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Fundraising organ “The Catholic Foundation” promoting social justice in the Diocese November 12, 2014

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I have thought for a while that maybe I should change the name of this blog. When I started it, it was very much focused on goings on in the Diocese of Dallas, and especially uncovering and reporting many problematic or disconcerting activities.  That quickly became depressing, and even more, I found that the crisis in the Church extended far, far beyond the narrow boundaries of the 9 counties that make up this one diocese.  When I started blogging almost 5  years ago, naive little waif that I was, I actually thought that if I only made the powers that be aware of some of these problematic, even destructive, activities they would be cleared up in no time!  Silly me!  Actually, I wasn’t quite that naive, but I thought it might make a little difference.  Has it?  Meh, not much.

Still, I was a bit surprised to find, in the hallowed halls of the former Korean methodist church that is now occupied by the glorious Mater Dei parish, a promotional flyer for the local “The Catholic Foundation.” The flyer featured none other than former pastor of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish (and current pastor of St. Ann in Coppell) Father Henry Petter.  Longtime readers of this blog will know that Fr. Petter and I have not always enjoyed the warmest of relations and will also know that I have been rather critical of the social justice program he instituted at Seton.  In fact, Seton was such a hotbed of social justice – which means, in practical terms, left wing political agitation – that the local Alinskyite branch of “Dallas Area Interfaith” (a member of the Industrial Areas Foundation) was given office space there while the parish was under Fr. Petter’s pastoral care.

The flyer itself highlights The Catholic Foundation’s social justice work.  The flyer actually states:

The purpose of the fund is to take charitable donations a step further and truly impact structures of injustice in the local community.

Couldn’t have been said better if it had been said by ol’ Barack Hussein Obama himself.  Or some communist college professor – it is shocking to see such overtly left wing language in a document purporting to serve an organization of the Church.

Now they claim that over 50% of the money they raise goes to “education,” over 1/3 to “religious,” and the rest to……….well, at least some of it goes to social justice ministries.  And even that covered under the broad blanket of “education” could easily be applied to this kind of social justice endeavor, educating us rubes into advancing  the socialist revolution that is the true source of goodness, plenty, and light!

So you could take this as an irregular reminder to be very, very careful which organizations you support in the Church. I do not know if the Diocese funnels money assessed from parishes to this Catholic Foundation or other similar groups but I am very leery about supporting any of these large institutional charities or groups.  I tend to look for either specific religious orders, organizations like the St.Vincent Ferrer Foundation, the FSSP, Transalpine Redemptorists, etc, to support financially, as I really, really do not want any of my money winding up being devoted to Alinskyite leftist agitation.  I do very strongly believe that about the only real influence the laity exercise over the direction of the Church in the near term is the power of the purse.  If we keep donating to the regular diocesan appeals or even our local parish’s general funds we can be sure that at least some of our money will wind up supporting efforts just like this, impacting “structures of injustice in the local community.”

It’s actually a genius plan, duping people utterly opposed to socialism and left wing agitation into financially supporting just those diabolical efforts through their own church.  Saul Alinsky devoted his master plan, the book Rules for Radicals, to satan, and I feel the program he instituted (using churches as vehicles for funding and respectability) is satanic in its perverse brilliance.




1. Baseballmom - November 13, 2014

And just a reminder that the annual Campaign for Human Development collection is coming soon to a parish near you…. DO NOT GIVE THEM A THIN DIME!!!!! (Or a thick quarter for that matter!)

TG - November 13, 2014

I already tore up the envelope.

Baseballmom - November 13, 2014

Me too… I tear up quite a few at the beginning of the year…

J Rebecca - November 14, 2014

Envelope I instantly tore up each month: Collection for John Paul II High School. Hmmm, contribute to a school that charges twelve thousand a year (plus lots of other incidental charges) in tuition that none of my children will ever be able to attend? I don’t think so.

2. LCG - November 13, 2014

How about if we set up a foundation, one in each parish, that accepts donations to do things the parish needs. So instead of putting money in the plate in response to the plea that the air conditioning has given out, we give it to the foundation which pays the AC company to fix the compressor. Result: We support the Church, as the precept requires, the parish gets the AC it needs, the pastor can’t divert funds, and the cathedraticum tax, which is a percentage of the plate, is zeroed out.

Cristero - November 13, 2014

Great idea.

Tantumblogo - November 13, 2014

It would be, save, a bit like the mafia, no matter how broke a parish is, the Diocese still says, in the words of Henry Hill and Anthony Soprano “@#$% you, pay me!” They are assessed a certain amount based on prior revenues. The amount is never zero, although in rare instances it can become pretty small. But there would have to be extensive documentation that the parish was really broke, could not meet expenses, etc. At least that is how it works here, as I understand it.

I love the idea, but you almost have to hide funds from the Diocese to do so, and experience shows they don’t like that so much if they ever find out, which they almost inevitably will.

3. ann griffin - November 13, 2014

does this surprise you that you found this there? They also take a second collection for “Catholic Relief Services” (which everyone knows how bad they are). “Catholic University” (where they teach heresy, have a gay group on campus, allow pro-abortion speakers to come and speak and so on and so on.) “The Bishops Annual Appeal”,(where your money supports some of these awful seminaries, awful catholic schools where they don’t even teach the faith, but they do teach sex ed. to our children etc…
I have heard the excuse that they really don’t want to, but have to because they would be in trouble with the bishop. That is an awful excuse. How can Christ’s Church ever be restored if we keep supporting (or pretending to support, so we don’t get in trouble) if we don’t stand up and say “No, I won’t collect money for these evil organizations.”
God is not pleased with obedience, when it cooperates in evil that corrupts His Church and corrupts and confuses the faith of the lay people.
thank you,

Tantumblogo - November 13, 2014

Well I can say those collections get a scant response. If any at all, at times.

But yes that is the way the game is rigged. I’m not real thrilled about it either.

I was a bit surprised to see this one because it was much more open in its endorsement of immorality.

In this crisis few if any hands are clean. There are arguments that can be made against both sides that are basically unanswerable.

4. J Rebecca - November 13, 2014

Yes, they have to comply with these requests, or the bishop can revoke their faculties in his diocese.

Tantumblogo - November 13, 2014

I believe there is a word for that, isn’t there?

5. S. Armaticus - November 13, 2014

Reblogged this on The Deus Ex Machina Blog.

6. LaGallina - November 14, 2014

Grrr… Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation makes me very cranky. My priest yelled at me when I asked him if our local “Valley Interfaith” could please stop trying to sell us on Obamacare every single Sunday during announcements a few years back. I was extremely polite. But my priest got very, very angry with me. You can trample Our Lord in the Catholic Church, but don’t mess with Saul Alinsky. Sheesh.

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