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17th century priests understood errors of protestantism and rationalism would lead… November 10, 2014

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…..inexorably, inevitably, to the nightmare culture in which we are subsumed today.  The following was from the Oratorian Massillon (1662-1742) and was written around 1710.  Over 300 years ago, the certainty that moral collapse would eventually occur was apparent to those Catholics who understood the errors of protestantism and the rationalist “enlightenment” even in nascent form.  As relayed by Dom Charles Poulet in A History of the Catholic Church, Fr. Massillon followed the logic of rebellious protestant and rationalist thought to arrive at our present and most decadent conclusion:

If we must wholly perish, then is obedience to the laws but an insensate servitude; rulers and magistrates are but the phantoms which popular imbecility has raised up; justice is an unwarrantable infringement upon the liberty of men – an imposition, a usurpation; the law of marriage is a vain scruple; modesty a prejudice; honor and probity are such stuff as dreams are made of; and incests, murders, parricides are but the legitimate sports of man’s irresponsible nature.  Here is the issue to which the vaunted philosophy of unbelievers must inevitably lead.  here is that social felicity, that sway of reason, that emancipation from error, of which they eternally prat as the fruit of their doctrines. Accept their maxims, and the whole world falls back into a frightful chaos; and all the relations of life are confounded; and all ideas of vice and virtue are reversed; and the most inviolable laws of society vanish; and all moral discipline perishes; and the government of states and nations has no longer any cement to uphold it; and the human race is not more than an assemblage of reckless barbarians, shameless, remorseless, brutal, denaturalized, with no other law than force, no other check than passion, no other bond that irreligion, no other God than self. Such a world impiety would make.  Such would be this world were belief in God and immortality to die out of the human heart. 

————-End Quote————-

The endarkenment project was one intended to drive religion – especially the Catholic religion – as much as possible from the public space.  It succeeded, in the most influential countries of the world, most formerly Catholic, to a depressing degree.  From there, other evil “isms” burst out upon the world, to persecute and hobble the Catholic Faith even more: materialism, communism, the militant new sexular paganism which pretends to be atheistic but is in reality profoundly religious…..the list goes on.

And so where we are today in a post- and anti-Christian society that grows increasingly darker every day, where all manner of perversion is not just tolerated but even extolled, and where the practice of virtue is alien to probably 90+% of the population, wasn’t a complete accident. Far from it, a considerable and growing portion of the populace has been working towards it for centuries.

Just as they do in every other area of life, the “liberals” or leftists always tell us “just give us this, and we will go no further,” and that “there will be NO bad consequences of giving up/changing/obliterating this cherished and ancient bit of morality,” and both always turn out to be false.  The intent of the left to arrive at a godless (but not irreligious society, the far left is the most dogmatically and fervently religious group in our culture today) was always there; it was the desired end point. But as with so much on the left, the desired end result is not so much the end of power elites and structural injustice in society, it is, as Orwell argued, simply to insure that they are on top and that society is structured to their preferred ends.

And if a few billions have to get hurt in the process, if the entire civilization has to fall down, so be it. The course of the last several centuries has proven over and over that the morality the Church has always advocated isn’t just some arbitrary set of rules, they are guidelines of behavior to insure maximum human happiness and satisfaction in this life (and the next) for the greatest number of people. Each rejection of those moral doctrines has only caused more misery and suffering both now and in the past.  The more disconnected the culture and each of us individually become from the Truth Christ has revealed, the more we all suffer.  As an addict, I have direct experience of this.

One would think 2000 years of patient counsel and the example of innumerable Saints would make all this obvious, but it isn’t.  Fallen man being what it is, we are all so willing to believe the bright, shining lies of the devil and our own fallen natures. Or at least, the vast majority of us do. And so satan and his eager acolytes on earth – whether conscious of their role or not – have no difficulty at all selling man on the most destructive, pernicious, and evil errors imaginable, and not only that, but convincing man that they are good, beneficial, and wholesome.

The creation of Christendom was a miracle of Grace.  Its dissolution has been something else entirely, and we must all be constantly vigilant that we do not fall into the rampant errors and disastrous ideologies that so surround and encompass the very intellectual air we breathe.

Having said all that, I will note the ecumenical implications of the above.  Neither the world, nor those in heretical sects, have much of value to share with the Church, which value would approach nil if the Church would only open the great, but tightly sealed treasure chest of her own patrimony.  Protestantism was the major first step towards all we see around us today, from sodo-marriage to abortion to religious indifference. Pretending otherwise and that there is some great “value” in these sects is just disordered at a start.  Having spent my first 30 odd years in the sects, my sensus fidei tells me the whole ecumenical movement is a dangerous illusion and an exercise in futility.

Some blog admin items: revisiting commenting policy and e-mail notification of posts November 10, 2014

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My dear readers, have any or all of you who have signed up for e-mail notification of posts being uploaded experienced a failure in this service of late?  I have been notified by three separate long-time readers that the notification system has failed for them.  I am at a loss to explain this. Have any of you tried signing up again, and if so, with what result?  I scoured through the blog settings and found nothing amiss, so if there is a problem, and you cannot fix it by signing up again, then I must blame it on WordPress and pursue the matter with them. I recognize this is a serious inconvenience and I apologize for the frustrations you have experienced.

Secondly…….a word on comments. I know there are blogs where the comments are completely unpoliced and a Wild West mentality prevails.  That has never been the case on this blog.  As I have maintained since day one, this blog is my site for me to express my views. I am very gratified that others find some value in what I write.  But I have always maintained that commenting here is allowed as a courtesy to guests, contingent on their good behavior.  If  you have been around longer, and the matter under discussion is dire and upsetting, you may be given more leeway to vent more, ah……energetic…….points of view.  But there are some basic ground rules I’d like to go over again, and add one more.  The below are things that can get you banned from commenting, unless you are one of those long-term commenters of value who generally make substantial contributions but who may violate one of the below in a rare moment of pique:

  1. Use of foul language
  2. Being a troll (as I define it)
  3. Being constantly argumentative for the purpose of being argumentative (see #2)
  4. Sexual content/innuendo
  5. Link spamming, meaning comments with numerous and off-topic links, and/or genuine spam
  6. Constantly repeating the same argument on your particular hobby horse over and over in posts on disparate subjects
  7. Showing up on the blog with your first comment that is a 10,000 word essay showing elements of #6

That list is not exhaustive, but gives you the gist.  There is a new addition:

8.  Making judgments as to the state of the soul of either the blogger, commenters, other Catholics striving to be faithful, other “allied” sites, etc.

One final note, which I will try to be lenient on because I understand how upset people are, but I have brought this up before: we laity should be exceedingly careful in making public judgments or declarations to the effect that the current Supreme Pontiff, whoever he may be, is a heretic, outside the Church, tool of the devil, etc.  I have gained huge insight in the past few weeks into some of the extremely heavy criticisms that have been laid on current and deceased popes even by great Saints in the past, but most all of those were either high ranking prelates with the duty/station to make those kinds of judgments, or they were commissioned by private revelation by the Lord to do the same.  It is one thing to declaim the modernist cabal, or to criticize specific statements/actions made by the Pope (especially if those involve specific errors that could lead people astray), but it is quite another to make blanket declarations as to heresy and/or the state of his soul.  I do understand how trying the situation in the Church is right now, but we always need to keep some level of Church decorum in mind.

I am certainly not one who feels that all public criticism of prelates, even the Pope, is out of bounds, but I do make a bit of a distinction with the Pope not because of the man but because of the office.  A bishop may be judged a heretic by a layman, but I recommend great caution in making such a statement with regard to a Pope.  That may be hypocritical, I don’t know, but it “feels” prudent to me right now, if that makes sense.  The main point is, keep it focused, don’t go general, don’t make solemn judgments regarding the state of anyone’s soul, and you’ll be fine.

Who knows how events may play out.  But for now I would ask again that commenters refrain from such all-encompassing denunciations of the Pope.  And, no, I do not have any specific individual in mind as I write this.  At times I do get so many comments I cannot stay on top of them all so I apologize if any of you have been scandalized, I will try to give all comments at least a once over.  At some point this policy may become counterproductive but for now I believe it appropriate.

Cardinal Burke formally cashiered….tell him how much you appreciate his efforts! November 10, 2014

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I have noted that this pontificate, a bit like the Obama administration, saves controversial news releases for weekends, when the news cycle is at its slowest.  It could be coincidence, but the formal announcement of Cardinal Burke’s slap in the face demotion was held until Saturday last week, when it had been known for months. Rorate had the news, as typical:

It had been known for months, but today it has been confirmed: Pope Francis, in a move that has no precedent in modern times for a man who is still a very young Cardinal, removed Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke from his position as Prefect of the Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, or from any pastoral, governance, or judicial position, and named him to the almost purely honorific position of “Cardinal Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta” (usually given to retired cardinals or historically as a ceremonial position that is held by cardinals exercising actual pastoral or governing functions elsewhere).

However LifeSiteNews has started up a petition for faithful souls to communicate their appreciation of Cardinal Burke in this time of trial.  Already nearly 17,000 have signed the petition, and I encourage you to do so if you have not already.  I think this is a beautiful gesture and I agree with LSN that Cardinal Burke’s demotion represents a loss to the pro-life and family movements, but perhaps the good cardinal will be able to use the extra time he’ll now have to conduct an even more effective, if ad hoc, public ministry.

I can say that the petition expresses my opinion regarding Cardinal Burke wholeheartedly:

I would like to express my personal gratitude for your faithful service these past years as prefect of the Apostolic Signatura. In particular, I wish to thank you for being a strong and uncompromising voice in defense of the truths of life and the family.

Though I, and countless fellow Catholics and pro-life and pro-family advocates, will miss your voice and presence at the Vatican, I know that a transfer of position will do nothing to dissuade you from courageously proclaiming the truths of the Gospel of Life.

You have inspired me to stand up for the truth in charity despite all costs. I pledge myself to be a voice like yours – a voice of truth in season and out of season.

I offer you my heartfelt prayers and well wishes as you go through this period of transition. May God bless you. 

[Your name]

————–End Quote————–

Even more than being witnesses to the sanctity of life and marriage from conception or matrimony to natural death, we must be stalwart defenders of the Truth Christ has revealed in every respect.  The whole moral edifice of the Church is under attack as never before…….let us stand with the great Saints, Fathers, and past popes in defending it no matter who is the source of the attack.  Truth is no respecter of persons.  Those who hold error must be corrected, in charity.  I pray Cardinal Burke will continue to give witness to this fact, as well.