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Some dialogue I can get behind: Nigerian bishop calls fanatical islamists satanic October 8, 2014

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If we’re going to have dialogue, it may as well be honest, and not the endless, indifferent and inconsequential torrents of pointless verbiage (but always in the most pleasant of settings) that characterize the ecumenical/interreligious “movement” of the past 50 years.  Here’s a little honesty from a shepherd of souls who knows exactly what islam is in its purer, more undiluted form:

“Christians must do everything within their powers to protect their lives from being snuffed off by Satanist-driven Islamic organizations,” Bishop Joseph Bagobiri, the Roman Catholic head of Nigeria’s Kafanchan Diocese, said Sunday, according to Nigeria’s Vanguard newspaper.

Bishop Bagobiri also noted, according to the Vanguard, that Christians have a “grave duty” to use “moderate and proportionate force” to defend their families against Islamic groups such asBoko Haram, which is responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians since 2009.

Boko Haram became internationally known after it staged a mass kidnapping of more than 250 Nigerian schoolgirls in April. Only one has reportedly escaped in nearly five months.

Not fighting back is a “gross act of irresponsibility,” the bishop said at a Sunday reception, pointing out that “Christian communities that observe absolute pacifism have all ceased to exist…….. [It can also be gravely immoral, a failure of charity for those around us unable or unwilling to defend themselves]

…….On Monday, the Nigerian Catholic Church released a statement: “As a church, we are really going through a severe moment of persecution,” particularly in the three Northeastern states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa.”

The statement was signed by Rev. Fr. Gideon Obasogie, director of social communication for the Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri, who lamented the fact that “in the last few weeks our churches numbering 154 have been deserted. [I have read elsewhere that 185 Catholic parishes have been destroyed by satanic islamists in Nigeria alone in the past year or two]

“While our people perish, inaction, or rather slow action is what we get. Political activities in neighbouring communities are ongoing as though nothing is at stake,” Obasogie added…….

……“While Muslims are sometimes targets of these destructive attacks, Christians, churches and non-Muslims in general are the principal targets for extermination, expropriation and expulsion by the Boko Haram insurgents, the perpetrators of all these destructions,” they emphasized.

Regarding the point above about it being a failure of charity to fail to defend oneself, one’s neighbor, loved ones, etc, from external threat, obviously, prudence, geographic separation, and many other factors enter in.  But it may be desirable, from many points of view, to engage an enemy to one’s religion far abroad when possible, rather than waiting for the threat to get closer to home.  And, even our most “ecumenical” Holy Father has, in a sense, decreed a crusade, in saying that the egregious atrocities of islamists around the world warrant a proportionate armed response.  I’m still fairly equivocal about the US performing this role, for a number of reasons – one of the foremost being that any armed intervention conducted by the US most certainly would not be for religious reasons, but for general humanitarian reasons, at best, and there are always the lurking possibilities of dire ulterior motives or unforeseen problems arising from the ineptitude of the current administration.  There is also the fact that we’re beyond broke, but maybe that’s less a bug than a feature, if one looks to a future beyond the current political organization of middle North America.

I do think it high time that nations like Nigeria start protecting their Catholic populations and stop all the corruption those African kleptocracies are so infamous for.  But, I may as well hope to be King of the Moon that there will be any change in the nature of African (or Mideast) governance anytime soon.  In this day and age, there are precious few good guys to root for.  And the pious innocents just continue to suffer.

Speaking of anti-islamist combat, a couple of rather cool photos from recent US airpower activities over Syria, including an image from one of the first F-22 strike missions and a great shot of a Bone going full afterburner after refueling.  The Bone is beloved of ground troops because it can remain in full burner for a loooong time and travel almost half again as fast as other aircraft (~700 kts), most fighters being limited to about 450 kts by external ordinance, and cuts reaction time down quite a bit.  The F-22 may be even better, if it has the gas for it, able to cruise at almost 1000 kts in supercruise mode.  The F-22 is not slowed down by external ordinance (most folks have no idea of how much penalty there is from hanging all those bombs, fuel tanks, missiles, etc, on the outside of an aircraft), because it carries all ordinance internally.  There are times when an A-10 can cruise almost as fast as a heavily laden F-16!

Raptors refuel

Raptors refuel

Air strikes in Syria

That’s 124,000 pounds of screaming go power right there.  A B-1 in full afterburner is the loudest aircraft I have ever heard.


How about some good news? October 8, 2014

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My South Texas correspondent “the hen,” heh, sent me some good news. How about the first TLM in the newly remodeled Brownsville Cathedral since 1964.  She thought the date might be wrong, but given the changes made in the semi-vernacular ’65 Missal (started Advent ’64), 1964 could well have been the last time a 1962 Missal TLM was offered:


This TLM took place on the Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary last night, Oct. 7, 2014, in Brownsville.  This is not a bad cathedral remodel, although am I missing the altar rail?

Thank you Bishop Daniel Flores.  A good local priest who has been sorely tried for years had strong praise for Flores.  God bless him and all those who have prayed and sacrificed to bring the TLM back to Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley.

I also felt the need for a little humor. Reader D sent this in:


I think it should be the other way – died from sending on those darned spam e-mails.

A pic of my chicks and one mess of a boy:


I took that right before I got sick.


Archbold – United States deader than fried chicken October 8, 2014

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I always liked that line from Pulp Fiction, modified to be morally acceptable.  Fried chicken is well and truly dead.

Which is how Pat Archbold at CMR views these United States, an entity whose time has more than passed and all that remains is the tragic climax and final denouement:

I hate to break this news to you, especially if you are one of these people who think that this country, a country founded with limited government, separation of powers, and federalism, is still recoverable by normal means, it isn’t.[It would take something along the lines of a miracle, but I do not know why God would bother to save a country so perverse and so ill-founded]

The U.S. as we knew it and understood it is gone and it isn’t coming back, at least not by regular constitutional means. Nope.[I would say, not by any natural means.  The Constitution is finished, and has been since Wilson was elected.  While there may be something that looks, is named, or acts like the USofA in the distant future, it will be a completely different entity, with different foundations, outlook, form of government, and, please God, religion, as in a formal state endorsed One]

Federalism, limited government, checks and balances, all gone. We now have a rapidly increasing federal behemoth with unlimited powers granted to itself rapidly centralizing power in the person of the president (I don’t say office, but person). All of which is hell bent on running every part of your life including your morality, all aided and abetted by an unelected black-robed oligarchy.

You can elect all the Republicans you want, do you really think they will change anything? Not a chance[And that’s why it’s done.  There is only one party, the party of more government power. They only differ on the means, not the ends]

Nope the U.S. is done. And you know what? That may be a good thing. Such government, even one founded on the principles of limited constitutional powers and federalism, can only work for a people for whom Christ is their King. That isn’t us.

Exactly.  And even more, it never was us.  I don’t know if Patrick Archbold has read Ferrara’s Liberty: The God that Failed, but that book conveys pretty clearly that this country was founded by a bunch of radical sexular pagans (for their day) and that it was deliberately created as a formally agnostic state.  For all the “freedom of religion” in the Constitution, today’s anti-religious fervor of the governing class was inevitable, it was “cooked into” this country at its founding.  Millions of Catholics coming here could have changed that fact, perhaps, gradually agitating to make the country one with a specific foundation on the Social Reign of Christ the King, but neither the bishops nor the laity were interested in doing that – they wanted to go along to get along, be happy in the “free” practice of their religion, and not offend the ruling protestant majority. I’m not saying turning this country into a visibly, authentically Catholic nation would have been easy, it may have been naturally impossible (though nothing is impossible for God) – the point is, it was never tried.

Pope Leo XIII did not condemn the Americanist heresy for no reason – he had very, very good reasons! And one of the prime reasons he did so was that the religious indifferentism established as a veritable creed of Americanist “virtue” in the Constitution gradually crept into the thinking of more and more in the Church in this country, so that even the hierarchy and much of the clergy was, by the late 19th century, absolutely mortified at the idea of telling protestants they must convert to save their souls and manifestly refused to do so.

And in so doing, those Catholics helped insure this country would eventually fall.  The errors built into this system of government were slow to manifest but were there at the start and became a cancer that inevitably produced the irreligious, pagan, materialist, self-seeking culture we see today.  And since American culture has been absolutely paramount around the world for the better part of a century, those errors have been absorbed, often unconsciously, by untold millions of others.  The sad fact is that the errors of Russia condemned by Our Lady have been propagated at least as much by the United States as they have by Russia or anyone else.  The same errors of rejection of God, materialism, “sciencism,” hedonism, etc, that came to their fullest manifestation in the communist countries exist in a more protean, but perhaps even more insidious, form in the United States.  While the communist form of leftism may be salty and sour, the American form is sugary sweet and goes down all the more easily because of it.

But the end result is the same.  Any nation not founded with Jesus Christ as its visible Head is eventually doomed to fall.  All the rest is just details.

Saint Alphonsus Liguori speaks to the Synod October 8, 2014

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The below comes from Volume III of the great Moral Doctor’s Ascetical Works, The Great Means of Salvation and Perfection.  The comments below are directed at priests without valid vocations (that is, they became priests with no real call from God, and/or from improper motives), but of course apply to those careerists, as our Pope likes to say, who have climbed into the episcopate.  Saint Alphonsus closes by noting that it is very, very much better to have a very few fully orthodox priests with valid vocations than large numbers of unfaithful priests.  I think the history of the Church more than adequately bears that dictum out.

Saint Alphonsus:

[P]riests whom God has not sent to work in His Church He shall abandon to eternal ignominy and destruction………

In order to be raised to the sublimity of the priesthood, it is necessary, says Saint Thomas, for a man “to be exalted and elevated by divine power above the natural order of things,” because he is appointed the sanctifier of the people, and the vicar of Jesus Christ.   But in him who raises himself to so great a dignity [of the priesthood, without a calling from God] shall be verified the words of the Wise Man: “There is that hath appeared a fool after he was lifted up on high” (Prov XXX:32).  Had he remained in the world, he should perhaps have been a virtuous layman; but having become a priest without a vocation, he will be a bad priest, and instead of promoting the interest of religion, he will do great injury to the Church.  Of such priests the Roman Catechism [Catechism of the Council of Trent] says “Such ministers are for the Church of God the gravest embarrassment and the most terrible scourge.”  And what good can be expected from the priest who has entered the sanctuary without vocation?  “It is impossible,” says Saint Leo, “that a work so badly begun should finish well.”  Saint Laurence Justinian has written: “What fruit, I ask, can come from a corrupted root?”  Our Savior has said, “Every plant which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up” (Matt XV:13).  Hence Peter de Blois writes that when God permits a person to be ordained without a vocation, the permission is not a grace but a chastisement.  For a tree which has not taken deep root, when exposed to the tempest, shall soon fall and be cast into the fire.  And St. Bernard says that he who has not lawfully entered the sanctuary shall continue to be unfaithful; and instead of procuring salvation of souls, he shall be the cause of their death and perdition.  This is conformable to the doctrine of Jesus Christ: “He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold…..the same is a thief and a robber” (Jn X:10).

Some may say, if they only were admitted to orders who have the marks of vocation which have been laid down as indispensable, there should be but few priests in the Church, and the people should be left without the necessary helps.  But to this the Fourth Lateran Council has answered: “It is much better to confer the priesthood on a small number of virtuous clerics, than to have a large number of bad priests.”  And Saint Thomas says that God never abandons his Church so as to leave Her in want of fit ministers to provide for the necessity of the people.  St. Leo says that to provide for the wants of the people by bad priests would be not to save but to destroy them.

So what are some of the most fundamental marks of a true vocation?  St. Alphonsus answers:

1. A good intention: that is, the intention to embrace such a state only to please God, and to arrive more surely at the haven of salvation.

2. The inclination and the aptitude to exercise the duties proper to this state.  

3. The knowledge of the duties that this state imposes, and the firm will to fulfill them till the end.

4. That there is no grave impediment, such as the great poverty in which one might leave one’s parents [or a tendency towards incontinence and/or profound perversion]

5. The favorable advice of a wise director.

—————End Quote————–

The Church has always been afflicted with bad, unworthy priests and prelates.  Such is the nature of fallen man.  But rare has been the time where there have been deliberate, coordinated efforts not just to permit unworthy men to the priesthood, but to deliberately frustrate the true callings of many good and faithful men and to prefer the fallen, the heretical, and the perverse to them.

There is no surer means to undermine the Faith and cause souls to fall away than to admit men without true vocations to the priesthood, and to simultaneous block those who do have valid calls.  The effort to distort and ultimately, in some hearts, to destroy the priesthood has been around for at least a century or more, but it exploded into full flower in the second half of the twentieth century.  Whether this was due to communist conspiracy a la AA-1025, the gradual emergence of modernists from the shadows of Pope Saint Pius X’s great efforts to suppress them, or some other factors does not, in the end, truly matter.  What matters is that the Church, as has been clearly shown in lawsuit after lawsuit, scandal after scandal, admitted huge numbers of utterly unworthy men to the priesthood, and probably continues to do so today (we pray, at least at a far, far lesser level than a few decades ago).

And, there is great evidence that sexular left-wing modernists in places of great influence in the Church have conducted this mass deformation and debilitation of the priesthood deliberately and systematically.  One only has to read books like Goodbye, Good Men to see ample evidence of this great plot against the Church.  The Arians and some other heretics have, of course, done the same, but I don’t know if it was at the same scale, or as devastatingly effective in the very low sorts who were brought into the priesthood.

How many millions of souls have fallen away due to scandals associated with the priesthood and episcopate?  How many more will do so?  The reality of the loss of so many souls already only adds still more emphasis to Saint Alphonsus’ words above.   “But woe to those who bring scandal, it would be better that a millstone should be hung around their neck and they should be cast into the sea, than that they should scandalize one of these little ones”  (Lk XVII:1-2).

That verse alone stands as an eternal rebuke to those who would scandalize souls through “pastoral” approaches of unprecedented novelty and disconnect from the eternal practice of the Faith.