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Understanding the cold sterility of perverse, “same-sex” relations October 29, 2014

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The very philosophical E.Bougis at FideCogitActio has a post examining the ontological differences between normal, rightly ordered (and God-ordained) desires ordered towards the procreation of children, and the cold, barren sterility of perverse relations between people of the same sex.  Both Mr. Bougis’ own analysis, and a quote from Germain Grisez are worthy of reading.  First, Mr. Bougis:

Homosexuality is, by definition, love of one’s sameness-in-sex. It is, in other words, love of one’s self-in-sex. Homosexuality is, therefore, onanism by a longer name. It is the quintessence of the contraceptive (i.e. sterile) mentality. As such, it is not simply immoral; it is an aesthetic outrage, and therefore it is the pageant of our grotesque age.

For those who are, like me, unaware of what “onanism” means, it means self-abuse.  And without going into too much detail, I fervently agree. I have long believed that so-called homosexuality is a very highly developed form of narcissistic self-love, fed by self-abuse, that over time and especially with repeated exposure to pornography can eventually – not in every case, but in some – cause an individual to actually develop appetites for the same in intimate relations rather than the opposite.  Yes there are many corollary factors such as childhood sex abuse by a same-sex abuser (THE number one cause for falling into this kind of lifestyle), absent or distant fathers, perhaps even a certain predisposition to this kind of perversion, but overall, the perverse appetites develop as a result of unconstrained and truly abusive descent into addictive self-pleasuring.  As the mind and soul experience more and more of this pleasure at the, ahem, hands of the self, somehow the natural appetites are deranged to desire not the opposite, but the same in this powerful and almost totally misunderstood realm of psycho-sexual behavior.  Acceptance of self-abuse as “natural, normal, and harmless” in pseudo-scientific literature on the subject in such disastrous “guides” as The Joy of Sex and others caused, I believe, the explosion in perverse behavior we have seen in the past few decades.  Between normal relations rendered sterile by contraception, and the virtual epidemic of self-abuse in our culture (virtually every man today abuses himself regularly, and the large majority of women now, too), individual’s normal repulsion towards unnatural behaviors has been dramatically lessened, and the groundwork laid for “tolerance” and even “acceptance” of incredibly destructive behaviors.  We presently have an epidemic of intentional sterility in our culture, and that epidemic is destroying it.  God always allows our own worst sins to be our downfall, whether as individuals, or as a society.

On to Germain Grisez’ comments:

[A]lthough it is true that partners in sodomy also could conceivably share in a committed relationship with sincere mutual affection and express their feelings in ways that would be appropriate in any friendship, the coupling of two bodies of the same sex cannot form one complete organism and so cannot contribute to a bodily communion of persons. Hence, the experience of intimacy of the partners in sodomy cannot be the experience of any real unity between them. [Which is why so many same-sex “couples” practice serial “infidelity” and few relations last any length of time.  Even those most “committed” partnerings held up as examples of “virtuous” same-sex behavior almost always tolerate regular couplings outside the “committed” relationship]Rather, each one’s experience of intimacy is private and incommunicable, and is no more a common good than is the mere experience of sexual arousal and orgasm. Therefore, the choice to engage in sodomy for the sake of that experience of intimacy in no way contributes to the partners’ real common good as committed friends.

Someone who admits that sodomy necessarily lacks the unitive significance of heterosexual intercourse which makes a couple a single reproductive principle might nevertheless suggest that a couple can choose such sodomitic intercourse as a way of communicating good will and affection. [I’m sorry, but to sodomize someone is such a violent, unnatural act, I find any such claims to be mere shams, ridiculous cover given to try to excuse the inexcusable.]However, just as with fornicators, sexual intercourse is not chosen by sodomites in preference to conversation and mutually beneficial acts because it is the more expressive means of communicating good will and affection. Rather, it is chosen because it provides subjective satisfactions otherwise unavailable. [And I think the act in question involves the acting out of very sick and twisted roles of aggressor and submissive which, in almost every human society in history until now, were always understood to be the resort of a demented mind.  Fem-fem acting out is just as sick even if the abuse takes place in different ways.] Consequently, while sodomites may not choose, as fornicators do, an illusory good instead of a real one, they do choose to use their own and each other’s bodies to provide subjective satisfactions, and thus they choose self-disintegrity as masturbators do. Of course, while masturbators can be interested exclusively in the experience of sexual arousal and orgasm, sodomites also are interested in the illusion of intimacy.” (From The Way of the Lord Jesus, vol. 2)

Perhaps, but  I would argue that even these relatively benign (but still outrageously perverse) reasons for this behavior given above are rare in the individuals so accursed.  That is why even in public demonstrations of their perversions these poor lost souls cannot help but engage in outrageous displays of nudity, sado-masochism, denigration of wholesome institutions (like the Church and family), and violence.  Anyone who has seen photos of “pride” parades knows this to be true, and while perhaps most do not engage in these very public displays of degeneration, a very large number do so in private.


And what is more, these folks know, deep down inside, what they are.  That is why they demand such constant affirmations and even glorification from the culture at large, and why they will persecute the faithful with an unyielding savagery.

It is amazing I even have to write this.  The very idea that someone would have to explain the manifest grotesqueness of this perverse behavior against widespread societal acceptance would have shocked the average person from even 20 or 30 years ago.  That is how far we have fallen, so very fast.

And yet our beloved Church is absolutely infested with this perversion.  Lord, have mercy.


More proof leftism is a false religion October 29, 2014

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Our “friends” on the left like to tell us they are the “rational,” “fact-based” community.  But when it comes to the sacred shibboleths of leftism: whether abortion may cause cancer, or the disastrous effect divorce and contraception have had on the family-  they are almost impervious to any contrary evidence.

And when it comes to one of their latest fetishes, global warming cooling climate change, they are so uniquely opposed to any contrary evidence and so determined to enforce lockstep doctrinal uniformity that the religious connection becomes clear.  Take, for instance, recently unearthed satellite weather photos from the early-mid 1960s that show radical changes in polar ice caps at least as large, if not larger, than those we see today, which were supposed to be “unprecedented.” Do the acolytes and high priests take this new evidence to re-evaluate their theory?  Of course not!  This new evidence is simply inexplicable!

Scientists have uncovered a cache of satellite images of Earth from the 1960s that had been forgotten in storage for nearly 50 years and that push back the first satellite images of our planet a full 17 years. [well I know of some shots from the Ranger Program that showed the entire earth by 1965.  Yet again the media screws up a very easy topic – I guess they were saying their were no shots of the full earth from space until 1980 or so?!?  What about all the Apollo pictures!?!]\

What they found astonished them: The images revealed new records for both the smallest maximum [Antarctic] sea ice ever recorded and the largest. The latter record was just broken this year. The two records were just two years apart, but the difference in sea ice extent was more than 1.5 million square miles (4 million square kilometers), an area twice the size of Mexico.

“We’re talking a 20 percent difference,” says Gallaher. “That’s a sizeable change.”

The Nimbus satellites also caught images of the Arctic before warming from climate change accelerated. Gallaher and Campbell were surprised to see some mysterious holes in the ice in the old images. [See how they do that! Present “global warming” and “climate change accelerated” as accomplished facts, rather than highly dubious and contested theories.  This new, old evidence rather explodes the theory, does it not, or at least gravely undermine some of its central assumptions?  But rather than discuss that, we have scientists acting bewildered, unable to explain how this could be, since the “theory” isn’t a theory, but a religious tenet.]

Holes in the Arctic ice are a common phenomenon today, as the Arctic warms. But in the colder 1960s, a large patch of thin or melted ice was unexpected—and nothing like it was seen again until the 21st century.

Now, wait, how do you know that?  How many other photos are “missing?”  During the 60s, 70s, and most of the 80s no one was much concerned about polar ice caps or gerbal worming so there may not have been much notice taken of such photos but I guarantee they exist.  We have no idea what the ice coverage looked like from space then. So you can’t say this is some weird 60s-2000s phenomenon.

We also now know supposed “unprecedented” changes in the levels of polar ice, which are supposed to “prove” climate change (whatever that means, today), do in fact have precedent.  We also have little to no proof that the Arctic has “warmed” any more than an absolutely trivial amount.  And ice coverage in the Arctic is higher this year than it has been in some time.

It is also very significant that ice coverage in Antarctica varied 20% in only 2  years.  That tells me our scienticians have very little idea of how this ice coverage behaves, or its significance.

But, being the cardinal archbishops of the religion of materialist sexular paganism, that won’t stop them from dictating to the rest of us huge penances for the sins of carbon emissions in order to appease the dread god Gaia.

I tell you, if we had a few thousand of these climate change scientists as Catholic bishops and priests our troubles in the Church would soon be over my friends.  That kind of religious fervor is rarely found in the Church today.

On the contrary, our present situation in the Church today is that a sizable number of nominal Catholics, including a good number of bishops and priests, have more faith in “global warming” than they do in Jesus Christ, the Real Presence, and all the Truths of our Faith.


Expert imam proclaims violence endemic to islam October 29, 2014

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The following qoutes, also from Catholic newspaper, are from probably the most famous islamic cleric and scholar of the past 100 years, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, founder of the world’s first modern islamic republic.  The Ayatollah makes many claims from the koran and hadiths……can any muslim, using the same sources alone, refute his claims as to what islam commands?

Militant muslims constantly point to the numerous surahs that call for killing the enemies of islam, lying to them, cheating them, taking their women, etc., etc.  But some muslim proselytes in the West, and even the dialogue obsessed within the Church, always tell us that islam is this great religion of peace that is misrepresented by the militants.  But the evidence from around the world seems to indicate that the violent interpretation is by far predominant, and we never, ever see some mass movement of “peaceable” muslims against the radicals, policing their own religion, as it were.  All too often, the formerly peaceful ones join in the militancy once it is clear the militants are dominant and controlling a given area.  It seems the claims of a peaceful, loving islam are more rhetoric than fact.

The words of the Ayatollah, one of the most evil men of the past few centuries, as quoted in Holy Terror: Inside the World of Islamic Terrorism and reported by Catholic newspaper:

Islam makes it incumbent on all adult males, provided they are not disabled and incapacitated, to prepare themselves for the conquest of other countries and peoples so that the writ of Islam is obeyed in every country of the world.  But those who study islamic holy war will understand why islam wants to conquer the whole world. Those who know nothing of islam pretend that islam counsels against war.  Those who say this are witless. Islam says kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all!  Does this mean that muslims should sit back until they are devoured by the infidels? Islam says kill them, put them to the sword and scatter their armies.  Does this mean sitting back until infidels  overcome us?  Islam says kill in the service of allah those who may want to kill you!  Does this mean that we should surrender to the enemy?  Islam says whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and in the shadow of the sword!  People cannot be made obedient except with the sword!  The sword is the key to paradise, which can be opened only for holy warriors!  There are hundreds of other koranic verses and hadiths urging muslims to value war and to fight.  Does all that mean that islam is a religion that prevents men from waging war?  I spit upon those foolish souls who make such a claim.

————–End Quote————–

There you have it, from the Ayatollah himself.  This man managed to convince an entire muslim country – or enough of it to take it over – that he was right.  His language and understanding of islam is echoed by centuries of other imams and caliphs.  The most devoted muslims almost universally share this understanding.  And then there is the entire matter of taqiyyah.

How can the Church “dialogue” with this?

Sack of Tripoli 1289

Sack of Tripoli 1289

On Confidence in God October 29, 2014

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I think I have conveyed how I feel about the Catholic newspaper put out by the Transalpine Redemptorists before, but for those who may have missed that, I love this publication.  It always edifies me, and fills me with peace.  Perhaps a strange response to a newspaper, but it really does.  There is a great deal of spiritual content like the below, which is just one small example from one issue.  I have always found the content in this paper to be solidly orthodox and enriching.  I highly recommend it for all faithful Catholics.

The below contains some excerpts from Saints on having confidence in God.  During this time of tremendous trial and upheaval, we must remember that all that is occurring has been permitted to occur by God, for reasons we will likely never fathom in this life.  In times of such trial, there is a great temptation in our fallen human nature to turn inwards, to think we must rely on ourselves and our own abilities, rather than continuing to trust in God. As we see so many things in the Church today that are simply inexplicable and seem so damaging to the good of souls, we must maintain both our hope and our trust in God that all this is according to His Divine Will (permissive or positive) and that our reaction to this crisis may even play a role in our salvation.  In fact, the sufferings so many are experiencing and, hopefully, offering up, may be a source of Grace that will result not only in their own sanctification but even the inflow of Grace into others for their conversion.

On Confidence in God:

When a man trusts in his own talents and powers, it is a great misfortune.  For such a one, who trusts in his own knowledge, prudence, or mind – God, in order to make him learn his own insufficiency, withdraws him His help, and leaves him to his own resources; from whence it comes, that notwithstanding all his labors, they produce little or no fruit.  Form this we may learn why it is that we so often fail in our undertakings.”  – Saint Vincent de Paul

What an example we have of this, in the passage of the Red Sea by the Israelites and Egyptians. The former, putting all their trust in God, went through the midst thereof on dry ground, the waters standing on each side of them as a wall of defense; the latter, placing their confidence in chariots and horses, perished in the midst of the waves.

Saint Francis of Sales prospered in all that he undertook for God: and the reason of this was, because he never trusted in his own abilities, but only to Divine Providence; and he never felt so sure of success, as when he had no other ground for hope but this, the goodness and power of God. [And this great Doctor put himself in tremendous danger for the good of souls, constantly battling protestants in Switzerland and exposing himself to great physical danger in the process.  Saint Francis de Sales converted tens of thousands of protestants back to the Faith.  His life was repeatedly threatened.  By trusting in God, He was able to overcome all.  What a lesson for all of us.]

Saint Philip Neri used to say, “When a person of his own accord puts himself in the way of some temptations or occasions of sin, and says, I shall not fall or I shall not sin; there is, perhaps, no surer sign that such a one will fall with the greatest possible risk to his everlasting salvation.  But when temptations come upon us, without our seeking them, we should not fear them; but sweetly trusting in our Lord, lift up our hearts to him, and go cheerfully on in the way of the Lord.

————End Quote————-

I have been reading that Church History book mentioned in some recent posts.  It does remind me that there have been times in the history of the Church when things looked about as dark – maybe even darker in some respects – than they do now.  There was a period from about 1540-1580 or so when it appeared that protestantism might overcome the Church.  So many nations, great princes, and powerful armies fell into this heresy, so many bishops and priests went over as well, that the matter was really in doubt there for several decades – at least from a natural perspective.  We haven’t much detailed history on the Arian heresy, but it may have been even worse than the protestant heresy.

Our own crisis is without precedent in some regards, but in a few, things are better.  First of all, the faithful, scattered and few though we may be, are at least aware that there are others out there who feel and believe as we do through modern communications.  Secondly, there are still some very solid and faithful bishops, and as the traditional Mass proliferates, their number will only grow. I really believe Cardinal Burke, though always solid, has grown tremendously in his faithfulness and appreciation for Tradition since he has become so intimate with the TLM.  There are others, as well, few, to be sure, but it’s not quite as desperate as “Athanasius against the world.”  There are also more and more priests being exposed to the Traditional Mass, and who almost always then also embrace the great Tradition of the Church overall as a result.  As bad as things are, they could be worse.  We are blessed in very many respects – I have only named a few.

So keep your trust in God and remain close to Our Lady at the Foot of the Cross.  We are surely going to suffer, and the worst wounds will come from those who should be our greatest allies and protectors.  But so long as we remain faithful all that suffering will only redound to our heavenly glory some day.  That is the most wonderful aspect of being Catholic, no matter how bad things get, so long as we remain faithful, we know we shall be victorious in the end.

Dominus vobiscum!

ladder of the cross