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Synod wants to make Church “a friend of the world” October 9, 2014

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I’d like to teach, the world to sing, in perfect harmony………”  They just. can’t. ever. GET. OVER. IT!!!

So the progressive dominated media representatives, the only ones allowed to give very condensed, probably very biased versions of the day’s events at  the Synod (and the only reports we’ll ever have, apparently, given the secrecy in which the Synod is being conducted at progressive behest) have reported that the Synod is tending towards making “friends with the world” again, and that a return to the “glory days” of Paul VI is already underway, after the terrible, repressive years of the JPII/Benedict XVI pontificates.  These guys can just never, ever, get past 1968:

After these first battles the words emerged in sum, that the train travels towards change in practice, as well shown by the words of the “black pope”. The Superior General of the Jesuits, Father Adolfo Nicolas told Vatican Insider: “The free and open discussion is towards change, towards pastoral adaptation to the changing reality of our time.” But not only that Nicolas put this development in a context that is implicitly directed against Benedict XVI, and John Paul II: “This is an epoch-making sign, because there were forces in these years that have attempted to return the Church to before the great season of the Council.” [They can rant and rail all they want, they can introduce all the pastoral novelties imaginable, in the end, their “new springtime” will always, always fail.  It will fail because no one will care, because it will not be transcendent, holy, or supernatural. Sure, a lot of people want to be confirmed in their sin, to be patted on the back and told how wonderfully they are doing, but those people don’t go to Church, don’t donate, don’t have children (or very many), and don’t raise up vocations.  So your new progressive Church will still die, no matter how much you try to prostitute it to the world – a very carefully chosen phrase, because that is exactly what you Jesuits and other progressives do.]

Nicolas words are confirmed by what the journalists’ briefing was told. Many Synod Fathers have demanded that the Church should adapt their language “and make the world into a friend.”  Because “if the church does not listen to the world, the world will not listen to the Church,” is how the logic behind it was explained…….. [Yes, you’ve been saying that for 60 years, and yet, after 50 years of unprecedented levels of worldly influence on the Church, the project is still dying.  The “new springtime” still only brings cold death. Could it be because your fundamental outlook is in error?]

…….Although they had not begun with the “hot” iron topics like Communion for remarried divorcees, it was already clear from the first two Synod days   that the  application is at issue in Rome, which is much more extensive and fundamental.  Not by chance was the situation of aberrosexual couples was discussed on both days at length. This was initiated by the Australian Auditor-couple Romano and Mavis Pirola from Australian Catholic Marriage and Family Council .  [Yet another low progressive trick]A Synod participant then followed who criticized  the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC): The designation of homosexuality in Canon 2357 as “an objectively disordered inclination”, only to leads people away  from Christ, said the Bishop.……. [If they can’t even accept the weak definition in CCC on this grave subject, I would suggest the critic might be the one who is “objectively disordered,” and might very well have “issues” with the matter discussed in #2357]

…….The predominant line of the first Synod days is summarized: the way the accompaniment of couples for marriage is to undergo a radical review. It must become  “longer and more individual”It should necessitate greater “rigor” and  make the couple realize that their marriage promise is something serious and real, that it is not only a fiction, which is done  only because of the beautiful spectacle of a wedding in church with many guests, flowers and photographers. There should not be a fear  to reduce the number of marriages in the church,  said English Cardinal Vincent Nichols at the official press conference………

Dear Cardinal, that ship has already sailed.  There are fewer than half as many weddings in the Church than a few decades ago, in many countries, including your own.  As usual, our prelates are 50 years behind the times, stuck in the 60s they just can’t get out of.

For just a bit of amateur analysis, could a quid pro quo is shaping up wherein the progressive group promises much more rigorous marriage prep in exchange for “pastoral” practices of admitting manifest public sinners to the Blessed Sacrament.  Of course, those programs are likely to never be implemented, and even if they are, they will be staffed by poorly trained laity, most of whom are of the progressive bent themselves. Is there not also a looming threat to the orthodox in the scanty reportage we’ve seen: fight too hard and we the progressives will not only attack marriage, we’ll go after sexuality itself and possibly open up to “civil unions” for sodomites?  Or is that part of the core plan?


1. TG - October 9, 2014

Lifesite News has a couple of more positive stories related to the Synod. It seems there is hope from the Africa bishops and another bishop from one of the Slavic countries.

2. TLM - October 9, 2014

It’s exasperating. The definition of insanity: ‘Keep making the same mistakes over and over and expect different results’. Only this time ‘let’s really open the windows and let ALL THE STINK IN’. Yep, that will bring everyone back into the pews, and get the government off our backs, and bring in more money to boot!

All some of these Bishops have on their minds is how to increase the money and power. Who cares how many souls they ruin in the process, it’s not even on the radar. Are eyes so blinded by sin and darkness they absolutely cannot see their folly?

Baseballmom - October 9, 2014

Your description of the bishops is exactly the same as liberals… Which makes perfect sense, does it not?

Tantumblogo - October 9, 2014

Most bishops don’t believe anyone goes to hell. A good number probably don’t believe in God, or anything like what we understand God as. So of course it’s all about money and power. If God doesn’t exist or at least no one shy of Stalin goes to hell, then why wouldn’t it be about money and sex and power?

Chris - October 9, 2014

The big question for me is: what does the Bishop of Rome, as he calls himself, believe? I know many readers were not happy with the last two popes, but I never doubted that they, or Montini, believed everything in the Nicene Creed. After following his utterances fairly closely for the past 18 months, I honestly don’t know what the current Pope believes. I hope I am wrong in my doubts.

Tantumblogo - October 9, 2014

I think it is becoming more apparent by the day. Buckle down, we are in for a rough ride.

3. Baseballmom - October 9, 2014

Been following LSN too… Very grateful for their coverage. Sounds like it is the orthodox laity who are standing in the way of the progressives. They also are quite savvy at getting good media coverage… May God bless them and protect them in their mission.

4. Tim - October 9, 2014

Why aren’t you sending these to me since last week?

Tantumblogo - October 9, 2014

Tim, I don’t send them. You sign up for the e-mail distribution and you remove yourself. I have over 400 people subscribed right now. You should be able to receive. I have never done anything to unsubscribe anyone. Does it show in the sidebar that you are subscribed? It should.

5. LaGallina - October 9, 2014

Who are all the random couples who are going to the synod to tell Francis about their families and relationships? There have been several articles at Pewsitter about this couple and that couple going to the synod to talk about their previous marriages and how they just want to be accepted by the Church, or about their homosexual son and his lovely partner.

I thought the synod was just a gathering of a few cardinals to discuss Church matters. It seems that their are a lot of lay people coming in and out of the synod. Next are they going to have us vote for which doctrines we should keep and which ones we should toss?

Tantumblogo - October 9, 2014

Yeah, these people go and address the Synod, and they and their kids never come back! I know most of those speaking are involved in this lay ministry or that, but the vast majority just want their “acceptance,” then they are out the door without a second glance.

The lay people are easier to control and help introduce more radical elements they bishops themselves could not introduce.

TLM - October 10, 2014

LaGallina…….if this mess wasn’t so crucially critical, it would be entertaining. I had to LOL when I read your last sentence, but I think you hit the nail on the head. What is particularly bothersome to me, is that it has not been reported that Francis has interceded at any point. At least I have not read it anywhere.

c matt - October 10, 2014

I thought they did that with the pre-“sin”od survey?

6. Judy - October 9, 2014

Can I get an AMEN!!! Sick to death of the “new springtime,” which, let’s face it, is as successful as New Coke. Can you imagine what would have happened to that company, if they had refused to admit that New Coke was a failure? Oh wait–exactly what has happened to the Catholic Church. Bring back Catholic Church Classic.

Baseballmom - October 10, 2014

You nailed it Judy! Yes, bring back Classic Catholic 🙂

7. Mark - October 10, 2014

The one thing that has not been discussed in the synod is what Pilate asked our Lord “what is truth?” Why is truth not the main focus of debate? Jesus is truth and thus truth cannot change. It is the same yesterday, today and always. Abortion became benign, because the ‘world’ called is pro-choice. Sodomy became benign, because the ‘world’ gave it a more acceptable name. One could go on and on, but the point is, if we pander to the synod Fathers who want to make our language more accetable to the world we will always be on the loosing side. Stop the pandering to the world, synod Fathers. Was it not Jesus who said the world is opposed to Him and His truth? Enough of the relativism. Only truth will set you free.

8. David - October 10, 2014

This summer, I attended the National Catholic Singles Conference. It was a good conference, and Jennifer Roback Morse really hit the nail on the head about the attacks on marriage.

One statistic in particular was brought up at the conference from a representative of the Catholic Match Institute: in 2004, the Archdiocese of Chicago had 16,000 marriages. Ten years later, there has been a dramatic decrease – only 6,000 marriages last year. Yes, many Catholics are either not getting married, or marrying only civilly or marrying in a Protestant denomination.

TLM - October 10, 2014

David, it seems there has been a dramatic increase in Catholics getting married in Protestant Churches, but if you think about it, since Vat ll the Church has become more Protestant in every way. So to some, they really don’t see a difference in getting married in a Catholic Church or in a Protestant Church. To some, it’s one in the same.

9. RObert - October 10, 2014

They don’t want to get it!! They will never get over it!!!

10. Peter - October 10, 2014

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