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Die, Pro/E, Die! October 30, 2014

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin.

File corrupter from the bowels of hell!  What junk have you unleashed upon us, PTC?!?  How does a heat sink turn magically into an MPO adapter, and refuse to turn back!  MPO adapters don’t cool 50W FPGAs very well, do they?!?




1. Designer_deacon - October 30, 2014

Oh! How many times I felt that way about the software I use! I use a popular antenna analysis program that at times is a VERY near occasion of sin for me, especially when the DXF export produces a small file containing only the top layer!! Or when the global CS gets corrupted, so all my parts are off-center. Or when the software crashes, doing you-know-what to what I just worked on. At least the Pro/E import works…

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