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Stop dressing our little girls like @#$%s! October 2, 2014

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, Domestic Church, family, foolishness, General Catholic, horror, sadness, scandals, secularism, sickness, Society.

So my wife wanted to do a post on this development.  As the mother of five daughters, most of them very tall but slender for their ages, she has always had a very hard time finding appropriate, modest clothes for them. I say with no shame whatsoever, we buy most of our girl’s clothes at used shops……they seem to be the only place that have long skirts!  It gets worse as they get older – while there are dresses made (especially for Christmas/Easter) for little girls (<12), once they hit their teens its just skimpy city.  And when your daughter is 6′, it’s even harder.

But my wife has really done a very good job of buying both used and new to keep our young ladies and girls looking very smart indeed.  I’m sure it’s a problem all good Catholic moms struggle with.

Well, a mommy blogger was at Target recently and got pretty irate over the ludicrously revealing clothes being offered for even toddlers and kindergartners.  She did a post and while I can’t really recommend her very secular blog, it seems she may have gotten some results.  Apparently that post got picked up by some major news sites, and got the attention of Target management.  They claim they are listening to this blogger’s concerns, and those of the many frustrated commenters, and may change what they offer for little girls in particular.  I kind of got the impression the mom wasn’t so concerned about older girls wearing daisy dukes and tight tops, which is when it really becomes a problem.  But that’s the world we are in today.

A few examples from the blog of what they are selling:

What four year old shouldn't give gratuitous crotch shots?

What four year old shouldn’t give gratuitous crotch shots?


Meant for 7 yo's, inappropriate at any age

Meant for 7 yo’s, inappropriate at any age

So, moms (and dads?), maybe your clothes shopping will be slightly less difficult in the future, but I tend to doubt things will improve, much.  These stores stock this stuff because it sells.  While there may be niche markets they are losing (like us), this is what most people want for their kids.


1. Tim - October 2, 2014

Girls and women should not wear pants….period….most especially shorts. Read “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue”. It’s a real eye opener!

Tantumblogo - October 2, 2014

Ummm, maybe make some excerpts from your second comment. I in general have a ban on super-long comments.

Otherwise, I think there can be some limited exceptions that general rule. My girls never wear pants but they do play soccer and they don’t play in skirts. I don’t know that it’s more modest for a woman to ride a horse side saddle in a skirt than in pants.

Tim - October 2, 2014

Sorry for the length, but I don’t want little “snipits” that can be taken out of context on such an important issue. My daughter rides horses and only in a skirt. Girls can play sports in skirts it has been done in the past without problems.

Lorra - October 2, 2014

Tim, I agree with you, but I am sure you know that most traditionals have made concessions in this regard, even in those chapels where you would least expect it.

As for these “fashions” for innocent children, they are disgraceful. They are disgraceful at any age.

With all the talk these days about “dignity”, I’ve never seen less of it. Especially with females.

Tim Thunell - October 2, 2014

Yes, there are plenty of hypocritical trads out there. And don’t forget the pseudotrads that like Latin Masses but embrace Novus Ordo theology. Spiritual schizophrenia.

Tantumblogo - October 2, 2014

I think prudence should rule in all situations.

So where do you stand on makeup and hair for women?

Lorra - October 2, 2014

You know, Tantum, I am not going to post here anymore. I have noticed the past while an attitude from you towards me.

So, I take my leave and wish you well.

Tim - October 3, 2014

My “stand” on makeup and hair are worthless straw…however here are some thoughts from Church Fathers who’s “stands” have much more weight than mine(I trimmed this down as best I could to try to comply with your wish not to have super-long comments):

It is enough for women to protect their locks and bind up their hair simply along the neck with a plain hair-pin, nourishing chaste locks with simple care to true beauty. – Clement of Alex., 2.286

A woman should not be adorned in a worldly fashion …. “Let your women be such as down themselves with shamefacedness and modesty, not with twisted hair, nor with gold, nor with pearls, or precious garments.” – Cyprian 5.544

Silly women who dye their gray hair and anoint their locks, grow speedily grayer by the perfumes they use. For they are of a drying nature – Clement of Alex., 2.255

Neither is the hair to be dyed, nor gray hair to have it’s color changed…Old age, which conciliates trust, is not to be concealed. – Clement of Alex., 2.286

I see some women turn the color of their hair with saffron. They are shamed even of their own nation, ashamed that their birth did not assign them to Germany or to Gaul. To there, as it is, they transfer their hair. Ill, most ill, do they predict for themselves with their flame-colored head… God says, “Who of you can make a white hair black, or out of a black a white?” And so they refute the Lord! They say, “Behold! Instead of white or black, we make it yellow.” – Tertullian, 4.21

If you feel no shame at the enormity of (wearing a wig), feel some at the pollution. You should fear that you may be fitting on a holy and Christian head the excess of someone else’s head – perhaps unclean, perhaps guilty and destined to Gehenna – Tertullian, 4.21.22

You dye your hair, so that it will always be black…but these things are not necessary for modest women – Commodianus, 4.214

By no means are women to be allowed to uncover and exhibit any part of their bodies, lest both fall – the men by being incited to look, and the women by attracting to themselves the eyes of men – Clement of Alex., 2.246

Those who glory in their looks – not in their hearts – dress to please others – Clement of Alex., 2.273

But self-control and modesty do not consist only in purity of the flesh, but also in seemliness and in modesty of dress and adornment – Cyprian, 5.431

He takes away anxious care for clothes, food, and all luxuries as being unnecessary. What are we to imagine, then, should be said about love of embellishments, the dyeing of wool, and the variety of colors? What should we said about the love of gems, exquisite working of god, and still more, of artificial hair and wreathed curls? Furthermore, what should be said about staining the eyes, plucking out the hairs and painting with rouge and white lead, dyeing of the hair, and the wicked arts that are employed in such deceptions? – Clement of Alex., 2.272

If anyone where to refer to these women as prostitutes, he would make no mistake. For they turn their faces into masks. – Clement of Alex., 2.274

What does God think of spurious beauty, rejecting utterly as He does all falsehood? – Clement of Alex., 2.274

For those women sin against God when they rub their skin with ointments, stain their cheeks with rouge, and make their eyes prominent with antimony. To them, I suppose, the artistic skill of God is displeasing – Tertullian, 4.20

Both sexes alike should be admonished that they work of God and His fashioning and formation should in no manner be adulterated – either with e application of yellow color, black dust, rouge, or with any kind of cosmetic…God says “let us make man in our image and likeness.” Does anyone dare to alter and change what God has made?” – Cyprian, 5.434.

Tantumblogo - October 2, 2014

Tim, I’d like to help you out, but that was still around 1000 words. Maybe pick a few favorites and post those.

Tantumblogo - October 2, 2014

Check that, make it almost 2000 words. That won’t get through.

Tim Thunell - October 2, 2014

Why is the length an issue? If Cardinal Siri has something to say on the matter it should be read in it’s entirety. Do you fear something he has to say?

2. Baseballmom - October 2, 2014

I stopped shopping at Target when they ran an ad celebrating sodomite “marriage.” That said, God blessed me with 7 boys and a princess… So did not have to deal too much with this. Though I know my granddaughters are going to struggle with this…

3. Marc - October 2, 2014

My wife took the opportunity to attend some sewing classes. Problem solved in many cases esp as one of my daughters is getting tall too.

Time and sacrifice yes, no doubt, but my wife really loves it.

Lynne - October 3, 2014

The girls should learn to sew too. It’s really not that difficult for basic stuff. They used to teach it in school (yes, I know, I’m dating myself).

Marc - October 3, 2014

Agreed! My wife has been teaching them from what she learned. Latest project for my oldest (13) was a running skirt for a couple of local pro-life 5Ks.

Tantumblogo - October 3, 2014

My wife does sew many clothes, but there is only so much time. She’s made all their First Communion and Confirmation dresses, many sets (for all 5 girls) for Christmas and Easter, swimwear, veils.

Her website:


Marc - October 3, 2014

I’ve seen that site. It would appear our wives are on the same page.

Lynne - October 3, 2014

Good on both your wives!

discipleofthedumbox - October 3, 2014

Exactly. Back when they actually taught practical and useful things.

TG - October 3, 2014

I took it in school and didn’t learn to sew. It was frustrating and it made my back hurt. I think that’s the first time I got a back ache. My sister and I still laugh so hard that we cry over the skirt I made. I think sewing is a talent that not everyone has. I would like to learn but the terminology alone and putting thread in the sewing machine is too much for me. I can handle sew by hand and fix a hem that’s come undone. That’s about it.

4. David L Alexander - October 3, 2014


What, you have a problem using the word “skunks”? That’s not a cuss word. A bit pedestrian, yes. The faintest hint of ribaldry, perhaps. But what other word it there?

David L Alexander - October 3, 2014

That’s “S-K-A-N-K-S.” Darn this autocorrect!

Tantumblogo - October 3, 2014

I was thinking sluts, but…..

5. bigfred42 - October 3, 2014

Billy Ray Cyrus and Bruce Jenner pimped out their daughters and the world showered everybody involved with adoration and money. The celebrated teen skanks become the role models for the younger girls.

Madonna sold children’s books. Porn actress Kim Kardashian has a clothing line for children.

6. TG - October 3, 2014

I agree but if you look hard, you can find modest clothing for little girls or women. I find them for my granddaughter. I’m at odds with a lot of you on pants though. I wear pants to work and I work in an office. I don’t wear pantsuits because that is manish and I look like a little man. However, wearing feminine shirts or tops that are modest with slacks doesn’t seem sinful to me. I do wear skirts and dresses to Mass and once or twice a week to work. I just don’t agree that women can’t wear pants. If they are tight and immodest, then they shouldn’t wear them. A dress or a skirt can show your shape too unless you put a sack over yourself. I know that traditionalists don’t like because one website even said Catholic women shouldn’t have short hair or color it. I color my hair, wear it mid length and wear makeup. I think I do it as a favor to everybody. It reminds me of joke I heard from a priest – a women confesses she has sinned because she is vain and wears makeup. The priest said it wasn’t a sin because charity for her neighbor. So that’s how I see it.

Tim - October 3, 2014
David - October 4, 2014

TG, I think you are on the right track. I do note that several nice women (both single and married) between 20 and 45 (many on the upper age lend do look younger than 45) who do dress modestly, and look feminine and tasteful. A woman can dress modestly without looking “frumpy”. One female friend I have wears decent dresses that are properly cut, and are a modest length. Some makeup is fine, but don’t put it on like paint.

I will say that in the professional working world, some professions make it difficult for a woman to wear a skirt or a dress. I know an attractive female physical therapist who likes to wear dresses (she will for Mass or for a social event), but her profession requires her to spend time on the floor, so at work she wears pants. Also, when it is really cold outside (and some offices keep the air conditioner low in the summertime) a woman may feel more comfortable wearing pants.

Hear are some fashions I don’t like to see (and I don’t consider myself an old man):

Tatoos (both men and women)
Body piercings (both men and women)
Jeans that are really faded with holes in them (both men and women)
Baseball caps indoors (both men and women)
Pants without belts (both men and women)
T-shirts with four letter words, advertisements for certain places of business, etc.
Leggings (girls, these are probably OK with a long sweater or a dress, but please, they are not pants)
Cami-type tops (OK if worn as an undershirt, but not by themselves)
Capris (well, not in the workplace – I had a lady co-worker who would show up regularly in capris, sandals, and a cami – if I was her boss I would have sent her home to get at least jeans and a top with sleeves)
Low rise pants or jeans (I’ve heard the 1980’s style jeans are coming back, so this fashion faux paux may be going away. Some women wear a cami with these pants to make up for the low-rise)
Underwear visible from the outside (both men and women, except for certain superheroes)
Black shoes with white socks (you might be mistaken for an undercover police officer)

At many public secondary schools, I’ve heard that the daughters begin to dress better when their fathers get involved. The fathers are smart enough to know what the boys are thinking when their daughters dress immodestly. Many of the mothers with high school age daughters happen to look at the smaller fabrics just as “fashion” and they want their daughter to “fit in”. When fathers say, “your not wearing that”, that means something.

I’ve also noticed at my parish (and another neighboring parish) that two pastors wrote up something about “church etiquette” and within the following months, it seemed like people took a little extra time to dress for Mass. We need more of this from the leadership.

TG - October 6, 2014

And they call me the “fashion police” . Just kidding. I agree with a lot of your suggestions except capris. In summer, I am hot. Capries can be dressy like slacks and I wear them at work. No one has sent me home. I don’t wear them with flip flops or spaghetti strap tops. I just think common sense is required to be modest. Many women even older ones have lost that sense. I also think we can go to the extreme of being puritans or muslims.

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