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Local pro-life news: 40 Days for Life starts, HB2 under trial again September 25, 2014

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So, Forty Days for Life got started yesterday in the Diocese of Dallas and around the country yesterday on the Commemoration of Our Lady of Ransom.  You can sign up for vigil time outside mills at the Dallas 40 Days for Life website.

If you wonder why there are still so many mills to pray outside, that is because the same leftist Austin judge (Yeakel) who has constantly struck down pro-life laws on flimsy pretexts (almost always having his decisions overturned on appeal), declared the provisions of 2013’s HB2 requiring all abortion mills to meet minimum health and safety standards verboten. The decision was appealed to the 5th Circuit, which heard arguments September 12.  A final decision has not yet been made.  It is important to note that the 3 judge panel on every federal circuit court changes over time – the judges rotate in and out of assignments.  The current 3-judge panel is not as favorable to pro-life concerns as previous ones that have upheld all aspects of HB2 that have been appealed to the circuit thus far.  The current panel features one solid pro-life conservative female Bush 43 appointee, one leftist Obama appointee, and 1 Reagan appointee.  The matter of whether the ambulatory surgery center requirements will be upheld appears to be in his hands, and his behavior during arguments two weeks ago seem to indicate he could go either way.  As usual, an incredibly important judiciary decision which will either uphold or overturn the popular will, amounting to often usurping the supposedly sacrosanct democratic process, will come down to the opinion of just one man, peering into his magic eight ball in his pointed hat with crescent moons and stars on it.

A decision is expected any day.  Please pray that HB2 is upheld and the court rules that the ambulatory surgery requirements – absolutely minimal health and safety requirements mills have been able to avoid for decades – can be implemented immediately.  There is some speculation the court may uphold the requirements but give mills several more years to implement them.  They won’t, it will just allow the many shady mills like Routh Street and Robinson’s to stay open longer.  If HB2 is upheld and allowed to be implemented now, Routh Street and Robinson’s are expected to close immediately and Dallas will be left with two mills – Curtis Boyd’s Southwest Women’s abattoir on Greenville and the new Planned Barrenhood super-murder center in, where else?, south Dallas.

It is also doubted the Supreme Court would hear any of these cases, so the 5th Circuit’s decision will likely be final.

Oh, by the way, notorious pro-abort Ruth Vader Ginsburg has confirmed, yet again, what a vicious eugenicist she is.  You might pray for her conversion, too.

Circuit Court Judge, deciding case

Circuit Court Judge, deciding case


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