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Pope Leo XIII on the faults of liberalism November 5, 2014

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Note when addressing liberalism, both Pope Leo XIII and I, for the purposes of this post, are referring not to people of a left wing bent, but to the entire philosophical and political system that encourages radical individualism, religious indifferentism, a kind of capitalism unconcerned with the greater good, and rejection of traditional morality.  These are all fundamental aspects of that liberalism born in the thought of endarkenment philosphes of the 17th and 18 centuries, and which dominate the political, economic, and social systems of Western countries today.  Pope Leo XIII makes several trenchant observations in his first encyclical Inscrutabili, as recorded in Fr. O’ Reilly’s biography of this great pope (pp. 327-329):

The Italian revolutionists identified, or pretended to identify, the wholesale political, legislative, and irreligious changes which they had brought about in the peninsula with what in other lands was called “progress” and “modern civilization.”  They wished the Pope, and all Catholics with him, to accept the usurpation of the States of the Church, the occupation of Rome, the suppression of the laws on matrimony, on education, and those even which degraded the priesthood and deprived both the Pope and the bishops of the liberty essential to their offices, as the natural consequence of the development of that “modern civilization,” and, by accepting “accomplished facts” as done and over, to be reconciled with the existing state of things. [The “existing state of things” being the conquering of the Papal States from the Pope’s temporal reign and the imposition of a highly antagonistic revolutionary regime in their stead. I was unaware, before reading this biography, of the revolutionary and profoundly anti-Catholic nature of the movement to unite Italy under the flag of Savoy and Piedmont in the period 1840-1870 truly was.  Fueled by revolutionary propaganda absorbed from the conquering French during the Napoleonic Wars, the agents of “independence” in Italy were as fired, or even more so, by hatred of the Church as they were by a desire to unite Italy in a “free” and “democratic” regime, even if the nation did not achieve anything even remotely approaching democratic government until after WWII, and many would argue still never has, so endemic is the corruption. So you can add Italy to the list of nations detached from Christianity and turned into despotic realms of socialistic endarkenment, along with other countries like Germany, Spain, and France.]

This iniquitous and impossible “reconciliation” Pius IX had denounced, exposed, and stigmatized with an eloquence and a truth which commended themselves to the judgment of all real statesmen, sound politicians, and true Christians.  Just as well, in the days of Mohammad II, had the Turks succeeded in conquering Vienna and Rome, and with them the Austrian Empire and the Italian peninsula, could the victor have demanded of the then existing Pope to accept the change of governments as “progress,” and have expected the Church to become reconciled to the koran and to such toleration and liberty as Constantinople met with in 1453 and Seville and Toledo in 715.  [And we see the same efforts in our own country to this day.  Just “accept” the immoral HHS Mandate.  Just go ahead and be grand marshal of that perverse Saint Patrick’s Day parade. Just sign onto the indifferentist notions of religion as something that can be tolerated only on Sunday mornings and only in private – never bring your Christ-pumping into the public square, Christianist!  And so on……]

…..the battle which is now raging in Italy and Spain, in France and Germany and Belgium, in Great Britain and even in our own United States, is not so much a battle against Catholicism as the most powerful, wide-spread, compact, and ancient form of Christianity, as it is against Christianity itself, against the very notion of religion, the very existence of social order, the very foundations of that glorious civilization which has given to Europe the leadership of the world……..[Well that same socialism and hatred of God has caused Europe to lose its place of preeminence in the world, replaced by the US for now, but with our own ongoing collapse that shall not last for long.  And while there is a general hatred against Christianity, the most fevered hatred has always been, and shall always be, reserved for the Church Christ founded.  But remember, “if they have hated Me, they will hate you too.”]

……As to the cause of these evils, we are persuaded that it lies principally in this: that men have despised and rejected the holy and august authority of the Church, which, in the name of God, is placed over the human race and is the avenger and protector of all legitimate authority.  The enemies of public order were fully persuaded of this when they found no means of destroying society to its foundations so efficacious as persistent attacks on the Church of God, by assailing her with the weapons of shameless calumny, by odiously accusing Her of being the enemy of true civilization, by daily damaging Her authority and influence in some way, and subverting the supreme power of the Roman Pontiff, who is asserter and protector on earth of the eternal and unchangeable interests of goodness and righteousness.

———-End Quote———–

Any of this sound familiar to you?  The entire project of liberalism is founded on a desire to place men at the command of nations of culture and not God.  It was designed as an anti-Church enterprise from the get go, to form a society in which the influence of the Church would be decisively influenced.  It grew from disordered protestant minds – already hostile to the Church – and took on noxious ideals from other sources as well, such as materialism and communism.  This country was founded upon the same liberal, endarkenment ideals, but simply in a more conservative manner than in other places, where those ideas were taken to their logical conclusion and the blood of martyrs flowed in torrents.

But our day may soon be coming.  Gird your loins, the same processes that overtook nations like France, Spain, and Italy have been at work in this country, simply at a slower pace.  But they may be all the more awful because of that slowness.

Pray and stay at the foot of the Cross with Our Lady!


1. steve - November 6, 2014

I just scanned the headlines and threads at various Catholic blogs.

One news story and/or thread after another concerns the Church’s horrific crisis of faith.

— Cardinal denounces secularized bishops,

— Cardinal denounces Synod confusion.

— Bishop denounces confusion in Church.

— Cardinal demands mercy for homosexuals.

— Bishop wants Communion for divorced/remarried,

— Hispanics leaving Church in droves.

— Pope Francis to go “all out” to change Church permanently.

For nearly 20 months now, we have had almost daily shocking headlines related to baffling Papal interviews (some with atheists), persecutions of Traditional Catholics, Cardinals vs. Cardinals, bishops vs. bishops, pro-sodomy and pro-adultery statements from Cardinals, bishops and priests.

I have said the following, but imagine if Pope Francis, during the past 20 or so months, had promoted Holy Tradition to the hilt.

Imagine how much better that would have been for Holy Mother Church.

Imagine if Pope Francis had exhorted priests to inject traditional practices into the Novus Ordo…not overthrowing the Novus Ordo as that would lead to even greater confusion within the Church than we have…

…had exhorted bishops to establish more TLM parishes and add at least one Sunday TLM to existing parishes…

…had exhorted Catholics to return to Friday abstinence…

…and so forth.

Yes, modernists would have ranted and raved against Holy Tradition.

But modernists would have had fought not only Holy Tradition, but Pope Francis daily…not a pleasant situation for modernists.

We need Pope Francis to end the insanity that has gripped the Church.

It is debilitating to read one Catholic blog and news media Catholic-related story after another that reports on the seemingly never-ending nonsense that flows from Rome and anti-Tradition Cardinals, bishops and priests.

Please, Pope Francis, advance Holy Tradition to the hilt.

2. Camper - November 7, 2014

It needs to be said that even though the risorgimento was nefarious, the government of the Papal States was evil and may well have been worse if only in certain ways. The Papal States forbade productive technologies and had gotten into about 300 years worth of debt. The Popes simply couldn’t control their finances, and much of it was because of the extravagance of the Renaissance and Baroque Popes, whose debts led to burdensome, and possibly crushing interest payments. I believe it was Leo XII who called railroads “chemins d’enfer” or roads of hell. In French, a railroad is a “chemin de fer” – a road of iron. I believe that the Papal States were one of the poorest places in western Europe by the time of the Risorgimento. Certainly the Papal Army was woefully equipped and, as I understand, underfunded compared to the Italian, which is probably saying quite a lot. Sorry, but Italians have not been known through history, except for ancient Rome, as the most organized of peoples.

I also studied the government of the Hapsburg Empire in the 19th century, which had very burdensome customs procedures. I haven’t studied Spain before their civil war, and one can debate whether the France of Manet was Catholic, but from what I’ve studied, nominally Catholic governments haven’t been competent for… centuries.

3. Camper - November 7, 2014

I forgot the minor Catholic German principalities, but I’ve never studied them.

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