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Synod considers dropping language condemning sin October 7, 2014

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I do not know what the Holy Ghost has planned, but I’m well past concerned at this point.  Of course, we must consider the source, the uber-progressive Father Tom Rosica, but this Synod is shaping up as the 60’s generation’s last, great, flipping of the bird to God:

Speaking at this afternoon’s Vatican press briefing on the Synod on the Family English-language spokesman for the Synod, Fr. Thomas Rosica noted there has been much discussion about language in the Synod’s deliberations.

Fr. Rosica explained what he believed to be “one of the salient interventions” of the day, noting that according to the presenter, “language such as ‘living in sin’, ‘intrinsically disordered’, or ‘contraceptive mentality’ are not necessarily words that invite people to draw closer to Christ and the Church.” 

“There is a great desire that our language has to change in order to meet the concrete situations,” he added.  [The Kasperite gambit, plain and simple.  This is the attitude of the progressive elements in the Church.  Who knows how numerous they are?  And will there be pressure from the highest authority on the bishops to support that gambit?]

“Marriage is already seen by many as being filtered in harsh language in the Church. How do we make that language appealing, and loving and inviting. We’re not speaking about rules or laws we’re speaking about a person who is Jesus who is the source of our faith, the leader of our Church, he is the one who invites us into a mystery.” [That almost sounds like he’s quoting either Kasper or even Pope Francis directly.  Why don’t they just go ahead and canonize Congar?  His false division between Doctrine and “pastoral” is the driving force behind all this.  What that means in effect is that while Doctrine may still exist, it will be obliterated in practice, just as the episcopals still pretend to adhere to the Nicene Creed, even if most episcopals reject transubstantiation, among other articles.]

While the Vatican is providing summaries of the content of some of the interventions at the Synod, it is not releasing the names of the person who gave the presentation. [And, I understand, they never will publish a formal description of the interventions with names, dates, etc.  So we may never know all the authors of these highly heterodox approaches.]

I don’t know what to say again, folks.  These are exceedingly dark times.  The sexular pagan progressives in the Church are (mostly) old and they know history and the future are ultimately against them, so they are going all out to try to finally and permanently (even if it won’t be) implement their obsession with destroying the Doctrine of the Faith.   They may cause enormous destruction, certainly will cause even more souls to fall away, and will wound the Church grievously, but eventually, possibly long after I’m dead, there will be a Pope or a Council that will not just correct, but will rebuke the actions of this Synod and anything else that develops, if need be.  Even if such is done in a way that does not call out Vatican II or this Synod directly, Doctrine will be restored, eventually.

Unless, of course, we are in the final Great Apostasy and are heading towards the Parousia.  In either event, cling to Our Lady, pray the Rosary, and do the best you can to preserve the Faith of yourselves and those you love.  If need be, just cut yourself off from Church news and all blogs, if it gets to be too much.  Better that, than to lose your faith.  There must not be anything more precious to any of us than our Faith, no matter what this Synod may do.

What is funny, in a sad sense, is that no matter how much they try to attack, downplay, or marginalize the Truth, It will always remain.  The Truth is a Person, and as much as progressives may hate that fact and rail against it, it was a Person who instituted all these Doctrines they are now attacking.  You cannot kill God.  In the end, He will always win.

Thank you to TG for the link.

I can add this: I have been praying the Chaplet of the Holy Face as requested by Cardinal Burke, and I think his choice of prayer incredibly significant. The main prayer repeated throughout the Chaplet is:

“Arise, O Lord, and let Thy enemies be scattered, and let them that hate Thee fly before Thy Face!”

In the present context, that is more than just a little bit significant.  I think we can see most clearly why he was forced out of the Curia.

Pray as much and as intensely as you can.  Prayer will keep us whole in this time of incredible chaos, suffering, and confusion.

Thanks to reader TG for the head’s up.


1. RemnantoftheFaith - October 7, 2014

Their agenda is to dismantle the moral edifice of the Church. In the name of a false mercy they will be patting the unrighteous on the back to make them feel good on their way to hell. After all, that is the most important objective of the Synod, to create a pastoral application of Church doctrine that makes people feel good and is not judgmental. But by their fruits, you will know them.

“Your sons ask for the bread of Faith and no one gives it to them. Ungrateful Rome, effeminate Rome, arrogant Rome. Forgetting that the Sovereign Pontiffs and your true glory are on Golgotha. Woe to you; my law is an idle word for you.” ~St. John Bosco

The Catholic Religion is an “idle word” to Rome.

More and more, we see how Our Lady of LaSalette and Archbishop Lefebvre were correct. Rome has lost their Faith. They are attacking the moral edifice of the Chuch.

God help us all.

Tantumblogo - October 7, 2014

I felt Cardinal Burke’s choice of prayer was tantamount to calling his opponents in this struggle evil, which, if they really are driving at destroying the Moral Doctrine of the Faith, I would have a hard time disagreeing with.

There was an exceedingly interesting bit of analysis at Rorate over the weekend that touched on the Society. The Vatican under Francis has said the SSPX are in full communion but imperfect reconciliation, whatever that means. But the analyst suggested that Doctrine means so little to the current leadership in the Church, and the pastoral so much, that they are basically ignoring the SSPX doctrinal critiques and are only looking at their pastoral situation. Which, in theory, could result in the SSPX having a better chance of being regularized under Francis than under Benedict XVI.

Strange, strange times.

2. steve - October 7, 2014

Two horrific problems plague the Church today:

1. The collapse of the Roman liturgy.

2. The collapse of the Church in the face of Islam.

Pope Francis must confront the above pressing issues as we have an emergency situation within Holy Mother Church.

The survival of that which remains of Christendom depends upon Rome’s determination to tackle the above-mentioned issues.

Dismas - October 7, 2014

Then I would say we are in deep doo-doo.

c matt - October 8, 2014

Francis fiddles while Rome burns.

3. TG - October 7, 2014

I started praying the Chaplet and I do like the words – let thy enemies by scattered. As I get deeper in Windswept House, all this doesn’t surprise me. This was the plan for many in Rome years ago. Many cardinals wanted to force Pope John Paul II to resign and get their man in. It backfired with Benedict and I hope they don’t have their man in now. Another thing I found interesting is that many in Rome wanted to do away with the title for the pope of “Vicar of Christ”. They want him to be “vicar of Peter” in other words just the Bishop of Rome. I can’t recall that I have heard any church leader use the term “vicar of Christ” other than from traditionalists or in old prayer books. I’m praying to Our Lady and many of the saints to make an appearance and drive the demons out. Our Lady of Victory, pray for us.

4. TLM - October 7, 2014

First of all, thank you for this, and for the very beautiful Chaplet of the Holy Face. I have never prayed this one before! Didn’t even know it existed, and it is so beautiful! Will put it into prayer IMMEDIATELY!

I cannot recall which message it was from Our Lady (Catherine Emerick? or maybe LaSalette?) but referring to the Great Apostasy she said: ‘The people will see great HORRORS.’ I think it has just begun.

5. Dismas - October 7, 2014

Well, I’m going to admit that I have been hoping (not praying) that with this Synod those in positions of authority in the Church would clearly show their stripes, causing the lines in this battle to be more clearly drawn. But I have never wagered they would and I still do not. I think we can expect to be treated to a lot of “pastoral” language which provides all the means of tearing down Catholic moral teaching without actually doing so openly, for to do something in open and clear fashion would be against their nature. What we have to fear from them, I expect, lies more in what we will not see than in what we see.

6. Baseballmom - October 7, 2014

I think if I read MYSTERY one more time I will explode!!!!!!

7. Marguerite - October 8, 2014

The powers of Hell cannot prevail against the Rock of Peter. The boat might be tossed and turned but don’t forget who is in charge. Jesus will not allow his teachings to be corrupted in such a manner. If He did, then we could truly say that our Church is not the one, true church. It is just one among many. No doubt there are pirhanna in the church but doctrine will never change. It cannot. The Church cannot be against itself. Hold fast–it will be a bumpy ride but the Church has endured many heresies in the past and has come out triumphant.

c matt - October 8, 2014

Yes, yes, the Church will survive. But what is frustrating is that it could and should thrive, yet with this group of buffoons in charge, havoc is wreaked and opportunities (and souls) lost.

Tantumblogo - October 8, 2014

That’s the ultimate consideration – that souls will be lost in huge numbers as a result of this change. There may be some exculpatory innocence in error and sin because of what will be taught, but the natural law and Truth will remain and I think it naive to think most or even many of those souls who continue in sin, even if such is tacitly “approved” by the Church, “pastorally,” will be saved. And that is an incalculable loss.

Dismas - October 8, 2014

You are right, Tantum and c matt. Sure, we know the Church will triumph. But it is the tribulation along the way that concerns us, and we have a concern for the souls lost in that, especially if those souls are our own.

We love to remember the promise of the Triumph, but we also like to ignore the promises of a pope who will apostasize and the days of darkness and all of the other terrible times the Church will suffer. The question will remain, are we somewhere in the first stages of these not-so-pleasant promises? I could not know the answer. But we are in times of a rebellious hierarchy.

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