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Two reminders, one late, one timely September 22, 2014

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First reminder – due to my generally being away from the blog over weekends, and the fact that I just plain forgot on Friday, here is your reminder to start your Novena for Michaelmas, uh…..two days ago.  Don’t feel bad, I didn’t start until today, either!  The Novena:

Saint Michael the Archangel, loyal champion of God and His Catholic people, I turn to thee with confidence and seek thy powerful intercession. For the love of God, Who hast made thee so glorious in grace and power, and for the love of the Mother of Jesus, the Queen of the Angels, be pleased to hear my prayer.

Thou knowest the value of my soul in the eyes of God. May no stain of evil ever disfigure its beauty. Help me to conquer the evil spirit who tempts me. I desire to imitate thy loyalty to God and Holy Mother Church and thy great love for God and men. And since thou art God’s messenger for the care of His people, I entrust to thee this special request: (Here mention your request.)

Saint Michael, since thou art, by the will of the Creator, the powerful intercessor of Christians, I have great confidence in thy prayers. I earnestly trust that if it is God’s holy will, my petition will be granted.

Pray for me, Saint Michael, and also for those I love. Protect us in all dangers of body and soul. Help us in our daily needs. Through thy powerful intercession, may we live a holy life, die a happy death and reach Heaven where we may praise and love God with thee forever. Amen.

The other reminder is that this is Ember Week.  Partial fast and abstinence on Wednesday and Friday, partial fast and total abstinence on Friday.  That means you can have meat at one meal on Wednesday and Saturday but none on Friday, and you can only have one main meal and two snacks on all days.

But these are not sufferings, or even painful denials, but glorious offerings to God and demonstrations of our love for Him and Our Holy Mother Church!

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An assessment of US Catholic colleges well before the Council September 22, 2014

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I have seen many Catholics, who have at least some awareness of the crisis in the Faith, struggle with comprehending how the revolution that struck the Church in the 1960s seemingly came out of nowhere.  The fact is, it didn’t – the revolution had been growing in fits and starts for 150 years, at least, prior to the Council.  Generally, revolutionary sentiment and error existed just below the surface.  In the early 20th century, the revolutionaries, fired by inordinate zeal, attempted to prematurely break out into the open, but were crushed by Pope Saint Pius X and a still overwhelmingly orthodox Church.  The revolutionary simply went back underground, continued to grow and influence more and more, so that, by the late 50s, the Church was nearly, if not quite, a seething cauldron of error and proto-revolutionary sentiment under a patina of orthodoxy. At least, that was the case among the institutional Church – the academics, religious, priests, bishops, etc.  Many were fully gone over into heresy and revolutionary sentiment, while many others were too weak to resist. All that was needed was a spark, and the Council was that spark.

How did the revolution continue to advance even under official bans and lay opposition?  One key breeding ground was the university.  Most the key leaders of the 1960s revolution came out of academia.  There they had been coddled and protected, allowed to “experiment” with heresy and error, for decades.  As evidence of that, read this critique of the American Catholic (ahem) university in the 1940s, from a book whose title I will reveal at the end of the post:

In the American Catholic college……the apostasy was more implicit, and took the form of a wholesale aping of secular standards.

The Catholic colleges did not say outright that man is in the world for the achieving of his own ends, that he is the alpha and omega of all things.  They did not say, as the teachers in secular colleges, that man’s eternal destiny  is only an idea that some theologians and philosophers like to play with; that it is the notion which made for the backwardness of the dark ages and the superstition of the Middle Ages’ that it is, in fact, the reason why Catholic countries today are without modern improvements, such as bathtubs and showers! [They may not quite have done so then, but they do today!] But the courses in the Catholic colleges were, nevertheless, completely secularized. The religion course was in a compartment all by itself, and its presentation was dull and mediocre, without fire, and it communicated its message not at all to the other courses in the curriculum.  These courses seemed to be set up only with an eye to making the student, later on, a rich man or a power in some field where his scientific prestige or political aggrandizement would redound to the glory of the college.  Even a mediocre student could, for the most part, be assured of a good job upon graduation.  And every student could be sure that he would look like and be like every other college graduate of every other college in America, whether Catholic or non-Catholic.  That he was totally unaware that his Faith was the most exciting thing in the world, and that the full living of it would change the world, seemed not to matter to anyone………. [All of these are not just valid criticisms of Catholic colleges today, but almost all Catholic schools from pre-school on up.  Catholic schools are not ordered towards producing superlative Catholics, but nominal Catholics, at best. They are ordered to produce high achievers and important men of the world – both of which often make right practice of the Faith very difficult.  But we can see this problem has been with us for some a long time.]

………We had no need to ask ourselves for how long this state of things had come to pass in Catholic education. The answer was right before our eyes, across the street in Harvard Yard.  Twenty four Jesuit priests were studying that year at Harvard…….The Greeks have a saying, “Send you son to school to a slave, and he will become a slave.”  We might add, “Send your priests and nuns to secular schools, and they will become secular teachers – in Catholic schools!” [and that is precisely what happened, especially after Council, which precipitated the most dramatic decline in religious life in recorded Church history.  Ever before the Council, there was a push from the highest levels of the Church for religious to receive secular education.  And those religious proceeded to become thoroughly secularized, and then secularized their entire orders!  This is still ongoing today, perhaps due to lack of an alternative.  Even some of the most conservative/orthodox religious orders (but not traditional), especially active orders, send their members to secular colleges so they can teach, or whatever.  Some require degrees before acceptance.  Thus there is still a great deal of exposure to radical secular thought, even if many of those so exposed are relatively inoculated against it by a strong faith.  One wonders if some of that secularism does not creep into the practice of their religious life, however.  Note the early involvement of the Jesuits, which order over the course of the 19th and 20th century turned elite education into something of an idol.]

…….None of the secular colleges have knowledge according to the pattern which a priest should be teaching.  It is easy to see the harm that comes to the Faith of the priests in these universities.……

……It would fare better for Catholic colleges, it seems, if they had, on their faculties, more Cure’s d’Ars, and less PhD’s. The times in which we live are badly in need of saints in the priesthood.  And we are supplying, at the present, a conforming, course-taking, liberal clergy!

Thus……the failure of Catholic colleges in the post-war period in America.  The inroads of liberalism had disequipped them for the strong religious leadership of their own people……..

———–End Quote————-

It must be stressed that this thorough denouncement of Catholic education came from people with direct experience of it, 70 years ago.  This was decades before the scandal of Land O’ Lakes and the formal surrender of the American Catholic college to leftist dogma.  In a very real sense, and save for a handful of exceptions, Catholic colleges chose secular dogma and worldly accolades over Jesus Christ and their own sanctification through marginalization and anti-Catholic bias.  To say it very clearly, Catholic academia, and most primary/secondary schools, have chosen to embrace the dogmas of this fallen world in order to gain the world’s approval and to be a “player” along the same lines as all the other secular universities.  Thus, they are just as far gone into leftism and amoral indifferentism as the worst secular colleges.  But, at least at a secular college, the errors are presented straight up, and not under the devastating deception of being somehow “Catholic” and in line with the Faith.

Oh, the book.  The excerpt is from The Loyolas and the Cabots, by Catherine Goddard Clarke.  Yes, she was part of the sad tale of Father Leonard Feeney, but there is a great deal to recommend in the book in spite of that fact. I left the “announcement” until now because I did not want to bias your reading above.

satanic black mass held, thousands protest and Process September 22, 2014

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WARNING, some images and sounds of satanic activity are visible in the first video.  I strongly recommend turning sound off and averting eyes during the evil parts.

This country was founded on several gross errors, some of the gravest being the false idea of “religious freedom,” which in practice means official agnosticism if not atheism, and the idea that even the most perverse, disgusting acts somehow qualify as protected “speech” (OK, the last bit was not explicit at the founding, but has come to be held as a sacred shibboleth by the purveyors of leftism).  Historically, in Christendom, blasphemy was a very grave civil offense.  But that was long ago, and governments now, in a sense, endorse not only blasphemy but even offenses to God as infinite as the mocking of His Passion, Death, and Resurrection as re-presented in every Mass.

The black mass was held. I have not really tried to find out the details, but they claim no consecrated Host was used.  It seems there were also several other elements apparently missing from this “black mass” presentation.  But there was still immense ugliness, perversion, effrontery, and the gravest of offenses against the God whole so loves and created them.  Also on display were some very, very, very lost souls, souls who have such empty lives they are willing to commit even an act of ultimate evil in order to attract a bit of attention to barren existence. And that refers not only to those who committed this montrosity, but also those who, either through some desire to bask in the reflected darkness or out of some morbid sense of curiosity, witnessed this nightmare.

Two videos below on the atrocity, and the reaction.  The first covers bits of both, and, I have to say, gives a fair amount of coverage to the insane rantings of the satanists at the black mass itself.  I would really advise watching with the sound down, or only turning it on for those parts that are licit and not steeped in evil. Avert your eyes from the evil.  It may be best not to watch at all. For those who do want to see the reaction from thousands of faithful Catholics, see below. Thanks to reader MS for the link:

This video has more on the reaction with less objectionable content:

There was a large Procession, there were a couple thousand people, at least, protesting (though I saw one site that said 16,000), there was a lot of good witness, but, still, it happened.  It was not stopped.  That’s where we’re at.  That’s how weak we are.  Sorry, I don’t see any other way around it.  At least a couple of souls went beyond the bounds of what our government overlords saw as acceptable behavior and were arrested for trying to save the souls of those involved in this calamity.  Maybe I’m not supposed to say this, but good for them.  What is 1000 had rushed the doors?

But we Catholics have been conditioned to be nice, sheep-like Americans for 150 years, at least.  Don’t rock the boat!  Don’t offend the protestant majority!  Don’t make waves!  Infiltrate, don’t chastise!  Protestants are our brothers!  We shouldn’t judge “gays.”  Marriage is between a man and a woman, but “civil unions” might be OK!  Abortion is bad, but never mention the cause of the vast majority of them, contraception!  No one really goes to hell!  Muslims are our brothers!  We all believe in the same “god!” And on and on, until we got to where we got today?

So, how long before it becomes “protected speech” to bust open tabernacles and let horses drop their dung on Our Lord, as happened in the Cristiada?  And will the vast majority of our leaders hide their heads then, too?

If readers judge it advisable, I may delete the first video.

Reader Report – Charlotte public Eucharistic Procession was awesome September 22, 2014

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I understand that Bishop Peter Jugis of the Diocese of Charlotte, NC has been leading public Eucharistic Processions at least annually for the past several years (in fact, perhaps for the last decade).  The processions are in concert with annual Eucharistic Congresses – something we should see very much more of in the Church!  Pope Saint John Paul II on a number of occasions strongly exhorted bishops and laity alike to make available, and to assist at, regular Adoration, including Friday 24 Hour Adoration, 40 Hours Adoration monthly, and regular Eucharistic Processions and Congresses.  So,at least there is one bishop (I believe there are a handful of others) heeding this most vital call.  Reader MFG reports there were 13,000 in the Procession, and that people came from all over the western Carolinas to assist.

Some photos of this blessed event:





I would ask when we might be blessed to have truly public Eucharistic Processions in our own Diocese.  Such did occur for many decades here in Dallas.  But given the way the winds are blowing in the Church, I would rate the likelihood – absent some Divine intervention – as being exceedingly low and decreasing.  May I be pleasantly surprised!

God bless Bishop Peter Jugis and the faithful of the Diocese of Charlotte for making such a great witness to our Faith so visibly public!  What a tremendous work of spiritual mercy, and of rendering glory and honor to Our Blessed Lord!

Some background on the dismaying appointment of Bishop Blase Cupich to the Archdiocese of Chicago September 22, 2014

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So by now many readers will have heard that Bishop Blase Cupich of Spokane, WA, has been named by Pope Francis to replace the somewhat orthodox Cardinal Francis George as Archbishop of Chicago.  Since this is such an important see, it is virtually assured Cupich will get a red hat before too long.

Who is Blase Cupich?  He is one of the most reliably, and extremely, progressive members of the American episcopate.  He is also extremely close to the current papal nuncio, Archbishop Vigano, a confirmed anti-Ratzingerian.  I was looking through old posts wherein I might have spoken of Cupich, and found two, both of which had some very revealing insights.  In the first, dating from 2011, we see Bishop Cupich banning Adoration throughout the Diocese of Spokane and implementing a complete and total ban on priests in the Diocese from taking part in public pro-life activities:

Bishop Cupich has informed all of his priests and seminarians that they cannot:
– pray outside of Planned Parenthood
– promote or organize peaceful protest outside Planned Parenthood in their parishes (naming 40 Days for Life specifically)
– or allow pro-life material to be distributed in their parishes unless it is published by the Washington State Conference of Catholic Bishops or the USCCB–who, ironically, support 40 DFL.

Eponymous Flower reports that this Bishop Cupich also discontinued Eucharistic Adoration on a Diocese-wide basis at some point in the past

Then I found this editorial I posted by Patrick Buchanan from last year, which turned out to be amazingly prescient and insightful.  Get all this:

“Pope Francis doesn’t want cultural warriors; he doesn’t want ideologues,” said Bishop Blase Cupich of Spokane, Wash.

“The nuncio said the Holy Father wants bishops with pastoral sensitivity, shepherds who know the smell of the sheep.” [Is it a smell, or a stench?]

Bishop Cupich was conveying instructions the papal nuncio had delivered from Rome to guide U.S. bishops in choosing a new leader……[of the USelessCCB]

…Yet here is further confirmation His Holiness seeks to move the Catholic Church to a stance of non-belligerence, if not neutrality, in the culture war for the soul of the West.

There is a small problem with neutrality. As Trotsky observed, “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”

If you couple the above with the below, from an unnamed priest-insider to Vatican politics, you can see the whole picture start to come together:

Cupich’s promotion to this particularly important position, that usually entails the elevation to the cardinalatial red, was a personal decision of Pope Francis himself. More precisely, the Pope imposed his candidate on Cardinal Ouellet and the Congregation for Bishops, under the desperate suggestion of the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò. We know well that those men who are particularly authoritarian, such as Francis, also are, in many cases, easily manipulated by those who learn how to read them. Moreover, it is enough to waggle before the eyes of the Pope the scarecrow called Cardinal Burke to lead him in one direction or another, because he has kept against the Prefect of the Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura an extremely strong rancor after the 2013 conclave, in which the American Cardinal was one of those who tried to thwart his path to the pontificate.

There is more somewhat cryptic and difficult to follow inside baseball at Rorate.  But I did find it fascinating that Cupich was stressing his relationship with the nuncio last year, when trying to influence the selection of the next head of the USCCB, and now, according to this inside source, he has been rewarded with an immensely visible see (and almost certainly a cardinal’s hat) for his efforts (I am certain there is much more to it than that, but it’s interesting to see the relationship).

Some other data points from his time in Spokane:

  • Opposes Mass Ad Orientem
  • Is a huge liturgical liberal – he is in favor of all the Novus Ordo “reforms” and desires more that has not been implemented.
  • Holds the laughably literal view of “active participation” to mean lay people running around the sanctuary during Mass
  • gave a highly conflicted exhortation when the state of Washington voted to destroy marriage
  • Had his local Catholic Charities sign people up for Obamacare, which of course means helping at least some obtain contraception and abortion
  • On the plus side, he has made occasional pro-life statements.  So, yay.

This guy is clearly in the mode of the Bernadin boys and, as I said, almost eye-wateringly left wing. As for his “smelling of the sheep,” like the vast majority of bishops, he spent less than three years actually serving in a parish.  They are all groomed from an early age.

Someone said to me on Saturday – the beatings are commencing, and they will not let up for a long time.  They are going to get more and more severe. I agree.  I will say, more and more do I lament that unthinking, erroneous, un-traditional ultramontanism that causes the Church to swing wildly from one pontificate to the next.  This is no way to run an eternal Church, founded by Christ – heck, it wouldn’t be a way to run a Jack in the Box, or anything else.

But enjoy your beating, all the same. Seriously, we must not let this get to us, make us angry (which is why I try to keep some wry humor at all times), or take our peace away. If it does any of the above, it is vital to pull back and just focus on our own sanctity.  Don’t let the pope or anyone else ruin your day, or, God forbid, sin!  I know it’s hard and we feel heart-broken and angry, but at this point I think we know what we’re dealing with and it may be best just to go into a shell and ignore all this stuff – if it is really bothering you.  However, to offer up these sufferings for the good of the Church and our souls would be a glorious response, which I strongly encourage.