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Stay close to Our Lady at the foot of the Cross! September 30, 2014

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In these times of trial, as the priest says below, deeper and deeper into the passion of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church, we must stay close to Our Lady.  Only those who stay close to Our Lady will be saved.  In these times of so much suffering and confusion, where else will Our Lady be found but at the foot of the Cross?  Wherever She may be, cling to Our Lady, as Saint Alphonsus, Saint Thomas Aquinas, and Saint Francis de Sales and many others have said, strong devotion to Our Lady is an moral necessity for salvation.  And if that be true, how can many outside literal, visible communion with the Church be saved?

Our Blessed Lady, Saint Alphonsus, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Francis de Sales, have mercy on us.  Pray for us and for our Holy Mother the Church.


Pope Leo speaks to the Extraordinary Synod on Marriage and the Family, Mark II September 30, 2014

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Great minds think alike?  I just posted a little excerpt from Pope Leo XIII, whose comments are as relevant to the upcoming Synod as any I’ve seen from any prelate in the Church in the past 2 years.  Lo and behold, I stroll over to FideCogitActio, and I find he’s also posted from a different encyclical by Pope Leo material which is also highly relevant to doctrinal issues being forced in the Church today. It does not redound to my charity, but I cannot help thinking that this sudden “crisis” regarding adultery, re-marriage, divorce, non-annulment, and all the rest, matters which have been addressed repeatedly in the past 50 years at the highest level, and which are the result of failures to proclaim many truths believed by the Church, is simply the work of a narrow and self-interested cabal – just as it was in Pope Leo’s day.  As Ecclesiasticus says, there is nothing new under the sun (emphasis in original, I and comments):

“The Church … has done nothing with greater zeal and endeavour than she has displayed in guarding the integrity of the faith. Hence she regarded as rebels and expelled from the ranks of her children all who held beliefs on any point of doctrine different from her own. … ‘There can be nothing more dangerous than those heretics who admit nearly the whole cycle of doctrine, and yet by one word, as with a drop of poison, infect the real and simple faith taught by our Lord and handed down by Apostolic tradition’ (Auctor Tract. de Fide Orthodoxa contra Arianos). [Exactly.  And the Church has suffered horrible wounds, historically, for that defense of Doctrine, because it was the defense of Divine Truth.  But today, it seems fewer and fewer are concerned about things like divinely revealed Truth, and only care about getting along, palling around, cocktail soirees at 5-star resorts, endless ecumenical confabs, and all the other attractions the world holds out for those who will only turn their backs on Jesus Christ.]

“The practice of the Church has always been the same, as is shown by the unanimous teaching of the Fathers, who were wont to hold as outside Catholic communion, and alien to the Church, whoever would recede in the least degree from any point of doctrine proposed by her authoritative Magisterium. … [As I said in the previous post, this is not complex stuff.  It is only (OK, primarily) since the ill-wind of aggiornamento started blowing that doctrine suddenly became so convoluted, nuanced, and difficult to comprehend.  Luther, Arius, and other arch-heretics also loved nuance and shades of grey.]

“Wherefore, from the very earliest times the fathers and doctors of the Church have been accustomed to follow and, with one accord to defend this rule. Origen writes: ‘As often as the heretics allege the possession of the canonical scriptures, to which all Christians give unanimous assent, they seem to say: “Behold the word of truth is in the houses.” But we should believe them not and abandon not the primary and ecclesiastical tradition. We should believe not otherwise than has been handed down by the tradition of the Church of God’ (Vetus Interpretatio Commentariorum in Matt. n. 46).”

I could not agree more.  I post this as  yet another reminder that timeless truths are being called into question, or swept under the rug in the name of “pastoral” sensitivity – but is it sensitive to admit individuals in a manifest state of public mortal sin to receive the Blessed Sacrament?  This question can only be answered two ways, and it all comes down to the same narrow, exclusive claims the Church has always made, because it is the Truth: that Jesus Christ is God Incarnate, that He revealed how we are to live, that we will be judged according to our lives, and that we will face an eternity of either Heaven or hell.  I simply cannot comprehend how anyone can doubt, call into question, or seek to evade any of the Truths always held by the Church unless they reject one of those four core truths listed above.  And I think anyone who is a thinking, praying Catholic knows that the excuses peddled for shucking Doctrine for the sake of pastoral expediency are just that, excuses, and they will not result in any great flood of souls into the Church, but will only result in more falling away, less respect for the Church and Her beliefs, less of that cherished “relevancy,” and more and more ruin.

Maybe this is getting tiresome.  I don’t say the above just to complain, but in the fervent hope that someone, somewhere is listening. I know my many good readers listen, but, we laity don’t have a great deal of say.  And I feel it necessary to counter all the error emanating from some very high places.  I have heard it said, that it takes 15 words to utter some heresy, and 15,000 words to refute it.  Well, there you go.

The core point is, there is a religion being pushed that is not that which was held by great popes like Leo XIII, and Blessed Pius IX, and Saint Pius X, and Gregory XVI, and so many others.  I will not shut my big trap or pounding fingers  until that false, erroneous religion is defeated.

Pope Leo XIII speaks to the Synod…… September 30, 2014

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……and, quite possibly, the current Bishop of Rome.   Pope Leo XIII wrote in his 1899 encyclical to the American episcopate, Testem Benevolentiae, denouncing the heresy of Americanism, the following bit below.  Reading it again last night, I was struck by how much the “new problems” afflicting the Church, of huge swaths of the world being lost in sin and demands to contradict Doctrine in practice if not directly in order to somehow “excuse” the inexcusable, are not new at all.  They are in fact the same old temptations the Church has always faced to please men and not God.  Pope Leo was countering a grave problem he saw in the late 19th century US episcopate, that of indifference and a tendency to reduce the Church to an inoffensive worldly do-good society.  Unfortunately, Pope Leo’s denunciation of widespread problems in the US hierarchy were ignored then and more or less openly repudiated later on, so that by the mid-20th century many bishops in the US were  proclaiming their indifferentist beliefs and tacit rejection of rather large swaths of Doctrine.

Fast forward 115 years from when it was written, I think we can plainly see that the warnings were not heeded, the errors not addressed, and now the errors, even the openly promoted heresy, has spread like a cancer to include vast swaths of timeless, constant Church belief, up to an including solemnly defined Dogmas.  But I am poor and ineloquent, it is far better to let Pope Leo speak for himself (I add emphasis and comments):

…..For they [the Americanists, still very much with us today] contend that it is opportune, in order to work in a more attractive way upon the wills of those who are not in accord with us, to pass over certain heads of doctrines, as if of lesser moment, or to so soften them that they may not have the same meaning which the Church has invariably held.  Now, Beloved Son, [This encyclical was addressed quite specifically, and pointedly, at Cardinal Gibbons, who, whatever his merits, had pushed the idea of national conferences and episcopal agitation for social concerns] few words are needed to show how reprehensible is the plan that is thus conceived, if we but consider the character and origin of the Doctrine which the Church hands down.  On that point the Vatican Council says: “The doctrine of faith which God has revealed is not proposed like a theory of philosophy which is to be elaborated by the human understanding, but as a divine deposit delivered to the Spouse of Christ to be faithfully guarded and infallibly declared  [It is precisely this sense that is apparently very nearly extinct in the entire, worldwide episcopate today]………That sense of the sacred dogmas is to be faithfully kept which Holy Mother Church has once declared, and is not to be departed from under the specious pretext of a more profound understanding” (Constitution of Catholic Faith, C. IV). [That is, later “understandings” of dogmas cannot be contradicted by later “explanations” or even ‘pastoral applications.” REALLY, THIS STUFF IS NOT VERY HARD!]

……Far be it, then, for any one to diminish or for any reason whatever to pass over anything of this divinely delivered doctrine; whosoever would do so, would rather wish to alienate Catholics from the Church than to bring over to the Church those who dissent from it. [And is this not precisely what has happened in the past 50 years, as millions of spiritually starved Catholics have fallen away, exhausted from a diet of progressive pablum?] Let them return; indeed, nothing is nearer to Our heart; let all those who are wandering far from the sheepfold of Christ return; but let it not be BY any road other than that which Christ has pointed out.

———–End Quote———–

We have sadly had a chance to see, lo these past several decades, just how that kind of softer, “more attractive” presentation of “difficult” Doctrine works out.  Most of the time, it is simply dealt with as mokusatsu, killed with silence, if not relativized into meaningless, innocuous nothingness.  That’s been the case with contraception and fornication, and looks to be spreading to include fake marriage, divorce, blasphemy of the Blessed Sacrament, etc., etc.  “Oh, it’s too hard to talk about X” our bishops living in multi-million dollar mansions say.  “Oh, we will turn people away from the Church,” say the men who have overseen the greatest collapse in Church attendance, vocation rates, donations, you name it in recorded history.  What an utter collapse in authority.

It would be unbelievable if we were not living through it. Catholic bishops being the prime agents of the destruction of Dogma.  For the vast majority of the history of the Church, such would have been unthinkable, a few very notable exceptions aside.

On a lighthearted side note, I cannot tell how great is the temptation I feel to write “Pope Saint Leo XIII.”  I know he hasn’t even a cause, but I have long felt this great pontiff has been ignored and overlooked to our collective shame.  I do very much love and admire this pontiff.  I am really enjoying his biography.


More horrendous heresy from disgraced bishop Conry September 30, 2014

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Via commenter Richard M (thanks), Joseph Shaw, Chairman of the Latin Mass Society has some highly toxic comments from the now disgraced and resigned Bishop Conry of Arundel and Brighton in England.  A couple of things: when one embraces one heresy, many others usually follow.  The Faith is an intricate web, with Dogmas feeding into each other and propagating out into numerous directions, if you will.  So a denial of one “small” Dogma will inexorably lead to the denial of others.  Secondly, I will reiterate the statements I’ve read from Aquinas, Liguori, and other great Doctors: private sin always drives public heresy.  It was true with Luther, with Henry VIII, with Pelagius, and it’s true with the shameful former bishop Conry.  These comments were given in an interview with the conservativish Catholic Herald in 2008.  You can see how the personal sins were already leading Conry to embrace all manner of highly destructive errors, especially those regarding the 6th and 9th Commandments:

On Contraception
But is the teaching itself wrong? “It could be. It’s not an infallible teaching.  Clearly the basic Creed formula, what the Church teaches about the sacraments is infallible but there’s only been one strictly infallible statement.” [What?  “There’s only been one strictly infallible statement?” Ever?  Or with regard to contraception?  Isn’t one enough?!?  And I would say the vast majority of orthodox theologians would posit that the Church’s constant belief and teaching on contraception as always and everywhere intrinsically sinful has risen to the level of an infallible Dogma.  Witness the incredibly reductive definition of “infallibility,” one put forth by the highly dangerous, destructive, and erroneous Dr. Rick Gaillardetz, which says anything not proclaimed ex-cathedra is not infallible.  Sure makes it convenient to radically redefine the Faith according to one’s preferred sins, doesn’t it?!?]So in a sense it’s a matter of opinion? “Well, it’s… It is.” [Said the fornicating bishop]

On talking to young people

“You can’t talk to young people about salvation. What’s salvation? What does salvation mean? My eternal soul? You can only talk to young people in young people’s language, really. And if you’re going to talk to them about salvation, the first thing they will understand is saving the planet.” [Another conceit of the leftist illiberal cabal dominating the episcopate: people are stupid compared to them (especially anyone who disagrees with them).  Thus, who can understand concepts taught from the inception of the Church, concepts which literally sold the Faith to billions, converted a huge Empire, and built Western Civilization?  Far from a simple Faith that can be understood by all, this is a faith that requires PhD’s in theology from elite leftist schools and exists in such subtle shades of nuance “little people” can’t possibly understand!  Well, “bishop,” my  7 year old daughter understands two things: people are small and weak, and not nearly so powerful and world-destroying as leftists like to pretend, and she will be judged when she dies, to enter either Heaven or hell for all eternity.  In fact, “young people,” whatever that means, often have a purer faith, and a more clear-cut understanding of things like salvation, than adults with our pretensions of knowledge and baggage cars full of sin.  We like to twist things to our advantage, don’t we, Conry?  But children most often do not.]

And the saddest thing of all, on confession
Is it a good idea to go to Confession regularly? “No, because my own experience when we had Confession every day at St Chad’s Cathedral in Birmingham was that regular penitents came back with exactly the same words week after week. So there you would say, actually, there is no conversion taking place.” [This man is not of the Catholic Faith.  His entire sensibility is alien and even hostile.  It is a great blessing, in reality, he was caught out for the impostor he has always been.  How many others like him?]

You should really go read the entire post by Shaw, if you already haven’t. He explores how bishops leading sinful lives can be manipulated, or manipulate themselves, into embrace of heresy. Blackmail, self-justification, guilt……this is the witches brew which has helped produce the great sexular pagan heresy in the Church, as so many ostensible leaders have fallen into lives of sin and then tried to justify that sin by foisting heresy on the Church.  I do not think we can underestimate just how widespread this phenomenon has been and continues to be.

Lord, have mercy on Your Church.  Please send us the leaders we need, and not those we so deserve.