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Francis versus the Church, or Francis versus Jesus Christ? October 20, 2014

Posted by Tantumblogo in abdication of duty, Basics, disaster, episcopate, error, foolishness, General Catholic, Papa, persecution, scandals, secularism, self-serving, SOD, the return.

The writer at That The Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill (a sublime bit of Scripture, but I’m not so sure as a blog name) has two excellent posts up on the aftermath of the Synod and Pope Francis.  I will quote extensively from one, you can go read the other.

First, is it really in the “God of surprises” to contradict Himself and change eternal Truth?  How can we reconcile this belief with the idea that one is “a loyal son of the Church?” The post below starts out with an excerpt from Pope Francis’ “media via,” or “middle way” approach in his closing speech to the Synod, in which the Holy Father posits a path between the “extremes” of adherence to the Faith handed down to us and rank apostasy:

“And since it is a journey of human beings, with the consolations there were also moments of desolation, of tensions and temptations, of which a few possibilities could be mentioned: 

One, a temptation to hostile inflexibility, that is, wanting to close oneself within the written word, (the letter) and not allowing oneself to be surprised by God, by the God of surprises, (the spirit); within the law, within the certitude of what we know and not of what we still need to learn and to achieve.  

From the time of Christ, it is the temptation of the zealous, of the scrupulous, of the solicitous and of the so-called – today – “traditionalists” and also of the intellectuals.”

In his speech at the close of the Synod it is true that Francis talked of other temptations, but it is noteworthy that ‘traditionalists’ were first in the line of fire. So I guess that before the ‘liberals and progressives’ (Cardinals Kasper, Madriaga, Schoenborn etc) are punished, we can assume Cardinals Mueller and Napier as well as the already demoted Burke will be first for the chop. [It is the actions that speak much more loudly than words.  Pope Francis may proclaim the need for a “middle way” in the Church, but his actions show that he sees the middle far, far more to the modernist/progressive side than any of his predecessors.  The modernists are promoted and given influential sinecures, while the more faithful prelates are railroaded out of office and banished to the hinterlands.  So the “middle way” seems a farce, a rhetorical tool at most, a hypocrisy at worst.]

…… It is only in the reign of Francis that to hold fast to the Magisterium of Holy Mother Church, to defend with one’s speech the Church’s teaching, as Cardinal Burke has done, on the Sacrament of Marriage and the institution of the family, that it has been posited, by the Pope himself, that to do so is a ‘temptation’. The Church, in her teachings and her law has never been ‘flexible’ with sin. It has always shown leniency to repentant sinners. [Repentant being the key word, meaning recognizing one’s actions as evil, having true contrition for them (meaning willing to remove oneself from the occasion of sin and do one’s utmost to avoid that sin in future), and having a firm purpose of amendment.  Remaining in your adulterous situation with your third “spouse” indicates none of the above.  I know those situations are very difficult, there are probably a few souls who have been divorced and remarried w/o annulment who now have happy relationships, possibly even with children, and who would like to be faithful Catholics. But they remain in sin, and by endorsing their sin, permitting the Blessed Sacrament to be blasphemed, would be only to further encourage more such terrible situations.  We must also recognize, at the same time, that many divorces are made simply for convenience or due to a great deal of flippancy.  The basic problem with the Pope’s position, however, is that it is no charity to permit people to add sin upon sin, that no matter what he says or what disastrous “pastoral” approach is adopted, the sin will remain, and these souls will be judged accordingly. It is truly frightening to contemplate how far von Balthasar’s destructive errors regarding Hell: Population Zero have reached into the minds of even great prelates.]

In his condemnation of the ‘temptation’ to uphold marriage, the moral law, and the sanctity of marriage, presumably Pope Francis is also rather annoyed with Jesus Christ Who said, “Anyone who puts away his wife and marries another commits adultery” and Who said to the woman caught in adultery, “Go and sin no more.”……. [And that is the point of this equally important post.  This second post notes that it is not Francis versus the Church, by which secularists mean the “rigid hierarchy,” but it is Francis versus Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom espoused for all eternity to His Church.  And then we get back to all the false mercy which just happens to accord perfectly with what the world – or the self-anointed elites – demand from the Church.  I do not think anyone, even a Pope, can trust themselves to be truly unbiased or uninfluenced by this utterly dominant worldly view, unless they know without doubt they are clinging with all their might to the Doctrine of the Faith.  Anything else carries the greatest danger, if not the moral certainty, or worldly self-seeking.]

Clearly, once Francis has purged the episcopate and Roman Curia of liberals, progressives and traditionalists, he will be there, all alone, because he alone can embody the Holy Faith of Christ! Nobody else gets it but him!

And that’s a pretty funny point, which I think is true in the sense that I have increasingly felt over the past year or more that Pope Francis seems to think nobody quite understands the Church like he does, that all of the rest of us – perhaps excluding Kardinal Kasper – are deficient to various degrees in our understanding and practice of the Faith.

So often Pope Francis’ rhetoric is very negative.  He has castigated almost every variation in the practice of the Faith imaginable.  He very rarely seems positive and uplifting when describing the efforts of millions of pious souls.  He seems much more comfortable with those outside the Church, than within.  He seems to think, especially, that those of us who adhere to the traditional practice of the Faith are the worst enemies the “Church” – or his reductive vision of the same – has.  It is interesting to contemplate how that mentality has seeped into those now leading the Franciscans of the Immaculate.  Or maybe it was there all along.

I do bear in mind that I think the rhetoric in Pope Francis’ closing address regarding the errors of progressives/modernists was pretty much just that – he criticized faithful Catholics, and probably felt obliged to throw those pious souls a bone by criticizing the other side.  But as I said above, actions speak much louder than words, and Pope Francis’ actions have all been of one kind – advancing and aiding the most egregious modernists, and punishing and inhibiting the more faithful – in proportion to their faithfulness!  And that says a lot.

It reminds me of our own leftist President’s dictum to reward his friends and punish his enemies.

I want to maintain that in spite of the criticism and the increasing clarity of my comments I do have a strong filial love for Pope Francis.  He remains my father in the Faith.  He is the Pope.  I find much of what he does and believes disconcerting and destructive, I pray he changes many of his beliefs and practices, but I am in union with him as the Vicar of Christ.  God permitted him to be elected Pope, probably to remind us all how short we fall in our practice of the Faith.  I am a Catholic, he is my father, and I love and pray for him, even if I disagree with him.  But that does not mean I am blind to reality, or have to behave as a sycophant and pretend everything he does or says is just wonderful and the very embodiment of Catholicity.

That kind of hyper-montanism, on even the most trivial of prudential issues, is how we have gotten into this mess.  God could be chastising the Church and bishops for turning the Holy See into a cult of personality over the past 120 years or so.

Now I’m just spitballing. I’ll stop.



1. Kim - October 20, 2014

I am a frequent commenter on the Crushed Bones site—may interest you to know that the author was a practicing homosexual who came into the Catholic Church and began living chastely. He’s also a Latin Mass catholic and just recently got married.

Tantumblogo - October 20, 2014

Wow. I did not know the first part. I knew he had lead a wild life but did not know he was into sodomy.

God bless him, this papacy must be crushing for him.

Tantumblogo - October 20, 2014

Do you know what name he goes by online? I haven’t found one but it’s really hard to refer to him by his blog name.

Soooo long.

Kim - October 21, 2014

Well I call him Bonester. Some call him Mr. Bones and/ or Bonesey. But I believe his name is Lawrence .

2. Kim - October 20, 2014

Just can’t say I share your love for Francis, Tanto. I think St Nicholas needs to come down and give him a good slap.

3. Baseballmom - October 21, 2014

Yes… Actions scream while words are whispered…. Cupich promoted and Burke demoted…. Don’t need any more information than that….

4. LaGallina - October 21, 2014

This synod has changed my opinion of Francis completely. I used to think he was like my old priest — liberal, but clueless and well-meaning.

After seeing his actions regarding the synod, I now believe he is an outright enemy of the Church. Saints were martyred standing up for the beliefs that he is trying to destroy. He is a traitor to the faith, or an enemy who has infiltrated. His actions are not pleasing to God because they contradict the Church that He set up on earth.

5. steve - October 21, 2014

From The Catholic World Report interview with Cardinal Burke:

The Catholic World Report: “Is there really any evidence that the Holy Father wanted the Synod to push for more “openness” to those who identify as “gay/lesbian”, or that he wishes to relax Church teaching for homosexuality and “same sex unions”?

Cardinal Burke: “I have no evidence regarding the Pope’s thinking in the matter or regarding his alleged support of a relaxation of the Church’s teaching.”

Kim - October 21, 2014

Burke’s a straight shooter but not a gossip. Francis’ words, actions and the theologians he praises STRONGLY indicate his openness to a relaxation of Catholic sexual morality.

I knew he was a snake from day one. The pollyanna papists are just so thrilled that the synod didn’t change doctrine. It’s like being just so happy that your alcoholic husband didn’t take up heroin too. But the alcohol problem is still there and very detrimental .

TG - October 21, 2014

I like your way of putting things.

6. cg - October 21, 2014

Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:

7. discipleofthedumbox - October 21, 2014

Patrick J. Buchanan has written a rather good post on the subject. Very easy to digest. http://buchanan.org/blog/price-papal-popularity-7042

8. Anonymous - October 21, 2014

Food for thought from a Texan


While in my prayerful communication with JESUS, He asked me to climb the Mountain with Him on Monday, October 13th, the Anniversary of Fatima. I drove to Enchanted Rock outside of Fredericksburg, Texas. When we lived in Texas, we used to travel there with our two children.

View pictures here.
The climb was hard for me because I’m old, out of shape, and did not have the proper hiking shoes I needed. Nevertheless, JESUS accompanied me to the 500 foot summit. The LORD talked most of the two hours it took me to climb and descend, and He allowed me to ask Him questions as well.

One of the questions I asked my Savior was about Pope Francis. Why is Pope Francis allowing all this chaos to continue within the Roman Catholic Church; most especially with this Synod on the Family? My Merciful JESUS said:
“My little brother, what you are seeing is the beginning of the Passion that the CHURCH must endure before my ‘Second Coming’. The Scriptures must be fulfilled. The cleansing of the Church has to occur before I gather My Remnant for the ‘Era of Peace’. Pray much for My Vicar, Pope Francis. He is being guided by My Spirit and the Blessed Mother, but he needs much prayer from you, the faithful. Satan believes he will finally defeat My Church, but this will never happen. Many complain of My Vicar’s ways of currently leading My Church. Even though it seems as if he is about to betray his Triune GOD and Holy Mother CHURCH; this will not happen. What you are seeing is the final assault of My CHURCH from within. Think back to the vision of Saint John Bosco guiding the Ship between the two pillars; the Pillar of My Eucharist on the right and the Pillar of Mary Most Holy on the left. All the small ships are the Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Religious, and Laity within the CHURCH attacking My CHURCH through My Vicar. Many articles are being written unjustly against Him. They are wrong in doing so. If they think of themselves as being so holy and faithful to GOD, they should be on their knees praying for My Vicar. My flock should pray for themselves, their Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Priest, and Religious. They should prepare themselves for the coming Tribulation. They should pray for their seminarians to become good, holy, Marian priests instead of attacking their Pope. Your heartfelt prayers will lessen the Passion that Holy Mother CHURCH must endure. Pray too, that Pope Francis will install the 5th and final Marian Dogma of ‘Co-Redemptrix, Advocate, and Mediatrix of all Graces’. Pope Francis is closer to the Blessed Mother than you know. Help him enter into Her Immaculate Heart.

Little brother, tell everyone to pray through the Immaculate Heart of our Mother Mary, through Saint Joseph, through Saint Michael. They are your greatest Intercessors in these ‘End Times’. Pray for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to come now so that Mary, who is commissioned by GOD to crush the head of the serpent, Satanans, will do so very soon. Pray, asking GOD the FATHER that through His great mercy to grant the illumination of conscience for every man, woman, and child above the age of reasoning. This greatest act of God’s mercy will usher in the necessary conversions throughout the world. It will lessen the Chastisements necessary to cleanse and purify the world. Tell the faithful to pray for My Vicar. When you attack My Vicar, you attack Me, your Triune GOD. I love you little brother; my death on the Cross is proof of that; Go in My Peace and blessing. My grace is sufficient for you; for all of you, My CHURCH.”

Your brother in Jesus and Mary, Johnnie

9. Richard M - October 21, 2014

“Hypermontanism.” Apt.

I wager that, had we had a pontiff like Francis rather than Pius IX in the 1860’s – hard as that is to imagine – the Ultramontanists would have been an extinct species by the time Vatican I began.

10. Steve - October 21, 2014

Pope Francis yesterday conducted an ordinary public consistory with Patriarchs and Cardinals to discuss the plight of Christians in the Middle East.

This important consistory, particularly with it’s important addresses and declarations from Pope Francis and our Patriarchs and Cardinals, has received zero coverage from each Catholic blog that I have visited since Monday.

I hope that at least here on this outstanding blog, coverage of the consistory in question will receive the coverage that it deserves and requires.

Thank you.

Tantumblogo - October 21, 2014

You might help me out with a link. I receive no feeds by necessity (it would overwhelm me) and I have precious little time to check a lot of blogs. I went to Pewsitter, Catholic Culture and a couple of others and saw nothing on your reference. If you can send me a link I’ll consider posting, but, frankly, this is not a game of tit for tat, I criticize the Pope one day now I must extol him the next. The situation he has created is unprecedented, merely doing his duty on some other subject is not exactly exculpatory, if you know what I mean.

I don’t want to sound overly harsh, but hopefully you get my point. The damage is untold in its vastness, that tends to obliterate any good done.

Steve - October 21, 2014

I don’t know how to post a live link that will proceed directly to the Vatican Radio’s web site that featured the story in question. Deo volente, later today I will type a link that can be copied and pasted into an Internet search engine.

For now, I just searched Yahoo News and Google News for the following:

Pope Francis Middle East Without Christians

Hundreds of hits came up as hundreds of news media sources yesterday and today featured articles on Monday’s Vatican Consistory with Patriarchs and Cardinals.

This is a very important Consistory.

Pope Francis, Patriarchs and Cardinals yesterday issued many important declarations in regard to the plight of Catholics in the Middle East.

Thank you.

11. discipleofthedumbox - October 21, 2014

Where have I heard about this happening before? Hmmm… Oh yeah! That pesky third secret of Fatima…

“There shall be bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal, as satan has set himself in their midst.” Our Lady of Fatima, July 13, 1917


“The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against other bishops.” – Our Lady of Akita, October 13, 1973.

October 13th. Why is that date interesting? Wasn’t that the date of the first synod report, “Relatio post disceptationem”?

Nah. No relation whatsoever. Move along Catholics. Move along.

Lord, have mercy.

Baseballmom - October 21, 2014

Nothing to see here… Nothing at all….

12. TG - October 21, 2014

I can’t even read what the Pope says anymore. The only thing I can agree with him is that God did surprise him on Thursday when the bishops revolted. If love is an act of the will, I do love him. I’m glad love is not a feeling cause I sure don’t have that loving feeling.

Baseballmom - October 21, 2014

Absolutely it is NOT a feeling. In loving souls we simply desire their absolute best… Which is eternal everlasting LIFE. So, it is never love to sign on to someone’s sin….. Regardless of who he is….

13. steve - October 21, 2014

To read about Monday’s important Consistory on the sufferings of Christians in the Middle East:


Look for…

Latest News

Pope Francis: Middle East without Christians unthinkable

14. Anonymous - October 22, 2014

Asianews.it is an essential website for serious Catholics to grasp what is really happening in Asia and Middleeast.


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