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So funny it hurts….. November 5, 2014

Posted by Tantumblogo in abdication of duty, episcopate, error, foolishness, Four Last Things, fun, General Catholic, Holy suffering, sadness, scandals, secularism, silliness, SOD, Spiritual Warfare.

……humor often works as a play on unfortunate reality.  To that end, Patrick Archbold drew some wry laughs from me with his recent post at CMR describing the Church’s plan to commit suicide:

After a long and arduous 2,000 year battle with principalities and powers and after 50 years of visible decline, the Catholic Church has decided to end its own life. The Catholic Church has announced that rather than continue to fight the good fight, once it has knocked some items off its “bucket list”, it will commit Cardinal-assisted Synodicide next October.

The “bucket list” items the Church would like to see before it dies include:

Acceptance of homosexual marriage, homosexual divorce, and communion for homosexual remarried divorcees. [You know it’s coming!]
Worldwide acceptance of the current German Episcopal practice of communion in the pocket via vending machine. [How about Fedex delivered to your house?]
The excommunication of everyone of anyone who has ever read “Pascendi Dominici Gregis.” [What if you’ve read it multiple times?]
The canonization of Annibale Bugnini. [Don’t laugh. They want this.]

Cardinal Kasper said “Assisted suicide is very popular right now and as everyone knows, the Church needs to accompany the world as it does popular things.” When asked about the reluctance of the African Bishops to commit synodicide, the Cardinal responded, “Those people live in mud huts, what do they know about accompanying the modern world?”

There is some more at the link.  Regarding Cardinal Kasper’s fake comment……so long as German bishops think it will maintain or increase their precious and incredibly lucrative Church tax ($7 billion a year), they’ll be for it.  You know contraception and abortion are the real objectives of this attack on the Church’s moral edifice, and all for filthy lucre.

Love of money is a terrible thing, but love of money in men detached by decades of modernism from the Faith leads straight to………


Seriously, I do not see how anyone that believes in individual judgment and the possibility of eternal damnation can behave as the German hierarchy is behaving.  But they have stewed in the world’s most noxious intellectual environment their entire lives, the vast majority are complete modernists, so perhaps I should not be surprised at their nakedly self-aggrandizing behavior, no matter what the cost to the Church at large, millions of souls, or their own souls.  These men simply are not of the Faith.  They are something else, rather like the perfumed prince bishops who dominated the German episcopate at the time of the protestant revolt.  It does have to be kept in mind that there were many, many legitimate grievances that precipitated the protestant rebellion.  They went about it in exactly the wrong way, and swiftly fell into their own, even worse errors, but in most of the Church the episcopate was out of control, they lived like secular princes and were scandalously immoral, regular clergy were weak, sinful, poorly educated, and often uncaring.  It is actually quite disturbing to examine the behavior of much of the clergy and hierarchy of today, and that of say 1500 Central Europe.  The parallels are most discomfiting.

But hell is real, as is Purgatory.  These men, in spite of the evil they do, need many prayers.  No, they need them because of the evil they do.



1. steve - November 5, 2014

Within Holy Mother Church, acceptance of homosexual “marriage” is not coming, as Pope Francis has made clear.

For example, two weeks ago, Pope Francis held an audience with 7,500 members of Schonstatt, an international Marian apostolate.

During that audience, Pope Francis upheld and promoted strongly the Church’s traditional teachings in regard to family and marriage.

Tantumblogo - November 5, 2014

It was humor. Dry, to be sure, but humor. Archbold just took things and made them a bit more extreme. That’s what one tends to do with humor.

Baseballmom - November 5, 2014

Humor??? It was absolutely He Larry Us!!!!! Always good to laugh sometimes…. My favorite was “communion for divorced and re-married homosexuals.” Just a hoot!

2. steve - November 5, 2014

I understand.

But as you stated in parentheses (and you are far from alone in having said the following), homosexual marriage acceptance is coming.

Is that what you believe?


3. Dismas - November 5, 2014

Especially since the Second Vatican Council, when scholastic language was set aside for “pastoral” language, what we have seen is a “schism” between the de jure and the de facto. In these days when few people care to study anything to much depth, we live in a world of perception. It is altogether possible that the revolutionaries who have gained control will not ever deem it prudent to mess with the de jure, because they don’t have to. So if we are talking about “acceptance” – sure. I’ll bet a dollar to a dime you will see that “accepted” if you live another 20 years.

I have also predicted for a decade that they would eventually get around to canonizing Anibale Bugnini. Why not? It’s all about perception – and cementing the revolution.

The “trump card” here is Our Lord. Humans are not capable of fixing all of this at this point. It has reached such depths that our sole hope is supernatural. But that has always been the case.

Baseballmom - November 6, 2014


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