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The great Saint Martin of Tours November 11, 2014

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I have mentioned I intended to try to start taking some of the slack from the defunct Ars Orandi site in posting material from Dom Prosper Gueranger’s The Liturgical Year.  The problem is,I always forget to dsc_0024do so.  But today, whether by Providence or by luck, I remembered.

Without further ado, excerpts from Gueranger’s section on the Saint, including a brief bio from the Roman Martyrology and Gueranger’s beautiful prayer to the Saint:

Martin was born at Sabaria in Pannonia. When ten years old he fled ot the church, against his parents’ will, and had himself enrolled among the catechumens. At the age of 15 he became a soldier, and san-martino-di-toursserved in the army first of Constantius and then of Julian the Apostate. On one occasion, when a poor naked man at Amiens begged an alms of him in the name of Christ, having nothing but his armor and clothing, he gave him half of his military cloak.  The following night Christ appeared to him clad in that half-cloak, and said: “Martin, while yet a catechumen, has clothed Me with this garment.”

At eighteen years of age he was baptized; and abandoning his military career, betook himself to Hilary bishop of Poitiers, by whom he was made acolyte. Later on, having become bishop of Tours, he built a monastery, where he lived for some time in a most holy manner, in company with eighty monks. He was seized with a violent fever at Cande, a village in his diocese; and he earnestly besought God to free him from the prison of the body.  His disciples hearing asked him: Father, why dost thou abandon us? or to whom dost thou leave us in our abjection? Martin, touched by their words, prayed to God in this manner: O Lord, if I am still necessary to thy people,  do not refuse the labor. 

When his disciples saw him praying in the height of the fever, lying on his back, they besought him to turn over for a little while, that he might get some rest and relief.  But Martin answered: Suffer me to gaze on Heaven rather than earth, that my spirit, which is about to depart, may be directed on its way to our Lord. As death drew nigh, he saw the enemy of mankind, and exclaimed: What art thou download (1)doing here, thou cruel beast?  Thous wilt find no evil in me.  While uttering these words he gave up his soul to God, at the age of 81.  he was received by a choir of angels, whom many, and in particular Saint Severinus, bishop of Cologne, heard singing the praises of God. 

Now for portions of the prayer:

O holy Martin, have compassion on our depth of misery! A winter more severe than that which caused thee to divide thy cloak now rages over the world; many perish in the icy night brought on by the extinction of faith and the cooling of charity.  Come to the aid of those unfortunate souls whose torpor prevents them from asking assistance. Wait not for them to pray; but forestall them for the love of Christ in whose name the poor man of Amiens implored thee, whereas they scarcely know how to utter it. And yet their nakedness is worse than the beggar’s, stripped as they are of the garment of Grace, which their fathers received from thee and handed down to posterity.

How lamentable, above all, has become the destitution of France, which thou didst once enrich with the blessings of Heaven, and where thy benefits have been requited with such injuries!…….Look upon the piety of those grand Christians whose hearts were able, like the generosity of the multitude, to rise to the height of the greatest projects; see the pilgrims, however reduced their numbers, now taking once

Basilica in France

Basilica in the Philippines

more the road to Tours, traversed so often by people and kings in better days of our history.

Has that history of the brightest days of the Church, of the reign of Christ as King, come to an end, O Martin?  Let the enemy imagine he has already sealed our tomb: but the story of thy miracles tells us that thou canst raise up even the dead.  Was not the catechumen of Liguge’ snatched from the land of the living, when thou didst call him back to life and baptism?  Supposing that, like him, we were already among those whom the Lord remembereth no more, the man or the country that has Martin for protector and father need never yield to despair. If thou deign to bear us in mind, the angels will come and say again to the supreme Judge: ‘This is the man, this is the nation, for whom Martin prays,’ and they will be commanded to draw us out of the dark regions where dwell the people without glory, and to restore us to Martin, and to our noble destinies. 

Thy zeal, however, for the advancement of God’s kingdom knew no limits. Inspire, then, strengthen, and multiply the apostles all over the world, who. like thee, are driving out the forces of infidelity.  Restore Christian Europe, which still honors thy name, to the unity so unhappily dissolved by schism and heresy. In spite of the many efforts to the contrary, maintain thy noble fatherland in its post of honor, and in its traditions of brave fidelity, even though it now be so sadly fallen. May thy devout clients in all lands experience  that thy right arm still suffices to protect those who implore thee.  


Saint Martin of Tours, Taal City Luzon Philippines

Saint Martin of Tours, Taal City Luzon Philippines



1. Christopher - November 12, 2014

St. Martin, patron of soldiers, pray for our Veterans. Amen.

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