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So…….a big victory for the “good” guys November 5, 2014

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For the first time since 1990, I did not vote in a major national election. This was not for lack of trying.  Where we formerly lived, in Collin County, one could vote anywhere, in any precinct, and have been able to since at least 2008.  Apparently Dallas County has not caught up to the 21st century, so when I went to vote at a place near my work in the driving rain, I was told I was in the wrong place.

So I tried to vote near my house last night but due to traffic and still more rain, was late.  No voting for Tantumblogo, but it doesn’t appear my absence made a difference.  The corrupt Craig Watkins still lost.

It looks like the Republicans will have 53 or 54 seats in the Senate.  There is speculation that the independent guy from Maine will caucus with them so they may have 55, in effect.

But given prior experience: 1994, 2002, you will forgive me if I am not overly excited at the future prospects for a change in direction at the federal level.  Obama remains in the White House, and who knows what he may try to do by executive fiat in his last two years.  Thankfully, the narcissist in chief seems to have lost all interest in politics and governing since his shine as the progressive demi-god has worn off.  And we are still to see just how much disastrous impact Obamacare will have on insurance rates and cancelled plans for 2015, since Obama ordered the insurance companies not to make their usual late October/early November rate adjustments for the next calendar year until after the election.  My strong suspicion is that Obama is a dead duck.

Nevertheless, the Republicans have shown over and over an ineluctable ability to squander the greatest electoral advantages.  The best we can likely hope for is that they will try to block any of Obama’s more egregious final moves.  Maybe some action will be taken against the amok federal bureaucracy, we will probably start finding out just how wide and deep the corruption, malfeasance, rot, and just plain evil was in this most left wing of administrations in US history. The media will continue playing their role as democrat party operatives, as usual.

Overall I expect little to change. I really do feel that, like the Johnson Administration, the Obama Administration has been yet another tipping point in the history of this republic beyond which there is no return.  Ronald Reagan made his famous speech “A Time For Choosing” in 1964 in favor of Barry Goldwater’s candidacy, but America chose then just as it chose in 2008.  Everything Reagan predicted about the rapid onset of socialism and the steady decline of individual liberty under the planned Johnson regime has come to pass.  And everything predicted regarding Obama has come to pass, as well.  So this victory, such as it is, seems more than a bit like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

For instance, we will not see any major pro-life legislation signed into law.  Even if the Republicans mustered the fortitude to pass such a bill, Obama would never sign it and the Republicans don’t have the votes to override his veto.  Obamacare will not be rolled back, there has never been a single major expansion of federal programs that have been successfully undone.  As Ronald Reagan stated in 1964, the federal bureaucracy and federal aid programs are the closest things to eternal life we will ever find in this world.  The electorate remains short-sighted, self-seeking, addicted to Uncle Sugar’s monetary heroin, morally bankrupt and ideologically ignorant.  That’s a harsh assessment, but true, it turns out less than 20% of the electorate has even a semblance of ideological consistency in its approach to political matters.  That means they can be easily swayed by the next demagogic cult of personality to come along, and have no real basis on which to base its collective political decisions.  Perhaps it has always been such, but it reveals that over two decades of conservative dominance of talk radio and other spheres has had little impact.  All of us, me included, mostly preach to the converted.

Sorry if I sound like a downer, but where we have arrived as a country was pretty much inevitable, as even many of the Founding Fathers feared.  You can find many statements from Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and others, that even their experiment in radical self-determination, so-called, required a tenuous balance between competing forces and a highly educated and vigilant electorate to keep it on its original orientation.  But the country jumped the shark anywhere from 50-150 years ago depending on how you view things (I really do think 1964 was a hugely seminal election). Even more, as Christopher Ferrara so cogently argued, even if the Founder’s intent had been kept whole and pure, that intent was seriously deranged from a truly moral, Catholic form of government, and was more or less doomed to arrive at the point we are at now.

For any country to be moral and vibrant, its people must be moral.  The immorality in the government actually preceded that of the people by quite some time, as the elites tend to go first, but at this point the large majority of the American people are objectively immoral.  No system of government, no matter how well founded, can long stand above an immoral populace.  Once again, the vast majority of people in this country made their choice, back in the mid-60s, towards a radical libertinism and a detachment from the Christian moral order they had received. No matter how many elections Republicans win, you cannot build on that rotten foundation.

And that is why my blog is much more oriented towards reaching souls on the level of virtue than it is one of political action.  Until hearts are changed, until people return to the right practice of the Faith and virtue, any political changes will be chimerical at best, and may in fact serve as a kind of moral opiate that dulls the senses to the real crisis afflicting this country and all of Western Civilization (such as it is).

So there is your post election downer report!  But I like to think of it as being realistic.

It is actually chilling now to watch Reagan’s 1964 speech and think about how many of his predictions have come true.  It also reveals what a consummate politician Reagan was, compared to which our present Republicans are mere pygmies. No wonder they keep looking back to him!


1. TG - November 5, 2014

Good post. Agree with you. I don’t have much hope for Boerner or McConnell. They both are weak. Republicans need new leaders for House and Senate. I doubt the RINOS will let that happen. Based on their past history, they’ll blow it again.

2. steve - November 5, 2014

Your commentary isn’t a downer. You are realistic.

America’s two major political parties have forever traded landslides.

When the Democrats have won big, it’s been…”the voters have spoken…they want Democrats in charge…the people are finished with Republicans…the Republican party is history.”

The reverse has held true during Republican landslide victories.

The bottom line is that the Republican Party is corrupt to its core. The Democratic Party is corrupt to its core.

The Republicans (and Democrats) have contributed greatly to America’s decline.

Republican landside election victories yesterday won’t change the above reality.

3. discipleofthedumbox - November 5, 2014

Reblogged this on The Unfinished Tales of a Hunt County Catholic and commented:
It seems I have a friend in my election opinions in Dallas county. Give it a read. I forget where he is from and I think he at least married a Texan but he is truly both a good Texan and an even better Roman Catholic.

4. Lynne - November 5, 2014

With the Democrats, we were heading towards the cliff at 100 miles an hour. Now the Republicans are in charge! We’re only heading towards the cliff at 60 miles an hour. Woo hoo! Both parties are in love with power for the sake of power.

Tantumblogo - November 5, 2014


5. steve - November 5, 2014

The betrayal has begun…

The Republican landslides yesterday were about one thing: Votes against President Obama/Democratic agenda.

Voters went to the poll to attempt to reclaim America.

The elections yesterday were far more about rejecting President Obama than the nation having become Republican suddenly.

But the Republican elites have made it clear today that they will stiff the voters.

The Republican elites, Senator Mitch McConnell for example, have run today to the news media to announce two things:

1. The Republican Party (controlled by the elites) wish to compromise with President Obama/Democrats.

2. The Republican Party (controlled by the elites) will reject “right-wingers” (translation: the true believers…they aren’t Republicans-in-name-only) and Tea Party types.

Americans yesterday voted to halt President Obama’s presidency…to halt America’s plunge over the cliff.

Today, the Republican elites have made it clear that they will reject the political program that the majority of voters yesterday demanded.

Handle a snake…the snake will bite you. Why? Because a snake is a snake.

Vote for the Republicans…the Republican elites will not just bite you…they will devour you.

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