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Catholic Hispanics joining radical islam en masse? October 24, 2014

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I read some of the below last night and was most disconcerted.  This is a disaster of the largest proportions, and it simply confirms for me what has been obvious to any faithful souls with eyes to see: the rejection of Doctrine and practice handed down to us by preceding generations is at utter disaster for souls.

It seems thousands of American Hispanics, who have to be at least nominally Catholic (or were not very long ago), are now embracing not just islam, but its most radical varieties.  Even more amazingly, the preponderance of those Hispanics doing so are women.  And they tell us why that is. They say islam, especially radical islam, gives them doctrinal certainty and a sure moral guide in a Western culture rapidly spinning out of control.  It gives them a framework around which to build their lives more substantial than “if it feels good, do it, and the consequences be damned.”

It also demonstrates conclusively the utter failure of the humanist, secularist “opening to the world” the Church has engaged in, by and large, for the past 50 years.  We already know millions of souls have fallen away – and each one of those is a tragedy of a magnitude we simply cannot calculate – but now those souls are opting for islam, the most repressive, backward, anti-Christian religion possible.  They are telling the Church, in so many words: “You have failed me so completely I now spit you out of my mouth and join your enemy of 15 centuries.”


More Hispanics are turning towards Islam and interestingly, more than half of Miami’s 3,000 Hispanic Muslims are female…….

……A new phenomenon is occurring in the backdrop. More Latinas, such as Greisa Torres and Stephanie Londono, are turning to Islam. They are not alone.

Arriving from Miami four years ago, Torres said she had “lost her identity in the move and found it in the Prophet Muhammad”, according to a report on Voice of America.

Torres explained: “It was very hard for me because we do not have family here, just my husband and my kids. On this day, my baby – Mahdi – he was going to be born. That is why I converted to Islam because I was scared.” [Another way of saying I feel lost in this perverse culture and I need something strong and seemingly authoritative to cling to.  The Church, in Her watered down, indifferentist, ecumenical and interreligious present incarnation, simply fails to offer that to the vast majority of souls who do not know or comprehend the right practice of the Faith, especially in traditional communities.]

…….“When people see you with the hijab, they respect you first. Second, it’s the emotion you feel because you are different. You believe in something. It’s amazing.” Londono said. [Yeah, well, I believe in Jesus Christ and Him crucified, as well as His Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament]

It defines their world on a clear grid of what’s permitted or ‘halal,’ and what’s prohibited which is ‘haram’. So they know exactly where they stand. So the Qur’an becomes this guidebook that tells you exactly what to wear, what to eat, how to wash, how to behave, when to pray.”

According to the same report on Voice of America, there are more than 3,000 Hispanic Muslims in Miami and more than 40,000 nationwide across the United States……

Great, so our own government is encouraging Hispanics to convert to islam.  Big surprise.

Now, before I get too carried away, I must note that there is some other verbiage I did not include that paints the convert as a wacked out leftist.  And that re-emphasizes for me the choice the left in this country and in all the West will gleefully make in increasing numbers: since leftism has always had at its foundation hatred of Christianity, and yet it is still an utterly bankrupt and unfulfilling philosophy, it is inevitable that as islam gains more and more cultural cache, more and more leftists will embrace it either through formal conversion or through willing dhimmi participation.

But once again, I do think there is something very significant here with respect to the Church: these souls are lost, they were allowed to either fall away, or felt utterly malnourished by the Faith, were encouraged to embrace leftism through so many of the bad parishes/dioceses/schools, whatever…….the Church is being rejected because of the conduct of the Faith these past 50 years.  That conduct is atrociously worldly and does not give that sustenance souls desperately crave.  And so they seek it out elsewhere.

It is incredible if it were not true.  Data point 1,987,438 for the disasters inflicted on the Church, world, and most importantly, souls by “aggiornamento.”


1. TG - October 24, 2014

This is a total surprise. Most Hispanics I say they are Catholic but don’t practice it. I also know some that have left the faith, probably because they didn’t learn it and felt undernourished. I had no idea women were converting to Islam. Right now many non-Catholics think the Catholic Church is embracing homosexuals so no way they are going to convert.

2. TG - October 24, 2014

“most Hispanics say”

3. Dismas - October 24, 2014

Surprises me not.

I was driving through a large Mexican city with my Mexican Goddaughter, herself a Tradcath mother with four kids. As we passed some evangelicals dressed as Catholic women used to dress she commented that they have possession of all the morals now.

At the moment of the announcement of the OJ verdict – in whatever year that was – I happened to be at work. In a big room were about 40 people watching TV. 100% of them were Hispanic and I would guess that 10-20% of them were not in the country legally.

As the verdict came in and the man of color got away with butchering the white folks, the entire room stood and cheered in ear-splitting fashion. The celebration lasted at that intensity for a good 30 seconds and then very slowly subsided over minutes of cheerful expressions and animated gestures. For me that was an epiphany.

I think these anecdotes may be relevant to your post.

4. steve - October 24, 2014

Far more disconcerting to me than the story at hand is the overall colossal collapse of Catholicism in Mexico, Central and South America.

Hispanic Catholics in relative few numbers have converted to Islam.

However, staggering waves of Western Hemisphere Catholic Hispanics turn daily to Protestantism.

In staggering numbers, additional waves of Western Hemisphere Catholic Hispanics turn daily to paganism.

Either way, daily, monthly, weekly and yearly, Catholic Hispanics in staggering amounts bolt from the Church.

In face of that horrific crisis and countless additional problems within our collapsing Church, scores of Churchmen and laymen are obsessed with whitewashing sodomy and adultery.

By the way, any notion that a Pope from an Hispanic country will halt the monumental exodus of Hispanic Catholics from the Church is wishful thinking.

Tens of millions of former Catholic Hispanics don’t have any use for Hispanic Cardinals, bishops and priests as is evident from their (former Catholics) having bolted the Church.

Tens of millions of nominal Catholic Hispanics are akin to the majority of “Catholics” who assist now and then, or even regularly, at Mass, as they reject one Church teaching after another.

Oh, well.

Hey, as the Church continues to collapse around us, let’s hold a Synod on the FAMILY…then let’s turn everything about the Synod on the FAMILY into the Synod on SODOMITES and ADULTERERS.

Yep, that will definitely strengthen the Church and lift us from the horrific crisis of faith in which we’re engulfed.

5. steve - October 24, 2014

I am in frequent contact in the Dallas area with Hispanic Catholics.

What I have encountered daily in that regard has been bleak.

Sorry, if certain folks find my comments pessimistic/depressing. I simply relate that which I believe is a realistic assessment of my first-hand encounters with Dallas’ Catholic Hispanics.

Sadly, I have encountered a tremendous amount of broken families among Catholic Hispanics in our area.

I believe that their number is greater than the amount of broken families found elsewhere within the Dallas Diocese.

Either way, the overall amount of broken families throughout the Diocese is horrifying.

The rejection of Holy Mother Church’s teachings lead, of course, to the collapse of individuals and families.

Each Catholic (certainly sentient adult Catholics) is responsible for his life.

However, without the benefit of our (Latin) Church’s holy liturgical tradition, how can a Catholic be expected to form his heart and mind in concert with Jesus Christ and His Holy Church?

After all, everything about the Faith flows from the Holy Eucharistic and liturgy.

The widespread poverty…it’s very sad…that I have witnessed among Catholic Hispanics in the Dallas area has factored into the collapse of Catholic Hispanic life.

However, I have witnessed first-hand that much (if not the majority) the poverty in question is the result of Catholic Hispanics having made poor personal choices in regard to morality.

Catholic Hispanic men and women engage in pre-marital sex in alarming numbers…babies in staggering numbers are born out-of-wedlock…the fathers of the babies often attach themselves to alcohol and/or narcotics…the men often abandon their families…

I know (and encounter daily) a great many unmarried Catholic Hispanic women who are without husbands or even the father(s) of their children.

The women and children are engulfed in horrific poverty.

To many such women, I have found that they have little use for Catholicism.

That most definitely applies to the men in question.

The refusal…yes, as I have known first-hand…the refusal of a great many Catholic Hispanics in our area to learn English has consigned them to menial, low-paying jobs (if they even have jobs) and endless poverty.

I pray for my Hispanic Catholic brothers and sisters. That is particularly true of the Hispanic Catholics I know.

They are my brothers and sisters…my friends.

They suffer greatly.

In many respects, they have not been served well by our Churchmen…particularly as our Churchmen have destroyed the Roman Liturgy,

Again, without sound liturgy, how can one expect people to think and act in holy traditional Catholic fashion?

Yes, each sentient adult Catholic is responsible for his life.

But dear Churchmen, at least give us a fighting chance to embrace God’s Holy teachings via holy traditional liturgy that will, in turn, infuse us with a non-watered-down understanding of the Faith.

uzoozy - October 24, 2014

They are reverting to Islam because it’s the only true religion.
its God that gives the blessings not the church

6. Dismas - October 24, 2014

Actually, Steve paints a very accurate picture of the situation. There is not a lot more that needs to be said. If you think your parish novus ordo liturgy is banal, drop in on a novus ordo liturgy in Mexico sometime.

This is the land of the Cristeros. Stand outside a Mexican church after their Sunday celebration sometime and ask people who the Cristeros were. If one in ten has any clue, your experience is more positive than mine. And this was in the time of their grandparents in some cases.

For decades in Mexico, if you were at a Traditional Catholic Mass, you were either at a sedevacantist chapel or a chapel of the SSPX. More recently the FSSP has been invited in on a very limited basis and they are doing excellent work. Here and there diocesan priests very cautiously can now be seen familiarizing themselves with authentic Catholicism, but it is exceedingly rare and they run significant risks.

The same holds true from Guatemala through Panama – all of Central America. One Central American group esirous of the authentic Mass was reluctant to contact the SSPX. After years of lies and subterfuge by their bishop they finally did. Shortly after an SSPX priest began coming in, the bishop had a change of heart. Whether or not they now have a diocesan Mass I do not know, nor do I know of any other single diocese in Central America that has been obedient to Summorum Pontificum.

The USA was never a Catholic country, but these countries were. It seems that wherever Catholicism was the strongest, it has suffered the most. We have it far better in this country in terms of access to true Catholicism than any Latin American country I am aware of. Why the destruction has been greatest where the power of the hierarchy was more unquestioningly accepted is a different topic.

7. steve - October 24, 2014

Dismas, speaking about banal Masses among Hispanics who live outside the United States, have you assisted at “Spanish” Mass in the United States?

I have done so within the Dallas Diocese.

I was amazed to have encountered a greater scale of banality at said Masses than at English Novus Ordo Masses.

At least at certain English Masses in Dallas, one may encounter a bit of Gregorian Chant or one prayer, usually the Agnus Dei, in Latin.

I have found that Spanish Masses are devoid of any sense of Latin Church liturgical tradition.

Incredibly, at Spanish Masses, I have encountered an even greater amount of chatter and inappropriate attire (provocative clothing) than at typical Novus Ordo Masses.

Last year at St. Mark The Evangelist parish in Plano, I assisted at the “bilingual” Easter Vigil.

I am sorry to say and not exaggerating one bit when I state that at said Mass, the majority of my Hispanic brothers and sisters were absolutely out of control.

Never again will I subject myself to St. Mark’s bilingual Easter Vigil.

Our Churchmen have let down Catholic Hispanics.

Even more so than Catholic Anglos, Catholic Hispanics have been robbed of their Catholic heritage.

Dismas made a great point about the virtual absence of the Traditional Mass among Catholic Hispanics.

Dismas - October 25, 2014

Yessir I have. What you say here is absolutely consistent with my experience. Carpe Fastum also makes a good point. Obviously we should be doing that. And just to be clear, this is not “pick on Hispanics day.” It is just another recounting of another of those facets of the New Springtime. I come from Irish stock, and there is not much to crow about in that country, which once saved Christianity.

8. Carpe Fastum - October 25, 2014

We’re all so fat, why don’t we fast for this Church’s people? I will start.

9. David - October 25, 2014

“…Catholic Hispanic men and women engage in pre-marital sex in alarming numbers…babies in staggering numbers are born out-of-wedlock…the fathers of the babies often attach themselves to alcohol and/or narcotics…the men often abandon their families…”


Your above quote rings a bell. I know some nice single women who are Mexican American, and a handful of them have told me that they do not like to date men of Hispanic origin, because many (but not all of them) have bad habits like alcohol, rudeness, and you can guess what these men are looking for around the third date.

A man with “red flags” like those mentioned should not be entering into marriage. I wish some of those involved in marriage preparation would go out on a limb to say something, and recognize these “red flags”.

In many big cities, just driving around there are many Baptist and Church of Christ signs in Spanish, as well as quite a few Kingdom Halls and Pentecostal churches. As a former San Antonio resident (and now DFW), I have also noticed this. Many Catholics (particularly in San Antonio) are “cultural-type” Catholics, and many were not properly catechized. It doesn’t surprise me that many Hispanics are embracing Protestantism.

I’ve heard that at some Catholic parishes with large congregations of non-English speakers, the men either stay home or just drop the ladies off at Mass, without even entering the Church. I’ve heard that it is common in parts of Mexico that the men will congregate outside the church when their wives are at Mass.

By the way, Jesse Romero did a whole show on this problem a few years ago, and it was well done.

10. steve - October 25, 2014


Correct. This isn’t about picking on our Hispanic hermanos en Cristo.

As Pope Benedict XVI declared, in vast areas of the world, the Faith is on the verge of virtual extinction.

A great many areas in question are populated by non-Hispanics.

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