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American Life League confirms why you should never donate to mainstream Catholic charities October 9, 2014

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The video below provides much data as to how Caritas Internationale, the Vatican-level charitable organization that oversees many national level charities like Catholic Relief Services, has been in cahoots with a communist pro-abort/sodomy front group for well over a decade.  There is a surprise at the end, so make sure to watch the whole thing:

Shocking that Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga, Pope Francis’ point man on the group of “super cardinals,” is the head of Caritas while that group is deeply tied to a communist pressure group.  Not.

Look, there are many good Catholic charitable organizations to support monetarily and otherwise, but none of those are at the national or international level.  Few are at the diocesan level, like the local Catholic Charities.  All of these charities, and I almost put the word in quotes, are heavily compromised by immoral associations or are more interested in political agitation than in true charity.  Almost all the good, reputable, and faithful Catholic charitable organizations are at the level of the individual religious order, small lay-run organizations, and the like.  I have counseled readers for years never to give to Catholic Charities, diocesan annual appeals, CRS, or any of the other alphabet soup of hierarchical organizations.  They are all simply too compromised by associations with immorality and sin.  And they are becoming increasingly combative and unapologetic in those associations.

Good on American Life League for bringing this to our attention.  If we are not to cooperate in evil, we have to be informed.

And just a little reminder from the Apostle James, the first of the Apostles to be martyred: “know ye not that friendship with the world is enmity with God ?” (James IV:4).

Someone should hang a banner with that printed on it at the Aula where the Synod is meeting.  But it seems the Bible is strictly passe’ these days, and the spirit of the world – whose ruler goes about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour – is utterly ascendant.

Family Fun that build the Faith – traditional Catholic trivia game October 9, 2014

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I have not gotten this set, yet, but I know some who have and they think it’s quite a bit of fun.  It’s a Catholic trivia set/game from Angelus Press.

Catholic Trivia Traditional Version-340x340


I thought some readers might have some interest in getting one of these.  Might make a nice gift for older children.

Some details:

We hope every Catholic family will purchase and spend quality time playing this game together. It makes catechism lessons, lives of the saints, and Church history fun! Educational and entertaining for the whole family. Contains two decks each containing 250 cards; 1,500 questions in total. Six categories: the Baltimore Catechism (C), the Latin Mass (M), and History and the Liturgical Calendar (H). The other contains Popes, Patron Saints and Other Pious People (P); Ritual, Symbol, and Doctrine (R); and Et Cetera (E)

Anybody have one and care to leave a review, please do so.

Synod wants to make Church “a friend of the world” October 9, 2014

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I’d like to teach, the world to sing, in perfect harmony………”  They just. can’t. ever. GET. OVER. IT!!!

So the progressive dominated media representatives, the only ones allowed to give very condensed, probably very biased versions of the day’s events at  the Synod (and the only reports we’ll ever have, apparently, given the secrecy in which the Synod is being conducted at progressive behest) have reported that the Synod is tending towards making “friends with the world” again, and that a return to the “glory days” of Paul VI is already underway, after the terrible, repressive years of the JPII/Benedict XVI pontificates.  These guys can just never, ever, get past 1968:

After these first battles the words emerged in sum, that the train travels towards change in practice, as well shown by the words of the “black pope”. The Superior General of the Jesuits, Father Adolfo Nicolas told Vatican Insider: “The free and open discussion is towards change, towards pastoral adaptation to the changing reality of our time.” But not only that Nicolas put this development in a context that is implicitly directed against Benedict XVI, and John Paul II: “This is an epoch-making sign, because there were forces in these years that have attempted to return the Church to before the great season of the Council.” [They can rant and rail all they want, they can introduce all the pastoral novelties imaginable, in the end, their “new springtime” will always, always fail.  It will fail because no one will care, because it will not be transcendent, holy, or supernatural. Sure, a lot of people want to be confirmed in their sin, to be patted on the back and told how wonderfully they are doing, but those people don’t go to Church, don’t donate, don’t have children (or very many), and don’t raise up vocations.  So your new progressive Church will still die, no matter how much you try to prostitute it to the world – a very carefully chosen phrase, because that is exactly what you Jesuits and other progressives do.]

Nicolas words are confirmed by what the journalists’ briefing was told. Many Synod Fathers have demanded that the Church should adapt their language “and make the world into a friend.”  Because “if the church does not listen to the world, the world will not listen to the Church,” is how the logic behind it was explained…….. [Yes, you’ve been saying that for 60 years, and yet, after 50 years of unprecedented levels of worldly influence on the Church, the project is still dying.  The “new springtime” still only brings cold death. Could it be because your fundamental outlook is in error?]

…….Although they had not begun with the “hot” iron topics like Communion for remarried divorcees, it was already clear from the first two Synod days   that the  application is at issue in Rome, which is much more extensive and fundamental.  Not by chance was the situation of aberrosexual couples was discussed on both days at length. This was initiated by the Australian Auditor-couple Romano and Mavis Pirola from Australian Catholic Marriage and Family Council .  [Yet another low progressive trick]A Synod participant then followed who criticized  the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC): The designation of homosexuality in Canon 2357 as “an objectively disordered inclination”, only to leads people away  from Christ, said the Bishop.……. [If they can’t even accept the weak definition in CCC on this grave subject, I would suggest the critic might be the one who is “objectively disordered,” and might very well have “issues” with the matter discussed in #2357]

…….The predominant line of the first Synod days is summarized: the way the accompaniment of couples for marriage is to undergo a radical review. It must become  “longer and more individual”It should necessitate greater “rigor” and  make the couple realize that their marriage promise is something serious and real, that it is not only a fiction, which is done  only because of the beautiful spectacle of a wedding in church with many guests, flowers and photographers. There should not be a fear  to reduce the number of marriages in the church,  said English Cardinal Vincent Nichols at the official press conference………

Dear Cardinal, that ship has already sailed.  There are fewer than half as many weddings in the Church than a few decades ago, in many countries, including your own.  As usual, our prelates are 50 years behind the times, stuck in the 60s they just can’t get out of.

For just a bit of amateur analysis, could a quid pro quo is shaping up wherein the progressive group promises much more rigorous marriage prep in exchange for “pastoral” practices of admitting manifest public sinners to the Blessed Sacrament.  Of course, those programs are likely to never be implemented, and even if they are, they will be staffed by poorly trained laity, most of whom are of the progressive bent themselves. Is there not also a looming threat to the orthodox in the scanty reportage we’ve seen: fight too hard and we the progressives will not only attack marriage, we’ll go after sexuality itself and possibly open up to “civil unions” for sodomites?  Or is that part of the core plan?

Saint Dionysius and companions, martyrs October 9, 2014

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After the lamented passing of the very good Ars Orandi blog, I hoped to start to take up some of the slack left by that blog’s demise by posting material from Dom Prosper Gueranger’s The Liturgical Year on the lives of the Saints.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to emulate Ars Orandi’s everyday postings on this subject, but I hoped I would do at least some regular ones of my own.  I have not succeeded very well so far.  I did some occasionally but have basically forgotten to do so over the long summer, still ongoing here in Texas.

So, without further ado, Gueranger’s excerpt from the Roman Martyrology for Saints Dionysius, baptized by Saint Paul the Apostle and martyred like so many in the first century AD:dionysios icon

 Dionysius, an Athenian, was one of the judges of the Areopagagus, and a man learned in every science.  It is related of him that, on the day Christ our Lord was crucified, he, though still a pagan, on perceiving the unnatural eclipse of the sun, cried out: “Either the God of nature is suffering, or the world is coming to an end!”  Paul the Apostle, coming to Athens, was brought before the Areopagaus, to give an account of the doctrine he preached.  He there proclaimed that Christ Our Lord had risen from the tomb, and that the dead would all live again. Many thereupon believed in Christ, and among them Dionysius.

He was baptized by St. Paul, and appointed to govern the Church of Athens.  Later on he came to Rome; whence Pope Saint Clement I sent him to preach the Gospel in Gaul; Rusticus a priest, and Eleutherius a deacon, accompanying him as far as Paris.  As he converted many in that town to Christianity, Fescennius the prefect commanded him and his companions to be beaten with rods; but continuing to rpeach the faith as zealously as before, they were placed on hot gridirons, and suffered several other tortures.

They all endured the torments bravely and joyfully.  Finally, Dionysius, who was a hundred and one years old, was beheaded with his companions, on the seventh of the Ides of October.  It is related of Dionysius, that after his decapitation, he took up his head and carried it in his hands for two miles.  He wrote some wonderful and truly heavenly books on the divine names, on the celestial and the 300px-Menologion_of_Basil_025ecclesiastical hierarchy, on mystical theology, and several others.

And now a prayer composed by Dom Gueranger to the Saint, which I modify slightly for our times:

O Dionysius, quicken again the divine seed thou didst sow.  Restore to the whole Church, but especially that of Germany, those traditions now forgotten in the fever of gain and pleasure.  Bring back Athens to the communion of Christ’s vicar, the indispensable condition of union with our Lord.  For every church under Heaven obtain such pastors as thou didst describe in the following lines which reveal thyself: ‘By the holy love which draws us to Him, Jesus calms the tempest of distracting cares; and recalling our souls to the unity of the divine life, He confirms us in the permanent fruitfulness of this noble ministry.  Soon, by the exercise of the sacred functions, we draw night to the angels, striving to set ourselves, like them, in the fixed state of unchangeable holiness.  Thence, Jesus, and enriched with the profound knowledge of selves consecrated in order that we may consecrate, to receive light in order to communicate it, to become perfect in order to lead others to perfection! ‘ (Saint Dionysius, On the Church Hierarchy, i).

————–End Quote————

Oh Saint Dionysius, pray most fervently that our shepherds may understand deep in their hearts, and in all their actions, that they, too, must strive for perfection in order to lead others to perfection.  Please pray for the conversion of those lost in error and sin, even though given the sacred trust of serving as shepherds of precious souls.   Please pray that we may all have thy strength of faith in these most trying times.  And please pray that the Church may again understand that it is not by making friends with the world and its sins and errors that the Church succeeds in Her God-given duty, but by shining the holy light of Truth on a dark world dominated by its prince.

Saint Dionysius, pray for the ongoing Synod!   Pray that our shepherds may have your zeal, a zeal that led you to die for our glorious Faith rather than seek the wide, easy path of wealth and destruction.