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Father Carota on the attraction of islam for even faithful Catholics September 18, 2014

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Some good points below. When one’s Church and culture are a mess, sometimes the grass seems greener on the other side.  Western nations have sunk into an historic abyss of immorality.  Many people are dismayed at what they see around them.  Muslim countries, for all their many problems, errors, and even evils, do seem to be able to enforce some cultural moral standards.

And they seem to have some doctrinal consistency (from the outside) and definitely the fervor of the convicted.  To some people, that’s attractive, as Father notes below:

A young man came up to me Sunday after Holy Mass, very very concerned asking if he could just have a few minutes to speak with me.

He had seen on the news all the atrocities that the muslims are doing to the Catholics and christians in the Middle East.  His first reaction was to enlist in the military to go to battle against them.

But he thought it would be wise to investigate about the muslim people and their religion before he did so.  To his surprise he became very confused.  In spite of his predisposition of anger against them, he began to admire them.  He saw how they pray, how they strongly believe in Allah and have their countries living by Allah’s rules. [Islam, being a perverted form of Christianity, does contain some truth, just enough truth to be attractive to fallen man (as good Father pointed out in this sermon).  And some of “allah’s rules” seem to be virtuous and good. But others are absolutely terrible, like polygamy and the general treatment of women as chattel.  There is also a culture of lying and thievery that is tacitly embraced within islam, at least with respect to outsiders.  But if we do evil to our enemies, does that make us any better than them, Our Blessed Lord asked?]

One web site really moved him when it stated that: “if you were to see Jesus walking down the streets, he would be a muslim with robes and a beard”[I’m not sure what a beard has to do with Jesus, and He certainly wouldn’t be muslim, but he would be virtuous and calling out sin]

“If you were to run into Mary, she would be a muslim with her head covered and modest clothing”.  This really made an impression on him[THIS is a very interesting point. I think it makes a brilliant question. If Our Blessed Mother were to return to earth today, would she not be dressed rather as muslim women do?  Has She not appeared so in Her many apparitions?  Is that, perhaps, significant?  If the Blessed Mother is the model for all women (and men, in a slightly different sense), if She is the embodiment of perfect womanhood, should Her appearance not be emulated?  Discuss]

After reflection on all that he knew, he was again convinced that Catholicism is greater than Islam.  But he just had to share what he had discovered and how what he had discovered had attracted him and caused him to doubt his faith.  Let us never forget, our founder of the Catholic faith, Jesus Christ, never killed anyone.  He was murdered on the cross.

I am sure there are many other good people, including Catholics, becoming muslims because as he stated: “We, as Catholics, have become very weak and passive”.  [Thousands of post-Christian Europeans have flocked to join ISIS and other islamist groups.  Many of these are descendants of muslim lineage, but some are not.  While there are always a crazy few, I think there is a growing trend among people in Western culture to be profoundly alienated and disaffected from the culture around them and to seek out something that seems more real.  They may write off Catholicism at present precisely because, in the vast majority of what they will find, it is very weak and passive. And they want something strong, committed, and vibrant.  Dialogue, is not very attractive to all but committed leftists and academic types.]

As most of you already know and lament, the feminists (that run and have feminized the Church), and the homosexual cardinals, bishops and priests, (whom Pope Benedict called “The Homosexual Mafia”), [I’m not sure Pope Benedict used that term, but he did lament and fight the reality.] have made the Church passive to evil that is everywhere around us.  And if you or I might criticize what is happening in the Church, we are silently silenced. [Or loudly silenced. Or just ignored.  Or sent to Shafter.  Or we have our TLMs taken away.  Or……]

It is exactly like in the Old Testament, when everything in Israel was crumbling down, the False Prophets kept saying, “everything is just fine”.  And when the True Prophets spoke of doom, they were shunned, beaten, exiled and killed.  The pope, the cardinals, the bishops, the religious, the priests all read all about the True Prophets in their Novus Ordo Liturgy of the Hours, yet it goes in one eye and out the other. [Heh.  Yes, it sure seems to.]

—————End Quote————–

Do go read the rest.  Especially you, DoTDO. You’ll like it.

I think the broader point is an important one to make: not many people, and very few men, are attracted to a weak kneed, lisping, emasculated, self-doubting church. People want certainty in religion, they want to know the Truth and abide by it – unless they simply use religion as a justification to continue in their sin, which certainly fits many people today.  I’m talking about people who are honest with themselves, have some desire towards virtue, and are seriously looking for something to fill the void in their lives.  Post-conciliar Catholicism simply does not offer that, in the vast majority of locales, which is why most of the Masses are filled with elderly women.  I’m speaking broadly, of course, but in many places, that’s the exact truth.  People clinging to a religion of their childhood which no longer exists in any discernible way, outside a few well hidden, broadly ignored locales.

I think that is one reason why traditional Catholicism has been growing at an impressive rate.  It’s not just the smells and bells, it’s not just the Latin Mass (which is, however, the heart of it all), traditional real Catholicism satisfies that hunger for Truth and certainty that many people are craving – but it is so little known most of those people never find it and fall into weird cults and false religions which may contain some kernel of what they are looking for.  I am struck by how few people I meet even know there is a TLM available in the Dallas Diocese (if they even know what that is), even though quite possibly the largest TLM parish in the world is right here!   One might find that a newsworthy item, but apparently not, from the silence that generally surrounds the place.

But still, souls do find their way there, almost entirely by word of mouth.  As souls finding the world wanting have always found such places.  The difference is that, in the past, great men like Francis Borgia would have numerous witnesses to the Faith that could make them whole, and convert under their influence. Today, such influences are very rare, and so people completely lost, with no sacred hand to guide them, drift into unspeakable evil in their starving hunger to be filled.  That is the great tragedy of our times, when so many in the Church have given up on Her sacred mission because it is too hard, too unpopular, too contrary to false shibboleths they hold more dear.


Something fun for a change September 18, 2014

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I don’t know if Patrick Archbold at CMR created this or not, but I do thank him for posting it:

Strike Burke

I’d certainly like to believe that it’s true.

I am certain Cardinal Burke will take this debasement with the same good grace and faithfulness in which he accepted previous roles in the Church.  I pray he will use the suffering this embarrassing demotion will cause for the good of his soul and that of the entire Church.  I imagine, like Cardinal Canizares Llovera, Cardinal Burke learned of this development in the press.  What a shoddy way to treat people who have, in good faith, dedicated their lives to the Church.  Such treatment says something very revealing about those doling it out.

Just a rumor, or? Italian daily reports bishops who accept former FI priests being blacklisted by Pope Francis September 18, 2014

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The news, every day, just becomes more and more ominous.  What we have experienced in the past few weeks is almost surreal in its display of hard-hearted vindictiveness and lock-step authoritarian demands for compliance with the new order, or else.  Whatever that new order is.

If the below is true, the animus that is being displayed towards the Franciscans of the Immaculate truly knows no bounds.  It seems very difficult to find a reason for such extreme measures, which, as Rorate notes, are unprecedented in the past several CENTURIES of Church history, if true.  I have a very difficult time comprehending what possible threat could be posed by these men, dispersed in ones or twos or even in small groups in various dioceses of the world, that could make this kind of action necessary, or anything but a cruel and naked exercise of power – IF TRUE:

Because of the harsh intervention that has brought about the near-destruction of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, many priests of that institute have tried to find refuge by asking to leave the order and be incardinated as secular priests of regular dioceses. Marco Tosatti, the senior religious correspondent for ancient Italian daily La Stampa reports the following:

The transferral of Cañizares to Spain had appeared in the Iberian press – with no small irritation to the interested party – some months before the decision had been made official. And the same thing happens with Burke. [The author of the original Italian piece upon which the Rorate post is based is saying the leak regarding Burke may have been made months before it was intended to take effect. There is a great deal of gossip in the Francis papacy] It is astonishing because no pope before this one – to my knowledge – has anathematized gossip and rumor-mongering, repeatedly and often, as much as the current one; and yet, clearly, his close entourage is not without sin.

And we hope that the unconfirmed report, according to which the Pope is said to have asked for the list of bishops who incardinate in their dioceses the friars of the Franciscans of the Immaculate who wish to abandon the order after its intervention and compulsory re-education, is not true. But unfortunately, we fear the opposite.

Just to be clear, this report is unconfirmed.  Even if true, it is possible a report like this could lead to a backlash that could result in an opposite course being taken.  But from what we have seen in the past year or so, I fear it is true.  My gut tells me it’s true.  And if so, it is shocking how much the public rhetoric departs from the behind the scenes acts, is it not?  It would seem all that rhetoric about mercy is just to advance a certain ideology, and is not to be practiced, especially not with one’s perceived “enemies” – even if those “enemies” have never harmed you in the slightest.  What did our Blessed Lord have to say about that?

Again, just what have these men done that is so absolutely forbidden and evil that they must be so utterly, completely crushed?

I have to wonder if the author(s) of all this destruction will ever lament what he has , what they have, done – will he ever admit it has gone way, way too far?  Or are they too ideological, too committed to the process, to ever do so?

I do wonder.

On the plus side, there may be many Saints being formed in this crucible of unending suffering.  May God have mercy on them, and on their order.

Too bad they prayed too much, fasted too much, contemplated Our Lord too much, and weren’t “Vatican II” enough.  Which latter bit means whatever the progressive overlords want it to mean, from one second to the next.

It’s not easy to stay faithful to a constantly moving target.

This is all so Orwellian it is incredible, but I guess I have to say it one more time – if true.

I think we all know it is.

Islam is a Christian heresy posing as another religion September 18, 2014

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I believe this is the same priest that I tried to post yesterday.  He’s certainly hitting on all cylinders.  I’m sure this one will work, since this is a Video Sancto product, and not my own fumblings.

The priest below lays out the origins of islam as I have always understood them, although I have tended to think the influence upon Mohammad was more Arian than Nestorian, but I could be wrong.  I had understood, and it seems supported by many statements from that false religion, that Jesus Christ was a man and great prophet but just a man.  Perhaps the greatest of men, but just a man.  That is a highly Arian position.  But I may have misunderstood subtleties in their position, that may make it more Nestorian.

It is important to understand the etymology of all these early Eastern heresies, still very much with us today in the Church.  All of these heresies were dedicated towards stealing honor from Christ and reducing Him to something more natural, less mystical.  So you had the Arians claiming Christ was just a man; that was squashed, so the Nestorians came along and said he was not one person with two natures, perfectly melded, one human, one divine, but was somehow two persons, one human and one divine, melded into one body.  That was declared heretical, and so the Monophysites came along and said Christ was God, and man, but that his divine nature squashed his human nature and so Christ was not tempted, did not struggle with human desires, etc.  That was also declared heretical, and the Monophysites are still around in the Coptic Church today.

I think the priest makes a brilliant point in saying that the many Eastern Church heresies so weakened the Church by the 7th century that it was ripe for the picking by islam’s terrible sword.  The priest also notes that islam, unique among all major religions, makes almost all its converts by forced conversion, instead of appealing to people’s reason and the better angels of their nature.   There are also very strong pagan and heretical Jewish overtones in islam, which makes sense, since even islam’s own history of Mohammad makes plain he took pieces from various religions extant along the Red Sea coast of Arabia and forged a new religion from the parts. Not only that, but he would try out various beliefs, see which ones appealed to the various tribes he was trying to win over, and then adopted those.  Then there is the manifest immorality so prevalent in islam from its very inception, the lack of any miracles to attest to its veracity, and Rushdie seems even tame in the title of his book.

By the way, it pays to pause the video from time to time and read the statements from various Saints on islam.  They are quite edifying.

I may have a fatwa against me tomorrow.

May God have mercy on the adherents of all false religions and sects and convert them to His Church.