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Obama targeting conservatives by sending Ebola to Dallas? October 2, 2014

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Just thought I’d start a conspiracy theory. But seriously, why on earth hasn’t travel from these West African locales, always so poverty stricken and problematic under the best of conditions, been stopped, yet?  And it seems Obama has no intention of stopping such travel?

It seems there might be another infected person in Honolulu.  But here in Dallas, over the course of about 60 hours, the number of people exposed to this deadly disease has exploded from 1, to 5, to 18, and now to over 120, including an ambulance and crew who may have come into contact with Lord knows how many others.

It actually would make a good conspiracy theory, but I fear this is simply another conspiracy of incompetence from the least prepared, least experienced, but most arrogant and self-satisfied President in US history, and the bureaucracy he has helped transform into a self-interested politicized cabal of nincompoops.

Don’t say I never give  you any reasons to pray!

On the plus side, it’s raining cats and dogs, which is desperately needed but generally disapproved of by the cats and dogs themselves.  At our house, this is the first significant rain we’ve gotten in over 2 months.  May it be the first of many.  Yesterday, Oct 1 it was 95, more than a bit above normal even for Dallas.



1. steve - October 2, 2014

Should Bishop Farrell lead a Procession throughout the streets of Dallas in response to the ebola virus having entered our area?

Parishes of the Dallas Diocese could follow suit.

Let us recall the holy success of Pope Saint Gregory The Great’s Procession in response to the plague that had spread throughout Rome.

I also wonder whether Bishop Farrell will suspend certain liturgical practices…shaking hands during the sign of peace…in response to the ebola virus?

Tantumblogo - October 2, 2014

You know, I thought about bringing this up, but decided not to. Very good points, I would like to know what the response will be? Withholding the Chalice? No more EMHCs (lol)? Ban Communion all together?

2. MFG - October 2, 2014

The incident might be an opportunity to embarrass Perry, but how realistic is it for the U.S. government to conspire against a domestic political opponent by encouraging some random African who happened to be in touch with Ebola victims to visit family in Texas in an effort to hurt this opponent(s). Not sure if that has legs but stranger things have happened.

Secondly, I think the idea of a procession would be great.

3. Chad - October 3, 2014

Procession would be a lovely response.

For all I can advocate hope at times, has America reached the point, like Canaan and Israel, where disease and famine will proceed war for their religious harlotry?

Ugh. Prayers to do. So much prayers

4. discipleofthedumbox - October 3, 2014

Yet another reason for Texas to go independent. We would be able to control our own borders and deny entry for this sort of hazard to Texans’ health and not have to rely on the incompetency of our federal system in this regard.

5. Dismas - October 4, 2014

Tantum, your tongue-in-cheek question provides a segue into another topic.

In cases like this the coercive power of public health authorities becomes visible – that of quarantine in order to isolate and prevent the spread of disease.

Exercised as it is intended to be, this legal power of quarantine is divorced from political considerations.

It should not be hard for readers as erudite as your own to come up with a great example of a deadly infectious disease where this power of quarantine was eschewed by public health authorities locally, nationally and internationally, resulting in an ongoing epidemic that has claimed millions of lives.

So, kiddos, what would that disease be, and does anyone have any guesses as to why authorities suddenly acted against their own nature?

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