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44 detailed criticisms of the theology of evolution October 31, 2014

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Before I post the link and some parts of the list of criticisms someone has created (I’ve never seen this blog before), I will say that while I almost totally disdain theories regarding evolution and the big bang at this point, I don’t take what you might call a dogmatic stand against them. We’ve all been more or less propagandized from our earliest years to accept these unproven theories as hard, irrefutable scientific fact.  Among the scientific community, the modern priest caste in our society, rejection of evolution is seen as a heresy against the new religion of rationalist sexular paganism.  So I don’t wig out if I encounter faithful souls who believe evolution is real.

What I do try to get people to understand is that there have been powerful motivations in the scientific community towards treating science as the new religion of our culture.  As I alluded to yesterday, this was more or less openly claimed by Rene Descartes as his objective, and undermining traditional accounts of Creation was certainly one of Darwin’s main goals.  Thus, I hope those who have been stewed in the cultural religious catechesis in favor of evolution – as we all have – will keep an open mind in reading the below.  We see how those who support traditional accounts of Creationism get treated as backward loons. That treatment is not incidental, it is part and parcel of the competing religious ethos of scientific rationalism.  Again, Edward Feser’s  book The Last Superstition is a must read to understand the basic incompatibility of modern “sciencism” with scholasticism and the whole ethos of Christendom.  This is not to say all science is false or that science is a field to be avoided by faithful souls: it merely means that we must be aware of the powerful biases and inbuilt conceits that the treatment of science essentially as a religion entails.  And those conceits are centered in the fields of evolutionary biology and astrophysics.

Anyway, the full list of criticisms is here, and some of them are quite powerful. I am out of time but here are a select few below:

#1 If the theory of evolution was true, we should have discovered millions upon millions of transitional fossils that show the development of one species into another species. Instead, we have zero.

#3 Even some of the most famous evolutionists in the world acknowledge the complete absence of transitional fossils in the fossil record. For example, Dr. Colin Patterson, former senior paleontologist of the British Museum of Natural History and author of “Evolution” once wrote the following

“I fully agree with your comments about the lack of direct illustration of evolutionary transitions in my book. If I knew of any, fossil or living, I would certainly have included them …. I will lay it on the line – there is not one such fossil for which one could make a watertight argument.”

#6 If “evolution” was happening right now, there would be millions of creatures out there with partially developed features and organs.  But instead there are none.

#7 If the theory of evolution was true, we should not see a sudden explosion of fully formed complex life in the fossil record. Instead, that is precisely what we find.

#8 Paleontologist Mark Czarnecki, an evolutionist, once commented on the fact that complex life appears very suddenly in the fossil record…

“A major problem in proving the theory has been the fossil record; the imprints of vanished species preserved in the Earth’s geological formations. This record has never revealed traces of Darwin’s hypothetical intermediate variants –instead species appear and disappear abruptly, and this anomaly has fueled the creationist argument that each species was created by God.” [And we see here the profound tendency among modern scienticians to completely disregard any historical evidence or supernatural explanations of Creation, or to even see their failure to find such fossils as an indication of potential falsity in their theory cum dogma.  In fact, they deliberately reject any evidence of supernatural Creation, just as Descartes intended.]

#10 Nobody has ever observed macroevolution take place in the laboratory or in nature.  In other words, nobody has ever observed one kind of creature turn into another kind of creature.  The entire theory of evolution is based on blind faith.

#11 Evolutionist Jeffrey Schwartz, a professor of anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh, openly admits that “the formation of a new species, by any mechanism, has never been observed.

#21 Perhaps the most famous fossil in the history of the theory of evolution, “Piltdown Man”, turned out to be a giant hoax.

#22 If the neutron were not about 1.001 times the mass of the proton, all protons would have decayed into neutrons or all neutrons would have decayed into protons, and therefore life would not be possible. How can we account for this?

#23 If gravity was stronger or weaker by the slimmest of margins, then life sustaining stars like the sun could not exist. This would also make life impossible. How can we account for this?

#24 Why did evolutionist Dr. Lyall Watson make the following statement?…

“The fossils that decorate our family tree are so scarce that there are still more scientists than specimens. The remarkable fact is that all of the physical evidence we have for human evolution can still be placed, with room to spare, inside a single coffin!”

————End Quote————-

Again, there is much more at the link. I do not recommend the site aside from this one link.

This is for your consideration.  Do with it what you will.  But I would remind that rejection or undermining of the Biblical story of Creation, especially regarding Adam and Eve, has a profound tendency to undermine all manner of doctrine.  It is rejection of the biblical account of Creation that to my mind has led to theories of universal salvation, because if there was no Adam and Eve, there was no Original Sin, and we have no need for a Redeemer.  The effects of evolution on the Faith are extremely toxic……..just as they were designed to be.

Corpus Christi Procession in Shafter with Father Rodriguez October 31, 2014

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And, I’m pretty sure, there may be a certain commenter on this blog who might be visible in some of the video.  And I think also a few other readers may be in the vid.

Please pray for Father Rodriguez. Like so many priests he is a target of satan and he will need a lot of prayers and much Grace.

But for now, it is glorious to see this witness to our timeless and universal faith. I understand many souls come from a long distance to participate in this witness with Father.

Flightline Friday………it’s getting to feel like old times October 31, 2014

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During the Cold War, Russian bombers regularly probed the North American and NATO Air Defense Identification Zones (ADIZ), testing reactions and gathering intelligence on, say, the latest modification to an F-4 or the tactics used when multiple bombers approach a given zone on different axes at different altitudes.  Of course, we did the same, although in a much more low key manner (well……at least after the late 60s it was low key.  Prior to that, we were quite aggressive, including direct overflights by military aircraft of another nation’s sovereign airspace, technically, an act of war).  And NATO forces were also “trained” as well, being able to spot improvements in Soviet bombers or other aircraft, testing crew proficiency and professionalism, etc.

Early on, these confrontations could be fairly tense, especially when it was Soviets intercepting our bombers.  There were…….incidents.  But after the late 60s and strategic parity set in, both sides took a step back and strove not to needlessly provoke World War III.  Professionalism and safety were the watchwords.  And both sides also became careful not to reveal too much to the other while proving out their own capabilities.

Anyway, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian bombers threatening to penetrate US airspace has been comparatively rare. There were some occasional bursts of activity in the 90s, and then again during the 2000s, but then there would be long lulls.

However, over the past year, and especially since the Ukraine imbroglio got going, the number of these missions and the aggressiveness of the Russian aircrews have increased a very great deal.  Numbers of flights have increased by a factor of 2, with flights near some countries like Japan numbering in the hundreds.  And coordination of the missions is becoming increasingly complex and aggressive, such as the recent instance when a large group of Russian fighter bombers – and their most advanced types – were penetrating the Baltic at the same time a group of Tu-95MS Bear-H bombers were coming down the North Sea with tanker support (and if its one thing the Russians haven’t many of, its tankers).

So its seems Tsar Vlad I has initiated some old time Cold War gamesmanship.  European governments are just aghast, they promised we were in a new future of peace in our time!

Yeah, maybe not so much.

A catalog of some recent activity:

Russian jets “invading Japanese airspace” in record numbers

NATO tracks large-scale Russian air activity in Europe – first known flight of the advanced Su-34 long range interdiction fighter in one of these probing exercises

This next one is pretty unusual.  During the Cold War and since, it has not been too unusual for Russian bombers to fly just outside the US Air Defense Identification Zone, but it has been very rare for Russian fighters to do so. But do so they did, last month, at least two MiG-31s (NATO reporting name: FOXHOUND) and some Su-27SM “Flankers.”

Also this month, a heavily armed Su-27SM Flanker, with very capable AA-12 fire and forget radar guided missiles, nearly collided with a Swedish Gulfstream V electronic reconnaissance aircraft.

Photos of some of these incidents below:

Flanker a bit too close to Swedish Gulfstream. This kind of thing did happen during the Cold War.

Flanker a bit too close to Swedish Gulfstream. This kind of thing did happen during the Cold War.

F-22 escorts Tu-95MS Bear

F-22 escorts Tu-95MS Bear

RAF Typhoon F.2 escorts Tu-95MS

RAF Typhoon F.2 escorts Tu-95MS


I don’t know what’s going on in this photo.  I would say that’s a pretty unusual attitude for an escorting aircraft to take.  But Canadians are crazy: