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Opus Dei in slow descent? October 1, 2014

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Opus Dei has quite a fearsome reputation among non-Catholics.  Perusing any bookstore with a decent (if dominated by progressives) selection of Catholic books will reveal at least a couple volumes comparing Opus Dei to the worst imaginings (for that is what they mostly were) of the Inquisition.  The poor lost soul Dan Brown certainly has had a great deal to do with that, but he selected Opus Dei for its supposedly fiercely orthodox nature to be the “bad guys” in his script because of their already existent reputation.  That is to say, he didn’t make the reputation, it preceded his works.

Opus Dei has generally been known for being “highly” conservative, doctrinally orthodox if solidly post-conciliar, and fervent defenders of the pope.  In fact, that last bit has, over the past few decades, been perhaps their defining characteristic.  It is such a profound characteristic that it has perhaps inspired priests in the order to bend over backwards to excuse actions that have troubled many faithful Catholics. Keep that last bit in mind as this post develops.

My own experience with Opus Dei has been limited if troubling.  There has been a proto-apostolate of Opus Dei in Dallas for a number of years.  I attended one of their meetings. It was in that meeting that the elder of the two priests, leading the discussion, proceeded to totally minimize some of Pope Saint John Paul II’s more disconcerting actions, like kissing the koran, and conveyed his belief that there are just scads and scads of people saved outside the Church.  There was another point that scandalized me, as well, but I can’t quite recall what it was (I recalled, last night at Mass – who says Grace doesn’t work! – he said there was nothing wrong with Assisi I and that it’s perfectly great to have buddhists offer their…whatever……on a Catholic altar).  Suffice it to say, I left the meeting somewhat less than impressed. I did not go back

I know other folks who have been involved in Opus Dei, and I got the impression from them that there has been a definite “drift,” to use a term of the day, away from the more orthodox views of the founder Saint Jose Marie Escriva, and towards a sensibility more in tune with the current outlook of most of the leadership in the Church.  That is to say, towards liberalism, and away from “conservatism” or hardcore defense of timeless beliefs.

In fact, I got a very small, possibly unintentional data point to that effect in a brief conversation with a man at my parish just this past weekend.  Then I saw this at Rorate, and my concerns over hyper-montanism in the Church ratcheted up yet another small notch (I add emphasis and comments):

In an article entitled “Life and the right to life are relative truths,” published in his blog “Nuptials of God” [Nupcias de Dios], the priest Joan Carreras, promoter of the “Catholic Bloggers with the Pope” initiative, and member of the Prelature of the Opus Dei, said that, “the stubborn defense of the right to life as if it were an absolute truth is not a realistic attitude and therefore is not based on the Gospel. It is plain and simple ideology.” The priest asserts that, “these days we are witnessing fundamentalist attacks on Catholics who exercise their political freedom in good conscience.

Father Joan Carreras starts his article by claiming that “there is only one absolute Catholic truth: ‘God so loved the world that he sent his only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life’ (Jn 3: 16).” [This is an extremely troubling statement. It is first of all quite nebulous.  We also see, once again and certainly in light of the very strong emphases given from the highest level of the Church, an inordinate reduction of the entire Gospel and all the New Testament down to God’s love and mercy.  But God is also our Judge, who will cast out the goats into everlasting fire.  That is entirely forgotten in all this, as is any recognition of sin.]  

He adds: “Other truths – including life and the right to life are relative. This is the only way to prevent the believers from falling into fundamentalism, no matter which.“…….. [Who has ever said the Church’s constant belief regarding the right to life, clear all the way back to New Testament Epistles and the Didache, both from the first century, is fundamentalism?  Who would argue that but a progressive with a major agenda to advance?]

…….He answers: “The explanation is to be found not only in the reality of sin and the darkness of consciousness that it raises, but also in the fact that the stubborn defense of the right to life as if it were an absolute truth is not a realistic attitude and, therefore, is not based on the Gospel. It is plain and simple ideology.“…… [I see in this a very marked tendency to ape the language of the Holy Father, even in the use of certain words.  But I would say this priest has gone well beyond anything the Holy Father has said on the subject, and into Kasperite territory regarding mean old fundy Catholics and enlightened progressives.  I have to wonder where such thoughts are coming from?  Knowing how closely tied Opus Dei has been to various pontificates, especially that of Saint JPII, I have to wonder if this is not the promotion of an opinion coming from someone high in the Curia, using a proxy to argue a ridiculous, unCatholic point?  I pray this is not from anyone in Pope Francis’ inner circle.  But this piece reads to me like something someone was commissioned, if you will, to write.]

……Given the fact that several bishops have indicated that they may not vote in the Spanish political parties represented in Parliament because they do not defend the right to life and are structures of sin, Fr Carreras accused the fundamentalists: “We are witnessing these days fundamentalist attacks on Catholics to exercise their political freedom in good conscience. Other Catholics tell them how they should or should not vote. Or require them to resign from their posts and to relinquish their leadership or activism in those major parties that have given up defending innocent life from the moment of conception until natural death.” [And what is wrong with any of that?  Does sin not exist, Father?  Do you not believe we have a grave duty to counsel others to abstain from sinful activity?  Does “political freedom” mean the freedom to sin without consequence?  What on earth is this?  Is this really Opus Dei?  If so, simply incredible. See how they blow in the wind!  Mind, there probably is a significant local political angle to this (the priest is perhaps desperate to keep the socialists from coming back to power in Spain) but even so, this is way, way beyond the pale.  It is almost unhinged.]

————-End Quote————–

I haven’t much time left today (sorry, I am crazy busy right now), but I find the above simply incredible.  Either this priest is a bizarre outlier or we are witnessing a kind of ultra ultra montanism that is becoming postively deranged.  I find it positively wicked, this constant attempt to pit Doctrine against Doctrine, all in the service of progressive politico-cultural agendas and, perhaps, perceptions of what is desired at the highest level of the Church.  What is this?  “God so loved the world that He finds no problem with people casting votes for baby-murderers?”  Defense of life is now an “ideology?”  Look in the mirror, Father!

It is amazing how quickly people and organizations are switching sides.  It certainly seems like a message has gotten out, perhaps not to us pewsitters but to those in positions of influence.  That message is very, very consistent, and it is equally troubling.  It is simply flabbergasting what is going on.   As Rorate notes, who would imagine that we would see Opus Dei priests be indistinguishable from the most liberal Jesuits.

Wow.  Are we in for it.  As that priest said yesterday in the video I posted, “we are deep into the Passion of the Msytical Body of Christ, the Church.”  Indeed.  I fear there is no bottom to what we may have to go through in the next decade or so.  It’s 1969 all over again.

Pray.  Stay close to Our Lady!

I guess my initial appraisal of Opus Dei was more accurate than I knew.






1. Thomas Syseskey - October 1, 2014

Also, two Opus Dei bishops have had special “apostolic visitations” (read “investigations”). One, Rogelio Livieres of Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, has been removed for “serious pastoral’ (read “vague”) reason such as being “uncollegial” with his fellow Paraguayan bishops. The visitation for the other bishop, Robert Finn of Kansas City, Missouri, just finished with no reults or further action yet but nebulous questions asked about (not to) him such as “Do you think he is fit to be a leader?”

2. Pseudodionysius - October 2, 2014

I have a standing policy to avoid any group that sprung up in the post conciliar world — and I include Opus Dei in that — because the gravitational pull of the post conciliar revolutionary vortex will inhale everything and everyone in its path.

3. Baseballmom - October 2, 2014

When I heard that the new Archbishop for Los Angeles was OD I was quite excited…. Then I heard him say that immigration was the greatest moral issue facing the Church in America….. Barf.

4. Brian G - October 2, 2014

THE 38 volume Church Father set for free online reading

Tantumblogo - October 2, 2014

Yes, thank you, but some of us don’t like reading books online.

5. Anonymous - October 2, 2014

Just a year ago when the FI debacle was getting started they quoted an O.D. theologian in Rome at their Universtiy defending the intervention with some sophistry and now the O.D. just prior to the Synod were allowed an important Beatification as in wink, wink, we did this favor for you so now go about your work and be silent. In other words, they won’t say squat if Doctrine is changed.

6. TLM - October 2, 2014

Yep, correct…..1969 all over again. You could see this coming, oh…..about the time Pope Francis was elected…….strangely

7. skeinster - October 2, 2014

A prayer request-
As some of you may know, our youngest was in a bad car wreck late last year, as a result of which she has vision loss and a bad Anxiety Disorder.
She is attempting to fly out of state to visit her oldest friend today (Oct. 2), and we really need this to not join the list of things she can no longer do.
So prayers for a safe journey and an uneventful trip through the airport would be most appreciated.

Thanks, good people.

Baseballmom - October 2, 2014

Praying for your daughter. May her guardian angel guard her….

A Mom - October 2, 2014


maggycast - October 2, 2014

Praying for her. If she is experiencing anxiety, stay away from benzos and all psych drugs…they only make things MUCH worse long term. Put her on a 100% organic diet (NO sugar), add Magnesium (calming supp), and get her to a good Christ centered counselor to fight back against her fears. God has a plan for her…He is with her every step of the way. Give her a hug for me:+) ((hug)) God bless~

8. Cardinal Burke asks for prayers for Synod | A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics - October 2, 2014

[…]  There is Kasper using the term fundamentalism in the last week of September, and a few days later, we have it used again by a well-connected Opus Dei priest. […]

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