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Out of time Flightline Friday November 7, 2014

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It’s Friday and I got nothin’.  I did get a bunch of books this week on the F-8 Crusader.  So in lieu of doing a real post, I’ll tell you how stupid the author of this blog you read really is.

So I’ve prattled on endlessly about how the mighty Vought F-8 Crusader – built maybe 6 or 7 miles from my house! – is the greatest aircraft of all time.  There is simply no comparison with any others, and anyone who says differently is guilty of damnable blasphemy.

Now, some might wonder, why does Tantumblogo like this plane so much?  I mean, sure, it’s cool, but it’s performance has been obviously succeeded by later types, it’s kind of old, it didn’t have all the really great modern cockpit design……what is it?

And you might think…..maybe it’s the name!  Maybe Tantumblogo likes it because he’s also into the Crusades and Crusader is a very Catholic name.

Well, if you ever thought that – not that you would even waste any time considering my strange obsessions  – you would be wrong.  Because this is how dumb I am…..I never even made the connection until a few weeks ago.  Somehow it just jumped out at me…….after many years……”Crusader……..crusades……..Catholic………It all makes sense!”  Because in reality I don’t know why I like the Crusader so much, I just do.

But now you know that I couldn’t even make the obvious connection between my love for the Faith and the love for this plane for many, many years.

And that’s how dumb I am.

Are you sure you want to keep reading this blog?

Now some great Crusader pr0n:

Kind of lame, some of the facts are wrong:

Sad to see. A panopoy of F-8 Crusader accidents.  The quality of the video is terrible:

The Frogs used the Crusader all the way until 1999:

More French Navy Crusader action, this time on deck.  I think this is on Clemenceau Foch:

I pray you have a blessed weekend.  Pray for the poor souls!




1. richard w comerford - November 8, 2014

Mr. T;

Did you fly the Crusader?

God bless

Richard w Comerford

Tantumblogo - November 10, 2014

No, I was in high school when it was retired. And I was in middle school when the training pipeline was shut down.

2. Bill D. - November 9, 2014

You’re right about the crummy video quality, but still highly interesting. “pilot not recovered”? How tragic.

3. Elizabeth - November 10, 2014

Tantumblogo: I couldn’t see how to send you a private email 🙂 so I’ll post this here and hope you see it. There’s an excellent petition in circulation to “Thank Cardinal Burke”. It can be found here: https://www.lifesitenews.com/petitions/thank-you-cardinal-burke-for-your-vatican-service

4. Camper - November 10, 2014

Hi Tantum, hope things are going well. I was wondering… has anyone at the parish mentioned the possibility of doing prison ministry? You mentioned standing outside of sex shops, etc. but I think that prison ministry might be more efficacious for conversions. If anyone did this it seems like it would be better to get men encouraging male prisoners and women encouraging female prisoners. I think prisoners are most likely to buy something as foreign to the culture as the Latin Mass out of the whole population because many criminals are ready to admit they need to change and that they need help. Muslims have done it, and so can we. Then we could point out to the diocese that we are converting others and maybe get another chapel. Or we could add chairs in the parochial hall so that extra people can watch mass from the parochial hall. Just a thought. Take care, Camper

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