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Make close friends with your guardian angel October 3, 2014

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Yesterday was the 3rd Class Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels.  While some might scoff, our guardian angels are great protectors and aids to us who can have an enormously beneficial influence on our natural and supernatural lives.  When I read the hymn below last night from Vespers, I thought it communicated some important concepts: the reality of constant spiritual warfare, our angel’s ability to move us towards virtue if we cooperate a little with the angel and Grace, protection from natural calamities of all kinds, a constant source of aid and companionship for us in this sometimes lonely travail.  Like Our Lady, our guardian angels are always there to be our advocate and helper.  So pray to your guardian angel frequently, and seek their aid.  They are there specifically to help you attain Heaven!  And they can do so much more besides.

The hymn sung in plain chant, translation from Baronius Press Latin/English Breviary below:

We sing of the Angels, guardians of men, that the heavenly Father has given as an additional help to our weak nature that it may not yield to enemies ever ready to attack.

For since the traitor Angel fell headlong to his destruction and was rightly deprived of the honors that once were his, he has been on fire with envy and endeavoring to hurl to their destruction those that God is inviting to Heaven.

Therefore fly to us here, ever-watchful guardian, and ward off from the land entrusted to your care all spiritual illness and everything that denies its people peace of soul.

Loving praise be forever given to the Holy Trinity, whose power rules the threefold fabric of the world and whose glory and kingdom lasts for all eternity.




1. TG - October 3, 2014

My guardian angel helped me last night when the electricity was out for 1.5 hours. However, he didn’t help me find my candle lighter and neighter did St. Anthony. I had to pray a Memorare prayer and right after I found it. I think my guardian angel just wanted to give her the honor. The guardian angels of my daughter and husband also protected them as they drove in the storm last night. I’ve learned from Padre Pio to call on my angel for help. It works.

2. steve - October 3, 2014

On the Feast in question, Pope Francis offered traditional teachings in regard to angels.

I haven’t encountered many Traditional Catholic web sites that carried Pope Francis’ teachings in question.

3. TLM - October 3, 2014

Really strange…………this cannot be a coincidence that every time I see an article on certain aspects of the faith that would be beneficial or some devotion that would be benefit us spiritually in these days we are living, I have just recently prior, made a concrete decision to incorporate such into my prayer life……it’s happened soooo many times now, that it’s hard to pass it off as ‘just a coincidence.’ It’s almost become a running joke in my own mind, but I’d rather think it’s the Holy Spirit giving me a ‘heads up.’……or maybe in this case it’s my guardian angel……my poor, abused guardian angel that has had to put up with me all these years. I now thank him profusely and apologize on a daily basis. 🙂

Baseballmom - October 4, 2014

My guardian angel is on Prozac….. My fault… 😉

4. TE - October 4, 2014

I can’t recommend Devotion to the Nine Choirs of Angels by Fr. Henri-Marie Boudin enough as a way to get started in this devotion. There is an English translation available of this 17th century book. You can download the PDF or wait until the paperback is restocked in online stores following a sellout in anticipation of this past week’s feast.

TE - October 4, 2014

Boudon. Autocorrect error in previous post.

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