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An election day prayer by Cardinal Burke November 4, 2014

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A reader sent this in.  It was actually written during the time of Pope Benedict, so I’ve modified it a bit for the present circumstances.  Cardinal Burke wrote this, I believe, back in 2012:

O Lord Jesus Christ,

You alone are the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

In Your Church You show us the Way,

You teach us the Truth, and You give us Your Life.

Grant, we humbly beg You,

that, always and in all things, we may

be faithful to You in Your Holy Church.

Grant also, we beg You,

that, in these times of decision,

all who profess to be Catholic

and who are entrusted with the sacred duty

to participate in public life,

may, by the strength of Your grace,

unwaveringly follow Your Way and

faithfully adhere to Your Truth,

living in You with all their mind and heart,

for Your greater glory, the salvation of souls,

and the good of our nation. Amen.


Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of America,

Pray for us.

Saint Thomas More, Patron of Religious Freedom,

Pray for us.

———–End Prayer————

Whatever the future holds for this country, whether a country founded on some grave misconceptions can be reordered save some truly dire events, the above prayer still applies.  There is always hope, but we are certainly at 11:59:59.99 for any kind of a dramatic turnaround.  Many will probably feel that it is already too late.  But we still must pray for our leaders, for the sake of their eternal souls, that they may govern with the Light of Christ as revealed through His Church and always correspond with the moral order, no matter what any Synod may say.


1. discipleofthedumbox - November 4, 2014

Indeed there is always hope. My hope is to one day live in a free and independent nation of Texas wherein the Catholic faith takes pride of place in all things.

2. maggycast - November 4, 2014

How is St. Thomas More patron of “religious freedom?” I thought the American concept of “religious freedom” was condemned by the pre-conciliar church? Maybe he is the patron of true religious freedom i.e. the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church? :+) Thank you for this prayer. I don’t think the US can be saved…not the way it was founded…the roots are rotten. But thankfully the Catholic Church can help rebuilt it into what it was supposed to be: a return to Christendom:+) God bless~

Tantumblogo - November 5, 2014

I agree with your sentiment. Regarding Saint Thomas More……….I don’t know. That may be a USCCB thing. I think it can be understood in the sense you do. That would be my take.

As for religious freedom as it is generally understood, it is a poisonous and dangerous concept in liberal societies that has precipitated the collapse of the Faith. Certainly we do not seek to convert by force as muslims do, but we also cannot endorse the idea that all religions are equal or have an equal claim to governmental support.

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