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Radfem professor that attacked pro-lifers sentenced, civil suit pending November 7, 2014

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I guess I had missed the fact that the radical feminist professor who attacked a teen pro-lifer on the UC-Santa Barbara campus earlier this year had been sentenced to three year’s probation.  The college refused to discipline her in any way, however, and tried to blame the pro-lifers for, in essence, being where they do not belong.  It’s quite delicious how elitist and cloistered the left truly is, quite the opposite of the egalitarianism it loves to wrap itself with.  Nevertheless, the “professor” of queer theory and pornography Mireille Miller-Young and the university are now being sued for the assault:

The pro-life group Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLF) filed a civil lawsuit Thursday against the University of California, Santa Barbara and feminist professor Mireille Miller-Young, who was recently convicted of stealing from and assaulting pro-life protesters earlier this year.

The feminist studies professor, who specializes in queer theory and pornography, went on a video-recorded rampage in March when she stole and destroyed a pro-life poster, before attacking and causing minor injuries to 16-year-old protestor Thrin Short. [Oh I’m sure what a deep intellect this woman possesses, taking on such vital topics!  Now, one might ask, how on earth does a raging feminist rationalize her eager support for pornography, the most objectifying of objectifications of women?  Hypocrisy, thy name is leftism]

In July, Miller-Young was convicted of assaulting Short, and stealing and destroying the protestors’ property.

The Life and Legal Foundation, however, is taking Miller-Young back to court on behalf of the demonstrators who were attacked during the March confrontation. The foundation filed a civil suit Thursday against Miller-Young, UC Santa Barbara and a group of students who assisted the professor during the attack, according to a Life and Legal Foundation press release. LLF is seeking compensation for physical battery, property theft and civil rights violations.

Though Miller-Young was court-ordered to attend conflict resolution classes through the Quaker Church, and is currently serving three years of probation, bureaucrats at UC Santa Barbara never reprimanded the professor for her actions. In fact, the professor is still listed on the school’s faculty webpage as an associate professor in the public university’s feminist studies department.

So, what does this special snowflake of a princess conduct her oh-so-vital “research” on?

The Ph.D.-wielding professor whose dissertation is called “A Taste for Brown Sugar: The History of Black Women in American Pornography,” is still listed as an associate professor at the public university…..

“In fact, communications from university officials implied that the youth who had been peacefully engaged in advocating a pro-life worldview caused the incident,” the press release said.

We all know there are some decent universities still out there.  And even at good ol’ State U I managed to completely avoid any of this kind of garbage, mostly by virtue of being an engineering major.  I did have one history class I took where the professor was wacked out, but even back then I knew more about 20th century American history than she did and she was scared of me, so she toned down her socialist crap.  But nothing so blatantly immoral as this.

However, if one of my children wanted to attend some state university and major in one of these useless subjects like queer feminist Vietnamese theory, I would have to say…….do it on your own dime.  I don’t think there is even a remote chance of that happening, but it is amazing to me how many at least moderately faithful Catholic parents will turn the child they so carefully raised and preserved from this insanely perverse culture loose on some loony college campus to be radicalized.  Kids don’t magically cross some boundary  when they turn 18 where parents just have to take a hands-off approach and let them make their own mistakes.  At least, I don’t think so.  I’ll let them make their own mistakes when they’re……fifty.

Seriously, though, obviously kids will sometimes insist on making really bad choices, and parents do not always have the control they would like. But too often, parents are willing co-conspirators in some dangerous and even self-destructive behavior, because they have been catechized by the culture to believe that 18 is some magical age where the chrysalis opens and the butterfly must be free to fly, fly away!

So one time this good local priest went on a very appropriate harangue about the collapse of Notre Dame University as a Catholic university.  And some parents who had just committed a child to this formerly Catholic institution were at that Mass, and they got all upset.  Not at their decision, naturally, but at the priest.  How dare he make them feel bad!  They got all irate, and the priest actually apologized later.

What happened to the child, raised with so much care and concern?  I’ll not go into too much detail, but simply say that the outcome appears far from ideal.

But who knows, maybe they’ll convert back and be the next Michael Voris.  What do I know?


1. Camper - November 7, 2014

Remember, dirty words lose converts. Just saying.

2. Baseballmom - November 7, 2014

The radfem messed with the wrong young lady. I believe both mom and dad are attorneys, and a brother would have been too but for a decision to go military after a semester of law school…. Yup, she has plenty of pro bono help! 😉

3. LaGallina - November 9, 2014

I definitely fell for the radical socialist/feminist agenda in a state university in the 1990s. And the worst part about it, I had no clue I was being manipulated. I thought I was master of my own personal revolution.

I did have a little interior warning bell, which I constantly ignored. However, even then I found the far left feminists to be rather obnoxious, but since they were my friends I just shut my mouth and went along with the stupidity. Thank God I finally cut myself off from their ridiculous “group-think.” (You are harshly rejected from the open-minded feminist crowd if you ever dare question their dogma.)

In short, the university campus can be a very dangerous place for the young and clueless. Though, any tidbit of logic and critical thinking is enough to completely destroy the radical agenda.

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