who have a tremendous admiration and respect for the man. I’m content to allow for a time in the Church when the hierarchy has returned to Catholicism for a more definitive judgment to be made.

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