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Good news on the local pro-life front October 3, 2014

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I posted last week that a major provision of Texas House Bill 2, passed with great controversy in summer 2013, had been derailed pending a decision by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  The provision in question was the requirement for abortion mills to meet minimal health and safety requirements associated with other ambulatory surgery centers.  The fact that mills across the nation have not had to meet such requirements, which have resulted in horror- and filth-filled abattoirs like Kermit Gosnell’s, is an enormous scandal.  But the abortion industry and its religious supporters in the demonrat party have long fought to keep mills from having to meet those requirements, knowing they would eat so far into the abortionist’s bottom line that many would give up the practice.  And that is exactly what has unfolded in Texas, with a large number of mills formerly open in the state already closed due to this and other provisions of  HB2.  But this provision was a very key one, one that was expected to result in the closure of most mills, or, at the least, the termination (to use a term they like so much) of the butchery in most of them.

Well, late yesterday, the Fifth Circuit struck down a lower court’s ruling barring the implementation of the health and safety standard (made by a reliably leftist Austin judge). I am told that as a result of this decision, the only mills performing abortions in the Dallas Diocese will be the new Planned Barrenhood supercenter in South Dallas (continuing their long history of blatant racism), and Curtis Boyd’s Southwest Women’s Baby Murder Factory (TM).  In the DFW metroplex, there will be one more, Planned Barrenhood in Fort Worth.  So, the area will have gone from 7 to 3 mills as a result of HB2, a major advance. Unfortunately, Planned Barrenhood’s new facility will probably be large enough, and have enough abortionists, to meet the large local demand.  And, the abortionists have gotten smarter, it will be almost impossible to counsel women at both Southwest and PB’s new place, due to clever arrangements regarding parking and access.  I understand PB may build a tall fence to keep pro-lifers from even seeing people coming and going from the mill.  Of course, it might also be to hide the usual bloody condition of women leaving mills, as we’ve seen many times outside Robinson’s mill.

So, some good news, tempered with the knowledge that abortion will remain around, even as it becomes less available. It is likely HB2 will result in the saving a good number of lives.

What next for pro-life legislation in Texas?  I don’t know, but hopefully there will be more legislation moved forward in the next session.  Statewide, HB2 will result in well more than half of all mills closing.  Vast swaths of the state will now not have a mill within hundreds of miles.  It will be interesting to see how this develops.

And please pray!  That is the only way we will ever see this constant sacrifice to satan of God’s creative miracle finally stopped.


1. discipleofthedumbox - October 7, 2014

What’s next for pro-life legislation? I would like to think it would be the drawing up of a referendum for Texas independence. Short of that, HB2 and all other pro-life legislation is at risk by the hands of our federal overlords and the Texan sheople who perpetuate the idea of ‘one nation, indivisible’.

2. KathiBee - October 8, 2014

Just when you thought it all looked good:



Pro-aborts going to the SCOTUS to ask for a temporary block of the new law b/c it presents an “undue burden” for abortion-minded women. Justice Scalia has called for a response from state officials by noon Thursday.

Stay tuned……………..

Tantumblogo - October 8, 2014

Well Scalia has already decided in favor of the state at least once in response to HB2. Based on that response – a decision allowing the law to remain in effect pending any appeal to the Supreme Court – Planned Barrenhood declined to appeal. I don’t know what they’ll do in this case.

Karen Garnett of Dallas CPLC had a press release Saturday that said that if this provision of HB2 remains in effect, 28 of 35 mills in the state will have shut down as a result. Only 7 mills in the entire state will be left, with most of those concentrated in Houston and DFW. There will be one mill in Austin and one in south Texas, I think. Or it may just be Dallas, Houston, and Austin.

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