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Pope Leo XIII on the faults of liberalism November 5, 2014

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Note when addressing liberalism, both Pope Leo XIII and I, for the purposes of this post, are referring not to people of a left wing bent, but to the entire philosophical and political system that encourages radical individualism, religious indifferentism, a kind of capitalism unconcerned with the greater good, and rejection of traditional morality.  These are all fundamental aspects of that liberalism born in the thought of endarkenment philosphes of the 17th and 18 centuries, and which dominate the political, economic, and social systems of Western countries today.  Pope Leo XIII makes several trenchant observations in his first encyclical Inscrutabili, as recorded in Fr. O’ Reilly’s biography of this great pope (pp. 327-329):

The Italian revolutionists identified, or pretended to identify, the wholesale political, legislative, and irreligious changes which they had brought about in the peninsula with what in other lands was called “progress” and “modern civilization.”  They wished the Pope, and all Catholics with him, to accept the usurpation of the States of the Church, the occupation of Rome, the suppression of the laws on matrimony, on education, and those even which degraded the priesthood and deprived both the Pope and the bishops of the liberty essential to their offices, as the natural consequence of the development of that “modern civilization,” and, by accepting “accomplished facts” as done and over, to be reconciled with the existing state of things. [The “existing state of things” being the conquering of the Papal States from the Pope’s temporal reign and the imposition of a highly antagonistic revolutionary regime in their stead. I was unaware, before reading this biography, of the revolutionary and profoundly anti-Catholic nature of the movement to unite Italy under the flag of Savoy and Piedmont in the period 1840-1870 truly was.  Fueled by revolutionary propaganda absorbed from the conquering French during the Napoleonic Wars, the agents of “independence” in Italy were as fired, or even more so, by hatred of the Church as they were by a desire to unite Italy in a “free” and “democratic” regime, even if the nation did not achieve anything even remotely approaching democratic government until after WWII, and many would argue still never has, so endemic is the corruption. So you can add Italy to the list of nations detached from Christianity and turned into despotic realms of socialistic endarkenment, along with other countries like Germany, Spain, and France.]

This iniquitous and impossible “reconciliation” Pius IX had denounced, exposed, and stigmatized with an eloquence and a truth which commended themselves to the judgment of all real statesmen, sound politicians, and true Christians.  Just as well, in the days of Mohammad II, had the Turks succeeded in conquering Vienna and Rome, and with them the Austrian Empire and the Italian peninsula, could the victor have demanded of the then existing Pope to accept the change of governments as “progress,” and have expected the Church to become reconciled to the koran and to such toleration and liberty as Constantinople met with in 1453 and Seville and Toledo in 715.  [And we see the same efforts in our own country to this day.  Just “accept” the immoral HHS Mandate.  Just go ahead and be grand marshal of that perverse Saint Patrick’s Day parade. Just sign onto the indifferentist notions of religion as something that can be tolerated only on Sunday mornings and only in private – never bring your Christ-pumping into the public square, Christianist!  And so on……]

…..the battle which is now raging in Italy and Spain, in France and Germany and Belgium, in Great Britain and even in our own United States, is not so much a battle against Catholicism as the most powerful, wide-spread, compact, and ancient form of Christianity, as it is against Christianity itself, against the very notion of religion, the very existence of social order, the very foundations of that glorious civilization which has given to Europe the leadership of the world……..[Well that same socialism and hatred of God has caused Europe to lose its place of preeminence in the world, replaced by the US for now, but with our own ongoing collapse that shall not last for long.  And while there is a general hatred against Christianity, the most fevered hatred has always been, and shall always be, reserved for the Church Christ founded.  But remember, “if they have hated Me, they will hate you too.”]

……As to the cause of these evils, we are persuaded that it lies principally in this: that men have despised and rejected the holy and august authority of the Church, which, in the name of God, is placed over the human race and is the avenger and protector of all legitimate authority.  The enemies of public order were fully persuaded of this when they found no means of destroying society to its foundations so efficacious as persistent attacks on the Church of God, by assailing her with the weapons of shameless calumny, by odiously accusing Her of being the enemy of true civilization, by daily damaging Her authority and influence in some way, and subverting the supreme power of the Roman Pontiff, who is asserter and protector on earth of the eternal and unchangeable interests of goodness and righteousness.

———-End Quote———–

Any of this sound familiar to you?  The entire project of liberalism is founded on a desire to place men at the command of nations of culture and not God.  It was designed as an anti-Church enterprise from the get go, to form a society in which the influence of the Church would be decisively influenced.  It grew from disordered protestant minds – already hostile to the Church – and took on noxious ideals from other sources as well, such as materialism and communism.  This country was founded upon the same liberal, endarkenment ideals, but simply in a more conservative manner than in other places, where those ideas were taken to their logical conclusion and the blood of martyrs flowed in torrents.

But our day may soon be coming.  Gird your loins, the same processes that overtook nations like France, Spain, and Italy have been at work in this country, simply at a slower pace.  But they may be all the more awful because of that slowness.

Pray and stay at the foot of the Cross with Our Lady!

A devastating rundown on the collapse of the Faith among Hispanics November 5, 2014

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The video below is from a secular site and is not really concerned about the Catholic Faith per se’.  The point of the video is that immigrant “amnesty” would be electoral suicide for the party of dumb.  I agree.  The commentator goes through many reasons why this is so, but when he comes to the claim that Catholic Hispanics are natural social conservatives, he really explodes the myths.  I knew a lot of disastrous statistics regarding the collapse of the Faith among Hispanic immigrants, but I was shocked by one – the percentage of Hispanics self-identifying as Catholics has dropped 12% in only the past four years!

So good luck with that shamnesty, bishops, it’s sure to save your bacon at your ad limina visits faaar into the future:

I don’t mean to pick on Hispanics. It’s just that the USCCB and so many individual bishops so plainly support unconstrained Hispanic immigration out of self-interest.  But it’s not like other ethnic groups are doing much better.  There is no country, no diocese where the crisis in the Church is not markedly evident.  Given how much the USCCB’s claims of a vibrant, robust Church in this country are based almost entirely on reliance on heavy Hispanic immigration (and Hispanics remaining in the Faith), this evidence demonstrates the falsity of their claims.

It is also a human tragedy in every case.  All anyone has to do is drive around where I live to see literally dozens of Hispanic-focused evangelical churches, some small, some quite large.  I would hazard that fewer than half of the very large Hispanic population where I live now are even Christmas and Easter Catholics.  Most are lost for good.  They left because they were spiritually and liturgically starved.



Saint Gertrude’s prayer and a sad story November 5, 2014

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Reader MJD reminds that the Saint Gertrude prayer is traditionally held to enable the release of 1000 souls from Purgatory each time it is devoutly offered.  Remember that you can gain a plenary indulgence for the souls in Purgatory by visiting a cemetery and saying at least the Requiem (Eternal rest grant unto them……) during each day of the Octave of All Saints.  The last day of the Octave this year is Saturday.

First the prayer, then a little story about it:

Our Lord Jesus told St. Gertrude the Great that the following prayer would release 1,000
Souls from Purgatory each time it is said. The prayer was later extended to include
living sinners as well. A prayer of charity:


APPROVAL AND RECOMMENDATION: M. Cardinal Pahiarca at Lisbon, Portugal, March 4, 1936

So my wife picked up the following story regarding the St. Gertrude prayer on Facebook.  It seems a CCD director at a parish (not local) had never heard of the prayer and did not know what an Indulgence is:

So, how awful is this! My kid was in CCD no had to explain the St Gertrude prayer to his class and teacher…never heard of it! I was explaining the indulgences for this week and later told the CCD director how they listened and were interested and one girl is going to cemeteries this week. The director had NO CLUE what an indulgence is and I had to explain the whole thing. Ugh! Pray for my parish, please. I am leaving at the end of CCD, but they need prayers.


I don’t throw blame on them–they just need to learn the faith–self teach. Then find a good priest to help guide you once they know what a good priest looks like. I probably didn’t know about the st Gertrude prayer until 2 years ago. And I’m a cradle catholic with 20 years of catholic schools under my belt.

Oh dear Lord have mercy on Your Church.  20 years of Catholic schooling and didn’t know the Saint Gertrude prayer or about indulgences.

Another comment from this thread:

The problem I’ve noticed with the priests is that many of them from the 1960’s on up is that they don’t “fit” in the “real”world either. So, it’s like they enter the priesthood “just because.” Seriously, the way some of these priests do consecration really makes me wonder if they’re just there for a power trip.

I don’t think I’ve the only one that’s noted that many, maybe most, of the priests in the age group maybe 45-70 are some strange cats.  Not the kind of dude your average everyday hetero male would choose to hang around with.  The younger priests are a different breed, as are those in the Fraternity, ICK, Society, etc.  They’re normal guys with a calling to the priesthood.  But the generation prior to that……not so m much.


So…….a big victory for the “good” guys November 5, 2014

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For the first time since 1990, I did not vote in a major national election. This was not for lack of trying.  Where we formerly lived, in Collin County, one could vote anywhere, in any precinct, and have been able to since at least 2008.  Apparently Dallas County has not caught up to the 21st century, so when I went to vote at a place near my work in the driving rain, I was told I was in the wrong place.

So I tried to vote near my house last night but due to traffic and still more rain, was late.  No voting for Tantumblogo, but it doesn’t appear my absence made a difference.  The corrupt Craig Watkins still lost.

It looks like the Republicans will have 53 or 54 seats in the Senate.  There is speculation that the independent guy from Maine will caucus with them so they may have 55, in effect.

But given prior experience: 1994, 2002, you will forgive me if I am not overly excited at the future prospects for a change in direction at the federal level.  Obama remains in the White House, and who knows what he may try to do by executive fiat in his last two years.  Thankfully, the narcissist in chief seems to have lost all interest in politics and governing since his shine as the progressive demi-god has worn off.  And we are still to see just how much disastrous impact Obamacare will have on insurance rates and cancelled plans for 2015, since Obama ordered the insurance companies not to make their usual late October/early November rate adjustments for the next calendar year until after the election.  My strong suspicion is that Obama is a dead duck.

Nevertheless, the Republicans have shown over and over an ineluctable ability to squander the greatest electoral advantages.  The best we can likely hope for is that they will try to block any of Obama’s more egregious final moves.  Maybe some action will be taken against the amok federal bureaucracy, we will probably start finding out just how wide and deep the corruption, malfeasance, rot, and just plain evil was in this most left wing of administrations in US history. The media will continue playing their role as democrat party operatives, as usual.

Overall I expect little to change. I really do feel that, like the Johnson Administration, the Obama Administration has been yet another tipping point in the history of this republic beyond which there is no return.  Ronald Reagan made his famous speech “A Time For Choosing” in 1964 in favor of Barry Goldwater’s candidacy, but America chose then just as it chose in 2008.  Everything Reagan predicted about the rapid onset of socialism and the steady decline of individual liberty under the planned Johnson regime has come to pass.  And everything predicted regarding Obama has come to pass, as well.  So this victory, such as it is, seems more than a bit like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

For instance, we will not see any major pro-life legislation signed into law.  Even if the Republicans mustered the fortitude to pass such a bill, Obama would never sign it and the Republicans don’t have the votes to override his veto.  Obamacare will not be rolled back, there has never been a single major expansion of federal programs that have been successfully undone.  As Ronald Reagan stated in 1964, the federal bureaucracy and federal aid programs are the closest things to eternal life we will ever find in this world.  The electorate remains short-sighted, self-seeking, addicted to Uncle Sugar’s monetary heroin, morally bankrupt and ideologically ignorant.  That’s a harsh assessment, but true, it turns out less than 20% of the electorate has even a semblance of ideological consistency in its approach to political matters.  That means they can be easily swayed by the next demagogic cult of personality to come along, and have no real basis on which to base its collective political decisions.  Perhaps it has always been such, but it reveals that over two decades of conservative dominance of talk radio and other spheres has had little impact.  All of us, me included, mostly preach to the converted.

Sorry if I sound like a downer, but where we have arrived as a country was pretty much inevitable, as even many of the Founding Fathers feared.  You can find many statements from Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and others, that even their experiment in radical self-determination, so-called, required a tenuous balance between competing forces and a highly educated and vigilant electorate to keep it on its original orientation.  But the country jumped the shark anywhere from 50-150 years ago depending on how you view things (I really do think 1964 was a hugely seminal election). Even more, as Christopher Ferrara so cogently argued, even if the Founder’s intent had been kept whole and pure, that intent was seriously deranged from a truly moral, Catholic form of government, and was more or less doomed to arrive at the point we are at now.

For any country to be moral and vibrant, its people must be moral.  The immorality in the government actually preceded that of the people by quite some time, as the elites tend to go first, but at this point the large majority of the American people are objectively immoral.  No system of government, no matter how well founded, can long stand above an immoral populace.  Once again, the vast majority of people in this country made their choice, back in the mid-60s, towards a radical libertinism and a detachment from the Christian moral order they had received. No matter how many elections Republicans win, you cannot build on that rotten foundation.

And that is why my blog is much more oriented towards reaching souls on the level of virtue than it is one of political action.  Until hearts are changed, until people return to the right practice of the Faith and virtue, any political changes will be chimerical at best, and may in fact serve as a kind of moral opiate that dulls the senses to the real crisis afflicting this country and all of Western Civilization (such as it is).

So there is your post election downer report!  But I like to think of it as being realistic.

It is actually chilling now to watch Reagan’s 1964 speech and think about how many of his predictions have come true.  It also reveals what a consummate politician Reagan was, compared to which our present Republicans are mere pygmies. No wonder they keep looking back to him!

So funny it hurts….. November 5, 2014

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……humor often works as a play on unfortunate reality.  To that end, Patrick Archbold drew some wry laughs from me with his recent post at CMR describing the Church’s plan to commit suicide:

After a long and arduous 2,000 year battle with principalities and powers and after 50 years of visible decline, the Catholic Church has decided to end its own life. The Catholic Church has announced that rather than continue to fight the good fight, once it has knocked some items off its “bucket list”, it will commit Cardinal-assisted Synodicide next October.

The “bucket list” items the Church would like to see before it dies include:

Acceptance of homosexual marriage, homosexual divorce, and communion for homosexual remarried divorcees. [You know it’s coming!]
Worldwide acceptance of the current German Episcopal practice of communion in the pocket via vending machine. [How about Fedex delivered to your house?]
The excommunication of everyone of anyone who has ever read “Pascendi Dominici Gregis.” [What if you’ve read it multiple times?]
The canonization of Annibale Bugnini. [Don’t laugh. They want this.]

Cardinal Kasper said “Assisted suicide is very popular right now and as everyone knows, the Church needs to accompany the world as it does popular things.” When asked about the reluctance of the African Bishops to commit synodicide, the Cardinal responded, “Those people live in mud huts, what do they know about accompanying the modern world?”

There is some more at the link.  Regarding Cardinal Kasper’s fake comment……so long as German bishops think it will maintain or increase their precious and incredibly lucrative Church tax ($7 billion a year), they’ll be for it.  You know contraception and abortion are the real objectives of this attack on the Church’s moral edifice, and all for filthy lucre.

Love of money is a terrible thing, but love of money in men detached by decades of modernism from the Faith leads straight to………


Seriously, I do not see how anyone that believes in individual judgment and the possibility of eternal damnation can behave as the German hierarchy is behaving.  But they have stewed in the world’s most noxious intellectual environment their entire lives, the vast majority are complete modernists, so perhaps I should not be surprised at their nakedly self-aggrandizing behavior, no matter what the cost to the Church at large, millions of souls, or their own souls.  These men simply are not of the Faith.  They are something else, rather like the perfumed prince bishops who dominated the German episcopate at the time of the protestant revolt.  It does have to be kept in mind that there were many, many legitimate grievances that precipitated the protestant rebellion.  They went about it in exactly the wrong way, and swiftly fell into their own, even worse errors, but in most of the Church the episcopate was out of control, they lived like secular princes and were scandalously immoral, regular clergy were weak, sinful, poorly educated, and often uncaring.  It is actually quite disturbing to examine the behavior of much of the clergy and hierarchy of today, and that of say 1500 Central Europe.  The parallels are most discomfiting.

But hell is real, as is Purgatory.  These men, in spite of the evil they do, need many prayers.  No, they need them because of the evil they do.


Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi November 5, 2014

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This simple Latin phrase has been endorsed and extolled by our Holy Mother the Church for 1500 years or more.  It means, roughly: how we pray indicates how we believe and, even more, how we live.  True Catholic life, in accord with the moral order and the virtuous example of the Saints, stems from right belief, which is guided by how we pray.  And how we pray corporately, as a Church, indicates what we as a Church believe.  Some try to say we pray as we believe, and that is true, but even more, we believe as we pray.  And that is why so many have concerns over the prayers of the Novus Ordo Mass, whatever the intention behind them.  They simply do not convey the same law of belief as had been experienced, cherished, and passed down by Catholics for well over a dozen centuries.

This is especially true in Masses for the dead.  The Offertory for almost all, if not all, Requiem Masses, is both incredibly ancient and rich in meaning. This is the version used on All Souls Day:

O Lord, Jesus Christ, glorious King, spare the souls of the faithful departed from the pains of hell and from the deep pit; free them from the jaws of the lion, and let them not descend into hell to be swallowed up in darkness. May Saint Michael, Your standard bearer, lead them into the holy light which You promised of old to Abraham and his posterity. V. Receive the sacrifices and prayers of praise, O Lord, which we offer for the souls of those whom we would remember this day. Grant, O Lord, that they may pass from death to life, which You promised of old to Abraham and his posterity.

The reality of hell and its endless sufferings are so visible in this prayer.  Our desperate need to be saved from them by God’s Grace is, as well.  We cannot escape the notion that both hell and Purgatory are places of immense suffering.  It is also conveyed that it is our duty to pray for the holy (for they are saved!) but suffering souls in Purgatory as an act of the highest charity.  And of course we pray that God may look not on our many sins but on our few virtues in order to save us.

I think the Epistle is also very strong, but it has been twisted by protestants with itching ears to their own destruction:

Brethren: Behold, I tell you a mystery. We shall all indeed rise again: but we shall not all be changed. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet: for the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall rise again incorruptible. And we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on incorruption: and this mortal must put on immortality. And when this mortal hath put on immortality, then shall come to pass the saying that is written: “Death is swallowed up in victory! O death, where is thy victory? O death, where is thy sting?” Now the sting of death is sin: and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, who hath given us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Protestants say that the power of sin is in any observance of any “law,” meaning any idea that good works are efficacious of salvation is sinful.  After all, man is saved by faith alone!  We have only to read history to see both how this idea has led to enormous perversions in behavior and how protestants themselves behave hypocritically with respect to this claim.  If works mean nothing with regard to salvation, then why do so many protestants oppose sodomy or fornication?  Luther himself said to sin boldly, but have faith even more boldly.  So long as those who commit grave sins have “faith” they will be saved anyway, what difference does it make?

Of course, what Saint Paul meant was that the works of the Old Law were not salvific, because they were not done concert with the Grace of Christ’s redeeming suffering, which Grace is most efficaciously transmitted through the Seven Sacraments.  In fact, to claim that St. Paul opposed works in the plan of salvation is to turn him into a hypocrite and liar, because he counsels performing those good works elsewhere throughout Scripture.  Sadly, the new Mass is much more silent on these points, oriented as it is towards sacred “ecumenism.”

Finally, the hymn Libera Me, also from the Requiem Mass:

Deliver me, O Lord, from eternal death
on that awful day
when the heavens and earth shall be shaken
and you shall come to judge the world by fire.

I am seized with fear and trembling
until the trial is at hand and the wrath to come:
when the heavens and earth shall be shaken