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A devastating rundown on the collapse of the Faith among Hispanics November 5, 2014

Posted by Tantumblogo in abdication of duty, Basics, disaster, episcopate, error, General Catholic, horror, scandals, secularism, Society, Spiritual Warfare.

The video below is from a secular site and is not really concerned about the Catholic Faith per se’.  The point of the video is that immigrant “amnesty” would be electoral suicide for the party of dumb.  I agree.  The commentator goes through many reasons why this is so, but when he comes to the claim that Catholic Hispanics are natural social conservatives, he really explodes the myths.  I knew a lot of disastrous statistics regarding the collapse of the Faith among Hispanic immigrants, but I was shocked by one – the percentage of Hispanics self-identifying as Catholics has dropped 12% in only the past four years!

So good luck with that shamnesty, bishops, it’s sure to save your bacon at your ad limina visits faaar into the future:

I don’t mean to pick on Hispanics. It’s just that the USCCB and so many individual bishops so plainly support unconstrained Hispanic immigration out of self-interest.  But it’s not like other ethnic groups are doing much better.  There is no country, no diocese where the crisis in the Church is not markedly evident.  Given how much the USCCB’s claims of a vibrant, robust Church in this country are based almost entirely on reliance on heavy Hispanic immigration (and Hispanics remaining in the Faith), this evidence demonstrates the falsity of their claims.

It is also a human tragedy in every case.  All anyone has to do is drive around where I live to see literally dozens of Hispanic-focused evangelical churches, some small, some quite large.  I would hazard that fewer than half of the very large Hispanic population where I live now are even Christmas and Easter Catholics.  Most are lost for good.  They left because they were spiritually and liturgically starved.




1. discipleofthedumbox - November 5, 2014

I could have told you this awhile ago. In fact, I believe that I did. I have seen this radical move to the left and outside the faith in my own hispanic family and it has led to not a few disagreements in the recent past resulting sadly in disruption.

2. Louis - November 5, 2014

Take a look at the counties that voted for Wendy Davis. Dallas and Travis, which are affluent white leftists, and nearly all the heavily Hispanic/Mexican counties along the Rio Grande. Everyone else spurned the abortionist. The response of the bishops will be that we have to be more welcoming.

discipleofthedumbox - November 5, 2014

Don’t forget El Paso as well. At least Bexar county, which includes San Antonio, voted not for ‘Abortion Barbie’.

Tantumblogo - November 5, 2014

Not so sure that Dallas is all that white or affluent anymore. Northern part is still to some degree, but the rest of the county is overwhelmingly lower middle class and below and non-white.

It certainly is where I live. My zip code is well over half-Hispanic.

3. steve - November 5, 2014

I noted some of the following a few weeks ago on your blog. I am familiar with Spanish and move about regularly among Hispanics in the Dallas area.

The collapse of Catholicism among my Hispanic hermanos en Cristo is beyond belief.

Wave after wave of them have left the Church or, at best, are Christmas and Easter Catholics who really couldn’t care less about the Church.

The manner in which I have observed Hispanic men treat Hispanic women has often been horrific.

I know one Hispanic woman (with children) after another who has been abandoned by the men who were in their lives.

Physical abuse by Hispanic men against Hispanic women is, in my experience, rampant.

There also is the reality that I have encountered many Hispanic women who have children born out of wedlock.

Hispanic women contribute to that situation.

Twenty years ago, I had bought into the myth that Hispanics were staunch Catholics with strong families.

Today, I have realized that such is nonsense.

What I find extremely troubling is that the Hispanics I know have arrived from countries that, on paper, are “Catholic”…and the Church is losing ground fast in said countries.

The Vatican II Era rot is so deep and unrelenting that even in Catholic countries the Church is collapsing daily.

In light of the above, imagine the future of the Church in non-Catholic/Protestant countries, such as the United States of America.

That is a troubling notion.

4. steve - November 5, 2014

By the way…

Recall that Saint Mark The Evangelist parish had a Monday night Latin Mass.

At first, attendance at said Mass, particularly for a Monday night, demonstrated that the parish could have sustained a weekly (Sunday) Latin Mass.

Politics soon destroyed attendance at the parish’s Latin Mass.

The Mass was canceled…poor attendance was the excuse.

Saint Mark parish has a vast Spanish-speaking contingent.

Saint Mark parish has had for several months a Saturday night Vigil Mass.

In light of the parish’s vast Hispanic population, the Saturday Vigil Mass is attended poorly.

How can the Diocese and parish justify the cancelation of the Latin Mass (based upon attendance, which had been fine until unfortunate politics destroyed attendance) while continuing a Spanish Mass that lags in attendance?

Tantumblogo - November 5, 2014

Good points. But Latin is held to a radically different standard.

When I first started this blog, I caught the Diocese in a bit of a lie. I asked around with some local pastors whether they would have to seek permission from the Diocese to change Mass times, or to add/subtract a Mass in a language like Spanish or English. I did so because I was already aware of the Diocese’s standing policy about restricting addition of Latin Masses to the judgment of the bishop. I then approached the Diocese and asked if it was necessary for a pastor to get permission to add a Mass in Spanish, Vietnamese, Nigerian, or whatever. The answer was “of course not, silly!”

Then I asked, then how come all pastors have to go to the bishop to get permission to add even a Novus Ordo Mass in Latin? Suddenly they did not understand my question, then they pretended that pastors DID have to get permission to offer a Mass in Spanish or whatever. Which is both false and ludicrous.

So no one can never tell me there is not a profound and deeply ingrained hatred of Latin, especially in the Mass, among our episcopate, even including our own dear Bishop Farrell. And that animus has much to do with the women who really run the Diocese, like Mary Edlund and Therese Korallah (I butchered the latter name). I have heard tales about the latter and her unyielding modernism that would curl your hair.

So much I never share!

TG - November 6, 2014

I was surprised that Latin is being taught to kids in a Protestant private school in Belton Can you believe that? (Maybe this will lead them one day to the Latin Mass.)

5. steve - November 5, 2014

What I don’t understand is that Bishop Farrell (and many bishops and priests) hates the very Mass — Traditional Latin Mass (for that matter, Latin Novus Ordo) — that had formed him during his youth.

Bishop Farrell was 22 years before the Novus Ordo vernacularization hit the Church in 1969.

Therefore, Bishop Farrell had grown up with Latin Masses (TLM in particular).

Bishop Farrell, at an early age, had expressed strong interest in pursuing a vocation within the Church. (By the way, his older brother, also formed by the Latin Mass, is a bishop. It is obvious that the Church’s liturgy and spirituality informed the Farrell family.)

Something is wrong, very wrong, when a Catholics hates his official spiritual language and his Rite’s (Latin Rite) liturgical tradition.

Something is very wrong within the Dallas Diocese.

Holy Mother Church teaches that I have every right to voice my Church-related concerns…and have every right to expect to encounter Latin and Gregorian Chant at a Latin Church Mass.

What on earth is wrong with so many Latin Church…LATIN CHURCH…anti-Latin bishops and priests?

Something is very wrong with them…and various folks who control our dioceses.

6. B. I. T. del Niño Jesus Martinez de Rodriguez - November 6, 2014

I just got back from attending a class sponsored by St. Vincent ferrer Foundation of Texas, based on book by Fr. Gruner, CRUCIAL TRUTHS TO SAVE YOUR SOUL.
It helped me understand the animus among the hierarchy to the Latin, Tridentine Mass. That Mass, in its prayers and rituals, expresses the truths of of our Catholic Faith in a way the Novus Ordo does not, It seems most of the hierarchy have become Modernists, and so hate the immutable Mass, which really, reflects another religion. Lex orandi, lex credendi. Change one, and the other changes.
People may not like to hear this, but most who call themselves Catholics today are no longer Catholics, because they do not believe all the truths revealed by Jesus. As the Athanasian Creed states, whoever does not believe ALL the truths revealed by Christ is not longer Catholic. Case in point: All will get to heaven, regardless what secdt they belong to, if they believe in Jeses. FALSE! There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. Infallible truth taught by various councils, infallible truth dating back centuries! Now we have a cardinal of the Church telling a person who has become a Buddhist or who knows that it’s OK!?!
The Latin Mass is Truth. It is the Sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary, made present in an unbloody manner, for the honor and glory of God and the salvation of souls. It is not the Lord’s Supper. A priest offers the sacrifice, a priest who acts in persona Christi, not a “presider” as in the Novus Ordo. They can’t stand the TRUTH! They can’t handle the Truth, so they are trying to squash it!
I pray for them, that they repent before they face theirJudge!

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