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An obviously pained Cardinal Burke expresses shock at direction of Synod October 7, 2014

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Mind you, this is from last week, days before the Synod’s opening, but it is quite clear that Cardinal Burke is greatly pained at the Germanic proposal to destroy the moral edifice of the Church by pretending it no sacrilege for those persisting in adulterous unions, with a still valid first marriage, from receiving the Blessed Sacrament.  Based on Father Rosica’s comments today on the proceedings of the Synod, I cannot imagine the pain a man like Cardinal Burke must be experiencing:

I sense a profound sense of betrayal in Burke’s tone and comments.  It was a betrayal of a sacred trust when Kasper and his group leaked the text of the speech he gave to the pre-synod meeting early this year.  It was a betrayal of trust to millions of souls when that text was then taken and trumpeted in the press as a harbinger of massive change in the Church’s unchanging, unchangeable moral Doctrine.  It was a betrayal of trust to fail to correct erroneous representations of Doctrine and supposed “pastoral” means to, in essence, kill Doctrine by pastorally undermining it.  It is a continuing betrayal of souls to tell them that sin is not, or that the Church can somehow wipe away their sin through some pastoral action.  This is the incredible conceit of the progressive faction at this Synod: apparently, they feel so powerful, or have such a dim view of God (if they believe in God at all), that they feel confident that they can dictate to God what is Truth, or tell him to never mind a little sin if it gets in the way of someone always, everywhere feeling oh-so-good about themselves.

When asked what would happen if the Synod did seem, through whatever “pastoral” pretenses I know not, to undermine or even contradict Sacred Doctrine directly from the very Mouth of the Incarnate God Himself, I think it obvious that Cardinal Burke was at an utter loss for words.  He does not know even how to process such an egregiously arrogant act, and I have to admit that neither do I.

It is the very height of heartlessness to tell souls mired in sin that they are doing just fine, to encourage them to heap sin on sin by receiving the Precious Body and Blood of the God-made-man in a state of the most unclean conscience.  It is heartless to pretend to those lost in perversion that they would never be judged by He who judges all for sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance.  It is heartless on so many levels.  The entire moral edifice of the Church is potentially going to be called into question if not deliberately undermined and, practically speaking, obliterated.

On the other hand, and the progressives certainly will not like this – if you are going to destroy the moral edifice of the Church, you lose all of it.  So usury must be just fine, as is “rapacious” capitalism and war for fun and profit. The same bishops who like to apologize for contraceptors, abortionists, fornicators and adulterers may not be too pleased when they are even more ignored when it comes to “social justice” and their other pet left wing take on such.  If it is no sin to receive the Blessed Sacrament while a manifest public adulterer, it must not be a sin to hire someone to murder another and then go contentedly to receive.

Not that I am in favor of any of the above happening, but the Faith is a cohesive whole, and the process of trying to strip away certain disfavored doctrines will inevitably lead to all the rest falling away inexorably by the same bad logic.  Like so many liberal projects, they can pretend all they like that there won’t be terrible unintended consequences from this, even to their own sacred sexular shibboleths, but that won’t keep it from happening.

Then again, chaos may well be the point.  I guess whether such misery and confusion is a feature or a bug depends very much on your point of view.  But if you think it the former, who is your master?

Government moves to target homeschoolers October 7, 2014

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As the left likes to say, never let a crisis go to waste.  While they could not enact any gun-control restrictions in the wake of the Newton, CT shootings by a long time mentally ill man, they can target their next favorite group: those who opt out of the sexular pagan left indoctrination centers public school system by homeschooling their children:

In Connecticut, Governor Dannel P. Malloy’s Sandy Hook Advisory Commission has returned a curious and controversial draft recommendation: the state should increase its oversight of homeschooled children with emotional or behavioral challenges.[Nothing but a foot in the door for state involvement, testing, and oversight of ALL homeschooled children.  Even more, this may be the start of an attempt to make homeschooling so onerous and ineffective that parents give up.  The teachers unions, most in academia, and the left generally view homeschooling as a grave and growing threat to their ability to shape the cultural and political landscapes of the future through left-wing indoctrination in the schools.  They are determined to find a way to crush this growing movement.]  The proposal has outraged the state’s homeschoolers, who, like homeschoolers everywhere, are keenly aware of their sometimes conditional freedoms. In Connecticut, as elsewhere, the law allows parents to homeschool if they choose. But the practice has always been viewed as threatening by left-wing academics, social architects, and teachers’ unions—all well represented on Malloy’s 16-member panel. Sadly, this is only the most recent assault on the rights of Connecticut homeschoolers.

Established to investigate the causes and consequences of the 2012 massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, the Sandy Hook commission issued an interim report last year that nodded appropriately to gun safety, school security, and emergency planning, but made no mention of homeschooling. Now the panel has determined that among the things that went wrong in the run-up to that tragedy was that the killer, Adam Lanza, was homeschooled briefly as a teenager. They are recommending that the state give local officials approval power over parents who wish to homeschool children with social, behavioral, and emotional challenges. “Given the individuals involved in the tragedy that formed the basis of this commission, we believe that it is very germane,” said commissioner Harold I. Schwartz, psychiatrist-in-chief at Hartford Hospital’s Institute of Living. “The facts leading up to this incident support the notion [that there is a] risk in not addressing the social and emotional learning needs of [homeschooled] children.” Schwartz admitted that the commission didn’t have access to Lanza’s school files and medical records. But he maintained that those records would support the commission’s proposals. [So this is nothing but a naked, baseless assertion, informed only by Herr Doktor’s political inclinations.  In fact, as the next paragraph shows, homeschooling had absolutely nothing to do with Lanza’s break with reality. There is much more evidence that psychological/sociological treatment, if anything, harmed more than helped Lanza. In addition, how do these self-anointed experts know children outside their control are not being helped or treated in some other way?  Do you note the underlying assumption of incompetence and/or oddity regarding homeschooling parents?]

But while Lanza’s abnormal social and emotional development surely contributed to his crime, homeschooling neither exacerbated his mental illness nor obscured it from local education officials. Lanza attended traditional public schools up to the eighth grade. From the beginning, everyone knew he was different. As Andrew Solomon detailed earlier this year in TheNew Yorker, Lanza suffered from sensory issues and received speech and occupational therapy beginning in kindergarten. At every juncture of his early life, he was analyzed and agitated over by psychologists, counselors, behaviorists, and other state-credentialed educators. Yet Lanza’s troubles deepened, and his anti-social behavior grew worse.

The article goes on to raise a number of other important points: that Lanza’s homeschooling was a response to the manifest inability of schools to educate him, deal with his profound emotional problems, and effectively diagnose and treat his condition.  The Lanza’s actually conducted their homeschooling with close state and district supervision and laison.  The boy remained under treatment all the time.  So there is absolutely nothing in this case that would justify the assertions made by the panel of academics, teacher’s unions bigwigs, and general leftist twits.

And I reiterate, I think it quite likely that modern psychology/sociology, steeped in leftist materialism and godlessness as it so frequently is, could have harmed this boy as opposed to doing any good.  The evidence certainly shows the mental sciences, so full of hubris, failed miserably in this case.  Takes quite a bit of cheek to point the finger of blame somewhere else, then, doesn’t it?  Especially a convenient political target like homeschooling?

While the recommendations of this panel have not yet been implemented, this matter certainly bears watching.  We are fortunate in Texas to have the state take a rather liberal view towards homeschooling, but that has not always been the case and is not guaranteed to remain so.  Eternal vigilance, etc etc.  I, for one, will have to be dead before I allow the state to take my kids and fill their heads full of contraception, aberro-sexuality, general leftism, hatred of God, and all the rest.



Synod considers dropping language condemning sin October 7, 2014

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I do not know what the Holy Ghost has planned, but I’m well past concerned at this point.  Of course, we must consider the source, the uber-progressive Father Tom Rosica, but this Synod is shaping up as the 60’s generation’s last, great, flipping of the bird to God:

Speaking at this afternoon’s Vatican press briefing on the Synod on the Family English-language spokesman for the Synod, Fr. Thomas Rosica noted there has been much discussion about language in the Synod’s deliberations.

Fr. Rosica explained what he believed to be “one of the salient interventions” of the day, noting that according to the presenter, “language such as ‘living in sin’, ‘intrinsically disordered’, or ‘contraceptive mentality’ are not necessarily words that invite people to draw closer to Christ and the Church.” 

“There is a great desire that our language has to change in order to meet the concrete situations,” he added.  [The Kasperite gambit, plain and simple.  This is the attitude of the progressive elements in the Church.  Who knows how numerous they are?  And will there be pressure from the highest authority on the bishops to support that gambit?]

“Marriage is already seen by many as being filtered in harsh language in the Church. How do we make that language appealing, and loving and inviting. We’re not speaking about rules or laws we’re speaking about a person who is Jesus who is the source of our faith, the leader of our Church, he is the one who invites us into a mystery.” [That almost sounds like he’s quoting either Kasper or even Pope Francis directly.  Why don’t they just go ahead and canonize Congar?  His false division between Doctrine and “pastoral” is the driving force behind all this.  What that means in effect is that while Doctrine may still exist, it will be obliterated in practice, just as the episcopals still pretend to adhere to the Nicene Creed, even if most episcopals reject transubstantiation, among other articles.]

While the Vatican is providing summaries of the content of some of the interventions at the Synod, it is not releasing the names of the person who gave the presentation. [And, I understand, they never will publish a formal description of the interventions with names, dates, etc.  So we may never know all the authors of these highly heterodox approaches.]

I don’t know what to say again, folks.  These are exceedingly dark times.  The sexular pagan progressives in the Church are (mostly) old and they know history and the future are ultimately against them, so they are going all out to try to finally and permanently (even if it won’t be) implement their obsession with destroying the Doctrine of the Faith.   They may cause enormous destruction, certainly will cause even more souls to fall away, and will wound the Church grievously, but eventually, possibly long after I’m dead, there will be a Pope or a Council that will not just correct, but will rebuke the actions of this Synod and anything else that develops, if need be.  Even if such is done in a way that does not call out Vatican II or this Synod directly, Doctrine will be restored, eventually.

Unless, of course, we are in the final Great Apostasy and are heading towards the Parousia.  In either event, cling to Our Lady, pray the Rosary, and do the best you can to preserve the Faith of yourselves and those you love.  If need be, just cut yourself off from Church news and all blogs, if it gets to be too much.  Better that, than to lose your faith.  There must not be anything more precious to any of us than our Faith, no matter what this Synod may do.

What is funny, in a sad sense, is that no matter how much they try to attack, downplay, or marginalize the Truth, It will always remain.  The Truth is a Person, and as much as progressives may hate that fact and rail against it, it was a Person who instituted all these Doctrines they are now attacking.  You cannot kill God.  In the end, He will always win.

Thank you to TG for the link.

I can add this: I have been praying the Chaplet of the Holy Face as requested by Cardinal Burke, and I think his choice of prayer incredibly significant. The main prayer repeated throughout the Chaplet is:

“Arise, O Lord, and let Thy enemies be scattered, and let them that hate Thee fly before Thy Face!”

In the present context, that is more than just a little bit significant.  I think we can see most clearly why he was forced out of the Curia.

Pray as much and as intensely as you can.  Prayer will keep us whole in this time of incredible chaos, suffering, and confusion.

Thanks to reader TG for the head’s up.

Supreme Court declines to hear state sodo-marriage challenges, now certain to be legal in most states October 7, 2014

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I think it was last year about this time, even before fully-in-communion Anthony Kennedy peered into his crystal ball and discerned that people of the same sex could “marry,” that I said that sodo-marriage would be “legal,” whatever that means, in all fifty states within 3 years.  I was probably too optimistic, only months after one man arrogated to himself the right to rule on the nature of an institution as old, or older, than human civilization, marriage will be effectively destroyed and trivialized in most states during this year of Our Lord 2014:

In a move that surprised most commentators, the Supreme Court declined to accept for review (PDF) any of the seven petitions pending in same-sex marriage cases. There was no circuit split on this issue, which (as I wrote just this morning) tends to militate against the high court stepping in.

This means same-sex marriage is now the law of the land in Utah, Oklahoma, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Virginia, which were seeking to preserve state laws and state constitutional amendments limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples. Moreover, the Supreme Court’s decision not to intervene in sweeping circuit courts of appeals decisions in the Fourth Circuit (covering Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the Carolinas), the Seventh Circuit(covering Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin), and the Tenth Circuit (covering Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming) makes it all but a certainty that same-sex marriage will be legalized in the remaining states in those circuits.

Same-sex marriage cases remain pending in the Fifth Circuit (covering Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi) and the Sixth Circuit (covering Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee). It’s conceivable, although not very likely, that either court could reject same-sex marriage, which would give us the circuit split necessary for the Supreme Court to take up the issue.

So those of us in Texas and a few other states can continue to enjoy marriage as it has always been understood for perhaps a few more months. For most of the rest of the union, such as it is, marriage is made a laughingstock and a tool to advance the agenda of the tiniest of aggrieved, perverse minorities.

But recall, those seeking most this cherished “right” make plain their interest is not really to enjoy “marriage” as it has always been practiced as the union of two individuals, but to destroy marriage as a cultural and legal institution.  Their goal is government subsidies for any individuals or groups to engage in their preferred perversion without respect to any legal definition of “marriage,” which the more extreme but probably honest partisans of the sodo-marriage acknowledge – and hope – will bring about the ultimate destruction of the basic building block of human civilization.

Ours is a truly sick and twisted age.  I don’t know what to say beyond that.

Pity the children.  The vast majority will be raised in such perverse and twisted manners that finding the Truth will be all but impossible for them.  It will take a moral miracle to penetrate the hard armor of leftist error and diabolical lust turned loose.  God always finds a way to reach certain souls, but many who are touched by God will be too enervated to notice.  And that last bit, finally and completely cutting people off from God, has always been the ultimate goal of the left.

Catholic? Anthony Kennedy has played a huge part (and far more than once) in helping to assure the ascendancy of leftism in this country, anyway.  But he remains in such good standing he at least annually receives the Blessed Sacrament from the very hands of a prince of the Church.