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Our Lord speaks on abortion/contraception October 13, 2014

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You know all this mess at the Synod will eventually come back to the sacred shibboleths of the progressives, contraception and abortion. So when I read the following over the past couple of days in my usual Bible and other Catholic reading, I thought it suitable to share.  No, these are not direct statements from our Blessed Lord incarnate, but they are testaments to the Faith made under His direct inspiration (I should clarify – only the Old Testament verses are assuredly inspired, but the statements of the Apostles and Fathers are, at the very least, indirectly inspired.  The Apostles were merely repeating what they had heard from Our Lord in the Second Person of the Trinity, or extrapolating clear instruction to more detailed cases, and Saint Jerome was doing the same.  Nevertheless, I should have been more clear).

First, from the Old Testament, God abhors the wanton sacrifice of his creation, little children, to satanic pagan gods (Ps CV, 35-42):

….they were mingled among the heathens, and learned their works.: And served their idols, and it became a stumblingblock to them.  And they sacrificed their sons, and their daughters to devils.  And they shed innocent blood: the blood of their sons and of their daughters which they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan.  And the land was polluted with blood, and was defiled with their works: and they went aside after their own inventions.  And the Lord was exceedingly angry with His people: and He abhorred His inheritance.

And He delivered them into the hands of the nations: and they that hated them had dominion over them.  And their enemies afflicted them: and they were humbled under their hands.

Pretty interesting allegory for today, is it not?  Is not the Church surrounded by heathens, and adopting their ways?  Do not so many of us sense a great chastisement?  And are the enemies they so adore and emulate, do they not long to crush the Church and place the sacred Bride of Christ under their hands?

Next, the Apostles themselves, in the Didache, deplored child sacrifice to satanic demons:

The second commandment of the teaching: You shall not murder. You shall not commit adultery. You shall not seduce boys. You shall not commit fornication. You shall not steal. You shall not practice magic or use potions. You shall not procure abortion, nor destroy a new-born child. You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods. You shall not perjure yourself. You shall not bear false witness. You shall not speak evil. You shall not bear malice….

The “magic and potions” of the above frequently referred to abortifacient drugs widely used in the ancient world in the Church’s earliest days.

Another version of some of the above reads:

You shall not practice birth control, you shall not murder a child by abortion, nor kill what is begotten

Then just this morning in the letters of Saint Jerome I read the following:

But others drink potions to ensure sterility and are guilty of murdering a human being not yet conceived.  Some, when they learn they are with child through sin, practice abortion by the use of drugs. Frequently they die themselves and are brought before the rulers of the lower world guilty of three crimes: suicide, adultery, and murder of an unborn child. 

And thus we see, in three brief excerpts, the constant hatred God has had for abortion and its antecedent crime of contraception, since well before God became Incarnate on earth.  It is the constant belief of the Christian Church from its inception until today – disregarding the manifest errors of formal heretics – that both abortion and contraception are woefully sinful.

And yet, as Rorate reports, there is evidence even these pillars of Catholic Moral Doctrine may be under attack at the Synod.  Humanae Vitae was a shock to many progressives, who felt “their man” as pope would approve the unapprovable.  They feel they have their second chance.  But woe to those who attack what Christ has revealed through His Church, and undermine the faith of the faithful. It would be better for that man that he had never been born.



1. Baseballmom - October 13, 2014

Church teaching on these issues is crystal clear. This synod is an attempt to create confusion and lack of clarity among the Faithful. May these men repent of their grave sin before they meet the Just Judge.

2. RC - October 14, 2014

I think that Divine Intervention is all that can save the Church now..scary thing is, what is that intervention going to look like? Akita?

3. Observer - October 14, 2014

Any mention of the NWO tends to get laughed at, but when during the Lambeth Conference of 1930 the Anglican Church gave its ‘guarded’ approval of contraception it publicly made its tentative alliance with ‘world government’. Of course most people of that time were too busy to notice, but a writer for the Washington Post (of all places!) noticed and in a prescient article ca.1932 stated that contraception would destroy marriage as a sacred institution. Events have proven him correct.
Now, with the hindsight of Vatican II and this present Synod, the prime motivation of the liberal cardinals seems to be the positioning of the Catholic Church to be a willing cog in the NWO machine.
Contraception is bad because it disengages actions from responsibility. Homosexuality is bad because it destroys individuals, and if adopted widely within a society will very quickly bring that nation / country to ruin. We know that, it’s not rocket science, it is obvious to anybody a basic knowledge of history. Now, what all these ‘academics’, world planners, presidents and cardinals would like us to believe is that they are right and we ‘little folk’ are all wrong.
I can only conclude that their aim and the aim of this Synod is to destroy what remains of a fractured society whose foundation rests on Christian morality.

4. c matt - October 14, 2014

I think the progs learnt their lesson with P6. It seems this time they are taking the approach of indirect attacks – a synod document here that “seems” to uphold traditional teaching while relaxing the harshness; send out a trial balloon to see where the populace is; maybe a “pastoral” practice there that winks at certain indiscretions, finding “positive elements” upon which to build, etc. All very nuanced and deceptive – no frontal attacks (at least not yet). Little baby steps until before you know it, you’ve walked a mile.

5. Antonja Cermak - October 14, 2014

I think most Catholics have made their peace with Humanae Vitae. Contraception and sterilization are just a fact of modern life for most Catholic couples. An encyclical with no power behind it to enforce it doesn’t mean much. NFP classes during pre-Cana is about the only thing the Church can do to encourage her faithful. As long as contraceptives are legal, and private, the Church really has no way to enforce her rules. Especially with the larger parishes where the Church is growing in the southwest (5000 souls or more!), there is no way for the Church to police behavior.

6. Lynne - October 14, 2014

The Church doesn’t ‘police’ behavior. It clearly states which behavior is a sin, mortal or venial. Then, the four last things; death, judgement, Heaven, Hell.

7. TG - October 14, 2014

Off topic but I have a World Missions envelope for next Sunday. Tantum, I know you know about various charities. Tell me what you know about this one. I’m tempted to not give anything especially if it’s going to Rome. I’m not happy with Rome right now. It’s so embarassing to read articles on some the Protestant websites. I can’t say I disagree on some of the comments they are making about our church.

8. steve - October 14, 2014

The only real power or authority behind an Encyclical (or any Church document) is the Sacred Liturgy…God via His Sacred Liturgy.

As Pope Pius XI acknowledged, Catholics learn to think and act in Catholic fashion by way of the Sacred Liturgy.

Pope Pius XI made it clear that Papal documents and verbal declarations have little real effect upon Catholics.

Catholics are formed truly in the Faith via the Mass (or, of course,
Eastern Divine Liturgies).

A week in and week out encounter with a beautiful, mysterious and awesome Mass (or Eastern liturgy), stands a good chance to fill a Catholic’s heart and mind with love and loyalty in regard to God and His Church.

From there, a Papal pronouncement has a chance to succeed within the Church.

Wreck the Sacred Liturgy…wreck the Pope’s ability to teach, govern and sanctify his spiritual children.

Consider the Traditional Roman Mass…consider the typical TLM parish…awesome Mass…beautiful sacred music…parish decorated beautifully…

…sacramentals and devotions abound…hearts and minds filled instilled to the hilt with a strong Catholic identity…Traditional Church teachings embraced in loving, humble fashion.

Take that away, as is the case in one parish after another throughout the (Latin) Church, and you know the situation in today’s Church.

Humanae vitae, for example, enjoys virtually zero interest and influence at Novus Ordo parishes throughout the world.

9. Rebecca - October 14, 2014

Can I speak plainly? The lines are being drawn. It’s sad and devastating. It’s obvious to this writer that what we see in the American Liberal agenda is one in the same with the Catholic Liberal agenda. Gay “rights” is all over the media and entertainment industry…it’s getting harder to argue these 2 agendas arenot linked and I surmise working in concert. We are heading toward what so many saints warned and had visions of- that great chastisement ….thanks for the post Larry and the above references.

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